My First Time

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"My First Time!"

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by a window
- age 25, texas

- age 33, prasad

I am nt gay but love to suk dik eat cum suk him at nite open mouth stik it in deep cum in it to he put his in my but wow we suk daily not admit it
- age B, Dik suker suk him in sleep he cum hard he not adi

I am nt gay but love to suk dik eat cum suk him at nite open mouth stik it in deep cum in it to he put his in my but wow we suk daily not admit it
- age B, Dik suker suk him in sleep he cum hard he not adi

I am nt gay but love to suk dik eat cum suk him at nite open mouth stik it in deep cum in it to he put his in my but wow we suk daily not admit it
- age B, Dik suker suk him in sleep he cum hard he not adi

by a window
- age 25, texas

- age 33, prasad

I am nt gay but love to suk dik eat cum suk him at nite open mouth stik it in deep cum in it to he put his in my but wow we suk daily not admit it
- age B, Dik suker suk him in sleep he cum hard he not adi

I am nt gay but love to suk dik eat cum suk him at nite open mouth stik it in deep cum in it to he put his in my but wow we suk daily not admit it
- age B, Dik suker suk him in sleep he cum hard he not adi

I am nt gay but love to suk dik eat cum suk him at nite open mouth stik it in deep cum in it to he put his in my but wow we suk daily not admit it
- age B, Dik suker suk him in sleep he cum hard he not adi

I was 17, active in sports and of course very naive. Thomas was a life guard at our local swim club and although much older than I, it was obvious to him that I was infatuated with him. I new he would be a senior in college that year but he was just so cute. That summer I got hurt playing softball and my back shoulder and hip were very sore and swollen in places. I had ran into a fence trying to catch a fly ball. At the pool the next day I had told him what happened and he offered to give me a "rub down" after he closed the pool for the day. I gleefully accepted his offer and and waited around for two hours until he locked up. He took me into the office/equipment room and had me lay down on a large table that was there. I had my bathing suit on and he massaged my back, shoulders and legs for almost a half hour. It felt wonderful and the fact he was paying so much attention to me was gratifying. Then he said he would do it for me everyday until I healed up and felt better. The third day he did it was the first time he asked me to take my bathing suit off and put a towel around me. I think I blushed when he asked me to do that and he just assured me he could give me a better rub down and know better where my hip was hurting me. I didn't really hesitate and went into the other room and came back with only the towel around me, I think still blushing. As I climbed onto the table I tried my best to hold the towel down around my butt. I did feel my face getting red and was embarrassed a little because I knew he probably saw my rear and vagina as I laid down. He did start massaging at my shoulders but before I knew it he was touching my hip and thighs and eventually talked me into turning over laying on my back. As he rubbed my legs he got higher and higher up inside my thighs and I became aroused from it. I did have a couple boyfriends touch me before and I did masturbate fairly often but the way he was touching me had me totally excited. I don't think I even realized at the time that I was moaning and all I remember is keeping my eyes shut tightly. Within a few minutes I could feel him pulling the towel off of me and I never said anything or told him to stop. I just kept my eyes closed at first and he just kept telling me how pretty I was then began fingering me with one hand and rubbing my breasts with the other. I was so aroused by then I wanted to scream and before I knew what was happening he had my legs open wide. I don't know why but without thinking about it I bent up my knees and had my arms up above my head. No boy had ever seen me like this before but I didn't care at that point. He then had both hands on my breasts and began giving me oral sex. I think it only took a minute before I had my first orgasm. I opened my eyes for the first time watching him take off his bathing suit and just layed there as he put a condom on. He then got on top of me kissing me and again I never tried to stop him. As I felt his penis go in me it did hurt for a brief moment but within a minute or so I was aroused all over again and don't recall now how many times I had an orgasm. That was my first time but I had sex with him once or twice a week for the remainder of that summer. In September he went back to college in New York and I never saw him again. I still think about it sometimes and know he sort of seduced me but never did I try to stop him. I wasn't in love with him but rather thought I was at the time.
- age 33, Maryann/Vermont (female)

I was 17, intoxicated and skinny dipping with two brothers from my neighborhood. One was 19 the other 16 and the two of them had sex with me. I was so turned on by them I never had any real pain and had sex with them several times that year.
- age 23, NYC/usa (female)

I did have a oouple boyfriends who felt me up and we masturbated each other a few times. Last year a different boy took me to his prom. I did drink a little but wasn't really drunk. We made out in his car and before I knew it we were both naked on a blanket in the park. He gave me oral sex and I was so aroused by it we finally had intercouse. I did go out with him three other times after that but we broke up soon after. Since then I have had sex with two other boys.
- age 17, Ohio/Dawn (female)

My first time was two years ago. On of my friends wanted me to meet this guy and I was like shure why not im single any way. So we meet and we decided to start going out. So we where togather omost a year and he asked my parents if he could marry me. They said yes. So we hade my 20 birthday party and right in the middle he got down on one lag and asked me if I would marry him. In front of my friends, family and every one else at the restront. I said I would love to marry you. So on to the story. We talked about haveing sex but I was like nervise to do it because I did not do it before then. So we talked and he told me that it was ok that I did not have sex before. He told me he was only with one other girl before me. I was not shure that I wanted to do it. So one night I went to his house and I said I am ready to have sex. He was like are you shure and I said yes. I said, I thought about it all night and I love you and I know you would not hurt me an any way. He told me that if I wanted to wait he would still wait and I said no I am ready now. So we went in to the bedroom. I have never seen a guy before, and I never have had any close on in front of a guy. So I was not shure what I was doing so me and him played around and after I got ok to take off my clothing. He took them off for me. We set on the bed for a long time just talking and looking at each other before we even touched. So we started to make out and when I was ready he asked me one more time if I was ready and I was like I love you and I am sure I want to. And so we did it right then and there one year after we meet. We got marred last December and we love to make out every day now.
- age 21, Arkansas (female)

I've wanted to tell someone this for years, but it's not one of those things considered to be "polite" in most circles. I remember the night like it was yesterday. My bride and I were still virgins. Not that there was a lack of desire or opportunity. I was living on my own, with my own apartment. We just decided to wait, on my part because I knew that if I pressed her for sex, she would have been devastated. She was worth more than that to me. We never went further than me fondling her breasts, but when we would lie on the couch kissing and fondling, she would PRESS her hips against me and move around against my bulging cock. Yeh, she wanted me! So here we were on our wedding night, never having seen each other naked. I showered first, put on satin boxers and my robe. She went next, and spent what seemed to be an eternity in the bathroom. She came out wearing a long white robe, spaghetti straps, her breasts cupped in the satin. She was hot. We hugged, kissed, and one of her straps broke. I just slid the other one off, and let the gown fall to the floor. I had waited for this for so long, that I wanted to see her body, NOW! The shorts came off, and we laid down on the bed and started to explore each other's body in a way that we hadn't done before. I was rigid, wanting to dive right in, but knew that we had to go slow. The smoothness of her skin, the firm round breasts, her soft tummy, the magic triangle leading one's hand and attention down to heaven?and her hot slit. She rolled me on my back and began to fondle my cock and balls. She had never done it before, but was fascinated by it. I had to show her how to masturbate me, but she got the idea very quickly. Rolling the skin over the head, playing with my balls, I was in heaven as I looked at her body and played with her breasts. My balls full, waiting for this night, I didn't last long. I came like I'd never come before, and haven't since. A rope of cum shot over my head and hit the headboard a foot above me with a SPLAT! Several squirts later, I was spent. Having never seen a guy cum before, she was afraid that she had hurt me. "No my love, it didn't hurt, but felt VERY good!" We consummated our marriage later that night, and made up for lost time in the years that followed. Twenty seven years later I still like to lie back and let her masturbate me, and love to feel her hand on my cock and balls. Sometimes when alone, I cum while thinking about our first night together.
- age , anon

ok my first time was with three guys. There names were randy tony and kyle. All three were very hot and i liked them all equally. One night we were hanging out at the movies wen they asked me if i wanted to go hang at tonys moms house cuz his parents were gone for the weekend. Then after awhile we all started to get heated and started making out nd just having fun. Then it was kinda like a gangbang...nd they yelled at me for being hairy but they kept going...tho they didnt give me head cuz i didnt shave at all. That was my first time nd i mean it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. so all u girls who for ur first time is with more than one guy...dont b nervous have fun with it.
- age, new hampshire (female)

Her name was Martha. She and I were both 19 at the time. If I remember right, it was on our second date that it happened. On this date, we had started giving each other little kisses on our hands and arms. When I got her back home. we were sitting parked in front of her house. It was here that Martha planted one on my lips! I felt like I went through my car seat it felt so good. She had one heck of a pair of lips. We then got into some heavy kissing. This went immediately to my "joy stick" down in my pants and it got hard as a rock. Then, time to go in came. I told Martha we'll have to wait a couple of mimutes before I can get out. I didn't want her to see the big bulge in my slacks. Then, Martha asked me why can't I get out. I ended up telling her that I was "all excited" pointing down to my lap. Marth looked down wanting to see what I was getting at. She lit her lighter and could easily see it. I was now all red in the face. She looked at me and smiled and ask "did I get you like that"? I said yes. Without saying a word, she reached her hand over and placed it softly on my dick through my slacks feeling it. It felt so out of this world having a girl touch it for the first time. I laid back all I could in the seat and moaned with pleasure. Martha could easily tell that it felt good to me so she kept running her hand over it. I soon felt the feelings of a pending orgasm building up in me and I told her "please don't stop". She kept it up and it wasn't long that I let out a loud groan as I came in my pants. After recovering, we got out and I walked her to the door. In the light on her front step, we both commented about the big wet area in my slacks that was all wet with cum. Needless to say; I could hardly wait until our next date! But, this is another story.
- age , anon

Allrighty, This happened a little less than a month ago, at the High School football game, Well noy like on the field or anything, but accross the street in my friends shed house thingy. I used to be going out with this guy a little bit before this but we had broke up and all the other stuff in between. But we still wanted eachother. Anyway. He played for the J.V. team so we had to wait 'till he played to even see eachother that day. So finally he was done and he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I said yes. So we walked around and we left the game and went to smoke a cigg. After that we broke into the shed thingy, and just out luck, there was a king size bed in there. We sat on the bed and he casually pushed me back onto the bed. We started kissing passionetly and he began to feel up on my 38C chest. My heart was racing. This wasn't the first time we had made out, but I knew what was gunna happen. But I didn't mind. So then I took off my shirt and bra for him and he started sucking and licking on my chest. At this point I was loving it. He started rubbing my crotch over my pants, so I then unzipped my pants and he pulled them down for me, along with my panties. He started fingering me with 1 finger, and then 2. I began to moan, and got really wet. I then asked him if he had a condem and he said yes. We both got a huge smile on our faces, and I pulled him ontop of me. Then he asked me if I was ready, and if I was sure I wanted to. And I said yeah. Then He put the condem on and spread my legs, and then put his hard dick in me. It felt like a quick pinch with 1 tear running down my right cheeck, but then it was great. He penetrated for about 4 min. with his fingers in my hair. That was sweet. I held on to his waist, and lifted with his every pump. We were breathing loudly but kissing deeply. Then we started to get weak and tired and we heard that the game was over. He helped dress me and we hurried out of the shed as fast as we could. Holding hands until we got to the game, and with one last hug and kiss, he told me he loved me and I said it back.
- age , anon (female)

Well it all started on my 33rd birthday, i am slow witted and very shy around women, I finally got the courage to go to the bar , to try to meet a Lady. I was there for a while enjoying the music with some friends, when a beautiful, Woman approched Me. Her name was Kia , she was five foot ten and about one hundred thirty five pounds, I didnt know what to say , she did all the talking, She invited me to Her place for a drink. We were watching TV for a while, when She began to slowly lick and caress the straw from which she was drinking. I got very nervous , started to get up to leave, when She grabbed my hand and placed it on Her breast, as She started to fondle Me through my pants. I got so excited that I came, She began to giggle and said dont worry about it We have all night.She told me after that to remove my pants to get comfortable,and I did unleshing my enourmous cock.She then began to masterbate me,when I told her to stop.I told her at this time that I was very unexpereneced and didn't know what to do.She pulled down her pants and panties revealing a extreamly harry snatch.she grabbed the back of my head,forcing it between her legs.(I couldn't believe how great it tasted)After about 15 minutes she forced me away and demanded I insert my cock in her ass.I got behind her and started thusting my cock in and out.She screamed and cryed in ecstacy.I pulled it out and she stuck it in her mouth until I came again.(this time in her mouth!)I couldn't believe this was happening to me, all of a sudden I was a stud! We rested for a while and while we did I asked her if she had any fantisies.she told me that I just fullfilled one by having anal sex.She asked me the same qustion,I told her I had plenty(since I was a virgin).She began stroking my cock til it was hard again,when I got ontop of her,POWER FUCKING her for about 20 minutes. I then pulled my cock out blowing my wad all over her face.I must say not only was it the first sex I have ever had but it was the best so far.
- age 37, Jason

it was in the woods and she sucked me off afterwards. :)
- age 13, anon

i was in the sixth grade and i did this one girl in 5 grade and yes i had a condum on on. we first started in a tent outside and we were getting changed so asked her if she wanted to play doctor. i started liking her nice pussy and then she stated sucking on my dick and i putt the snake in the hole it was so good
- age 18, ohio

When I was sixteen I was one of those strong on the surface guys. So many people thought I was so tough to read but one girl saw through it. One day she walked up to me and gave me a note. It said: "You can't hide from me. I see that mask as plain as day but I want more of what I see." She gave me a snide smile and then calmly shoved me aside after I read it. The next day she gave me her number and I started texting her and all she did was taunt me. I felt so exposed to her. It was sooo tantalizing. After a couple of days she walked up to me again and whispered in my ear. "You want me to tell you don't you?" I begged her to stop teasing my mind. She gave me a sexy little laugh. "I guess I've kept you guessing long enough." I then noticed that she'd grabbed my dick...hard. "You like that don't ya? "She whispered in my ear. "Meet me at my house Saturday. 8:00pm. Don't be late." I couldn't believe what had happened. She was so beautiful and she was sharp as a tack. I was in love. When I got to her place she was quick to grab me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me into her room. It was very poorly lit. The darkness made me feel like I was in for something fun. She flung me on her bed. It smelled like her cum. She held me down, her long hair covered my face. She looked straight into my eyes piercing my soul. "I knew you were hiding yourself because you had that look in your eyes. That hunger for a girl in your life. A girl who saw that mask of yours..." She reached for my face but stopped short of grabbing it. "And would break it! "She kissed me. She moved down quickly unzipping my jeans and giving me a really good handjob! I reached upward a bit. I undid her bra and grabbed her tits. She let out a moan and really got to work! She grabbed my hand and made me finger her soaking wet clit. She kept me there a few minutes. Pure ecstacy I tell you! Pure fucking ecstacy! I moaned and so did she. What felt like an eternity was really just a small amount of time. I left her house after an hour. She smiled and told me I could do her anytime I wanted.
- age 21, Zach

im was 16 when I lost my virginity. in the beginning I was scare ass fuck but it was worth it,now imma sex fin. a couple of days ago I cut school to see my boyfriiend. my boyfriiend is those type of boys who like to fuck and he fuck good. so jea back to the point so when I got to his house in the beginning I didn't want to fuck bcuz it was to early in the morning. so me and my bf fell asleep. he woke up so horny tht he started to touch me,mind you im still sleeping.so then I wake up and see my bf big dick (8 in) abt to cum of his boxer and he juz there jerking off nd playing wiff my cliterous. I juz felt so great. then I get on top of him and started kissing him everywhere then I go dwn nd suck his 8in dick. he was juz there pulling my hair and saying all these sexy words.so then he grabs me and get on top of me and stick his 8 in dick into my pussy. o-m-g it was the best feeling. so then he start going so hard tht I came in like 2 min. he juz kept on going until I beg him to stop. mind you im begging him to stop he keeps on going. he loves ot when I say his name or tlk dirty while we fuk. so then he kept on going until I release this big orgasm. then I got on top of him nd I was riding the fuk out of him , he was juz there grabbing my hair nd telling me if I wanted his dick. I was say yes yes yes. then I went back down nd gave him head until he came in all over my mouth. it was the best SEX EVER!!!!!!
- age 17, bronx ny (female)

I was seeing my current boyfriend for a while and he was ready to fuck ths shit out of me and I wasn't so sure if I was ready. so were lying there in bed and he slips his hand down my panties and starts to rub me with his fingers and I started get all wet so he tells me "can we" and I said ok so he slips it in and I tense up cuz it hurt so bad and he starts moving it in and out slowly I was in so much pain but at the same time it felt soo good I loved it and from that day foward we would fuck 3 or 4 times a day I was addicted I think im gonna go to the room with him rite now and let him fuck me all night
- age 19, texas girl (female)

My husband and I always seem to have "plain" sex! Always him on top and he never likes to switch it up unless I think of something! Well, one day, he was talking about how he loves to fuck a woman in the ass.. Myself, I have never done it before so "jokingly", I said ok lets do it. He first started to fuck my cunt (from behind, I suggested doggy style this day) deeply and slowly, he leaned over when I thought he was just trying to go deeply.. and then, i felt this cold slimy stuff on my asshole.. I jumped at first and said, "baby I was only joking about this" and he said, "common, lets try it you are already lubed".. then I kept my mouth shut.. well, he proceeded to insert the head.. I yelled in pain and laid on my stomache. He told me just to relax. He then proceeded and I got back up on my knees. It hurt my ass so badly but at the same time, I was really enjoying it. I kept saying no, no, no.. he said the head is already in baby just relax.. he took me and hugged me while I was on my stomache and with every soft kiss on my neck inched in deeper and deeper.. He whispered in my ear "i'm in".. he then motioned for me to get back on my knees and so I did. It was still a lil painful so I told him to add more KY. He did and with each one of his thrusts, I felt more comfortable and started moving my ass with his.. before I knew it, I was in love with anel sex and playing with my clit.. My first time having anel sex and I loved it and I climaxed so MUCH!!
- age 28, Samantha OKC, OK (female)

It occured when i went to my neigborhs house to go swiming wit my friends living next yard to mine, when i reached the house i knock on the nobody answered the door so i entered the inside house i saw the big sister of my friend cleaning their tv, she wore only a bra and a pair of translucent mini tight when i saw her,her looks turned me on my deck became as tall and strong as a metal pool when she looked at me she noticed my hardon and said to me jamesy can i touch it i said what she said your deck i looked at her amazed and she smiled and came closer and held my deck like someone who had been hungry for years i moned she removed my trouser and started licking my deck i felt like i was in a dream she then said to me jamesy fuck me hard it was my first time so i started fuck the movies i use to watch about fucking guys helped me to fuck as i have fucked before when i was about to cum we heard someone entered the room i was afraid to see her sister who had been watching for so long she said we would have lock
- age 18, Canada.james

my first time i ever got fuck.was by two men that was doing yard work for my family.my parents were gone i was taking a shower.i was only 12 years old at the time.they broke in to my house and came into my shower.one guy grab my tits and staring to play wiyh them.i was afraid at first but it starting to fill good.my nipples goy very hard. they started to bite them the other guy stuck his finger in my cunt.it fell so good that i was going wild one guy stuck his cock in my ass and made me hollow. but i love it the other guy put his big cock in my cunt. i love it. it made a whore out me. i can not get enough cock today. and i am married. my husband has to go out and find me more cock. because one cock does not safatied.me i have to have 10 cocks a week
- age, DEBBIE (female)

It happened right after getting home from school on my sixteenth birthday. My parents and big brother were all at work. I no more than got home and the door bell rang. I went to the door and opened it. There stood Linda, a girlfriend of my brother. I told her Larry, my brother, wasn't home. She just smiled and said she knew that and she handed me a card. She said to read it. It was a birthday from my brother. In it he had a note added saying he was 16 once and knew how it was for boys at that age. It went on to say that Linda was there to give me a "little massage" and to enjoy it. I looked at Linda after reading the card and she asked, "May I come in"? I stepped back and let her in. Linda was a stripper at a local strip joint and she had one fantastic body. She walked ahead of me as we headed to my room and I was getting an eye full of her beautiful sexy legs. We got to my room and Linda told me to lay down on the bed. I did and Linda came over to me and took off her top! She bent down over me and said "Go ahead. Feel them. I know you're dying to". I started feeling and playing with her tits. She then stood up and reached down and pulled her short skirt up. She wasn't wearing panties and next thing I was doing was laying there looking at a shaved real live pussy for my very first time! Linda again said to me to, "Get a good feel of everything." I immediately reached over ran my hand up between her thighs and finally to her pussy. I ran my fingers up and down the slit. Linda then reached over and undid my pants. I raised up as she pulled them down to my knees. My dick was as hard as a rock and was just about to go off without even being touched. I was so excited. I think Linda knew this and she reached over carefully putting her thumb and forefinger around my dick just below the head. She then gave it just a little stroke and off I went! Rope after rope of cum shot out and landed on my chest and belly. Linda commented "Look at all that cum"! My brother knew from his own experience how it was with a 16 year old boy. Wanting to feel a girl's tits and legs and ass and finger her pussy. Wanting to let a girl see and touch your dick and make it cum. Wanting to get in a pussy. He made a dream come true that day. That night when he got home and we were talking about everything, he said "I knew where your mind was. Exactly were mine was at your age and that is up a girl's skirt". He was absolutely right!
- age 23, Mike

It was Halloween night and me and my friend were sleeping at her house. We had other plans with friends earlier, but it wound up with us alone. Me and her have played around a little before, but that night things changed quite a bit. It was the last night she would be home for ten days and I really wanted to leave her a parting gift. The night started rather innocently. Me and her and her family were just talking and having fun. Then it came time for us to be quiet for her family had gone to bed. We were just laying there in the dark, flirting and just talking. Then my hand touched her leg and she gasped "Oh my god your hands are cold!" I smiled and put my hand on her stomach and she gasped louder. I asked her "Is that cold?" she said "Yea, a little bit." I got a little more daring and put my hand in her panties just above her love and she almost screamed. "Cold?" I asked. She responded with a breath heavy "Kind of." I then lowered my hand and just lightly rubbed my middle finger over her clit. She just froze. I continued lower, but not entering her and noticed that she was absolutely soaked. "Excited much?" I asked. "Only ALOT!", she said. I inserted a middle finger all the way up to the last knuckle and I asked "How about now?" She just laid there breathing heavily. I slowly worked the finger in and out and her breathing deepened. I then added my index finger and curled them in whilst inside her making her lightly moan and whisper my name. I continued this for a while feeling her clamp down on my fingers an endless amount of times. I then stopped and laid next to her. I asked her how she was. She simply said, "five times." I was surprised and asked her if she was ok with that or should I continue. She laughed and gave my that 'your joking right' look. I sat back up and thrust three fingers into her. She came very hard right then and there. I then began slowly thrusting and hooking my fingers in her, thank god for piano lessons, and she was bucking and shuddering whispering my name and moaning. After two minutes she again simply said "twelve". I quickened my pace and she went nuts. Bucking and breathing harder than ever. I then pressed my fingers in as far as I could and started rubbing her from the inside as fast as I could. After maybe three minutes, her sex clamped down extremely hard on my fingers and she bolted upright and said "Twenty! Oh my god Nick I'm gonna pass out!". I then released my fingers from her clutches and kissed her very passionately. We then laid down and fell asleep. That was my first time ever fingering a girl and from what I understand, I am a natural. I can't wait until she comes back home.
- age , Nick

When I was a lad of fifteen a guy came to board at our house. He shared my bedroom and soon after he came he caught me masturbating. He told me he would have to tell my mother but if I was 'friendly' to him he would not tell her. I let him fondle my half hard cock and he sucked me off and I came into his sucking mouth. The next night he took my cherry and fucked me three times. It didm't hurt and I loved it. He stayed with us for 18 months and fucked me almost every night at least once. I still masturbate a lot thinking about how good it was to feel his big cock entering me the very first time. He always spurted his cum up me as far as he could and then sucked me off afterwards.
- age , anon

I was in high school when my family moved to a nice house in Southern California. I was a regular masturbator between the sheets, and when we moved into our new house with a large yard, I discovered the thrill of masturbating outside, naked. At first I had few friends, and so would come home from school to an empty house (my mom worked, too), strip naked, and masturbate in the garden. Our spanish-style house had a flat roof, and I went up there to lie naked and get a sun tan. Safe from intrusion, I went there frequently to masturbate, and my little spot there was stocked with lube and tissues and magazines. At about that time I discovered the fun of anal pleasure while masturbating, and I also stashed all the different toys I'd collected for that purpose, as well. I've always been on the shy side, and so making new friends at school was a little slow and painful, and anyway I was enjoying masturbation like I'd never done before. The freedom to walk around naked, and to masturbate outdoors was tremendously enthralling, and so when I finally struck up a friendship with another boy, I naturally wanted to share it with him–I didn't think it would be strange or weird to reveal my secret garden delights. And so a few weeks after getting to know Bobby, I invited him over to my house after school. I showed him around the house, and then out in the garden, and felt myself growing excited. I took him to a little arbor in the garden, and behind that, led him to a spot in some bushes. "I like to jack off here when my mom's not home." "Oh cool," Bobby said, "I wish I had a yard like this." "Do you like to jack off?" I asked. "Yeah, just at night, though, I think I'd be too scared to jack off outside. Somebody might see me." "Yeah, but it's safe here. Anyway, I have a place on the roof, too. Do you wanna see?" Bobby and I climbed up to the roof, up above the garden, above the street, higher than any houses around, and hidden by the parapet wall. Over in the corner were a beach towel, and my little stash. I always felt horny when I got up on the roof, and there with Bobby I had an overwhelming urge to get naked and play with my cock in front of him. I don't know if I even said anything to Bobby, or needed to—Bobby was feeling the same urge. In a heartbeat I was naked on the towel, spreading lube on my cock, and watching Bobby pull down his pants. Bobby was a short guy, kind of small. If he were a girl you would say "petite". His cock and balls were large, bigger than mine, as large as any I remembered seeing in gym class. We both began masturbating. We hadn't talked about masturbation before that day, and hardly spoke about it then. Somehow we knew instinctively that both of us loved to jack off more than about anything else, and our friendship, our attraction for each other, had been headed for this moment, naked and stiff in front of each other, from when we first spoke to each other after class. My eyes were glued to his cock, his hand, his balls bouncing with each stroke, and I was filled with joy to be showing myself, to be stroking in front of him, to have another boy up on the roof, legs tense with pleasure, stiff cock and face intense with the same passion that I felt masturbating. Bobby was close to cumming, and move awkwardly closer to me, slight noises coming from his throat. He slid over, slid close to show me his cock, to cum for me, to show me his cum. His tip was wet with precum, and his cock filled my eyes, large, pink and purple head sticking out from his fist. Breathing faster and harder, we both were on the edge for what seemed forever until Bobby slipped moaning into orgasm, and cum began shooting from his dick onto me, and at the sight, I came too, hard and wild. Bobby was my first jacking buddy, and I was his. Twice a week Bobby could come over to my house, and we'd go up to the roof, lay naked in the sun and masturbate. Perhaps the third or fourth time on the roof we did what came naturally, and stroked each other. It was awesome to feel another cock, another cock that loves to be stroked, in my hand. And Bobby shot TONS of cum, much more than I, and I was fascinated and thrilled with how hard he would shoot. We did this regularly, laying out on the roof next to each other, facing or, sometimes, in each other's lap, legs wrapped around waists and cocks touching. Then sometimes, when I was sure my mom would not be home, we'd run naked downstairs and jack in the house—especially in front of the full length mirror. I guess we were mutual exhibitionists! We jacked a whole lot together that year, and the next year a new high school opened and we were in separate schools, so it was harder to get together. We spent some Saturday afternoons on the roof, though, and also in some bushes near his house. He was such a great buddy, and I'll never forget the feel of his cock!
- age , anon

My first time was a few months ago with this guy i met at the gym. We met a couple times at the gym and we always talked to each other on Instant Messenger. We would always end up talking about really dirty stuff. like his first time, and all the girlfriends he's had and things. Then one day, i had to go to where he lived because i had a meeting there and i had nowhere else to go except his house. so i stayed at his apartment and at first it was kind of awkward, but we had a couple of drinks and we talked about how i was a virgin and that i was always horny and such. And then he said "what if we had sex tonight?" and at first i was kind of shocked and kind of embarrased, but i was just joking and said "fuck me" and i put my hand on his crotch.... he wasnt joking. we started making out and stuff. Then he unbuttoned my shirt and started to suck my breasts. and then he took out his 8 inch cock and it was pretty huge. But then i managed to get it all down my throat. It feels soo weird when it starts growing in your mouth XD anyway after that, him and i fucked like it was the end of the world. He was on top of me. I was on top of him. We were standing up.. then sitting down.. the lying on the ground. after about 30 minutes of that, he asked me, "How hard do you want it." I said, "as hard as you want it to be" and he started thrusting me. Honestly it hurt a lot! but it felt really great. And then he came in my mouth. it was my first, and so far, the best sex i've ever had. Really knew how to please a girl. Time to time, i go to house just to give him a nice good blowjob..
- age , Hacienda Heights (female)

So the other day I was spending the night with my best friend. When we got back to her room, we started to get ready for bed. I changed into my pjs and crawled under the covers, exhausted from our long night. Then my friend asked if I minded if she just slept in her underwear because it was so hot in her room. I told her that I didn't mind. So, she took off all her clothes except her cute little panties. I didn't realize that I would be so turned on by the sight of her beautiful breasts. She then climbed under the covers and went to sleep. Well, by now there was no way that I was going to go to sleep until I took care of my throbbing wet pussy. So, when I thought she was good and asleep, I pulled my pants down and started to rub my now soaking wet clit while looking at my friends boobs. I must have been making a little too much noise because before I knew it my friend was sitting up in bed and watching me. I apologized and said that looking at her beautiful body turned me on and I couldn't help it. She then began kissing me all over my body and took my shirt and bra off. I pulled her panties off as well. We then began rubbing each other's clits in total ecstasy! It didn't take long for us to reach orgasm and then we just held each other's naked bodies the rest of the night.
- age 22, Shellie (female)

It was in the morning at her cousin's apartment. They left for work. My girlfriend came into my bed and slid under the sheets reaching out and wrapped her hand firmly around my cock. We both got hotter and hotter with each thrust I made at her cunt. Then we decided to into her bedinorder not to leave a wet messy bed that her cousin ad husband would have to sleep in and give it away that we were fucking our minds away. We go to her bed and I don't even get her panties off befor I* thrust my cock in. That was my first time It felt hot on my dick and wonderfully slipery. Writting about this right now has made my cock grow five more inches and painfully hard. Were married now. I think I'll I'll go into the other room right now and ask her to fuck with me for the rest of the afternoon.
- age 68, Cherryhill Newjersey

Me and Naya have been best friends since we were kids...we always spend our time together and share everything.. Lately we moved into an apartment together.. and we even shared the same room and same bed..cuz we've always been so close.. everything was normal between us until one day I came back from college and saw Naya in bed lying..wearing only her bra and hotpants she looked so charming and had a very sexy body and nice curves.. well I did as well but I loved watching her body and moves.. So I went and sat close to her but didn't say anything.. she then sat down and asked what was wrong with me I said nothing and told her that I was kinda tired and bored ..then she whispered something in my ear which surprised me .. she asked me if I would like to have some fun with her.. I have always felt like getting closer to her but never told her that .. so as she asked me I smiled and looked her in the eyes.. she came closer and kissed me a deep kiss hot on my lips.. we both couldn't stop or resist and started touching each other slowly and passionately. She took off my shirt and bra and pushed me down on the bed and sat on top of me and started liking my nipples ..kissing them and sucking on them. I never felt that way, damn my body was so hot by then .. I just wanted her to touch my pussy which was already so wet.. She unzipped my pants and took them off.. and took off my wet thong.. and started touching my pussy and massaging it with her hand.. I was moaning so loud and breathing fast as she inserted her finger inside my hole and started pushing it in and playing with it inside me as I was about to cumm. Ahhhhhh that felt so good, she kept doing that and kissing me until I came on her finger and hand. Ahhh that felt like heaven. By then she was soo turned on as well and I did the same to her until she came.. we continued for a while..and always have fun together when we feel bored.
- age 19, anon (female)

well it all started when i walked into his science lesson. He was teasing me about something. i had known who he was for a long time but never actually spoke to him till then. Anyway we started talking for about a week and we started to really like each other. Then about 2 weeks later he asked me out that night he came to my house my parents had gone out for the afternoon we were all alone. I kept on emaginin him naked and what it would feel like for him to be up me. i came and sat next to him and he moved his hand slowly up my top and undid my bra. then he took my top off and started sucking my nipples. i was so wet and horney at this point and i could feel his big hard cock through his jeans. then i undid them and started to suck then he put it up me at first it hurt but then i got a big rush through me i was having my first ever orgasim i started to moan and breath heavily the feeling was unbeliveble at this point i was so hot and horney.
- age 14, kat (female)

Me and Naya have been best friends since we were kids...we always spend our time together and share everything.. Lately we moved into an apartment together.. and we even shared the same room and same bed..cuz we've always been so close.. everything was normal between us until one day I came back from college and saw Naya in bed lying..wearing only her bra and hotpants she looked so charming and had a very sexy body and nice curves.. well I did as well but I loved watching her body and moves.. So I went and sat close to her but didn't say anything.. she then sat down and asked what was wrong with me I said nothing and told her that I was kinda tired and bored ..then she whispered something in my ear which surprised me .. she asked me if I would like to have some fun with her.. I have always felt like getting closer to her but never told her that .. so as she asked me I smiled and looked her in the eyes.. she came closer and kissed me a deep kiss hot on my lips.. we both couldn't stop or resist and started touching each other slowly and passionately. She took off my shirt and bra and pushed me down on the bed and sat on top of me and started liking my nipples ..kissing them and sucking on them. I never felt that way, damn my body was so hot by then .. I just wanted her to touch my pussy which was already so wet.. She unzipped my pants and took them off.. and took off my wet thong.. and started touching my pussy and massaging it with her hand.. I was moaning so loud and breathing fast as she inserted her finger inside my hole and started pushing it in and playing with it inside me as I was about to cumm. Ahhhhhh that felt so good, she kept doing that and kissing me until I came on her finger and hand. Ahhh that felt like heaven. By then she was soo turned on as well and I did the same to her until she came.. we continued for a while..and always have fun together when we feel bored.
- age 19, anon (female)

My first time is actually with my current boyfriend.We've been going out for 6 months now and lovin every bit. and every moment shared with more sexual experiences! The first time me and him fucked was 2 days before we started dating. I had snuk him into my house to hang out with me and my friend about 11 in the night (my parents sleep early) we decided to watch a movie and me and him were snug comfortably in the couch while my friend was sitting on the floor. I had gotten pretty horny by just laying against his strong football set body, so I turned my head to give him a kiss. Next thing i knew we were making out right there in front of my drowsing friend. He slowly set his fingers on my pussy, rubbing me nice and slow. I could feel his dick grow hard. He then pulled my pants and underwear aside and put his fingers on my clit and rubbed harder. I was fighting hard not to moan with pleasure so i bit his lip and he bit mine making me hornier than ever. He then entered his fingers in to my warm wet pussy and pushed them deep. I took a gasp of breath and rocked my pelvis with the movent of his fingers. We were still making out this whole time but he then stopped and motioned to me the room across from us. I nodded and got up and told my friend we were going to sleep and she could have the couch. We walked into the room and he immediately closed the door. He sat me down on the side of the bed and slowly pulled down my pants ( i wasnt his first and i wasnt holding back) then he pulled off his pants and took out a condome and set them on the table beside the bed. He kneeled on the floor placed my knees on his shoulders and slower started licking my clit. it felt sooo good. i moaned with pleasure as his licked faster and faster at my clit, sucking my pussy lips until he slid his tounge deep into my pussy. he would switch off with licking my clit to nibbling softly at my pussy lips and sucking hard at my clit. He we changed positions. I then took his big cock into my mouth and suck at his dick. His legs tensed with pleasure as i slowly licked and sucking the head of his cock. He pushed my head deep onto his dick and chot his load into the back of my throat. He then reached for the condom, tore it open and put it on. he then guided my body ontop (his dick was still really hard) I slowly slipped ontop of him. But he wanted to fuck a lot faster. He grabbed my ass and thrusted as hard as he could deep into my pussy as i moaned with pleasure. I bounced ontop of him as he thrusted deeper and deeper into my pussy i would stop every now and then to catch my breath but he would thrust harder each time i paused. he then rolled me over so that we were in missionary position and he fucked deep into my pussy. I could feel his dick hit the back of my pussy with every thrust he made. I felt him tighten as he shot him load inside of me. he then collapsed ontop still slowly thrusting to keep stimulated. we both were sweating more than ever and both our body heats circulated throughout the room. He pulled out and pulled off the condom and lied beside me. he then rubbed my highly sensitive pussy and i shuddered with enjoyment. and we madeout untill we were too tired to stay awake and fell asleep together. now we have sex just about 3 times a week and enjoy every moment of it. but just know tha its not sex that fuels our relationship ...we can go a while without sex heheh but we make sure we catch up our missed sex times
- age 17, MD (female)

My first time was, actually, really bad! I remember that period i was finishing a particular diet, at the end of which i lost about 25 kg.. So i was almost 19 and i've never kissed a girl before.. First time i made love happens five days after my first kiss! And as you can easily figure out, i was totally unprepared.. I made it with this girl, named Noemi. She was the sister of a friend of a friend of mine.. I knew her one night we went everybody out, and she tryed to get me immediatly. I really didn't like her, absolutly, but i strongly felt the shame of haven't ever been with a girl so i accepted her provocations.. After few minutes she came into my arms.. and i can't remember how she did! Anyway 5 days later we met again and we had sex after lunch.. I was completely blocked.. I dressed the condom and get into her but i didn't feel ABSOLUTLY NOTHING.. We tried twice but then, when i was starting relaxing and doing well, she refused me because of her boyfriend, that was betraying with me.. So i get very angry and stop talking her.. Later she went away and since that moment.. i've never seen her again.. Maybe better this way
- age 22, Mathias, USA Florida

my first experience was in a barn, and my boyfriend talked me into taking my panties off and lying back so he could finger and lick my clit and pussy. it was so good, he even pushed in tounge in my pussy as far as he could, pushing in and out, wiggling it. he liked the taste of me, and took his middle finger and pushed it inside my vagina. i watched him and groaned as he slipped in and out. i didnt come tho, but he brought me to orgasm with his fingers another day.
- age 39, uk (female)

The first girl I ever had sex with was one of my high school girlfriends. This story is about our best time ever. It was summer and we were out of school and she was home alone. I told my family I was going to go to lunch with her but really we had already been sneaking around having sex in our cars for a couple of months by then and I was realy going over to her place so we could actually fuck in a bed for once! I got there and we went straight to her room and started making out and taking our clothes off. She was a cute little redhead - short, 34A tits with nice small nipples, nice hips and ass, red bush on her mound, and great pussy that fit me perfectly. Once our clothes were off we started with her laying sideways on her bed with her legs hanging off and me standing between her legs. I slid my hard cock into her tight pussy and began to thrust into her, using one hand to rub her clit. After a few minutes she moaned and her legs tightened around me and her body shook, her pussy squeezing me as she had her first orgasm. I then sped up and fucked her faster so I could cum, too. At the last second I pulled out (we didn't use condoms like crazy people...) and started spurting cum onto her mound and stomach, filling her belly button and coating the outside of her pussy lips. We then swapped positions and I layed down the same was she just was, my cock still mostly hard, with my hips just on the edge of the bed and she climbed on top of me, taking my cock into her pussy with her on top. She began riding my cock, alternately rubbing herself against me to stimulate her clit and then sliding up and down my cock. After a few minutes she moaned and shuddered and had another orgasm on top of me. I then had her get off and lay down on the bed again but face down this time. I then stood behind her and tried to enter her from behind. The first couple of times I tried to push it was actually her anus and she laughed and said, "Wrong hole." We had never had sex from behind before, but we figured it out after she reached underneath, grabbed my cock, and fed it into her pussy. I began thrusting into her again and reached around with one hand to squeeze her tits and nipples and the other hand around the front of her pussy to rub her clit. Being already worked up at this point and all the extra stimulation she came pretty fast with her third orgasm, this one even bigger. I was ready to cum again by now so we switched positions again, this time with her laying on her back with her head on her pillow, legs spread with her knees up, and I got on top of her missionary style and began thrusting away. She didn't think she could cum again and was getting a little sore so I didn't hold back, focusing only on my own pleasure now. In a few minutes I felt it building again and just as my second orgasm began I pulled out and sent four or five squirts of cum onto her stomach, pubic hair, pussy lips, and bed sheets. After laying in each others arms for a few minutes recovering she got up and put her sheets in the washing machine to get rid of the cum stains (from both of us) and we got dressed and then actually went to have lunch like I had told my parents, hehe.
- age 28, Alex, Florida

It happened when I was 13 years old. One day, I visited one of my neighbours. I could not see anybody outside. So, I entered the house and saw no one. However, I heard a snoring sound from one of the rooms. When I entered the room, I saw the housemaid sleeping on a bed. Her dress was high up her thighs and I could see her hairy pussy. The very sight made me exicted and my little cock jumped to 90 degrees. Looking at her pussy, I started to stroke my cock slowly but I had to increase the spped shortly. After a few minutes, I came for the first time. My cum short with such a force that a few drops fell on the bed. All the while, she was fast asleep and hence, she could not see what happened. I left the room before anybody saw me.
- age, Tom

I was 17 at the time and had just started dating. On this evening, I had a date with this girl named Cindy. She was 16 at the time and I knew her dad personally from where I worked part time. So, I was going to be a perfect gentleman with Cindy. I picked her up at seven. We ate out together and then went to a movie. We sat toward the back of the theater and the movie wasn't all that great. Next thing I knew, Cindy and I were kissing. We really got into it and decided to leave. We got in my car (which was my dad's Buick) and continued to kiss and make out with each other. I sure wasn't expecting anything like this. Out of nowhere, Cindy's hand went down between my legs. I was all aroused and had a big hardon going and Cindy put her hand around it thru my pants. I had never had a girl touch me there before and I was very excited. She then went for my zipper pulling it down and she reached in grabbing my cock and pulling it out. This was another first. First time a girl had ever seen my cock. She then went to stroking it. I could tell that this wasn't Cindy's first time. She then reached in her purse and pulled out a hand full of tissue paper. She knew exactly what she was doing and knew exactly what was going to happen after a few minutes. When I went to breathing fast and moving my hips, she laid my cock forward with the tissue paper at the head and she said "Cum for me baby" just as it hit and I started shooting. She caught all the cum and put the tissue in the trash bag in the car. I then took Cindy home and when I dropped her off I made another date with her for the next weekend. I wanted more of this. At work the next time I went, I was with her dad and he immediately asked me if it was good! It was like he knew. I couldn't believe it. On our next date I also got to touch Cindy between her legs, fingering her. We ended up just having "sex dates" as it turned out. Wonder what ever happened to that girl. I'd sure like to see her once again just for old time sake (and one of her great hand jobs!)
- age 36, Jack

Everything started in about the third month my boyfriend and I had been together. The fist time he kissed me I was so nervous...we had our goodbye hug and then I looked at him (mind you, my fist kiss) and he leaned down slightly and pressed our lips together and passionately kissed for 5 minutes or so. I can say to this day it was the most perfect kiss of my life thus far. We had waited long to kiss or anything because, we wanted to get to know each other, which was a good thing. But once we had our fist kiss things quickly got hot and heavy. One night we were cuddling in my living room on the floor as we always did just holding each other. When he rolled on top of me and said, "I wanna see your breasts." Now for all you out there I have a 32-D I am quite small, only 98 pounds, and I had really blossomed that year. None the less, he was on top of me laying...and me being as shy as I was at the time, I had no experiance other then kissing him. I said "Okay, babe." He took his big hands from behind my shoulders and grabbed the straps of my tank top and slipped them off so that the top was around my waist. That night I had been feeling horny, so I put on a lace-embroidered bra that was kind of see-through except where the pink flowers were and the way it was that the flower just covered the nipple and it had emerald leaves surronding the flower. His eyes got real big, like quarters. I remember he said "Hun, your beautiful. You don't have to be shy. It's okay...I mean, look at you." I took his hands and put them on me and had them rub me. Then he put my shirt back on and carried me up to my bed and kissed me goodnight and he left. He was 17 at the time and could drive himself home so he left late that night. Then, a week or two later, we were laying in my living room once again and we had talked on the phone many times about sex and what we did behind closed doors. So we were cuddling once again and this time he put his hands around me and cupped my breasts. Then I felt his penis "poke" me in my right bum cheek. "Babe? You horny?" and without giving him a chance to answer I grabbed it and began to rub it through his jeans. Then I unbuttoned his pants and went for it. I grabbed it and stroked it. He kept moaning and saying, "Don't stop!" and then he made a huge sticky mess in his pants. Then, over the next couple weeks, I was too shy for him to touch me down there so I held off and at first I didn't think it was right but he talked me into it (kinda regret now) but once again he was kissing me. Then he reached down, undid my jeans and stuck his hand in my underwear. It was shocking and he kept rubbing and he was really bad at it. I showed him and guided him in circles and within 15 minutes he got really good. And I had a huge orgasm! After I made him take his hand out and just hold me we were both really sweaty but we had our clothes on. One weekend he came over to watch "Titanic" with me and as the movie went on we made out and then he said sit up. And I did. He took off my shirt and he took off his and then he took off my pants then his then with one hand he unhooked my bra. He marvled at my breasts, he held me close and we were both naked. Then he started rubbing me again and, to drive him nuts, I grabbed my one breast. Then he said, "Please, can I?" I figured "Why not?" He knelt down and started gently rubbing and then he stuck his finger in me. Then he took it out and started to rub me and at that I shuddered in sheer pleasure. Then we held each other, our hot, sweaty bodies holding each other and our heavy breathing. To retun the favor I told him to sit on me and he put his penis on my chest and just started rubbing between my breasts. After five minutes rope after rope of cum came out and poured all over my chest. Then he hurried to get a towel to clean up. Then we held each other till we calmed down and we kissed and finished the movie, naked together and close. Then he carried me to my room and layed me down and kissed me goodnight. That was my first time and I'll never forget it. Although I do wish I would have waited for marriage, I had told a friend that I regreted it after I broke up with him because he had hit me and became too possesive and then he had pressured me to go all the way. She said, "Never regret anything you do, because at one point in time you wanted it." Which it true...sometimes.
- age 15 at the time, me (female)

my first time was with a man named dave,i worked with at this restourant.after work i went to his house to drink some beer,after awhile we were drunk as hell,i went to the bathroom to shower and then the next thing i know he was in the shower naked,for some reason i was horny.we started to jerk each ohter off,then he jently kissed my neck,after that he turned me around and started to rub his dick on my ass,then grabbed the soap and rubbed it on my ass and stuck it in,it hurt at first but felt so good,after five or six thrust i could feel him shoot cum into my ass.while he jerked my off,moments later i shot cum all over his hand.after that nite we hung out five times a week fucking each other,and it is all good.
- age 27, steve

my first time was with a man named dave,i worked with at this restourant.after work i went to his house to drink some beer,after awhile we were drunk as hell,i went to the bathroom to shower and then the next thing i know he was in the shower naked,for some reason i was horny.we started to jerk each ohter off,then he jently kissed my neck,after that he turned me around and started to rub his dick on my ass,then grabbed the soap and rubbed it on my ass and stuck it in,it hurt at first but felt so good,after five or six thrust i could feel him shoot cum into my ass.while he jerked my off,moments later i shot cum all over his hand.after that nite we hung out five times a week fucking each other,and it is all good.
- age 27, steve

My first time happened really kinda early (likewise for her.) It was great for both of us. It happened when my buddy and I were in our tree house goofing around when she asked us if she could come up. We said no and laughed and teased her about not being allowed in the "clubhouse". She was steamed but did not leave and instead hung around at the bottom of the tree looking at bugs. After about half hour, my buddy left after his mom called him home. Leah saw that too and waited until he left, then she climbed up the ladder and popped into the clubhouse. I thought it was my buddy so I was surprised it was her. The first thing she did was start to yelling at me for not allowing her into the tree house and then she started getting cocky about having made it there and that I couldnt do anything about it and so on and on. She kept the chitter-chatter going until I couldnt stand it anymore and grabbed her shoulders and told her to knock it off. All she did was laugh in my face and said that if I didnt like it, that I could leave. At that precise moment, I remember holding her at the shoulders, looking straight into her eyes, and then I kissed her. It just happened. After that, she looked at me and said that she liked that and then she kissed me! Before we knew it, we took off each others clothes and began to play with each other. I had come before (always solo) but this time it was with Leah and that just made me extra horny. Once I got hard, I entered her missionary style and began to pump her. After about 5 minutes, I came so hard like never before. It was truly amazing and after that we were sex buddies until she moved 3 years later.
- age 24, California

I lost my virginity to a girl when we were both 15, but it wasn't great and we didn't do it again for about a month. Then on holiday with her family in a holiday camp we were walking back one night and there was this utility room, very secluded, so I just pushed her inside and started kissing her passionately. She got really, really turned on - the surprise of it made her so horny and I was too. She was pulling on my raging cock and I had her pants round her ankles, fingering her tight pussy really hard. She was moaning with pleasure but as the trainers she had one were really complicated to take off (with straps and laces and things) I couldn't part her legs enough to get my cock in, so she turned round and leaned against the wall. I held her hips and slid my big dick up her, banging her senseless. We didn't want her to get pregnant so I pulled out and she turned round, closing her mouth around my cock and tasted her own juices. She sucked for a few seconds and I unleashed spurt after spurt of hot cum down her throat. She swallowed it all. We did it in that room every night after that. -age 30, smith
I lost my virginity to a girl when we were both 15, but it wasn't great and we didn't do it again for about a month. Then on holiday with her family in a holiday camp we were walking back one night and there was this utility room, very secluded, so I just pushed her inside and started kissing her passionately. She got really, really turned on - the surprise of it made her so horny and I was too. She was pulling on my raging cock and I had her pants round her ankles, fingering her tight pussy really hard. She was moaning with pleasure but as the trainers she had one were really complicated to take off (with straps and laces and things) I couldn't part her legs enough to get my cock in, so she turned round and leaned against the wall. I held her hips and slid my big dick up her, banging her senseless. We didn't want her to get pregnant so I pulled out and she turned round, closing her mouth around my cock and tasted her own juices. She sucked for a few seconds and I unleashed spurt after spurt of hot cum down her throat. She swallowed it all. We did it in that room every night after that.
- age 30, Dave, UK

My first bi sexual was when I was 17. I was invited by 4 guys older then me to go camping for a week. I went with them. We went way out into the mountains, miles from anyone. After camp was setup is when it began. I was surrounded by them and stripped of my clothing.I was told that I was going to be their sex slave and serve them for the whole week, my clothes were locked in the trunk of the car. I sucked and swallowed cum all week long. I really after the 2 nd day started to enjoy what I was doing. I sucked their cocks and they even fucked my ass. I have liked cock ever since then. I also like to be spanked on my bare ass, because I was also spanked the entire week. I am getting hard just writing about this. I love that week and I think of it often even after all these years, so don't put down the eroctic of spanking.
- age, Texas, Robert

Hm it all satrted when my mother had left me and my sister well half sister very newly. Her friends came over and we all had drinks lol! they ended up tieing me naked to a coach and then squeezeing chocloate sauce over my dick! then licking it off but gently! then it got a bit fmeainst as hte drink was coming over them even more they started to film it and i had to dance and wear womens clothes then i was tied to lamppost with a pair of knickers,bra,girdie, and they put make up on me as well then fater wards we all went smiwwing then of the one wanted sex in the water i was like ok then we did and thats that i was only 15 woop!
- age 18, USA Dallas

So, this is the story of my first orgasm. When I was 14, I would always come home from school EXHAUSTED and just want to sleep. First, thing I'd do when I got home is just plop right in bed, then I'd usually wake up at around midnight and watch South Park reruns and do my homework until I went back to sleep around 2 AM or so. Anyway, this one day in fall that year, it was really cold and just an average depressing fall day, so all day I couldn't stop thinking about sex. I was just so horny that day, I couldn't keep it out of my mind, and it definitely affected me at school, because I didn't get crap done that whole day. So when I got off the bus I just ran up to my room and stripped naked, turned out the lights, turned my fan on (I always sleep with a fan on to drown out all the noise that my sisters and my loud red neck neighbors make and to stay cool) then I crashed on my bed. I'd usually put my jammies on now in the dark, because this was a fun thing that I always did at the end of the day. And I always tickle myself when I do it. It helps me get to sleep. So anyway, I decided to sleep in the nude that night because I was turned on, so I crawled under the sheets and curled up with some pillows and started playing with myself while I thought about hot people at school. I dunno if I'm a lesbian or not, but sometimes girls turn me on too, but I would never tell ANYONE that (except for a website, maybe....). I just kinda pulled on my pussy lips for a bit. That's when I discovered my clitoris, but I didn't know what it was called yet. After maybe five minutes it started feeling REALLY GOOD so I rolled over on my back, and spread my legs as wide as I could. I pulled my sheets off and let the warm air coming from the heater vent flow over me and it felt so good. I touched my boobs and tickled my nipples with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. Then I tickled all over my abdomen and rubbed my clit for a long time, maybe an hour or more. Then after a long time playing with myself in the dark, I could hear it starting to rain hard outside, and it sorta turned me on for some reason. It was probably really cold and yucky out, but I was warm and cozy and having THE TIME OF MY LIFE inside. As the rain got harder, I rubbed harder and pretty soon, I could feel like a tingling coming from my clit and it only got better and better until all of a sudden if all just "climaxed" and then it like sent waves all over my body. At least three in a row! And each time my toes curled and my nipples and sides tingled. It felt so good. I must have moaned a bit, but I can't hardly remember. Then when I was done, I wrapped the sheets tight around my naked body and rolled over and went right to sleep. when I woke up later that night, I put some panties and a shirt on and went to pee and then I did it again on the toilet. It wasn't as good as the first one, but it felt great. Ever since that day, I've done it almost every day and I especially like to do it on cold, rainy fall days! One thing though...I forgot to do my homework that night!
- age 18, Amanda (female)

My first time was suck!! Me and my girlfriend who i had been dating for2 months at a time in my room one day when she came up to my house As soon as my mom left we went into my room and started to watch sex films ..It was very slow and passionate and it being my first time and all i was a little nervous ! As we layed there she slowly kissed and began slowly to take off her pants..And i pushed dick inside her i began to tense up a little but i got over my fear very quickly ! I began to move in and out and it felt so good ! i began to tighten up her legs a i went deeper and deeper and it was the best thing that ever happened to me ! we are still together today and i love her so much { i also love his wonderful sex }.. it was our first time and we always have sex twice in a week with my girl friend
- age 17, Texas

My first time was the best !! Me and my boyfriend who i had been dating for 8 months at a time were sitting in my room one day when he came up to my house just to hang out and my mom was going to the grociery story and she asked us if we wanted to go .. Of course we both said no because we knew what was going to happen !! As soon as my mom left we went into my room and started to slowly work our way into it. It was very slow and passionate and it being my first time and all i was a little nervous ! As we layed there he slowly kissed my neck and began slowly takin off my pants..As he pushed his dick inside me i began to tense up a little but i got over my fear very quickly ! He began to move in and out and it felt so good ! i began to tighten up my legs as he went deeper and deeper and it was the best thing that ever happened to me ! we are still together today and i love him so much { i also love his wonderful sex }.. it was our first time but i know it wont be our last !!
- age 15, (female)

Ok weel I had been going out with this girl for about four or five month and she would let me go a littel farther sometimes then others but would never let me ssee her breast but let me suck on them and would never let me go past the thong to rubb her or anything and never would go below my bealt for me and we would mostly go in a alleyway or on her steps cause her street is always empty at night but one night while her parents were gone for the weekened and her sister was out somewhere and so was my mom so I had all the time in the world to stay there so anyway we were on her couch watching a movie and soon started making out like crazy and feeling up each other then we went into her room and she turned off the lights then we began to makeout again but then she did something i never expected she took off her shirt and braand leaned down to let me sucs on her beutiful breasts and then she undid her pants and i had a half naked girl friend on top of me and i thought i was in heaven but then it got better for me she then started going farther and farther down on me ad then she soon undid my pants and un zipped me and said thatshe was going to make me feel real good and then she began to suck me off and it felt wonderful but then all of a sudden the door flies open and her friend that was staying from ireland walked in and i hadnt known she was there at all but anyway she just stands there staring and i jump up in shock all embarrased and was about to run out when she said why didnt we ask her to join and could she and i just stood there shocked and not beliving what I was hearing but before I could answer she kissed me and started striping down to nothing at all and then turned to my girl friend and took off her thong snd begain to eat my girlfriend out and I was just standing there in amazment when my girlfriend pulled me closer and began to suck me off like craz an I was so turned on and it was so intense that i blew a huge pill of cum all over her and her friend and then her friend stopped eating out mygirlfriend and turned to me and told me to fuck her hard and fast and I told her I was actually a virgin and that I had never done that before but she said that they would change that that night and i did what I was told iI bean to fuck her and after cumming again I turned and fucked my girlfriend to so for the rest of the night we fucked each other like crazy and iI willl never for get that night.
- age 16, new york

okay well i was about 15ish when it was my first. and my first was not with a guy!! i had always looked at girls alot more and im not sure why! well i was at my friends house she had just gottena new pool so we decided to go for a lil swim when we were done we went to take a shower together! we always did we never thought anything of it till this day when she looked at me then pushed me against the wall and kissed me!! i didnt really mind tho i thought it was hot!! then i felt her hand move down on to my shved pussy and she was rubbing me down! it was the most amazing thing i ever felt in my life! so i started to open my legs up a lil more that way she could get way in there. then she shoved her fingers in side and said "your really tight mija! i like that! now just lean babck and ill handle it!" so i did as she said! when she started eating me out i let out the biggest moan in my life! my body was shaking so so bad! i couldnt stop! when i decided to return the favor. i turned her around and bent her over abd shoved my face in her pussy hole and ass hole and began eating her out like no other, as i was fingering her at the same time! i finger fucked her so hard she tarted to cry and scream my name out loud!! we washed each other down and moved our lil party to her room where we continued to finger fuck and eat each other out! now she is my lover and we do ths all time! only now we have our lil toys! we been a big fan of the vibrator latly and now we bring in a guy every now and then but we dont really like to share much
- age 18, washington (female)

I was 11 years old, my 17 year old cousin was staying with us sleeping in what used to be my bedroom she was going to be with us for several months. I was a little upset that I had lost my bedroom and was not speaking to her even though she was really trying to be nice to me. I didn't know her all the well I had only met here a couple of months before she move in after a dispute with her step father. My mom and dad both worked and she was to be my babysitter on the weekends. I didn't like her, she was an invader. That first weekend with her babysitting my parents left on saturday to be back sunday night. I was all alone with sombody who had disrupted my life. She was really trying to make thing ok but I was being very hard to deal with. She took me to the movies, then over for burgers and back at home icecream. Still I just was not going to give an inch. Then came bedtime. I went in to take a bath and while I was in the tub she came in, I told her to get out, I said "I am gonna tell my mom" She just ignored my threats and kneel over the tub and started washing me, She wash my hair and head and down my back, then ordered me to stand. I was embarrased and was positive when my mother found out she would be out of my life. She turned me around and washed my private parts, made me spread my legs so she could wash me thoughly. Out of the tub and drying off she said "I bet I know how to make you like me" I said I don't think you do. She pushed me back onto the bed in what used to be my room and place her mouth over my little cock. She had my attention! She sucked my cock giving me my very first climax, I thought she had broken somthing. Then she dressed me in my pajamas. Later that night I sleept in the bed with her and she did it again. I was hook, She lived with us for several months and quite often she would either masturbate me or suck me she told me all about sex and showed me magizines and pictures.
- age, Tom

well i had a reallly good mate called bryan and he was propa fucking hottt he was 15 thow at this time and my mum and dad were away for the weekend i had a party to go to we met each other up there because we decided to go together then we were really flirty all night. i was a bit wrecked that night and had just come out of the toilets and there he wss waiting there i was so horney for some reason but he was outside waiting for me :D then at that time i relised i liked him .. we began to kiss and stuff then he grabed my tits and started to rub them we left an hour early and walked threw the woods back to myne all the way home he was touching me everyewhere and i did the same to him. When we finnally got home he took me into my parents room and started ripping my thongs off and bent me over and fucked me hard up the ass then he sucked my clit hard it was the most intense feeling ever i then asked him to stop i gave him a bj till he comed a bucket load i swallowd alll of it and then he sucked my hard nipples after that most wonderful feeling i asked him fuck me hard he gave me a massive orgasim the best one so far now we are going out and have fucked so many times ive lost count.
- age 13, kayyy. uk (female)

t was the 1st week that me and my boyfriend had been dating., he asked me to give im head. we were @ his grammas housew who took a 2 week trip to europe and we were in the back yard. we made out for about 20 mins., and he was hard as i dont even know what. i began to suck him off., this being my 1st time i didnt know what the hell i was doing. i'd watched plenty of porn tho., so i had an idea. he came in my mouth and me being the good girl that i am swallowed all of it., then licked the rest off of the head of hes cock. we then continued to make out and he was rubbing my brest hard., it felt soooo good. he then took off my shirt and began to suck on my nipples. i loved this. he then unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off slinging them across his yard. i didnt mind cause i was so horny i felt this pain between my legs knowing it was him., he had 2 fingers in my tight white pussy. it felt great. then he made me lick his fingers which and my juices on them. he then put his hard cock in my vagina having a little trouble @ 1st b/c i was a virgin and all. but he penetrated me w/ no problem after that. we went for about and hour. then he rolled me over and he fucked me so hard in the anal. it was one of the best feelings i've ever had in my life. i was screaming and moaning like no other. he loved it tho cause he knew i liked it. we went on and on and on. and i squirted everywhere. it felt so great. then he made me suck is long black cock again. until he came in my mouth for the 2nd time. i love the taste of cum so i swallowed., again. we are still together and have sex atleast 3 times a week. its wonderful. its one of the best experiences i've ever had in my life.
- age 20, Jenna (female)

It was Summer 1995. My high school girlfriend, Shayla, was only my second official girlfriend. My first one, Faye, would never let us have sex, no matter how many times I begged. We would only make out and use our hands on each other. A few times we came very close to sex, such as us both naked and dry humping, but she would always stop just before intercourse, saying it was wrong. Anyways, that Summer my high school had a special event called "Cinema Under The Stars" which was an idea thought up to help raise awareness for blood donations. It was a mostly chaperoned event, with kids and parents setting up tents and lawn chairs to watch the movie on a big screen. All the cool kids went alone without parents, and I wanted to be the same, especially since Shayla asked for me to go. Imagine my surprise when I went to her house to pick her up and her father and mom met me at the door, telling me that they would be all riding down to the park together! Shayla looked like she had been crying, and in the car ride over everybody was pretty quiet. We got to the park just as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" began. Shayla's dad and I set up a big tent for all three of them. I told them I would just crash in a buddy's tent, which I had planned to do anyways. Shayla still wasn't speaking to me, so I got mad and walked off to find my friends. We smoked a J in the woods nearby and gawked at some girlie magazines. Later, I got tired and headed back. Shayla's parents were laying on the grass with a blanket over them as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" played. Shayla wasn't around. Then I heard her voice. She was in the tent. I crept in. I asked her if she was better now, but she didn't say anything. She just reached over, and we frenched. She told me to lie down, and I did. She unzipped my jeans and began oral. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it. After about ten minutes she stopped. She took off her top and unhooked her bra. She slid out of her jeans and panties. Completely naked, she shuffled over, took my dick in her hands and crouched down over me. I tried to penetrate her, but was having difficulty. Instead, she just rubbed my dick up and down her pussy. She began moaning as she got moist down there. Shayla then moved next to me and laid down. I rolled over on top of her as she brought her legs up and spread. I poked around until I found her hole, and pushed in. I pushed until I couldn't anymore, then started moving in and out. Her eyes closed and she started moaning louder. I kept at it, afraid to cum too quick. After about fifteen minutes, she told me to hurry before her parents peeked in. I ejaculated inside her, and she told me to leave the tent. I went outside and sat down. The movie was over. After a few minutes she came outside and sat next to me. We watched "E.T." After that day, we had sex on numerous occasions, but with a condom. A year later, she moved to Texas, and I never saw her again.
- age 27, Rex

ok well for all you prono freaks out there this isnt some sick disgusting porno story it's about love...yes i know what love is....i may be young but not blind... ok now to the story.....im 18 and ive never had a REAL boyfriend...all the guys in high school and college all want sex sex sex....im more of a romantic...anyways....the august before my freshman year at college my mom allowed me to get the internet, to stay in touch with my closest friends, which she had strongly disapproved of before....one night i was bored and went to a chatroom....i began to chat with a guy...we talked for hours until my mom came in at 3am and told me i should go to bed....that night i discovered he was a 23yo from ny....we agreed to meet the next night and chat.....well it all started there....we began to meet everynight and talk...he'd email me everyday....after a month or two we were talking one night and he said can i tell you something i of course said sure...he paused for a moment and said "i love you" i was speechless here i was talking to a guy who was 5 years my elder never meeting him and he's telling me he loves me....i really didnt respond...i wasnt about to tell him the same when i didnt feel that i loved him yet....well we continuted to chat and one day i suggested i call that i had something to tell him....i called and after calming down asked him if i could tell him something he said yes...i said " i love you with all my heart and frankly that scares me" he agreed that he had felt that loving someone whom he had never met was strange....we continued to talk for months and made it through many problems....b/w college, his parents, the distance b/w us....we both knew that neither of our parents would ever let us travel the long distance to see each other...we talked about sex and making love...i told him i was a virgin and to my surprise he was too,,,i expressed that i was a little scared of what would happen if we did meet....that i wasnt sure if i would be ready to make love....well one weekend he asked if there was anyway possible i could come up to see him that his parents were going out of town.. mom knew of chris and knew that i had strong feelings for him....i nervously asked and she said that i was an adult and that i could do what i wished....i stood there open mouthed because my mom had never said anything of this such before she had always been very protective....so i emailed chris and told him of my news he was extactic....we had talked many times of wanting to be able to hold one another and kiss....well the weekend came his parents went out of town i left for new york....chris had to practically pay his brother(who was 19) to stay at a friends house and not to breath a word of it....well i arrived at the airport and saw his smiling face standing there holding an arm full of yellow roses because he knew they were my favorite....i walked towards him and began to cry....when i finally reached him we stood there for a brief second not fully realizing what was happpening....WE WERE MEETING!,...finally after all the months of waiting and hoping it was happening!...i dropped my carry-on and quickly embrassed him he doing the same....people were standing there watching ... i looked into his eyes and said...."i love you" he responded with a sweet and tender "i love you too" we kissed....OUR FIRST KISS! ...it was wonderful...an ederly couple who had come off the plane with me began to clap...we both looked at each other and laughed....we went and got my luggage and left...as we drove to his house we couldnt keep our eyes off of each other....he held my hand tightly....and about every minute or two would look over and sweetly say .."i love you" ....we arrived at his house and he unloaed my luggage...we walked up to the house he opened the door and said "ok now close your eyes" ....i obeyed.....he opened the door and went in ..i waited for what seemed like eternity and even called out "chris where'd you go?" then suddenly i felt a warm gentle hand grab mine and a sweet tender kiss on my lips he said "im never leaving you, dont worry my dear".... eyes still closed he lead me into the house i could smell the sweet aroma of candles...suddenly we stopped he said "ok now open them"...i did...there in front of me was a glowing fire place, a room full of candles and flowers, a little table with two plates on it and playing in the background was many songs that we had talked about .... it was perfect...i looked at him and responded "you shouldnt have" he looked at me and said "but i did...and you dont have to worry we'll do as little or as much as you want...im just glad you are here with me"....well we ate, talked, laughed....then we were sitting in front of the fire place and he reached across and slowly brushed my face with his hand..he gently leaned over and kissed me...i responded by kissing back....within minutes we were kissing passionately tongues intwind...he slowly laid me back looked deeply into my eyes and said "i love you"....i looked back up at him staring at the face of the man that i was completely in love with....i slowly pulled him down towards me and kissed him then i looked at him and said " chris i love you too....please make love to me".....he asked if i was sure that he didnt want me to feel pressured...i said " how could i possibly feel pressured?....i love you and i want you to show me how much you love me"...with that we began to kiss and fondle each other...he slowly and delicately removed my shirt and jeans until i was only in a bra and underwear....i also undressed him until he was wearing only boxers......we laid in each others arms for minutes maybe 30 or so just kissing and saying little "i love you's" then he removed my bra and underwear and i did the same by removing his boxers....now we were lying there t-totally naked! the first time any man besides my father had ever seen me naked....we continued to kiss and he looked at me and asked if i was ready i responded yes he reached over to get a condom and i stopped him....he sat up with a puzzled look on his face...i sat up as well i said "you dont have to..it's ok....i said chris when i first admitted i loved you i knew i wanted you to be my first i went to the dr im on the pill....if im going to make love to you i want to feel every part of you with nothing inbetween" he looked at me sweetly and said i love you once again....we began to kiss again....then it happened...he looked deep into my eyes and asked if i was ready...i responded nervously "yes" he said once more "i love you" then he reached down and positioned it.....with it just sitting there right outside i thought i was going to orgasm....he slowly began to guide it in....asking every second or two if i was ok...at first i was...i thought to myself this doesnt hurt at all....BOY WAS I WRONG!...suddenly he must have hit my hymen....and he abrubtly stopped i must have had an awful look on my face..he asked if i wanted him to stop....with tears in my eyes i said no...he gently kissed my on my forehead and with every inch he slid in and every tear i shed he'd say "im sorry i love you" as it went further and further in i screamed in pain ....once he was all the way in we just laid there for a few minutes kissing and holding one another.....the pain began to subside and he looked at me and asked if i was ready i responded "yes" he slowly began to move in and out of me....it was the best feeling i have ever felt! our bodies as one him in me...me around him...we were both moaning and kissing....that's when i knew how much i truely did love him....we did this for a while but never orgasmed...we were both just enjoying being bonded as we were....then i looked up at him kissed him sweetly and said "honey...." he responded by saying "yes"....i said "this is all good and well and you know i love you but ....." he looked at me with a puzzled look and said "what" i said "fuck me!" he laughed out hysterically.....then it began ...the real SEX......we went at it for about an hour each of us orgasming many times until we were too exhausted to go anymore....i laid on his chest him still in me and drifted of to sleep....we slept all morning ..... waking up in each others arms was wonderful!.....we made love once more that weekend....then i had to come back home.....we both cried at the airport as i left......that was 2 months ago.....we are still together ive been up once more to see him ...im just a freshman in college but we are talking of getting married.....he's the love of my life......and i hope he always is.....i love you sweetie!...xoxoxo
- age 18, Christie (female)

this has been my long secreet but i'm leting it out today i used to watch tv in a neibghors room and he travelled leaving his wife home. iwas 14 at the time and this lady invited me to the room one evening askin me to massage her as i was doing it she told me move my hand down her lower part , i was gettin erected because it my first time seeing a woman like that she saw my erection and ask me if iwant to see her naked i said yesthen she pull her panties off and started rubing her pussy in front of me at that time iwas fuuly hard she then unzipped me and held my cockthen started suckin it i was really filled so icame in her mouth sheask me to put my hand in her pussy and to amazement she was fully wet there then she directed my dick in her pussy and iwas so trembled cos my cock was in a pussy for the first time she made me fuck her twice and since then it has been a secret but she does'nt know that her dauther is recieving the same too
- age 23, lostboygh

My first time was when i was 14. I went over my friends house to go cycling with him. When i knocked the door my friends sister Sarah (who was 22) answered, she asked me to come in and wait for Shaun my friend as he was out. Sarah said Shaun was in town with his mum and did not know how long they would be. Sarah put the TV on for me whilst i waited. Sarah then left me to have a shower. Sarah came down 10 minutes later with a towl wrapped around her. She looked so nice. She sat opposite and we chatted about nothing inparticular. I was becoming very hot and bothered. This was the first time i was so close to such a lovely naked girl. Sarah knew she was turning me on i was so nervous in my talk. Sarah got up and went to the kitchen to make a drink, she called me into the kitchen to have a drink. As i was going cycling i had tight shorts on which was showing my erection. Sarah noticed that and smiled. Without saying anything Sarah said do you want to see her tits. I nervously nodded. She undone her towel and got her tits out. She placed my hand on them. Then she asked me to suck her nipples. I was in heaven. Whilst i sucked her nipples Sarah stroked my cock. Then she pulled my shorts down and wanked me. It wasnt long before i spunked everywhere. Sarah just laughed. Sarah said have i ever seen a pussy, to which i said no. Sarah then sat on the litchen table let her towel open and opened her legs. She asked me to lick her, after she showed me what to do i licked her. Sarah loved it Layed back on the table whilst i licked her. My cock was now rock hard again. Sarah said put it in her. I slipped my cock in her and fucked her. Unsure at first but i soon got the hang of it. I fucked her for 15 minutes then pupmped her with spunk. Sarah said dont tell anyone what happened as i was only 14 and she was 22 and she had a regular boyfriend. Me and Sarah fucked whenever we could for years to come. Sarah has since got married and moved away, but it was great to know her.
- age 36, Wales UK

My first time with a female was when I was about 11. I was over at my neighbor house who was about the same age as me. We were playing the game of "Life" and sometime near the end she started talking about having kids. Anyway, she had asked me at one time if I had ever seen a girl naked. I told her I haven't except in magazines. She then asked if I wanted to see her naked. I jumped at the chance and said yes. She said ok but only if she could see me too. I agreed and we both stripped down to our underwear only. At that point she had told me she rubbed herself thru her underwear all the time and it felt good. She asked if I did that at all. I told her all I ever did was at times touched myself when I looked at magazines. She then reached over and started to jack me off and did so till I came. Then she took her underwear off and started rubbing herself till she came. I wish she did that while I jacked off because that was a nice sight.
- age ,

I was 19 when this happened and very much a complete sexual virgin having never done anything of a sexual nature with a girl other than kiss. I'd met this beautiful blond at a friend's house. Her name was Betty Lou. She and I had really hit it off that first evening. So, I got her phone number when the party ended and it was time to go home. I called her several times that week and our relationship grew stronger and stronger. Around Wednesday, I asked her out. She gave me her address and the date was on. I picked her up that Friday night. We are out and then decided on going to the drive in theater. We were in a small town and this one drive in was all we had to go to. We got there and got all set up to enjoy the movies together. But, it didn't go this way at all. Soon after getting there, Betty Lou and I were soon kissing. Betty Lou then pulled me over away from the steering wheel and she literally straddled me throwing a leg over me and coming belly to belly in my lap as we deeply kissed. Needless to say, I immediately went hard. She was wearing a full dress and I for the first time did what I'd always longed to do with a girl. I ran my hands along the outside of her thighs and up to her fine ass. I cupped her ass in my hands pulling her to me. I was in seventh heaven! Betty Lou then reached down between us and started rubbing it on my hard cock in my slacks. It felt wonderful and was the first time a girl had ever touched me there before. This didn't last 30 seconds and I let out a groan of pleasure as my orgasm hit and I came hard in my slacks. Betty Lou knew it as she told me "boy did you ever come fast". I told her "I couldn't help it". Betty Lou then moved over to her seat. She then said "go ahead and wipe yourself off if you want to". It was sure easy to see Betty Lou was no stranger to doing this to boys. She knew exactly what had happened. I opened my slacks a little, wiping the cum up as best as I could with tissue paper. She had really got a load out of me. When I was finished, Betty Lou moved back over next to me and she put her hand in my slacks and started playing with my cock again only this time without the slacks in the way. It felt fantastic! I was soon hard as a rock again. She pulled me back over again and again straddled me. She was wanting to "mount" me like this and slip my cock into her pussy. But I wasn't about to do this without a condom on and I sure didn't have one. Having sex on this first date was the last thing I was expecting that night. I asked her if she had any and she said no. She then took my hand and put it on her pussy showing me how she wanted me to finger her and said "then at least get me off like this". I did as she wanted and did this girl ever come! I know the whole drive in had to be able to hear her. When she came down from her orgasm, she again had her hand wrapped around my cock and started giving me another hand job. I had one hand on and in her pussy and the other cupping her soft ass and again I didn't last very long before again blowing another load of cum. Needless to say, I make another date with Betty Lou for the next night. On this night, I picked her up at her house with a hard on in my pants and a three pack of condoms in my pocket. We again headed for that drive in and when we left I had one condom left and left two nasty cum filled condoms on the ground of that drive in. I'm sure it saw a lot of them there. I've always remembered Betty Lou even after all these years. After all, she was my first. No man ever forgets his first sexual contact with a girl.
- age 29, Jeff

Okay so I was invited to a party with my friend and I wasn't able to get out so I snuck out of my house it was so crazy I never done that anyways so there was this really got guy there and he came up to me and we started to talk I never saw a guy naked in my life I was still a virgin anyways so we had a couple of drinks to ease my nerves later he invited me back to his place where he just stripped off all of my clothes and just went down on me it was so amazing then all of a sudden I feel this amazing thrust going into me as he was fingering me with such great force! Then he laid be back and said "your doing good I love how you so tight!!!" then he just shoved his huge dick inside of me I have never yelled so loud in my life! But I didn't want him to stop I even yelled "harder! Harder!"I just wanted more I came with in like a couple of minutes I didn't get home till about 5 or 6 that nite. It was the greatest nite of my life tho
- age 18, miss horney thing (female)

I was with my cousins one night i a tent and their were 3 then 2 of them went up because they were scared and one of tm stayed down and she was so hot i got an erectionand she asked me if we would take turns doing what we wanted to each other then on about her 3rd time she took her clothes off then i did and she grabbed my cock and stuck it in her pussy she screamed and cried because she was tight but ten we fucked for 10 minutes and ten i cumed everywhere on accident all on her breats and then we fucked every20 minutes or so because she was horny for me it was so good cousin sex can you beat it
- age 16, Adam

My mon and dad had gone out with my my sisters friends mon and dad and she came over to sleep the night we were watching ice hockey and when it finished she asked if she could do what she wants know i said ok and she went into the toilet about 3 minutes later brooke came out with a bra and a g-string my dick was so hard then she came over to me unzipped my pants and sirt then she gave head to me she asked if we would like to lose our virginity I said yes yes yes then we fucked for ages it was so good
- age 13, Tom

i was at my house my sister boy f. was there he ask me if i would like to see his dick my sister was at work she is 23 he is 25 i said yes i was in a dress he pull down is pants and undies i saw is dick hard i got wettttttttt he ask if he could look up my dress i said yes i open up my leggs and let him look he got naked i let himm take down my undies take off my dress take off my bra and play whit me he kiss me and lick my nipps i lick is dickkk and he finger me lick me i cum and o my god he puck is dick in me ooo it was so goodddd he did it to me o my god in out in out slow i got on top ooo yes that was my frist time
- age 16, debb (female)

I lost my virginity to an American exchange student who visited our school with her class in the summer of 2002. We had been flirting for a while, but I never really ecpected anything further to happen between us. Well, it turned out I was completely wrong. The day before she left I heard the door bell ring around noon. Since I was the only person in the house I had to get up to answer it. When I opened the door I was almost shocked and happy at the same time to see her standing outside. She said that she had ditched school to spend her last ours on that trip with me. We talked for a while and finally ended up kissing very intensively on my bed. I opened her bra to lick her firm breasts and suck on her nipples. A few minutes later I asked her if she wanted to take off her pants. The moment she did so I immediately slid off her string as well, bended her legs upward and started licking her pussy. Since this had been one of my very first sexual contacts I was pretty nervous because I felt pressured to do it right. Fortunately she came two or three times in a row, bending her back every time she achieved an orgasm. Now we were ready for anything. I slowly pulled down my pants and rubbed my half-erected penis so it would slide in better. A few seconds after I had put my penis into her I came. It only took me a few strokes and I tried really hard not to but I couldn't help it. However, I didn't mind and continued stroking her until I got another erection. She put her thighs up and her legs around me as I felt her come moaning softly.
- age 21, Markus

I have so many girlfriends but i have never sex anyone of them because i was scaring that maybe my penis would be too small that they would not feel like something is in their hole. But the first time was when i went to visited my sister at her school(University). There came her friend called Funmi and at night they both slept on the bed while i slept on the sofa beside the bed in the same room. And her friend mistakenly dropped her hand on my chest which had arouse me, while i hold her hand and she did not said anything. I began moving my hand to her private part, still she pretended as she had slept while i dig my fingers into her hole and she screamed. My sis asked what and she said nothing! I continue doing this till my sister finally slept and she woke up and went out to sitting-room while i followed. She sat on the chair and i sat beside her while she grabed as if she wanted to kill me and took out my penis started sucking it and quickly she off her dress and sat on me with my penis in her vagina. Suddenly, my sister came from the room and shouted "aaaah! Oko omode yii loto bayii" which means "is this you that has this big penis you little boy" and she also came too sucking my penis and i fucked them both till dawn on that day. It was a sweet experience. Sorry for my English. I'm a Yoruba
- age 18, Adebayor De'bay

ok...just to let you know...this is a true story, unlike some other bullshit ones I have read around here. okay, to start, I was enjoying my summer, lazing around, working, not doing much, when my first sexual experience became a landmark in my life. I was sitting around one day when my neighbour called me and asked if I could look after two japanese exchange students that they had staying with them, while they went out for the evening. I was the at my house and I was bored so I said sure. they came over at about 6:30, and joined me watching tv. not knowing much english, they spoke between themselves a little, murmuring in what sounded like japanese. btw, they were two female old japanese exchange students and were both pretty good looking. nice bodies especially. I asked tehm a few questions about how they were enjoying canada and what they had done. they said not much, and they wanted to do something exciting. we decided to go outside and play some basketball and began to flirt a little and fool around. we got tired in a few minutes and went inside. they went to the washroom together and much to utter shock, they both came out wearing only underwear, one of them holding a condom. they told me to take off my clothes and as I did, we began making our way upstairs, them kissing each other on the way. I couldn't believe it, I almost fainted right there. as we got halfway down the hall, one of them stopped me, reaching for my pants. emiko pulled down my pants and I ripped off my boxers. tomo then bent down and began to suck the tip of my cock, making me lose my breath a little. I then backed away a little, pulled off my shirt, and rolled on the condom. I was now fully into it. I felt like the boss, them seeming vewry vulnerable, so I told them to bend over and grab their ankles. they did so and I ripped the lace panties off tomo and immediatley fucked her as hard as I could till I came, which was like 30 sec. it being my first time and all. I then pushed emiko down and rolled her over, pulled off her bra, then sucked her tits while my left hand searched for her panties. I managed to get her panties off and my finger inside her just as her back arched and her beautiful perky tits pointed straight at me. I guided my cock into her hole and started pumping. she came a couple times, then I came. her pussy was much tighter then tomo's and it felt a lot better too. I was exhausted about after an hour of straight fucking, alternating nymphos, then at the end, I lay down on my carpet, buck naked, and they pulled off my condom and both licked my penis, one of them 69'ing me and the other lapping up my balls. I'll never forget the feeling of that wonderful day and we still write each otehr and email each other every once in a while...well thats it...I did the best I could..
- age 19, bucky

I'm an Asian American guy. I had been dating my fiancee for awhile then. She was a cute, tiny, petite Oriental girl, stood around 5'2, weighted about 95 lbs. She wore her hair short back then, like most Asian girls. She had a thin waist, a firm butt, and shapely legs. Her breasts were small but perky on her tiny frame. She had high check bones, sexy eyes, and a wonderful smile. We checked in a hotel at the beach that day. I had gone out to my car to bring in our bags, and when I walked into the room, I could see her changing inside the bath room. I never really saw her entirely naked before, and the sight of her golden, silky skin behind a partially closed door turned me on immediately. I sneaked behind her as she was changing into her swim suit and wrapped my arms around her firm breasts, bent down to kiss her neck while pinching and stroking her pointy nipples. She moaned gently and turned around to kiss me fully on the lips. We stripped down, climbed into the shower, and soaped each other down. I gently probed her cunt while she stroked my penis. We kissed for a long time as the hot water sprayed down upon us. After taking turns to dry each other, we got under the blanket. I licked her pussy, sucking on her clit with my lips as she moaned quietly in the dark room. I shifted my body into the "69" position, with me on top of her. She licked my balls and tongued the head of my penis as I massaged her clit with my fingers while plunging my tongue in and out of her cunt hole. I sucked hard on her clit as she climaxed, her cries muffled by my dick as she sucked me deeply down her throat, her lips touching my pubic hair. She squeezed my head tightly with her thighs as she came. I moved between her legs and looked into her eyes as she whispered softy: "Make love to me, please". With my right hand, I inserted my penis into her tight cunt and eased myself deeply into her. Since she was a virgin, she grimaced with pain at first, but as my strokes increased, she wrapped her legs around my waist and moved her hips along with my body. Her cunt became wetter and wetter as I moved faster and faster. She moaned quietly from time to time. After awhile, I withdrew from her, placed her on all four, positioned myself behind her, and re-entered her cunt. The "doggie" position excited us both, and soon I found myself pumping faster and harder as she moaned deeply, her voice muffled by the pillow. She reached down with her right hand and massaged my balls. Pretty soon, I was on the verge of coming, and I withdrew from her and shot my loads on her thighs as she pressed my hands against her breasts. We made love for hours that day. Between short naps and meals, we switched sexual positions often. There was no rush, just slow, casual love. Sometimes I would be on top of her, other times she would be on top of me, stroking her nipples with one hand, massaging my balls with the other as she moved up and down. Obviously, neither of us got any sun tan at the beach that summer.
- age ,

out doors an on the beach an i was 18 an it was a hot summer night
- age 22, aj alaska (female)

My family is into incest. My first time happened not long ago when I accidently walked in on my dad and my brother having sex. I was shocked when I saw it and the moment was very strange. My brother was sticking his cock in my dad's ass and they were in a wierd position in the shower. They invited me in like I had done this before, I turned them down and left the room. When my mom and sister got home from shopping, I didn't say a word to them about what happened. around 11 o'clock that night, I heard my mom call me and I got up to see what she wanted. when I walked into her room, everyone was sitting around naked. My dad, my brother, my sister and my mom. It was a very disturbing sight for me. My dad had a six inch penis and it was erect, my brother's cock was around 7 and a half inches, My sister was really hot, she had big natural C-cup tits with little brown nipples, and my mom's pussy was very used but her tits were still young and not sagging at all, she had very erect pink nipples and had a purple double dong in her hand. My sister told me to come in and close the door. Just as I walked in my mom and sister both ripped all my clothes off and my 3 inch floppy penis was just hanging there, my sister grabbed my cock and it got erect almost instantly. my mom came up from behind me and started slapping my balls with the double dong. My sis got on her knees and started to suck my cock. It felt so good, I came instantly in her mouth. She said, that she expected that to happen, since i've never even seen another naked person in person before, just on the internet. My mom said it was alright and I could just watch everyone have sex while I got a boner again. My mom started using the double dong with my sister and my dad and my brother were 69ing each other. I did get my boner back and when I did, my sister took me over to the bed and climbed up on me and started to put my dick in her pussy, but I told her that I might cum in her and get her pregnant, she told me she was on birth control and that she has fucked my brother and father many times and they came in her. I told her it wouldn't take long for me to get off inside of her cause i've never felt inside a woman before. she said it was alright, and she put my cock in her pussy. The second it went in, I came. after that, I just decided to jerk off while watching the rest of them have sex for hours.
- age 18, anonymous

It happened two days ago. My sister's friend spent the night at our house, and when everyone was asleep, I walked out of my room to get a snack, the thing was that I was naked and had a raging boner, cause I was in the middle of masturbating. When I got to the kitchen, My sisters friend came out of the room and saw me. she was totally embarassed but I said it was allright. as I was walking back to my room, she grabbed my ass and squeezed it. I was startled by this since she was just acting embarassed a second ago just looking at my penis. She followed me back into my room and I locked the door. She pushed me onto the bed and gave me an AWESOME handjob. I came right away. She licked up my cum, and while she was down there she started sucking my dick. this felt so amazing, since I had just ejaculated and I was sensitive in that area. I only have a 6 inch penis so she swallowed the whole thing easily. when she was done she went into my sisters room and I thought it was over, until she came back in my room with a huge dildo. She told me to bend over, and I wasn't so sure if I should. she said it would be fine. she rubbed lube on my asshole, and stuck her finger in. then she jammed the dildo up my ass. it hurt so bad, I started to bleed. and it pinched the hairs around my asshole. she moved it in and out so many times my whole ass was numb when she was done. after that, she said that we should go shower together, so i went into the bathroom with her. Instead of a loud shower though, we filled the tub and both sat naked across from each other. I told that was the first I have done anything with a woman. She then leaned over and grabbed my cock again. I told her if we sex, that we would have to use a condom cause i would deffinetly cum inside of her instantly. she said not to worry about it cause she was on birth control. so i moved closer to her and put it in her. it was the most AMAZING feeling EVER. So warm, and soft. i came in about 15 seconds. She said not to worry about it, and we waited a few minutes untill i got another erection, and we did it again, this time I lasted around 5 minutes, it was quite an improvement. after all that we stayed in the tub for a little bit and i sucked on her nipples and rubbed her pussy a little bit, then we got out of the bath and ran naked back to my room. we just layed naked next to each other on the bed for a few minutes, until she said that she wanted to try anal. I said I didnt want to anymore, and she said, no, on her. so i agreed and we fucked like that for about 9 minutes and then i came inside her ass. She was so ready for anything that night, so we did a few different positions on my bed when all of a sudden my door opened and my sister walked in on us. she said she didnt mind, and just wanted to have her dildo back. her told her to join us, but she only agreed to fucking her dildo while watching us. It would have been akward if I had to fuck my sister anyway, I probably wouldn't do it, but i did enjoy watching her masturbate while her friend and I fucked. It was the best night of my life!
- age 22, Ohio, Jim

When I was younger, I went to the public pool with my best friend. when we were swimming he asked me to swim over to where he was and when i got there, he was naked. he told me to get naked too, and i did. Then we rubbed our penises together for a few minutes, it was fun and it felt good, but it didnt give me a boner. after we finished with swimming, we went into the bathroom, when everyone was changing, and we both got completely naked and ran around the shower area. we took a shower under the same shower head and cleaned each other from head to toe, and thats when I realized my penis was getting hard, but his wasnt. So I told him to turn around, and when he did, i tryed to stick my penis into his asshole, but it wouldn't fit and he screamed for me to stop, so i did. we walked over to the locker area still naked. and we sat on the benches. we then grabbed each others cocks and started to massage them. Mine was still hard and his was getting hard. We both had about 3 inch dicks then. we kept doing it and didnt care how many other men saw us. Another boy with a huge erection came over to us and asked us if we wanted to feel REAL good. we said yes and he began to suck my dick and give my friend a handjob. he put my whole penis in his mouth, and it felt great. then he switched and gave my friend a blowjob and gave me a handjob. he managed to make me and my friend both cum at the same time, and we came in each others mouthes, it tasted warm and salty, and i swallowed it but my friend kissed the other boy and in doing so put all of my cum in the boys mouth, then that boy kissed me and did the same, until i had just drank both me and my friends cum. he than put his dick in my friends mouth but my friend didnt know what to do, so the kid thrusted in and out of my friends mouth, he was gagging and had eventually threw up all over the place. than the kid was facing me and was gonna do the same thing, but i told him, that i would rather take it up the ass. so he penetrated my asshole and blood went everywhere, then my friend put his cock in the kids ass at the same time.I got in trouble for what my parents called, 'Being gay' and giving in to temptations. my friend never got in trouble, and I married him last year. we invite friends over and have orgy's all the time.
- age 21, Sand diego, Bill

It happened on my 16th birthday. My parents were not at home and I invited all my friends.. After a long and very good party all of my guests went home, only Sonja stayed over night. I said to her that I wanted to have a shower and she wanted to look TV and so we did these things. I forgot to close the bathroom door, so I saw sonja watching at my naked body, but it didn't interest me. So when i was ready I sat me next to her and we both look TV. After a while her hand went between my legs and she began to kiss me. It was a wonderful feeling. So i take my hand between her leges to. After kissind we both get naked and we kissed eachother everywhere. it was WONDERFUL. Then Sonja sucked my cock and i really liked that... when she was ready i licked her very wet pussy and then we have sex, wonderful sex!!! Since that time we have sex one time a week. IT IS WONDERFUL. Sorry for my bad english, but I am from Germany...
- age 16, Jan

my first time was a three some me and my best guy friend and my best girl friend. i started to get nervous when he started to slowly insert into me i first wanted to cry then my best girl friend had a dildo that she inserted into her anus and told me to fuck her hard with it while i ate her out(now i have done that before and blowjobs)i playfully started to move my tounge slowly teasing her throbbing pussy when she told me to stop teasing i forceably tounged her sweet tight pussy with my tounge while she being fucked and fucking her with her 10 in and very thick dildo. i was about to come when she jumped off my face and he pulled out and she took her tounge and he took his finger and they both got me to come so hard. while they went at it i fingered myslef to a muliply orgasim that rocked my whole body
- age 17, (female)

Well this story is for all you horny little boys out there. Most of the stories on this site are not true only this one is. I had gone on a fishing trip by myself in my boat when i decided to ring my girlfriend. We had been going out for about 3 days at the time. She decided to come and meet me just up the river. Before she left i told her to come without a bra and panties. When she showed up she was only wearing a tank top without bra and a mini skirt without panties. One of my friends was in the boat when i picked her up (he was on the river with another of his friends in a different boat) as she got onto the boat she nearly fell off and my friend tried to help her only she declined. When she was finally on the boat we headed to a more private area and kicked my friend off the boat. My friends drove about 20m down the river and started fishing. As soon as they got more than five metres away we started kissing with tongue and everything. About 2 mins later i started to feel her breasts and her nipples were completely hard. I took her tank top off and started to suck on her nipples. She really loved this and she took of my shirt. I soon got tired of this and started to run my hand up her thighs. Up and up i went until i reached something wet. Mind you by this time i was completely hard and she knew it and started to feel my hard erect cock. I pushed a finger inside of her and found that she was still a virgin. She had a little pain so i took it slow and just went back to feeling her breasts. This is the time when she removed my pants and Started to give me a blowjob. She slowly swirled her tongue around the head of my penis and took the whole length into her mouth, this was really difficult for her and she gaged she soon got used to it and could take the full lenght without any problems. She looked up at me and told me to give it to her and then started sucking again. I gave her my full load and she swallowed all of it and the litle that escaped her lips she licked off her breasts. This is when i decided it was time so i raised her up and started to finger her, she wanted more and more. I started to put 3 fingers in and she was kissing me like crazy. It was at this time that my friends came back with their boat and caught us naked they soon left us in peace. This is when she got ontop of me and started to buck back and forth my penis was coming in contact with her vagina every time she bucked downwards. Suddenly i couldn't handle it anymore so i grabbed her and held her down so i could insert my penis and she just relaxed and let me push it in bit by bit. She didn't have any pain due to our fingering before hand and also our previous encounters with each other. Once it was in she started to buck like crazy. It was the best feeling of my life being inside of a wet warm vagina. I grabbed her breasts and started to suck them and this drove her crazy and I swore she had an orgasm. This drove me over the edge and came right up inside of her. After we layed there and just made out like crazy with my half hard penis still inside of her. After about 5 mins of making out it was hard again and we started at it. We did it 7 times that night. We made love which included foreplay and sex for around 8 hours. In the morning i left her on the bank and she walked the 2kms home again leaving me satisfied. This was the story of my first time and it was a very good first time too. This was definatly not our last time. I love you babe only my new girlfriend has a much tighter pussy and gives better head and she is bi so we have some great 3somes with her friends.
- age 16, Bobby

Well First , i m not gay but but my first time acyually was with my cousin(a boy) , For a boy , my cousin got a big bubble ass,and everytime i saw his ass i couldnt stop looking at it , he was 13 and i was 15 .This day we were in the house alone , his dad usualy works at night so i always sleep with him , soo when we were gonna sleep he came in the room naked after taking a shower , he always sleep naked , so when he was on his bed i woke up and join him in his bed , i was naked too and he noticed that but he was suprised when he felt my hard dick touching his ass , so he ask me what was i doing , i told him to be quiet and just watch , so i started kissing his ass which was so big , licking his asshole , then i started to put my dick in his ass but it couldnt go in , so i told him to lay down on his stomach and i was in his ass , he yelled a lot it felt so good , my dick is 10 inches long because i am black , but only half of it went in , so i did it harder , he even cried while he was telling me " Don'T stop " , after like one 30 minute i cum in his ass , but i was still horny so i put my dick inhis mouth , he sucked my balls , licked everything and i cum in his mouth , since that day i fuck him everyday , but i never told anybody . Now my dick is bigger and i am gonna see my cousin next week , cuz its been 2 yeards since i havnt saw him , but i stll wanna fuck HIM
- age 17, Miami Florida

when i was 20 i began working as a live-in nanny for 2 little kids. their mom worked for a publisher and was usually traveling the u.s. about 10 days each month. the dad was a doctor. i actually got to know the dad alot better than the mom because he was the one that was there more often. after i had just been there a month or so, the dad started flirting with me. at 20 i was really shy and still a virgin but i started to really like him and flirted back. nothing happened for awhile though but we always had a lot of fun together spending time with the kids and stuff, especially when his wife was gone. when she was there, they'd usually be arguing about something and i usually just took the kids outside to get away from it. after about 6 months, i got up in the middle of the night to get a drink. even though his bedroom was on the other side of the house, he must have heard me because he came into the kitchen, smiled and asked me to come over to where he was standing. i hesitated but then went over. before he did anything, he put his hands on the sides of my face and said that i knew what he wanted and that if i didn't want it, i needed to go back to my room right then. i told him i didn't want to go. he started kissing me and touching my breasts. i hadn't even french kissed before this so even his tongue in my mouth made my pussy wet and i leaned into him--we went at it awhile in the kitchen just touching each other, kissing, etc. after a bit, he took my hand and led me toward his bedroom. i was so wet and excited but i was also really scared. he must have saw how scared i was because he said he wasn't going to hurt me---i told him i wasn't worried about that but i wasn't sure i knew what to do to make him happy cuz it was my first time. he laughed a little and said that wouldn't be a problem. in the bedroom he took my tshirt and panties off and i helped him take his underwear off---i got scared again b/c it was the first time i ever saw a guys cock and i couldn't see how it would ever fit inside of me. i touched him and we laid down, touching each other. i was laying on my back. he got on top, sucking my breasts, putting his fingers into me.soon he said he couldn't wait anymore and started to slowly push his cock inside of me. about an inch in it started to hurt. he could tell and let up but said i was really tight and it was gonna hurt if we went fast or slow, but it wouldn't hurt as long if he just went in quick---i told him to do that. he took it out and had me put ky on his cock and then.... i still get wet remember how it felt---i felt the skin pop inside as he pushed in then a burning pain that made me gasp. he was still for a minute and then slowly started going in and out---it still hurt but at the same time felt really really good. i spread my legs wider, wanting him as far in as he could go. he started moving faster and by then i couldn't keep my hips still either---the warmth of his cum inside of me and the feeling of having my pussy so full caused the first spasms---i hadn't ever felt anything like it. then he started flicking my clit lightly and a couldn't help but scream --- after it was over, he stayed inside of me a little and then we went to sleep. by morning my pussy just kind of ached but he wanted to fuck again......after a little persuasion we did....from then on, each time his wife was gone we screwed like crazy---come to think of it, that was the best job i ever had! we stay in touch to this day but live in different parts of the country. he's still married to the same wife. i'm single but still really have a thing for married guys.
- age 33, illinois (female)

Well this wasn't my 1st time im goin to tell you about but my 1st outdoor shag i had. It was just before my 18th and me and all my m8s went out clubbing in chelmsford, our local noght hotspot, and my girlfriend (now ex thank fuck!) was with us. and we were on our way back through the town centre after hitting dukes and we were all drunk, falling around, being loud and acting like pissd up yobs basically!! and me and the girlfrind were feelin really horny as we didnt have time 2 fuck b4 we came out as we normally did, altho we just fuckd all the time regardless?!?! So we snuck off, telling every1 else that we were taking the long way round and would meet em at the cab. We went down a service route meant 4 delivering lorries and above a shop (Samuel jewelers) at the back, there was a set of stairs leading to a walkway and door. we decided that we'd sneak up there quick, do the business and leave quickly without ne 1 noticing! we we got up on the balcony, which over looks the loading area of the nearby shops and a small carpark. so we fumbled about fondeling each other and eventually it got 2 much 4 me and grabbd her by the waist, turnd her round, yankd her trousers and thing down and was doing her doggy over the railing on the balcony. after a couple of minutes we were really in2 it and both dying 2 cum! then we heard loadsa noise comin from the walkway below us, so i startd 2 do her harder and make us both cum b4 we got caught! but to no avail and along came a group of 7-8 men and women walking below us oblivious 2 us screwing right above their heads! well this really got us going and she startd rubbing her clit furiously and bucking back on2 me and i was gripping her round the waist and really thrusting me whole length deep inside her warm, wet, tight pussy. and with a explosion and some lip biting we both came 2gether in a frenzy of thrusts!! our juices where evrywhere!! and still we were quiet as the people below us had stoppd and were waiting 4 some1 who was pissing ... just 15ft below us?!? she the turned around, felt between her legs and slippd 2 fingers inside herself, pulld out her cum soaked fingers and suckd them clean while moaning softly!! god she was a dirty bitch!! we then pulld our clothes bk on, straightened ourselves up and wondered down the stairs, past the people and hurried off to our cab. where we both carried on where we left off and ended up back at hers shagging till the sun came up!! that was a regular occurance after that on our nites out. ended up in bus stops, by the river, even in the cab once!! now im going 2 have 2 go wank myself stupid coz thinking about that nite has made me horny as fuck!! keep the outdoor sex stories coming!!
- age 21, Essex

was in a red telephone box is south wooham ferrers in essex and got caught by my mums friend the bad thing was i was only 14
- age 25, Debbie (female)

i just turned 16 and my best female friend at the time was at my house, nobody was at home and we were just playing xbox and talking... couple days before her and her friend said that if some girl walked up and ask to have sex if i would do it, i said yes, so that night she told me to have sex with her, so being the teenage guy i am i did,IT WAS AWSOME!!!! and now me and her just had our 1yr anerversery and were still going at it like rabbits
- age 17, Canada

i was 15 and i had never seen oor touched a naked woman but on porn movie and one day i was back from school and i met this sexy chick on the bus stop we talked for a minute or tow and some days after she came home on a wenesday afternoon and we started talking and this girl( she was 19) kept looking at my pants but in my mind she was coming to talk and chill and as i was not paying attention she put her hand on me touvhing my cocok and she said " stop talking i want ur cock and now " so i said that i wnated to give it to her but i didn't thnkit would have been so quick but she answered that she could not wait anymore so she started playing with her to get me hard cause she wanted me play with my cock ...si u did it then she came to me and i put my black dick in her mouth mmmmmm that was so great cause this bj was so wet she was spitting on my cock mmmmmmthen i was on fire i took her doggy and i was taling to myself saying that i was so exited cause it was the first time for everything and i was feeling my cum copming out so i told her but she answerd that she wanted to drink my cum .... so after a couple of minutes i cum on her mouth and she swallowed a part of it and play with tha last part of my cumm....i felt so high that my cock ws shaking itslef and it was at this point tat my horney life has started ...... sorry got my english but im french lol [email protected]
- age 26, france , paris

I was 16 and very fond of a pretty ugly guy. Well, back then, I had a strange taste in men. That doesn't mean I only like Brad Pitts nowadays, but you know... So, Roman and I both participated in a holiday camp for children, so their parents could relax a bit in the summertime. There were about 40 group leaders like us, from age 16 up. Roman was about age 22. After I noticed I liked him, I felt queasy every time i saw him, that's how nervous I went. One bash (there were several parties just for the group leaders on the weekends when the kids got back home) we kissed until the break of dawn, but he had a lovesickness over his ex, so he wouldn't like to meet me. Some weeks after the holiday camp, he called me and said we could try it anyway, because it could be fun (I suppose a friend of his I knew talked him into trying to get over his ex with me). So we met and my first time happened in his apartment. I was very keen on trying everything out. And I was happy I would have my first time with someone I thought I loved. First we made out and it made me very hot. I was very interested in his penis, which was very handsome. I asked him to show me how he would touch himself and practiced it on him for a while. [My curiousity is why I'm very good in all that has to do with sex nowadays...] As he tried to get his big cock into my pussy, it hurt quite hard, but I didn't bleed. After a while trying, he managed to get about 5 cenimeters in, and after that I felt that my vagina was opening up and it didn't hurt any more when he was pushing his penis completely in. But I didn't feel any lust inside, it was just like a rubbing that felt a bit strange and uncomfortable. I'd had a lot of practice getting off for myself, but only with my clitoris. After the first time, I was glad that it was over and a bit confused that I didn't like it. After all, I thought I should love sex because I'd always liked to see sex movies and getting myself off. We had sex several times, and one time I even liked it: this was when we were making out in the corridor. I only had a t-shirt on and loved how he became so hot touching my firm tits. Suddenly he lifted me up and put me on his nice cock. I was so hot that I suddenly liked the fucking. But it took me another 4 years to really learn how to enjoy sex every time. This was with my first real boyfriend who I stayed with for 4 months. Nowadays, I REALLY LOVE SEX and often, I like to have sex more often than my boyfriends do. But someday I'll find a real man!;-) So guys: girls need practice, practice, practice! And be slow so the girl is always hot at the phase you're in! One of the worst things you can do is to take it too fast so you lose the chance to get her really hot as you are.
-age 25, Germany (female)

my first time was good. it was painful but good. my first time was about 6 months ago. me and a two friends went to a all ages jam and this very cute guy bought us drinks because we're not old enough to get them ourselves. we danced for the night and things got intense with him and me and my friends. he was 21, we told him we were 18 turning 19. he asked us if we want to go to his appartment, that he and his friend rent alone and we can have a nice party at his house, he said he had booze also. without a word we accepted and took a cap to his house. when we got there his friend was watching tv in his boxers, he is very sexy by the way, he got up and got dressed and they went to take a smoke at the balcony and talked and came back and got some drinks and we started drinking and having fun playing madden on his ps2. we joked around and finally ryan made a move and kissed me and i didn't do anything but let him carry on, he got really intense and then started touching me everywhere and i started to get wet, i could feel it. he asked me if i wanted to take it into the bedroom and i nodded and we went, he kissed me passionately and took my clothes off and ate me out. he asked me to get down on him, i have never been down on a guy either but i agreed and started licking his huge penis, it was then that i started worrying because his penis was really big, however, i convinced myself to get it over with and loose my virginity. after about 10 minutes he told me to stay still that he is gonna cum all over my face, and he did, that was a first for me too. after that he put on a condom and tried putting his huge penis in me but it wouldn't go in. after several times he tried and then i felt the worst pain i've ever felt in my life. i felt my entire vagina filled up, it was like when u drank too much water and you cant even drink a drop anymore or your tummy explodes; i screamed as it went in for the first time, when he pulled it out it wasn't much better, he told me not to think about the pain but think about something that makes me happy. and i stuffed comforter into my mouth and he thrusted and thrusted like hell and the pain was too intense and i pushed him off and walked out of the room, even the walking was painfull, when i went out in the living room i saw one of my friend underneath his friend and she was moaning and screaming and my other friend was naked watching and playing with herself. ryan came and said that it was ok that everyone's first time is painful but after 5 minutes or so its fine after, and i layed down on the ground and let him stuffed me again and he did just that, i helf my friends hand and moaned and sure enough the pain wasn't too bad after a while, after i came 4 times he came ontop of my stomach and then he asked if i wanted to do anal and i said no but he insisted that it was better than vaginal, so i agreed and he stuffed me as if there is no tomorrow and as much pain that was i never regretted it because it was very pleasuresome, after a while both of them started sharing us and we had group sex for about 2 and a half hours and then went to sleep and woke up in the morning with the most horrible pain between my legs ever. i then went home and to the day me and ryan still have sex but he is not my bf, we just call each other when we're horny. the pain is always worth it
- age 18, zara, canada (female)

My first time was with the girl i love, i was at her house we were both 15, her parents were out, you know the typical sex setting, we were upstairs watching a film as we usually do, lying under the quilt cuddling up, then she slowly moved her hand towards my cock, making it hard, so i started stroking her thigh moving up towards her pussy undoing her trousers, i soon removed her trousers revealing her red french knickers, by this time i was a little turned on i continued to rub her pussy through her knickers, then i began to remove her knickers when she stopped me and said not until you take yours off, so i willingly stripped myself for her when i got under i rubbed her pussy for a few more seconds but also noticed her knickers were soaking wet, i slowly removed them showing her wet shaven pussy, then i began to finger her not normally, sort of "scraping" my fingers on the top inside of her pussy i did this for not even a whole minute and i could feel her cum dribbling down my fingers, i had never fingered anyone like this before and it seemed to make her REALLY horny, out of the blue she begged me, fuck me she said, i replied with pardon, she demanded me to fuck her that instant. i slipped a condom over my rock solid cock and slid it into her hot wet pussy, the feel of the softness just made me want to come, as i put it in she let out a little moan of delight as if to say thank god, i was then demanded to fuck her hard and fast, as we did for several hours the best sex ive ever had
- age 18, Jamie, Peterborough(UK)

my first time was september first when i was 13. i was about to go to los angelos for about a week. me and my gf were spending one last day together and me and her talked about having sex before but never got the chance. me and her were alone at my house lying on my bed just talking. she said i would go hook up with a prostitue when i was there (only joking around) and she wanted to make sure that my first time wasnt with a hooker so we started talking off clothes slowly kissing all this time. before my pants came off i went to get my condom and brought back and found her undressed and waiting. i pulled down my boxers and layed down on the bed with her. i was lying down next to her putting the condoms staring deeply into her eyes. she started to get on top of me and i was having trouble putting in it because i was a virgin and coudln't see it very well. with a little help from her it was in. I loved the feeling of the warm squishy feeling and i could feel her tighted around her pelvis. i started going slowly and we started making out passionatley. the more we made out the faster i went. then she said she had to go because her dad is very strict. i was disspointed because i didnt come yet and i hoped we could've had another chance but we broke up.
- age 14, Maryland

hey guys ma first time was actually great i went 2 ma cousins place fortunately i saw her masturbatin n i was like damn i asked her if i cud help n she said yea i sucked her lips n she was drippin wet she came the first time in ma mouth n i kissed her, so she feel her cum n she was like oh fuck me n i thrusted ma dick in 2 her tight pussy n she moarned with delight i came after five minutes n she said it wasn't enough dat she wanted me more,dat she ve just used pills n i her went into her again n she screamed loudly n she said she wanna give me a blow job she rolled over n sucked ma dick as @ dat time i was in heaven i held on 2 her breast n she loved it.she came trice n i came four times.we fuck everyday now.
- age 18, uk

it was june 25 2005 i was alone because my parents went to texas to visit my uncles. my mom left me a message and asking me to help my neighbor next door.. my neighbor is so hot and same age as mine.. she was alone to coz her mom went to a business trip and she will be back in 2 weeks.. the next day i went to her to check if she is doing fine so i knock on the door and she ask who is that so i said it me! then she said come in.. so i went inside her house and i was shock to see her in bikini and watching porn.. she asks me do i want to watch.. i quickly said yes! i sat beside her and watch.. my dick was hard as rock already and poking on my shorts!! she notice it and she ask me if im a vigin and i answered it in a shy why yes.. and she said she will give me experience.. she got naked in front of me and my dick get more harder.. and then she told me to get naked so i did what she said i got naked and my dick was standing up and she said you know what! i can't wait so she grabbed my dick and sucked it then she pushed me down on the floor and go on top of me and put my dick inside her pussy and she goes up and down she is really good and she is so fucking hot!! i was so lucky!!...after having sex w/ her that day.. i always went to her house to have sex again..
- age 15, Francis

my first time I was a little nervous but then I got over it and it ended up feeling pretty fucking good! But now I'm planning on fucking with a girl so she can make me cum all over her right now.Just the thought of me typing this is making me sooo horny right now
- age 21, Arlinton

When I arrived at Quezon City on May 1995 to pursue college, I met a babysitter named Mary Jane. MAry Jane is a year older than me and she has an angelic face,which the reason she was adored by my cousin, Rochas-who's at that time was seven years old.I knew since I met Mary Jane that she have a big crush on me. So one day, while everybody in the house we stayed in were in theri respective activities, Mary Jane was left in our house to watch Rochas who was sleeping in their room (both of them sleep in the same room) before she went to take a bath. Afterwards,Mary Jane went back to their room to see Rochas if she's still asleep. Meanwhile, I secretly followed her upstairs and I peeped on the door. THen, I saw her naked in front of their cabinet and was somewhat looking for clothes. RIght there and then, I immediately went in and locked the door and started to unbutton my clothes. Mary Jane was stunned when she heard the door closed and saw my dick in front of her. I said," would you shout if I will start to kiss you?". Mary Jane nodded,"I will if you don't". She looked at me and smiled, while guiding my right hand to her left breast she said "I never felt this way,so please be gentle."I smiled to her and said "well, you should know that this will be my first time, too." As she started to stroke my dick, I began to lick her left breast. That was a bliss! I also noticed her nipple started to hardened as I continued caressing both her pussy and right tit. Then she laid down and parted her legs, "Hurry, dimwit, before Auntie returns!" Mary Jane said. At first, I didn't get what she mean because I was busy licking her already wet pussy. After I tasted her first juice, I saw her shaking as if she was being electrified. Likewise, she almost kicked my left shoulder!"Please put it in me now!I want to know how it feels inside!" she said in a pleading voice. I won't let that opportunity pass me by so I put her left leg to my side and had my dick touched her clit. I looked to her beautiful eyes and I saw her smiled, then she nodded as if she was giving me the go-signal to go inside her. I could'nt describe how great the feeling of her hymen being ruptured by my dick. Since then, we fucked every afternoon whenever we had a chance, and wow! She was so demanding whenever I fuck her in that room. We also tried different positions and imitate those that we saw in every porn movies I rented. After she left two years later, I found out that Mary Jane proudly told our sexual activities to her friends-our neighbors' housemaids. Damn that woman!
- age 27, Scottie, Quezon CIty

well it all start when i was a bit drunk in a pub. i saw this gal and she looked at me. it was about 11pm and i was very drunk i went out side and sat on a step she came out side and started comin over to me. she kissed me and forced me back and then layed ontop of me and kissed me. her hands went down my trousers and started rubbing my cock which started to get hard. she then said to go around the corner so we did. she nelt down and undid my trousers and got out my cock and started strokin it and licking it. Then she slide it in her mouth and sucked it till i cam in her mouth. THen she told me it was my turn. i lay her down and lifted up her skirt then put her pants to the side and started lickin and slidein my finger deep into her wet clit as her juices started to flow. Ill continue the rest later. have FUN xx
- age 20, jim, uk

This is kind of embarassing but my first time was yesterday and as we speak my boyfriend is cleaning up the shit off the walls. I told him i had to poop again but instead I came in here and decided to share my experience with everyone. First off it started at dinner with his parents we were sittin at a small table and i had a skirt on. Then while in the middle of dinner he slid his fat finger in my tight pink wet cunt. It felt so good as i ate my steak and potatoes. Then he purposly dropped his fork and went under the table, then he deliberatly stuck the fork in my cunt prong side first. It felt good as it poked my clit. So then we continued with dinner i was so horny i finished my food first and went to the "bathroom" its really an outhouse because my boyfriends parents are poor. Anyways he followed me out there and brought a steak with him. We went into the outhouse together and he slid his penis in and gave me the steak. So for about an hour he fucked me while i ate the steak, then he came on the last bite of steak and i ate it.
- age 19, Jenny (female)

It was my eigthteenth birthday. I had been dating this guy for a while. He and his younger brother came to bick me up. He said he had a surprise for me. We went back to his house to watch a movie. Eventually his brother became bored and left. We sat there, him holding me, for a while, and then the kissing started. It seemed harmless enough, until it began to get serious. He picked me up and carried me upstairs to his bedroom where he locked the door behind him. He put me on the bed and put his hand up my shirt. He ran his hands over my breast. The next thing I knew, he was pulling my shirt over my head and unsnapping my bra. His mouth found its way to my breats were he sucked one and rubbed the other. He started to get impatient. While still sucking on my nipple, his unzipped my jeans and ran his hand down to my pussy. He was somewhat of an expert at this, where I was still a virgin. He pushed his fingers inside my cunt and stroked me. Soon he hand the rest of my clothes on the floor with my shirt and bra. He moved down my body, licking as he did, until he found his tongue in my pussy. He darted his tongue in and out very fast driving me wild. Soon his clothes were on the floor next to mine. He put his fingers in my cunt to excite me once more. His fingers slid in my wet cunt. He laid on top of me and pushed my legs apart. In a downward thrust, he pushed his way in. He was very large and I thought he would rip my pussy, but it didn't. He bucked up and down, all the while squeezing and sucking my tits. Finally, after a few hours, we went to take a shower together. We dried off and got dressed. Then he took me home. That is certainly one birthday present I will always remember.
- age 24, francine (female)

My twin sister Jill and I were born on the 4th of July 1970. To say we're close is an understatement. We always did everything together until I went to college on a football scholarship in Michigan and Jill took a music scholarship in Maryland. My sister is my best friend, always has been and I hope always will be. IT may sound abnormal to some people when I tell them that Jill was also my first lover. And the big event happened on my 16th birthday. Jill was already experienced in sex and no longer a virgin; I had made out with my girl friends a few times but never had gone all the way. Just about the greatest thing I had experienced ( and its not too bad for the kid I was) was my girl friend Becky sucking me hard and finishing me with her hand while I rubbed her until she came. She would never have let me go all the way though. Anyway, my parents threw Jill a sweet sixteen party. She and her firends had a great time. I was out most of the day playing hoops with my friends. I gotr home about the same time the party broke up and Jill told me that she had my present, but it would have to wait until later that evening. I showered, got dressed and got dressed for our family birthday celebration at a nice restaurant. After we got home and everybody went off to bed, Jill knocked on my bedroom door and asked if she could come in to give me my present. When she came in, she was wearing a very flimsy nightie that left nothing to my imagination. She tod me to close my eyes if I wanted a surprise. I complied and when she told me to open my eyes, she was stark naked and on her knees loking at my crotch. "My present to you, is me," she told me, reaching in the fly of my jockies and stroking my dick. She took me in her mouth and blew me until I shot my wad. I don't know why it didn't baother me that my sister was going down on me. She gave me a few minutes to recover, and without my ever going soft, lay on my bed and guided my cock to her wet pussy. I was in heaven. We wnet at it for what seemd like hours and when I was ready to cum again, she asked me to pull out and shoot my load on to her stomach. Then she cleaned herself off, gave me a kiss and again wished me happy birthday. That was the first and only time we palyed around like that. I've had a couple of serious relationships and great sex over the passt s, but my first time, with my best friend could not have been better. And now, I'm an uncle. Six weeks ago, Jill had her first kid, a little boy named Dick.
- age ,

Last summer my sister Martha asked me to fix her girl friend's byke so they could ride around together. Her name is Janet. Ever since then Janet has been folowing me around like a cocker spainel. One night when our parents were out of town and I was supposed to stay home and watch things about a month before college started. Janet who must have been visiting Martha came down to the family room while I was watching baseball and brings me a coke and asks to watch the game too. I didn't care just as long as she shut up and watched. The next thing I know she is under the coffee table fooling around and knocks over the drinks and spilling them all over her. She said that's OK and she takes off her shirt and wipes up the mess. She had a red bandanna bra on and she said she wears it to the beach all the time. I didn't think so because it showed too much and I could see her nipples where the bra had gotten wet. She is well developed for age 14. 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I knew then this whole deal was no accident and the next thing she does is to take off her bra and Janet does have nice tits, much better than Marthas which I seen once when her towel got caught coming out of the bathroom. Janet gets on the sofa and puts her tits right in my face. You must realize she is wearing only black lace under pants and nothing else by this time and I haven't had a chance to move my pecker around so I say oh well and unzipp myself. Janet then grabs hold of my pecker again but this time it is on the bare skin and says it is beautiful and licks the goo off the knob and would I like to see hers. By this time I am a slobbering fool and say OK and the next thing I know I have a complete naked Janet all over me and I empty my testicals the moment I slip my finger in her pussy. At this point I should have called it quits but Janet says I can't leave her in this condition and I should get her get her off too so I continue to explore her pussy and push my fingers in and out and she wiggles around and makes moaning noises. Of course I get hard again and sure enough Janet sees it so she pulls off my shoes and jeans and says there is way I can quench her fire and she gets on her back and spreads them wide. I knew I shouldn't do it and I wondered where Martha is and wish I had a condom. I couldn't resist any longer so I get on top of Janet and she guides me into her pussy. Janet was real tight but I never realized how wet and gooey pussys were so I moved in on her in stages. I was taking short strokes because she wasn't very big inside and the next thing I know she has her legs around me and she pulls her self up and I am all the way in. It was the best moment in my life as it felt so good and I didn't ever want to leave. She was so hot and tight and was so much much better than Rosey Palm and her five sisters. It was even better than a hot wash cloth which I sometimes try. I took a stroke and Janet said yes so I started going in and out. Soon we were going at it like a machine as I banged her into the sofa and she bounced up just as I was in the down stroke again to bang her hard into the sofa. I wish it could have gone on forever but all good things come to an end and I felt my insides wind up to fire another shot. I had intended to pull out but it was just so good I went as deep as I could and I went off like a roman candle again and again as I died in her arms. Martha was watching the whole thing all this while and she started laughing because we were all sweaty and out of breath. I knew I shouldn't have done it and I found out why. Janet started following me around like a leech until I left for college though I did her three more times. Also Janet bled all over the couch and the only thing we could do was to turn the cushion upside down. Some day it will be found out and Martha will be in the hot seat and I know she will spill the beans. My real problem is that I want to bring a girl named Lori home from college for Xmas and we really love each other. I never had a girl friend like Lori. I tried to tell Janet it was all over at Thanksgiving but before I could get it out we had all our clothes off and spending ourselves in the throws of passion again. You might say I should have told her in different circumstances but this is the sort of thing you don't say to a girl with people around because I know she will make a big deal over it and certain things should not me made public for all the world to know. I am back at college and Lori is a girl I really care about is coming home with me. We haven't gone all the way yet but Lori told me she is on the pill and I think that means I am in the home stretch with Lori because we are doing the hot and heavys. I think she will dump me if I call off the invitation because her parents are going to Jewrusalum by themselves for a 25th aniversary and she won't be going home therefore in any circumstances. I also think all hell will break loose if I take Lori home without getting square with Janet. I am also worried that I did Janet once again without a condom but I was planning to just talk with her and not do the baby making thing. A young man's luck holds out only so long. All I say is that you should wait to do it until you are with somebody you really care about and not rip off the first peace that comes your way because Lori is really something special.
- age 21, MATT

The first was with an aussie guy, we met in a bar here in makati and theres's an attraction the first we see each other. We dance all night and we're both hot at that moment. I'm with friends that night so we decided to meet again the next day. Im thinking about what will gonna happen because its will be my first time and with a stranger, but when we're doing it, i dont feel any nerve tickling but pain. I bleeded ,i cant remember i had an orgasm though. My whole body ache the next morning.
- age 25, pattie / manila (female)

I started university a couple of months ago. I came with the intention of getting a degree, but also to get away from my parents because they are really strict about girls. On my freshers week i met this girl in my dorms called helen. I really liked her as she had a really nice figure, i like well built girls. I found out she was playing hockey one day, so i decided to go and watch. She came off injured after 20 minutes and i offered to walk her back. When we got back i went to walk my own way and she asked me if i wanted to go into her room and hang out for abit as we both didnt know many people. I stayed in her room and we got on really well, and she was flirting quite alot. She asked me to go out to the union later that night after some pre drinks in her room. On the way back to my room i purchased my very first condom, i felt silly as i wasnt sure if it would fit or how to put one on. I got to her room and she was wearing a really short skirt and boob tube. We started talking and drinking. After a while we started getting drunk and she told me i was hot. I told her i liked her. Eventually i got the nerve to make a move. I slide my hand up her thigh, and kissed her. I felt stupid, until she lay me down and sucked me off. I felt even stupider when i came because it didnt take too long...she giggled and i returned the favour...i got my condom out and she smiled and put it on me. Then lay me down and sat on me. Her juices poured over my cock and it went rock hard. After a while i lay her down and pounded her hard, she came before me which made me feel good. She took me out because she said it was too sensitive and wanked me off...i came all over her face..My first time was amazing..Since then ive had sex with 4 other girls. Cheers.
- age 19, Loughborough - Tim

My best friend and I were on the basketball team. We'd been on teams together for years, starting with grade school. He was over 6 feet in jr. high, I was only average height, but quick. While practicing in high school, we began teasing each other, and making bets for favors. (Whoever made the most free throws, scored the most points, etc.) the other would do something for him. It inevitably ended in sexual acts. We would bet , the loser would have to let the winner pump him in the butt. On breaks while drinking at the water fountain, he began rubbing my butt while I was bent over. Then he began rubbing his penis against my butt. I would pretend not to notice so it didn't create a scene or draw attention to us, but I was very much aware of his actions. As we would take our showers with the rest of the basketball team, he would rub his penis and look at me until I looked away. I would try to get out of the locker room quickly, but one day I had to stay late. Most of the team were done when I went into the shower. When I came out he was dressing. When I finished and went outside, he was waiting. We had been best friends for years and only lived 2 blocks from each other, so we usually walked home together or hitch=hiked together. This night we decided to walk. Our conversation that night was quiet and rather serious, not our usual joking banter. When we got to his house, he suggested I come in for a while. I'd been to his house dozens of times, so I didn't think anything about it. After I was in the house, I realized none of his family were there. He said they were out of town visiting relatives, and this would be a good time to clear up old debts. I was kinda stunned, because we'd been betting and messing around, I never really thought anything would come of it. I laughed and said oh yeah, you owe me 32 sucks on my dick. He laughed, then came over to me and said "that's right, and you owe me 18 toots in your booty". Then he slid his hand inside the rear of my pants and placed his finger against my asshole before I could think or say anything. With his other hand he unfastened my belt and zipper and slid my pants and then my underpants down. Then he stopped. As he began walking away, he told me to follow him. I did. We went to his bedroom, and he removed my pants, underpants, and shirt. When I was completely naked, he dropped to his knees and began licking and sucking my genital area. It felt so strange, and I was still wondering why I let him undress me, but it was so sensual. We had talked about sex before, but we had never done anything. I also realized all our talks and his rubbing on me had been setting me up. Although I had seen his penis many times and knew it was huge, I was also curious, and wanted to see if I could take it in my ass. I wanted to know what it would feel like to be fucked, and for someone to come inside me. I was 16, suffered from swollen breast knots, and had no sexual experience. All this was going through my mind when he finally slipped the head of my penis into his mouth. At first he just held it there, then he reached behind me and began rubbing his finger against my anus. I realized he had put lubricant on his finger, and he slipped the tip of his finger into my asshole as he took all of my penis into his mouth. He sucked it deeply 2 or 3 times, at the same time finger fucking me up the ass. It hurt, but felt so damn sensual! The he leaned back and said "I owe you 30 more sucks, so you better start counting, 'cause when I'm through, I want my toots in your booty". Before I could answer, he took my penis into his mouth again and began sliding it in and out. I began counting to myself, but by the time I reached 15, I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I felt this incredible sensation beginning and I couldn't help from growling as I grabbed him by the back of his head and began pumping hard into his mouth. When he felt me coming, he took just the tip between his lips and began moving back and forth with only the head of my penis in his mouth. The feeling was wonderful. As he came up from between my legs, he pushed me back onto his bed, and stroked my penis with his hand.until I was through. I realized he had all his clothes on still. He began stroking me all over, then he lowered his lips onto one of my nipples and began licking and sucking. It was so painful, but felt good. He sucked the other one, then made me turn over. He began licking my butt cheeks, then he began licking inside them. I was getting scared, but I knew I had to fulfill my debt. When he stopped, I just lay there. I could hear him taking his clothes off, but I just lay face down and waited. I knew I couldn't face him. I felt him rubbing a lot of vaseline or somthing in my ass, then I heard him rubbing it on his penis. The next thing I felt was him laying on top of me, and sliding his penis between my cheeks. He didn't try to penetrate my ass, he just kept sliding it between the cheeks. It began to feel good. Then he began kissing my neck and shoulders and down my back. When he asked me how it felt, I had to tell him it felt good. Then he told me how long he'd wanted to make me his bitch and fuck the hell out of me. He started licking my back and I couldn't help moaning. He laughed and put the head of that huge penis against my anus. As he pushed gently, he began sucking my earlobe and biting my neck, and telling me how hard he was going to fuck me and how many times he could come in 18 pumps. I told him to go ahead, and just then he pushed really hard and his penis went inside of me. I screamed and begged him to take it out. He said he only had the head in, just wait until the rest was in and see how it felt. So, although it really hurt, I lay there while he began rocking in and out, pushing it in deeper and deeper. I felt like I was being impaled on a pole!. He then just pushed and rolled his hips. I could feel his pubic hair rubbing against my cheeks and realized his entire penis was in my ass. Then he began sliding it out slightly and pushing it back in. I tlod his that was three, and I was counting. He chuckled, then palmed my ass cheeks in his hands and began fucking me in and out, hard and deep. He would slide it almost alltthe way out, then slide it in really fast and hard. When he got to eight, his breathing changed and he began grunting hard. Then he stopped and rested his head against my neck for a minute. I told him I owwed him 10 more strokes, and he'd better get them now. He said he intended to, and began pumping against my ass again. It still hurt, and some of his thrusts were so hard, I tried to move to get away from the force of them. He said" thats it, you bitch! Move that ass like I like it! I was counting out loud, and when I got to ten, I relaxed, but he didn't stop. He was as hard as ever and began raising my hips off the bed so he could penetrate me deeper. After 7 or 8 more strokes, I felt him tense up and begin grunting again, and I realized he was coming, and there was nothing I could do but take it. I tried to squeeze his penis with my asshole and feel him ejaculate. When he was done, we were both embarrassed and ashamed, and our friendship was never the same. Occasionally I would feel him rubbing his penis against my butt at the water fountain, or see him looking at me in the locker room or in the shower, but we both tried to pretend it never happened. (Which was hard for me, because he really rode my asshole hard. I thought of him for months, whenever I used the bathroom or sat down.)
- age, OHIO

this was when i was 16. well i was in college one day and i was rehearsing a play with this really fit girl. it was just us two in the room because everyone else had gone home an we decided to stay to practise our lines. there was this kissing scene we had to do and eventually things got out of hand and before i know it her hand was in my pants rubbing my cock. i was so hard. i picked her up and we got onto the stage and i started strippin her then myself. i told her to go down on her knees and i fucked her doggy style. i then layed her on her back and put her legs up in the air and thrusted her. she was so wet i could feel her on my cock cos i wasnt wearin a condom. eventually i came but just in time i pulled out of her and she opened her mouth for me to stick it in and she swallowed the whole lot. she then sucked the rest off me while i fingered her. we got dressed and we left the room with smiles on our faces(and some cum on hers) and we are still fucking now
- age 18, mike, england

ok well i had only just got with this really fit girl on valentines..big tits..nice ass..and she was only 14!..i always fantisised bout her thats the only reason i wanted her..it had been a week and i ws gettin bored..she invited me round her house on a saturday cuz her parents were out till 11 o clok pm..so i went round n brought a comdom cuz i was feelin luky..we were watchin tv n she suddenly changed it to a porn channel...n she just gazed into my eyes and at that point i knew she felt the same..i started to kiss her n she started undoing my zip..i was so nervous..i un did her shirt as she hadnt gt changed outta skool uniform..n undid her bra..i sucked on her tits for 5 mins..then she started to suck on my hard cock..she then said she wanted me 2 fuck her..but she wasa virgin so i shuld go easy..but didnt listen so i fcuked her hard n she was moanin so much..we did that for 30mins..she said she wanted to ride me..so we did..but i only gt 15 mins as my mom rang up and asked me 2 come home..i begged for jus another hour but i had 2 go..but now..we fcuk 4 times a week afta skool..and sumtimes in skool at lunch inside music rooms haha..we almost gt caught once..but that was my first time and i'll neva forget it
- age 14, england/craig

incredibly, the second girl that i'd ever even kissed was the first that i had sex with. i had just turned 15, summertime, and of course, my hormones were skyrocketing. not like i needed any encouragement, but i specifically remember watching some afterschool tv talk show which said that the "national average" for people to have their first sexual experience was 15. that was more than enough to picque my curiosity. amanda was a very tan, dark brown haired girl that lived just down the road from me...yep, my first time was with the "girl next door". we were both "outsiders", social misfits, her moreso than i. we both agreed to sneak out of our houses and "go for a walk". i had already decided that tonight i was gonna go all the way. we basically just led each other on, along with heavy, heavy petting, until neither one of us could take it. by the time i got her button fly jeans off, i could already see her black panties were saturated through with pre-cum. in all of my sexual experiences since then, i have never, NEVER seen a girl that wet. i'm sure i was just as bad, but then again, my concentration was elsewhere. namely getting my dick inside her. i had "planned ahead" and brought a condom in my pocket. but got swept away in the heat of the moment and went for it bareback. oh my god, i must have came within 10 seconds! i kept pumping away, though, partly to prove to myself that i wasn't just a wham bam thank you maam kind of guy. i don't remember how long i kept going, but at some point, we got up, got dressed, i walked her back down the quiet street to her house to sneak back in. it a very, very memorable experience for me. i mean, who will ever forget their first time? no matter how awkward it was, it was honest. there was no bullshit involved. i wanted to fuck. she wanted to fuck. we fucked.
- age 26, mississippi

ok, my first time was when i was about 15. i was with my girlfriend at the time. she was a hott itallian girl with a tight little ass, a hott wet pussy, n 36DDs. she was so hott and we were makin out on her bed n shes stroking my cock n i pull down her pants n start to eat her out. she tells me to pull out my dick, so i do, n she tells kme that she wants me to fuck her hard. so were fucking for 3 hours without a break, unless we're changing positions, haha. when i was about to come i got over top of her and started to titty-fuck her and i came all over her tits n her face n in her mouth.
- age 17, bill, nj

I have 2 first experiences. I was 14 when I was fighting with a buddy against my sister. I grabbed this huge rubberband and told him we'd aim it at my bedroom door and when my sister came in we'd shoot her with it. We layed down on the bed facing the door. He held the back of the rubberband and I streached out the front. I lay my head between his legs facing away from his crotch looking toward the door. A couple minutes later, I felt him get rock hard! I got up and locked the door and went back and started to rub his crotch. We both, nervously, got naked and 69'ed each other 'til we shot our loads in eachother's mouths. We did that a few times a week over the next year or so, but I got tired of it was so difficult to make him cum. Besides, I wanted to start dating this girl I liked. She was my 2nd first experience. I was 16. After dating her for a few months, she decided it was time to let me go all the way. I had this huge car that she could comfortably lay back and let me fuck her. Unfortunately, I didn't know to check to see how wet she was and I thrust my raging hard-on into her in one fast motion (oops!). I came really quickly and went soft (oops!). I've had sex with several other girls and *lots* of guys since then and I have learned A LOT! Mutual satisifaction is "job one" these days! By the way, I still talk with both of them. They both live an exclusively gay lifestyle. At 33, 6'2", and 180lbs, I still get plenty of *hot* sex!
- age 33, mark

Ok it goes like this: It was my 17th birthday party and I had a bunch of friends over and we all got drunk. Most of my friends just walked home (we all lived close by) except for my buddy John who lived too far away. So I told him to spend the night. There were no extra rooms so he just slept in my room on the floor. He didn't have a change of clothes, so I gave him an extra pair of my pajamas to sleep in. He even asked for a pair of underwear but I thought we're buddies so who cares. All I wear are trunks (a tighter and shorter boxer-brief). He really enjoyed them. We started talking about underwear and that let to talking about masturbation which lead to us talking about sex. I said I was a virgin and he couldnn't believe it. We then dropped the subject and he flicked on my TV and a gay porno I left in the DVD started to play. He was like "ARE YOU GAY???" I said I was curious and he said so was he. He stood up and I saw his erection through the underwear I lent him. He said move over and we started masturbating together on my bed as we watched the porno. Then he yelled "Suck it!" and forced my mouth on his cock. I liked it and started to such harder. Then he sucked me. He picked me up and through me on another part of the bed and spread my legs. I put my legs on his shoulders and he fucked my ass. It hurt real bad at first then I loved it. He came in my ass then told me to fuck him doggy style. I did and came real fast. We still fuck at least once a week.
- age 22, Austin, NY

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had realized that my friend who had spent the weekend at my house left his wallet in my room. Since he lived less than a mile from my house I figured I would ride my bike there to give him his wallet back. When I got there I knocked on the door for a few minutes and no one was answering, so i figured that I would go around back to see if he was in his pool or doing something in the yard. When I got around back I saw his mother who I had always fantasized about was laying on the deck by their pool in a very skimpy and enticing bakini. When she saw me coming she sat up from her lawn chair and asked me what was up. I asked her where Pat was and she said that he was spending the rest of the weekend with his father(they are divorced). I then told her that I was sorry to bother her but as I was doing that she started to rub her shoulder with a painful look on her face. I then asked her what was wrong and she said that her shoulder had been bothering her for about a week now, so I asked her if she would like for me to rub it. At that point it was getting really hard for me to keep myself from getting hard with her infront of me with her lucious ample breasts just dying to pop out of that skimpy little top that was barely covering her rock hard nipples. I then noticed that she looked down and saw my flag pole standing at mass and she got huge naughy grin on her face saying that she would really like that. So I then sat down right behind her with the head of my rod poking her in the back and I started to rub her back and shoulder. She started to moan in pleasure and told me that it felt amazing. I started to work my way halfway down her back when I slowly reached around front and started to kneed her gorgeous breasts. Her moaning got a little louder So I stopped and untied her top from behind and then dropped it on the ground. I then proceded to kiss her neck and my eager eager hands went back to work on her. I used my left hand to massage her erect left nipple and my right hand found its way down to her crotch. She slid back a little so I could have easier access to her love box and I then started to rub her already moist clit . As I did that she started to shake feaverishly and told me that she wanted my big hard cock in her mouth. So we both sat up and I moved toward the front of the chair and told her that first I wanted to suck on her tits. So she sat on my lap and I eagerly started to suck on her right nipple that was about as hard as a pencil eraser. After a couple minutes she said that she couldnt wait any longer and tore my pants off and started to devour my cock. She worked magic on my schlong with her tongue as it went up, down, and around on the full length of it. She continued to suck on my rod for about 5 minutes until I blew my load deep into her throat. I then told her that I wanted to eat her pussy while she sucked my cock, so I layed back on the chair and we got into the 69 position. As I burried my face into her vag, she moaned immensely while her lovely juices poored all over my face. As my tongue probed her inner depths, she started to shake in pleasure as her pussy muscles gripped to my tongue in orgasm. Amazingly, she was ready for more and said that she wanted me to plunge my throbing penis deep and as far as possible into her juicy hole. I told her that I wanted to reem her from behind, so she bent over the chair as I got a firm grip on her ass and rammed my man rod into her as hard as possible. I continued to pound away at her and she kept screeming for me to go harder and harder. As the hot sun beated down on us the sweat was pooring off of our skin and my adrenaline was flowing. After fucking her doggy style for about 10 minutes she told me that she wanted to ride me, so I pulled out and layed down on the chair. She then mounted me and my hard schlong easly slid into her soaking wet pussy. As she pounced up and down feaverishly on my cock her tits were slamming up and down and that is what drove me over the edge. I told her that I was going to cum and she said she wanted to feel my white soldiers deep within her. After I blew my load inside of her, I told her that I wanted to tit fuck her. The sweat that was already on her chest acted as a well suited lubricant and I slid my shaft inbetween her breats as she squeezed them around my cock and I started to pump with a good consistent motion. After about 5 more minutes of good quality tit fucking, I told her that I wanted to bang the living shit out of her in the pool. So we got into the pool, and facing me, she wrapped her legs around my waist as I thrusted my man beast into her please box. I thrusted my 7 and a half inch wang fully inside of her for a good half an hour until I once again jizzed inside of her. After that, we were both pretty exhausted, and we just layed back on the chair and I lovingly sucked on her nipples for a while. I got up to leave about an hour later, but she than said "where do you think you are going? I want you to fuck me one more time before you go." So she got back ontop of my lap and rode my cock like a professional bull rider until I came. Now completely exhausted, we both put our clothes back on and I went to give her a kiss goodbye. As I did so, she squeezed my dick and said,I'll be seeing you soon. Ever since that day, we have sex about an average of at least 3 times a week and it has been around a year since that day.
- age 16, Mike, Connecticut

Well, me and my mate where seperate for 2 months and finally he got to come home, my parents where gone at the time. jim walked in and started to kiss me, first it was soft kisses but turned into french as he slipted his tounge inbetween my lips and pushed me backwards as he walked into me against the table of my kitchen, he pushed the table mat's off and layed on me forcing me down on the top. squezzing my breastwe kissed harshly , teasing with eachother he slipt his hands into my pants, pushing on my pussy as i pinched and pushed on his chest i felt his dick harden against my thighs. my shirt half off we started to the bed room pealing off our clothes untill we were half naked, he jus stood there watching me slid my my bra off of me he lickedhis lips seeing my boobs fall to his eyes.^M totaly naked he pulled me against him, his rock dick pushing on me. i moaned in his chest as he held me to him. he pulled me with him on the bed me ontop. jus laying their, i was getting excited and moist on his skin below me. i leaned up on top of him my head back as he curressed my nipples and breast. i slide on his dick slowly , it hurt but i tryed to ignore it. he said stop if its hurting i shook my head and started to shove myself on his dick, he started to moan loud so i started at it faster untill he was groaing, i started to dance twisting my waist on his cock resting. i slid off his dick up to his chin ,pushing up i rubed my wet pussy on his chin teasing him again he moaned licking me . he pushed up throwing me down below him kissing me with my wetness on his mouth,starting to finger me with 2 fingers making me excited even more.spreaded my lips apart he licked around my clit fliping it around sucking on me. that went fastcuz then i was on my side and he was facing me. he moaned at me lifting my leg over his shoulder he ramed his dick into me quickly, i groaned so loud next door couldve heard. but slowly he pumped in and out making it easy for me. rubing his dick as it came out he started faster in me. i felt his dick grow bigger inside me. i was about to bust i couldnt hold it . still raming me he tossed me over onmy back into missionary and started to fuck that way. he then got to excited and started to moan each pump as i did along with him. pinningmy hands back , humping me angerly. smaking my sides rubing them as he begun to cum inside, as i orgasamed around his dick.. the rest he sprayed on my belly whipeingit on my tits.. ^Mwe stared like we didnt know what we just did. he got on his knees kneeling over me, he layed his head beside me pulling me on him. we started to french kiss passionately for the first time.. still naked we layed there covered untill night time came around.but were closer than ever now. that the 1st..
- age 17, Usa (female)

Hi well my first time was with this girl we were at her house we we went to her room and she lied down on her bed and wejust came from school and we had her uniform on and then she started to take it offi was like w/e thinkin that we wouldn't go to far then see came over to me and started to give me head which she nvr did before so i was surprised then she said "i want u to fuck me" so i had a condom just incase we did anything so i put it on and she lieing on the floor wit her legs spread and what a beautiful site it was i bent down and licked her for liek ten seconds and then i went to enter her. she was tight but when i thouht i was gona break her hyme i notice that there was no resistence she already broke it but i didn't care. so for about 10 mins i was fuckin her on top then we rolled over and she rode me for another 5 mins and then she cummed and i did right after. then she got off and i took the condom off and she gave me head for about a min then we stopped and got dressed and we watchin tv and 1/2 later i left. we are still friends nothing me nothing less and will continue to have sex will post more.
- age 18, NJ

I finally decided it was time for me to lose my virginity, and my birth control pills had started to work, so I went over to my boyfriend's house. We were both 16 at the time and going into our junior year at high school. It was summer and I knew he would be home by himself. I rang the doorbell but no one answered but then I knew where he was. I went through the gate into his back yard and he was sitting in the sun by his pool. He was listening to his discman and had a towel over his eyes so he didn't know I was there. My boyfriend has a great body and knew right then that I was going to lose my virginity right there by the pool. Nobody would be home all day and nobody can see into the yard so I quietly stripped off all my clothes. It felt so great to be nude with the sun on my bare breasts knowing that my boyfriend would see them when he opened his eyes. He would also see my pussy, which I had shaved and put lotion on before I came over. Soon, my boy's penis would be in there. I knew how nice it was from the times I had sucked it, but we had never gone all the way before. His finger had been in my pussy but I had always had a bush, so he would be so surprised. He had a bottle of suntan lotion next to his chair, so without disturbing him I poured some on my hand then knelt down next to him. The first thing that he noticed was feeling my hands rubbing the lotion on his chest. He removed the towel from his eyes and was looking right at my breasts. He gave me a big smile and then he noticed that I wasn't wearing anything at all. With my hand still on his chest I leaned forward and kissed him and removed his earphones. Then he reached down and pulled his swim shorts off. He was completely erect so I straddled his chair and took his penis in my hand and lowered myself on to him. I'm glad the pool chair was sturdy, because I began riding him up and down very quickly. It felt so nice having him inside of me. He leaned his head forward and took my breast into his mouth as I rode him. The combination of his tongue on my nipple and his penis inside me drove me to my first orgasm brought about by actual sex. My boy was loving my breasts (he's always been a tits man!) but then he started breathing hard and I felt his cum shooting inside of me. It felt so warm and nice. Then I just fell forward on top of him with his penis still in me and pressed my breasts against his lotion covered chest and we were kissing passionately. We both loved what had just happened. We both jumped naked in the pool to rinse off then dried ourselves off and we went to his bedroom for more fun. We're still having fun s later, living together and going to college.
- age 16, newton (female)

I've always liked this girl named Amanda, but I never had established a relationship with her -- we've always just been good friends. This summer she just happened to be on the same German exchange group as I was. Needless to say, I was delighted by the opportunity to get to know her better. As it turned out, I far exceeded my expectations. There's this large indoor pool complex in Bremen that our group went to one day. It was kind of interesting, because there's locker room (ie co-ed) but there's these small rooms where people change leading off from the lockers in every direction. We were instructed to wear our swimming suits under our clothes. Amanda and I picked lockers that were appreciably away from other people in our group. I'll never forget the moment that she took off her shirt, exposing the fullness of her beauty. She was wearing a small black bikini that fit perfectly around her perfect curves. I took off my shirt looking her in the eyes. At that moment I knew that something was going to develop between us -- it was just the way that she looked at me. The rest of the class, eager to get in the pool had already left, leaving Amanda and I almost alone. We continued undressing and I got so hard looking at her! When I took off my pants, Amanda could see the outline of my penis through my Speedo. She smiled at me and I smiled at her. I remember her saying "I think this is the way to the pool." She had a funny tone of voice and after thinking for a moment I understood what she meant (the direction she pointed was obviously the wrong way -- in fact, it went into a dark corner of the locker room since a light had apparently burnt out). I walked with her through the winding halls of small changing rooms. She selected a door at the end of the hall and said "Ah, here it is." and opened the door in. My mind was racing -- I've had barely been kissed before much less been alone with a woman I dreamed of! In spite of this, my legs walked into the room where Amanda closed and locked the door behind me. Looking at her closely for the first time, I really got to appreciate how terrific she was. Her hair was in a pony tail and hanging comfortably behind her face. Looking downward, I noticed how large her breasts were and looking even further I noticed how nicely her belly was shaped. Her legs were smooth and perfect. I looked her in the eye after several moments observation and said, "Amanda, I love you." She said she loved me too. She put her arms around me -- it was so perfect! I placed my hands right on her waist and started kissing her on the lips. Her tongue slammed into my mouth and I smiled with pleasure. She giggled and after I asked what was so funny she told me that my penis was sticking out of my Speedo. I looked down and she was right! For a moment I felt embarassed but her hands quickly found there way down where they pulled off my swim suit. I couldn't believe that I was standing infront of her completely naked. I pulled her bikini over her head and put my hands firmly on the side of her warm breasts. I rubbed my fingers around and played with her nipples. We kissed again, and again and again. We kept kissing and I breathed deeply between them gasping for air. My hands moved around her body and down where I put my hands around her butt. She nodded, and I pulled her panty to the floor. Her hands played around my chest for a while and went lower to my penis. It felt so great I can't even describe it. I felt her falling to her knees infront of me, and I thought she wanted me to lay down but she told me to stay where I was. Suddenly, she wrapped her wett mouth around my penis and vibrated her toungue right on the tip of it. My hands grabbed at her shoulders in pleasure. She pulled me down onto a bench when she started to move her mouth back and forth and I could feel myself coming. It exploded in her mouth and miracously she swallowed it all. Letting my penis out of mouth, it felt cold for a but she came back and licked all the semen off it really slowly. I was fondling her breasts. Next she laid down and I went down with her. We kissed some more and rolled around on the floor. By this time my hands had penetrated her vagina where I was pushing my finger tips in. She told me she was a virgin and wanted me to go easy on her. I told her that I was too and would go at her pace. I held her with one hand and put my mouth right along her slit. I could already see juices coming out, and I licked up all of her cum. I put my tongue into her like an icecream cone and licked again and again. I made my tongue really hard and jabbed it in as far as I could, and did that several more times. She started groaning and suddenly a rush of cum spurted out of her pussy. I looked her in the eye and instantly knew what to do. I gripped her breasts in my hands and leaned over her. She split her legs in a wide V-shape (she is into gymnastics!) while I rubbed her crotch. Her hands were rubbing all over me and she played with my balls for a . I slid my penis in just a little way and she told me it hurt, but then told me it felt really good. I put it in a little further and started rocking back and forth. I wasn't even close to coming again when she came, and she came two more times before I finally was ready. At the last moment, I pulled it out and spurted it all over belly. She sat there groaning in pleasure for at least a minute while I slid my fingers into her. She smiled and looked me in the eye and we both cuddled up together, tired out completely from our exertions. She said she loved me, and loved how we did it. We kissed for several minutes and finally decided to take a nap together. When we woke up the lights were off (I checked my watch by my swimsuit and noticed it was almost ten o'clock) and we decided to do it again. It felt even better the time. Since then, we've had a great relationship.
- age 17, MATT

when i first had sex i was at a party with my friend mike, we had been invited. there was reely hott girls thier hu wehre lap dancing nd ppl grinding. i saw this one reely hott girl who jus got dumped bye her drunk azz boifriend so i followed er becuase i saw an opening. i ran after her and we went into a room and i started comforting her. she said we were good friends bhut she had kept a secret from me my hole life. she had a huge fucking crush on me. adimited that like her also... first we talked and had a couple laughs. then she asked me if i wanted to ake out, so we started that. after about a haf hour things started gettin hott she ripped off my shit nd started feeling ma hard body. she told me to take off all her cloths. so i did. she bent down nd took ma pants off and ripped off ma boxers. she started giving me head. she was sucking for a good 15 minutes nd she ddnt even care that i jizzed alll ovr er mouth nd the cum dripped down to her boobs. i fliped her on the bed nd i started eating her out while i was squeezing her bbobs. she asked me if i was a virgin i said yes she said she was too. than she asked me if i wanted to loose ma virginity wit her so i replied HELL YEAH!! so i had a boner the size of texas. I laid down on the bed and she got on top o me nd stuck ma dick in her. she was screemin in pain since it was her first tim she was reely tight. we did it for a good 20 mins. she got tired and i myslef was a lil exausted. we out back on all r cloths and we made out. we went down satirs to the party, danced a lil nd had a couple of drinks. after a while danicng with her i all of a sudden had the urge to fuck again. we ran back upsatairs nd did it. we did it about 6 or 7 times that night. after about 2 times ahe was loose. i will nevr forget that night. after that party we were dating so she would come ovr evey now and than when ma parents arent home nd we wood do it. one time she even let me put wipped creem oovr both of us nd she lett me lick it off nd while she was bj in me she licked it off me. we still do it sometimes when ma parenmts around at my house or at her house. some times we go to parties and do it there. one time we did it in her pool,on the diving board,and on her kiten table... i Luv her and i hope we will fuck more in the future .
- age 14, nj

Though she is now engaged with another guy but I still love her. Well, let me introduce myself. My name is sidhart 61 tall and I am from kolkata(India)she is also from kolkata and her name is Priyanka her original name, She is very beautiful girl with fair complexion, black hair, and very nice eyes. I am in love with her when I am 18 years old she was also 18 at that time. Priyanka was a very nice girl. The most important things that attract me towards her are style of talking. I love her very much and she also loves me .No physical relations were build at that time except kissing and all other small things because she doesnt like it before marriage. I am also not pressured her very much as I did not want to hurt her. I often went to her house as her parents love me very much but my parents were not allowed any girls to our house. One day my parents were went to my uncles house to attend a marriage ceremony and for my exam I had to retain at my house. I did not inform priyanka that my parents were not at home because she also engaged in her studies. At 5 pm she rang me and said please come to my house I have a problem in maths I said I am not went to her house because I am alone at home. She said ok and cut the phone. I thought that she was getting angry. At 5-30 pm someone has knocked the door. When I opened the door surprise was waiting for me yes its priyanka. She said thatPlease dont mind I just want to see your house so I came here. I said its ok please come. I have a personal room in 2nd floor I took her there. She sat on my bed and asked me to give some water. After few minutes chatting she told me to show my collection of perfume. After sometime I asked her can I kiss you please? She said no. I again request her this time she agreed and said ok but only kiss nothing else. I then kiss her on lips softly we shall kiss each other near 5 minutes but suddenly she hold me tightly and kiss passionately on my lips. I will very much surprised Now she byte my lips hardly and its quite painful to me but I dont say anything because she enjoy it very much. Then slowly I removed her hair band from her hair, long black hair spread through her whole body now she looks really beautiful. I moved my hand throughout her breast and press it gently suddenly she told me no please move your hand from my breast. I acted as I dont listen anything and slowly unbutton her top now she was in her black bra in front of me she closed her eyes with her hands and say no please suddenly I caught her very tightly and laid her in bed and kissed her crazily in her leaps, in her breast she was also enjoy it very much then I turned her back and unhook her bra she was not in a position to stop me. Now two beautiful boobs in front of my eyes she get very much shi and guard her boob with her hand I slowly move her hand and kissed in her boobs and slowly sucked her nipple. She moaned little. I requested her take off my shirt. She did it carefully. Now we hug together very hard. This is a tremendous feeling as I touch any girl first time her boobs were touched my breast she grabbed me very hardly. Then I said to her can we removed all our dress, believe me I just want to feel how it is. She said no and said Please dont mind but if we removed our all dresses we cant control ourselves I said please I just want to feel, nothing else she said ok. Then slowly I removed her jeans and her panty at that time she also removed my pant. Now we are completely nude I asked her to please touch my penny she touched my penny and say why it is so hot? I said that I dont know but it is a natural process when it gets excited it automatically getting hot. She asked me can I touch this I said yeah of course. At that time we were both virgins. We just wanted to know what it would be like. So we decided to try it. We stared at each other's bodies. It was a bit awkward at first because I didn't know where I should put my penis and neither did she. We were kneeling and facing each other and I moved my penis around her crotch until I found the spot. She knew I had found it and just told me to do it. I leaned over her a bit, put my hands around her back and shoulders and pushed in. I felt her hymen tearing as I slid in. It was so tight inside and I pushed as hard and as far in as I could. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it sure felt good. I felt my semen going into her pretty quickly. She didn't have an orgasm until the next time. She said it hurt and there was blood on my penis and her legs and the floor. We cleaned up in her shower and later that night we did it again and it got better after that. The first time wasn't the best for either of us, but it did get much, much better as time went on. The last time I had sex with her was just before she moved away when she . I missed her and I still remember her as my first.
- age 24, india

I was 14 and had gone back to tx to see my family. Well everynight my cuzn's always had plenty guys at the house and there was one that i always had my eyes on. I guess he was the same cuz he would always call me. One night it was about 4 in the mornin and he had called me to ask me if i wuld come outside and talk to him. I guess in my head i knew that somethin might happen...So i go outside n' these lil' ass booty shorts and shirt and sit in his car. We were talking for a while than he leaned over and started kissing me, while doin that he slowly moved my shorts to the side n' started rubbin on mi n' fingurin mi. he asked mi to go to the back so we could "talk" better. i guess i didn't mind cuz i ended up in the back sooner or later lol. Well he started kissin on mi again than took my shorts n' thong off, along with his clothes. So i opended my legs sittin on the back seat while he was on his knees bent right infront of mi. i told him to be gentle cuz it was first time, even thou he was it still hurt bad lol. We were goin @ it for about 20 min which seemed longer to mi cuz it hurt so bad. After w/e i did i was sittin there inside thinkin, damn i just lost my virginity at 4 in the mornin outside of my uncles house in a van lmao. Things are better off forgotten about!!
- age 16, TX *mAiNeSz WiFeY* (female)

I had just turned 14. I was at the mall and i ran into a... custodian... that i knew. he was 20 and we always talked, only as friends. i never thought any thing more of him than friends. On this particular day, Mother's Day, i was following him around until he got to some bathrooms. The mall had closed a half hour ago, so i was a little nervous. then he brought me inside one of the bathrooms and starting kissing me and pulling down my pants and his. he was rubbin on my clit, then after awhile he directed my hand to his dick... i didnt really know what to do at first. i was so scared. after some more time he led me into the last stall. thats where he laid me down and struggled to stick it in... finally it... popped... right in and it hurt for a second but luckily he wasnt very big so for the rest of the... 5 minutes... i just laid there and let him get off.
- age 16, SD (female)

Well, my first time was very splended...Honestly, it was the bomb. My first girlfriend that I fell inlove with. Me and her was chilling at the park holding each other, tongue kissing each other sloppy...lolThen she ask me to go to her house and we went over there. Nobody was home and we sat on the couch and watch tv and hold each other. I went to the bathroom and come back and she was butt naked with her booty up in the air. And I asked her, what was the reason for that? She said, "I want you to take my virginity. I been wanting the dick for the longest since I laid eyes on you." So she threw me on the couch and sucked me off and played with my balls. Then I got up inside her feeling her wettness on my dick. It was really good for the first time. I was really nervous. But after I felt that sensation. I knew I was the man then...lloll. Peace
- age 17, Biancasz Husby

i was 14 when I first did it. i was at my friends house and he started to get so horny ao then i asked him if i could suck his dick and he said yes so i did and than he started to fuck me. it felt so good.
- age 14, New Jersey Viloet (female)

I was in France last summer and I'd just met this girl from Chicago. We knew each other for about four weeks before we started to hook up. We had fooled around and did stuff the first week we met each other, but she had a boyfriend and didn't want to be disloyal, so we wouldn't go too far. She consulted her boyfriend back at home for a while, and he (oddly enough, I'm still confused as to this day) said it was ok for her to hook up with me. For a few nights she gave me a few shitty bjs and I ate her out we'd lay on top of each other naked for all of the night talking about sex. Oh yeah, she was a virgin. Her bf didn't believe in pre-marital sex (fool). The next night I got pretty drunk and stoned and asked her if she wanted to hang out. I brought her to my room and I ripped her clothes off and she got drippingly wet. I fingered her for a while then took off my shorts, pulled her up to me, jumped on top of her and went inside of her bare for about five minutes and then I pulled out and busted all over her tits. We took a shower together, and well, that was my first time.
- age 18, Boston Sam

i was 14 when i first did it. it was with my my mate's elder sister who was 16 at that time. it all started when me and her were on the bus and it was empty and me and her sitting right at the back where the driver couldn't see us. we were talking about sex and suddenly she said she wanted to see my dick, she started to beg, so i got my dick out and she sort of let out a gasp as if she was surprised, i asked wat was wrong she just replyed nothin it's just that u have an unusually large dick for a 14 year old, after that i went to for my mate and she opened the and asked me in and I did go in. i asked her if her brother was in she no she also said that she was home alone and her family will be back at about 11:30 p.m i said fine i'll come tommorow, but then she grabbed my hand and pulled me back and we started to kiss then we stoped and went to her room and got undressed quickly then she led me to the bed and grabbed my dick started to suck it she did it for about 2 minutes and then i pulled out a condom put it on and shoved my dick in her pussy. she screamed and moaned like i had a fuckin 12 inch penis i fucked her up the pussy for about 5 minutes and then turned her around gave it up the arse. immedeatlly she started to cry coz it was fuckin hurting to much, so i stopped and gave it up the front again she screamed and moaned again and then we both orgasmed. after about a 1 minutes break i took my dick out her pussy, puled the condom off and sprayed all that cum on her face and then i sucked her tits for about 5 minutes while she was swallowing the cum that i sprayed on her face then i got dressed and left. after that we fucked every 2 days and she got used my unsually large penis and we still fuck each other and believe her pussy is wide now but it's still a tight for me. P.S. SHE NEVER GOT PREGNANT
- age 16, nottingham, dan

it was with my best school friend, she just took a shower when a enter to her room and i saw her naked, ohh my god iwas so embarased, but she said get in a close the door, i want you here with me, and that was my first time
- age 15, miami hotguy

Well,this is the story, i had a friend for a long time, her name is holly, she is a blonde, and i love blonds. her boob size was a D and we were a freshman. well i have to admit i wanted her for quite a while and i never knew it but she wanted me. One day we were takin the bus home from school and she asked to see my penis, so i did and she grabed it. when i got home, i road my quad to her house wanting maybe a bj or sumthin and i got just wut i wanted, and more. when i was down at her house, the first thing she did was grab my dick. that got me pretty horny. As she lead me inside, she winked and said "lets go to my room". in her room there is a matress on the floor. she ran over and jumped on the matress. i walked over and laid down. before i can even say anything, she started unzipping my pants. she pulled them off and started to go down to suck my dick. she got the head in and took it out and laughed. obviously, being as horny as i was, i just pushed her head down and she gave me the best head i ever had. i came in her mouth, but she didnt care. as i was about to return the favore, her parents yelled that they were leavin. that was perfect. i got my hand in her pants and started rubbing her clit. i could tell she wanted it from the moaning. i started fingering her and she pulled off her pants and panties. i went down and started eating her out. she was moaning incredibly, so i got up, w/out a rubber, and inserted my dick into her pussy. she yelled from the pain so i took it out. she told me to put it back in so i did. i took it slowly at first, in and out, in and out, then she yelled for me to go faster, so i did. she was screaming to the point were the neighbors were calling. fuck answering the phone i was getting pussy. we both orgasmed at the same time. i thought we were done but i was far from the truth. she got off her back and kissed my chest then turned over and got on her knees. she told me to stick it in her ass. slowly i did and she screamed from the pain. im not small in the pants and this was her first time in the ass. i was goin slowly for about 10 min when i quickened the pace. 5 miin later i came in her ass. after that we fucked ever weekend. PS she didnt get pregnent
- age 15, mike, Shelton

i had been wanting to have sex for a while now. I had chances before but gave them up. well one night i went over to a friends house, lets call him mike, and we have always had this sexual attraction for each other. we were watching t.v. in his room and laying on his bed. he scooted over closer to me and ran his hands down my side and then started to undo my pants. he was rubbing my clit, i was getting so hot. he finally started fingering me, and it felt good. by this time i was just ready to go. so i took off my pants and he slipt off my thongs. he went down on me and ate me out. it felt so good. i moaned. i then wanted to return the favor so i unzipped his pants and started to suck his huge cock. he came but i didn't care, i just kept sucking. after that we were both ready to start screwing. so he took off his pants and he thrusted his dick in and out of me. over and over. i screamed but i told him not to stop because it felt so good. we went at it for a good 30 minutes before we took a break.
- age , al (female)

The last three days of my life has been crazy full of lust and passion. I was so desprit, I couldnt wait any longer. I had lots of chances but I never took it. Until now. My boyfriend and me had just broke up. I was shocked and upset a lot. I wanted to kill myself cause I hated myself. I was broken. I stopped going to school for a week cause I was so emotionally depress. When I came back to school, everyone was worried about me, cause of the fact that I didnt return anyones calls or anything. I was still upset. I didnt feel like talking to anyone. Then my bestfriend, Tom, came by to ask if I was ok. I didnt really respond just stood there with such a look on my face that told the answer already. He and my others friends wanted to take me out places. Tom and me were talking about everything. My other friend, Ria, told me that everything will be ok and we went to go get a bite to eat. We all stopped at this club, Ria and her friends went dancing while me and Tom were sitting. Tom and me were talking for a long time. For a while when I had my boyfriend, I had a huge crush on Tom but I couldnt tell him cause he was my best friend. Him and me have been friends since the 4th grade. I was happy that me and him were talking again. I had been so coupe up with my ex that I almost didnt have time to hang out with him anymore. Later on we went to the beach to chil. I was feeling better now and had fun. It was dark. It had to have been 1:00 or something but I was out pretty late. After having fun we all went to Toms house to hang out there. We all eventually spend the night over at his house. 2 girls and my friends Ria slept downstairs on the floor and couch while Tom slept in his room and I slept in his older brothers room. I was really thinking a lot about Tom now. I started to feel my self. I wanted him so bad. Around 3:00 or something I got up. I was walking down the hallway towards his room. I saw him sleeping. He was under the covers. I wanted him to myself. I closed the door behind me. I started to get really nervous. I didnt know what I was doing and I cant control myself. I lift the covers off of him. I took his dick out and started to rub it. I was scared and he was moving alittle. I didnt want to wake him. His dick got hard and I grab it and started to play with it. I loved it and he didnt wake up yet, he was moving a lot. I was scared.. I was so horny that night, I got really wet. I got on top of his bed. I was sitting up on top of him. I lifted my gown up and took my panties off and place his dick inside me. He woke up after I started to moan with pleasure and pain after putting it in. He gasp and I started to bounce on top of him. He was enjoying it as well as I was. I moaned so much it turned me on. We did this for 20minuts until he finally came in me. I layed on top of him, him and me were exhausted. We fell asleep while I was still on top of him. You wouldnt believe what happen the next day but ever since then Him and me have been going out for a while now. He promises never to break up with me and soon he said that he would marry me. I love him so much.
- age 17, Los Angeles (female)

First time i got some i was 13 this girl and me went out 1 time right and i went over to her house some times and she came over to my house some days so one day moms gone sisters at work she comes over we play a video game Capcom VS SNK2 so i felt lucky i said "lts play strip whoever oses a game takes off ther clothes"we playted all i had to do was unzip my pants but she pulled OFF her pant AND panties she just said "lets go" and i got her on the bed and i stuck it in the wrong hole by accident 'the ass" then i got it right and we did it until she had to go home and she said "see you and do you tommorow hopefully" and we did so BOOOYAAAAA 'ps i was in 8th grade then'
- age 18, Ronald

my 1st time was with my step causen by marriage. she had just got off the bus from texas, to see her grandpa my step dad. and when we 1st seen each other we new we wanted each other. so as the day went on i tryed not to pay attion to herbut i couldnt help my self ,but look. when the night came and every1 was a sleep she walked inside my room and said i seen u looking at me and i said yeah and she said what do u want to do? i said i dont no! she said do u want to have sex i said sure y not. so she toke off her clothes and i toke off mine and she got under my covers. so i put on my rubber and put it in there 30 mintues later im just wet all over from sex until i feel a jurk i just had came. when i finished she told me i didnt no how to work it, so that whole knight i sat up waiting for her to go to sleep so i could sneak up on her and really give it to her. 1 hour later she fall asleep so i thought because when i got under her covers she was already naked so i get my dick and put it in and i strate to beat it up, i beat it up so bads i had her speaking in tounges, i even had to put a sock in her mouth. so that was my 1st time
- age 18, daviere / indiana

Well I was round my bst mates house and I had known for sum time theat his sister had fancied me, now his sister was blode 14 yr old wiht BB breasts and a perfect body, and one night when I was round there I was in their bathroom having a bath (Wewent round each others house quite alot) And I had'nt locked the door and she walked in. She was quite shy and she said sorry and walked out, now she hadnt seen anything but about 3 minuteslater she walked back in and sat on the side of the bath nd she started talking to me.I didnt know what to do I was laying dwn in the bath totaly naked talking to my best mates sier any way she walked back over to the door and locked it the she unzipped her trousers and took off her top andshe just stood there infront of me wearing just her underware, by this ime I had got a full on hardon which was sticking out of the water she looked at it and smiled at me. She then too off he underware and bra and climbed into the bath with me she grabbed my dic nd started to wank it slowly, it felt so good. He thn asked me if I was ready I wanted it so bad but I wanted to use protection and none of us had ay. I told her what I felt and she said that she didnt care and before I knew it she was trying to force her tight pussy onto my cock It wudnt all fit in her at 1st but she was deterined to get it in untill finlly she got it in she wanted to cream but she covered her mouth up to make it quieter I could feel how tight she was and it felt great we had sex for about 10 mins in the bath untill finally I let go all inside her and she had a massive orgasm. We have sex quite alot now actally about as often as wecan and each time I enjoy it asmuch as the 1st.
- age 15,

my first experience was magical, i had been with the man of my dreams for 6 months and i wanted to show him just how much he ment to me. he came round about 10ish and i led him upstairs, we talked a while and i lent over and kissed him. we slid backwards onto the bed, and as we kissed deaper and more passionalty than ever before i knew this was the time. he unzipped his trousers and felt deep inside my underwear, rubbing my wet clit, slowley and it made me feel so alive. i wanted him to feel this too so i put my hand in his trousers and felt his rock hard cock. i wanted him to enjoy this, i loved him. i wiggled down the bed and kissed him softly as i went. he was solid, so hard it was unbelievable, i licked and teased him, playing with his balls and crown. then i wriggled up and we kissed, i felt hot, so hot. then he returned the gesture his warm tounge against my clit was electric, i couldnt stand the wait, i wanted him inside me. i was very very wet and he was so hard, he pushed it into me and i could feel it, it reached the end of my vagina. it was so erotic, we could hardly last more than 10 minutes i came so quickly followed by him, i felt it squeasing inside me. it was fantastic. we had sex again, this time i asked him to come on me, he rubbed it into my breasts and stomach and it felt wonderful. we led naked next to each other and kissed. we were ment to be together, we had something very special and i loved it. i loved him, and were still together and still having AMAZINING sex, although it lasts a little longer now.
- age 17, victoria ENGLAND (female)

I am a very kinky, freaky gurl. I love having sex and anything involving sexual things with guys. My first time i actually did it was this year over the summer. At the time I was at my sister's house and my bf now my x came over for the weekend. I wanted him to be my first. We went to the movies and he wanted to just finger me without kissing or playing with my spots. It felt good but the thing was it was that time of month again...I was on my period. After the movie we took sexy pictures in the parking lot. He kept fingering me but he said i wasn't bleeding. I jaked him off and sucked his thick black dick That was so good. Later on we fucked in a room at the house. I rode him first and he was like damn that pussy is good. Then missionary, my legs up and doggystyle. That was my first experience but it was for a long time, eventhough it was good.
- age 15, Sneaky, MI (female)

Me and my girl at the time were at her house watching tv. I was relatively bored and I guess she was to. When she said she was going to the bathroom. When she left her room I just streched out on her bed and almost went to sleep.(That's how bored I was)She had locked her door before she left and I heard her unlocking the door and I hopped up as fast as I could. She came in the room with a red thong and a red bra on. This was uncharacteristic of her and I was very surprised. She came over to me and started kissing me and took off my shirt. I'm still in shock that she is doing this. I was not a virgin at the time but she was. I snatched off her bra and that thong.She unbuckled my belt and took my pants off. She then started sucking my dick.(which she said she would never do)For her first time she was damn sure good at it. Then I ate her out. She was moaning crazy and would not stop for nothing. She came about 3 different times in 5 minutes and then told me to fuck her. I started to put it in her and she was screamin like I was killing her. Gradually I began to speed up and she was moanin so loud. We were fuckin for about an hour and a half and then I came inside her. She said it was the best time of her life.
- age 15, Philly (Cannon)

I was a sophomore in Hichschool at the time. And had a crush on a girl named Ashlyn. I was on the varsity Baseball team, and we had just started conditioning. After a couple months, and the practice's had taken a normal routine, my body had shaped up quite a bit, and I was feeling much more confident. I didn't really know ashlyn very well, except for my friend was her neighbor. I started talking with her more, and eventually asked her out. She agreed, rather quickly, and I was excited to take her out. She was about 5'6, weighing about 115, with a semi-athletic build, with perfect tits. Dirty blond, with gorgeous teal-blue eyes, that seemed to change color depending on what the day was like. Anyway, I took her out, we went to a movie, and hung out for a while, and i took her home and gave her an innocent kiss good night. The next time, my friends were going to play Lazer Tag at this local place, and I asked her if she'd like to go. She said sure, and friday we went, about 12 of us. We played the first game, and it was all fun, while my friends were all harcore trying to win, i was just messing around with ashlyn trying to "help" her and what not. After that game we all got some pizza, and everyone was ready for another game, and ashlyn told me she would rather not play again, and I was thinking to my self at the time, oh shit shes having a bad time, blah blah, oh well I said thats fine, we can find something else to do, or leave if she wanted. She said I don't know, and they all got geared up to go play. Well, we had this little party room rented, with a big table and enough room for us all. They all left and started to play, with a 15 minute timer on the wall. Ashlyn sat down, and I asked what she felt like doing. I sat down next to her, and she looked at me, with those beautiful eyes, and kind of a maniacle look on her face. She was wearing a tight pink shirt, that showed off her chest nicely, and some short shorts, that I had been gauking at all night. She leaned in and kissed me, and I kissed back, slowly making out. She started to get more agressive, all the while I was massageing her back and side, and she was rubbing my head and shoulders. I started to lift up her shirt some, and she started to unbutton my pants. She had her shirt off and only her bra and pants on, and my pants were coming down. She got on her knees while I was sitting in the chair, and pulled down my pants, and revealed my dick, bulging in my boxers already. She slowly, pulled down my boxers, and my dick sprang out, and sort of scared her, I laughed. She started to caress and kiss it, and slowly began to jerk me off. My dick is about 8" long, and she seemed impressed, which made me feel good. After a few minutes she stood up, and I took off her bra, while kissing her, and moved down caressing her tits, and nipples, and slowly pulling off her shorts. She was wearing panties, and I slowly put pressure on her pussy, and rubbed around her thighs and legs. She was tan all over, which I guess she went tanning, and her legs were silky smooth and long, I was getting extremely horny. I took off her panties, and started to toung massage her clit and pussy, and after only a couple minutes she came, wiggling and breathing hard, so I kept going a little bit, making her shake and go nuts, and she asked me to fuck her, before they all came back out, by now we only had some 5 minutes left, and I said OK. I told her I had no condoms on me, and she said just to make sure and pull, im surprised she trusted me with that. So I started in on her, and she came again, after a short while and I continued, the timer rang out, and I was about to explode, I pulled out and shot 6 or 7 full blasts all over her chest, with the most powerfull orgasm i'd ever had. I was like wow, sorry, and she laughed and kissed me again, and got a bunch of napkins and wiped her self down and got dressed as everyone ungeared from the lazer tag room. My best friend walked in, before everyone else and we had managed to get back to just sitting there with our cloths on, and he said what the fuck, it smells like sex in here. Ashlyn let out a short snicker and I just eyed my friend, as he gave us a devilish stare. Once everyone was leaving, I took my friend home, and dropped off ashlyn at her house. She told me there, that her parents were gone, and that her sister was at a friends house. I will never forget that night with her. The next day I was leaving around 11, and once again my best friend walks out of his house, and said hey, with his little devilish smile again. From that day on, and to this very day, my friend always looks at me with a smile of evil like respect, that I had never seen before that day.
- age 17, Virginia, Darin

one time i went 2 this party and i saw alot of hot gurls there and i was wondering if i could ever have sex wit 2 gurls at one time. these gurls were very horny and these 2 lesbians came up 2 me started talkin 2 me and they were telling me about thier sex life. and i was like wow they were both lesbian sisters and they were 19 and one was 18 so then they told me that thye had sex 2 gether since they were 15 and i was like heres my chance my first time. so we start 2 go in thier room and they take thier clothes off first then i see each them lcikin each others clit and one of the gurls told me r u gonna join. after that they start suckin on my huge cock which is long i have 2 gurls suckin my cock at the same time. then i start fuckin one of them and the other gurl starts playin wit herself then i was ready 2 cum and it was a huge load and so i cummed on both of thier faces and they really love cum this was my first time and it was great havin sex wit 2 lesbian sisters.
- age 21, ny bob

I really don't know how it happened, quite frankly i don't care anymore. My boyfriend, we know him as Young, and i got into a fight one night, because my bestfrined said she had seen him cheating. Well, we got into a fight at my house in the tv room, my parents weren't home and my sis was out on her date. He was yelling and was yelling and so enough i was storming away. He came after me and held onto me, saying that he never wanted to let me go and that my friend was a fool that i shouldn't have believed. I was still angry and soon struggling to get out of his reach. (Fat chance! Young was way bigger and stronger.) He started kissing my neck and cheek, and his hands searched over my body; back, hair, behind, arms, etc. Soon i found i liked it, for though we were together, he was never really there. His mouth clamped over mine and his tongue ventured very far. I really liked it! Anyways, i started doing the same thing,and soon we were pressed against the couch, his hard and brown skinned body above my small frame. At this time i was a virgin, he wasn't. His expert touch sent chills done my spine as he roamed over my skin with light licks and kisses. I was in a heat and couldn't help but press my breast, still covered with a bra though we had lost my shirt, and my legs against him. He began to laugh as i tried to do his tongue tricks to him, then he mentored me. His large hands were crushing my overly large breast with gentle force, and then quickly tore my bra off of them. I screamed in amazement and slowly looked up at him worriedly; as i said i was a virgin. He said it was all right and slowly bent and took my nipple into his mouth. Oh i was frightened but what bliss!!!!!! I arched towards him and he sunk down between my legs. His hands began pulling up my skirt and pushing at his jeans around the waist. I couldn't move, the high pleasures that were flooding my mind were unbelieveable!! Young sucked on one breast then the other, then back again, and by this time had taken of his pants. (Well he got it off to his knees) I wrapped my arms around his neck carefully, then kissed his hair till he looked up. I felt his hands, mainly his fingers, dip into my vagina and panicked. He calmed me down and soon brought me to a short orgasm, i was in total bliss!!!!!! then he brought my hand down and i touched his erect penis. I had never felt one, though seen it often when he undressed in my room to change. The thickness was appalling, and i drew back unintentional, but Young just laughed and continued to finger me. I moved against his hand untill nearly all of it was inside me, the urge to have him was soooo strong, and the thought of his thick and long penis was nagging at me. I told him to come in me. He was not shocked but careful, and asked if i was sure. Hell Yeah!!!! was my answer and soon he sunk into me. The pain was unreal and i squirmmered beneath him, asking what the heck he was trying to do to me. He cursed and kissed me to shut me up, then came heavier into me. I screamed, and stiffened. Young thrusted in and out of me, his hand caressing my clits all the while. I moaned at the slow gathering of pleasure that he caused and arched slightly towards him. He came a little faster into me, his hand bringing me to life. I was quickly screaming his name and God. Praising and fucking at the same time was totally unintentional. I felt my vagina tighten and soon Young was shuddering and grunting as though in pain. I felt a thickness eject into me, but paid no notice for i was having a ball. I came thrice that evening in blazing pleasure with Young, and soon after that Young was always there after school, not that i ever turned him away!
- age , kami (female)

I was 16 at the time, and I was in a good relationship with my girlfriend, Kelly, who was an American living next door. She was blonde, pale, and her eyes were like diamonds. Her breasts were huge, and her nipples would always stick out of her shirt. Before this night, we had done a lot of stuff. We had practically done everything except having sex. So one winter vacation, Kelly and I decided to drive up to a cottage for some time together. After the longest drive we had ever had on the road, we finally reached the little place, in the middle of the woods, where nobody could find us. We were well off the first few dsays, fishing and hiking, and of course, fondling eachother everynight. But one night, I was lying down with my boxers, and Kelly was draped across me, her hard nipples digging into my chest. I stroked her hair and looked at her, and asked if she wanted to have sex. At first, she seemed undecided, but after a while, there was a twinkle in her eyes. Soon, I was running my hand up her skinny legs, slipping my hand around and inside her panties. I slipped them off smoothly, and slipped my condom-covered dick in her smooth, wet, small pussy. She coughed up a scream, and we were lucky to be in the woods in the middle of nowhere. It rang through the valley we stayed in, but she growled at me, pushing her self in further. We went slowly at first, but soon, the pain was well-worth the pleasure, and we were rushing in and out, her breasts jiggling in the air to make it, if possible, an even more enjoyable evening. I cummed in five minutes, and she did too, shortly afterwards. But we kept going. We cummed probably five or six times in a row, staying up all night to pleasure eachother. I'm still her boyfriend, and we go up there every vacation, and have a little fun. :p
- age 17, Poland

Right so, here goes. despite being not that bad looking and being asked out several times before i hadn't actually had sex until this weekend. I'm half french so i spend my summer holidays there and there was this girl who i'd known since i was about 8 who this year took a great interest in me. we kissed once but i never thought it would go anywhere because we're old friends and she's 7 years older than me. Anyway we're at the pub with loads of friends and her brother and these other 2 couples having an awesome time getting absolutely fucked off our heads. At one hour to closing time i decide it's time to fuck off and i leave without noticing the girl fucking followed me out. I say (in french but i'll type in english :D):"oh hey you i'll see you tomorrow yeah?" she says :"non" and starts snogging me (dunno how she managed to get me that low she's about a foot shorter) i press her up against this wall and we really start going, best kiss i ever had, really full on but not like we're eating each others faces off. After about 10 mins i feel like i should go home, but she kept holding me back and making me touch her breasts. I thought i'd try to get home by making her cum ( i was drunk, it seemed logical) so i started fingering her, forgetting completely we're in the middle of a busy london street. After about another 15 mins she convinces me to go back to hers. We arrive and get into bed almost immediatly i get on her and start taking her clothes off and fingering her but she was teasing me by keeping her bra on (even though her boobs were gagging to come out) i get on top of her and start kissing her and i take off her bra, sucking her nipple and stroking her tits, she let off little moans as i rubbed myself against her pussy with my trousers still on. she then whipped out a condom and told me to take off my trousers and slammed it on my cock saying "it's a bit tight" we both laughed and she started licking my balls(she had stopped laughing by then, obviously) and giving me head, i thought i was gonna explode there and then ,i started moaning so load in french and english going fucking crazy. she stopped when i said i was gonna cum and slid herself onto my dick and she started riding me, we fucked for about an hour, changing position every 10 mins: she was moaning more and more loudly and i could see she was going red and breathing heavily .I was amazed i still hadn't cum ( i think it was the booze) but it felt so amazing and then BOOM without any warning i blew my load and shouted the fecking house down, at that point she started laughing her head off. after that i had to leave real quickly because the flatowners were back, i dressed so quickly i forgot my fucking underwear, arriving home commando and being like "wtf?". soz about the long story but it was defo the best night of my life, socially AND sexually hehe.
- age 17, london

I was 18 and went out with a few mates one evening into town. We went to this one pub and bumped into a couple of girls we used to know at school. One of the girls was my first love. She knew I fancied her whilst we were at school as I asked her out on more than one occasion, but she always said no, even though I think she quite liked me too. Aside from (not) going out together, we were really good friends. Anyway, we sat and chatted to this girl and her friend and I still thought she was beautiful. When closing time arrived, we all left and I gave her a lift home, along with her mate and my mate. We all went to her house and had a couple more drinks (obviously non-alcoholic as I was driving) and chatted some more. My old feelings for this girl had returned and we were having a really nice evening. Her mum was away (sadly she had split with her dad), and her friend was sleeping the night at her house. My mate eventually went home as it was now really quite late. I didnt really want to go as I was really enjoying her company. It wasnt long before her friend dropped off to sleep in a living room chair, leaving the two of us. We continued chatting and just having a good time, all the while with me thinking how beautiful this girl is and being enchanted by her sparkling eyes. I asked her why she never agreed to go out with me at school, and she said that she didnt know and that probably we were just a little young. Realising that I would probably never see her again as she had moved on to University and I was now at my first job, I confessed that she was my first love. She laughed. Oh, dont laugh, I said, Ill get all embarrassed. She replied Im not laughing at you, Im laughing because I suppose Im a little embarrassed youve told me. You must know I liked you, I said. Yes, but love is a bit strong, she said. I shook my head. She said Aaaahhh, and gave me a friendly hug, serving to hide our embarrassment from each other as we wouldnt be able to see each other for a moment. I didnt want to let go of her and held on tight. I felt her breasts pushed against my chest and I started to become aroused. She must have felt this as, when we finally stopped our hug, we just looked at each other for a moment, but to me it felt like an age. I have never known an atmosphere like it. I leaned forward and kissed her, not knowing how she would react. Shed either kiss me back or throw me out. Fortunately, she kissed me back. We kissed again, this time a little harder and she lay back on the couch. I followed her down and we kissed some more. I had wanted to do this for years! She pushed her tongue into my mouth and as our tongues touched she left out a soft sigh. After a while she sat up and pulled her jumper over her head to reveal her breasts, doing their best to burst from her bra. I kissed her cheek and neck and worked slowly down her cleavage softly kissing each of her breasts, back up her neck to her mouth again. She stood up, saying nothing, and led me by the hand past her sleeping friend and up the stairs to her bedroom. She asked if I had anything and I took a condom from out of my wallet. She took it from me and put it on her bed-side table. She unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off my arms. She kissed my neck and made her way down my chest. She fell to her knees and undid my trousers and put her hand inside my boxers. She looked up and me, smiled and eased them down. She rubbed my erect penis with her middle finger and gently kissed the very tip. I closed my eyes in ecstasy and felt her take me into her mouth, her lips moving slowly up and down my shaft. I had fantasised that this would happen so many times, but never did I think it would! After a while she came up again and undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. I kissed her beautiful breasts, my tongue darting around her nipples. I unfastened her skirt and kissed her thighs before removing her panties. We held each other and kissed before falling into her bed. She told me to put the condom on and we carried on kissing each other all over before she wrapped her legs around my backside and pulled me into her. The moment I had always dreamed of! I entered her and, because it felt so romantic rather than just a shag, it was so easy. I slid in and out, my chest brushing against her breasts as I moved up and down. After a while she turned me over and sat upon me, riding. Her breasts jiggled in front of my face as I felt them and we climaxed together. We lay there holding each other. She confessed that she had thought about us too when we were at school. We kissed some more and sadly I had to leave, even though I would have loved to have spent the whole night with her. My parents would only have asked where I had got to the next day and that, to an 18-year-old boy, would have been the height of embarrassment! I got dressed, kissed her good-bye and crept downstairs past her sleeping friend and went home. I have not seen her since, but often think about her. I am now happily married, hope she is, but on occasions when I am with my wife, my mind wanders back to the night my dreams came true.
- age , Tom - London, England

My first time was (not!) with a girl that hung around with a group of us on the weekend, getting drunk and stuff. Within the group, we were expected to "get-it-on". Anyway, I didn't even know what to do! And I didn't even get my dick in her! My time was my first. It was with a girl from a very "well-off" family and attended very well-known girls school. (i'm a bit of a raggamuffin) She was the girlfriend of a friend(!). I met her at his house, and we talked abit, while my friend did something for his mum. Anyway, She must have got my phone number from someone because she phoned me up and invited me to her house on a friday night. This of the nights she was supposed to see my mate so I knew something was going on. (they didn't see each other any more than once a week I think!) But to be honest, I wanted it to happen as much as she obviously did. She was beautiful, 5'9", firm and perfect b or c cup breasts, she was a dancer and a singer, she played cello, flute and piano. Very mature for her age. She was funny and a gymnast! She was just great to talk to and spend time with. And really horny! I found out later that my friend's family were strict roman-catholics and didn't believe in sex before marriage. They had done kissed and fingered and stuff. I think she wanted more, but he wouldn't. Anyway I got to her house and met her mother and sister. We went to her room and talked for a hour or two. And she started talking about my friend and their relationship. And then she said that she wanted to be with me! A girl telling ME, she wanted ME, NEVER happen to me before! And she started going through all the ways being with me would be better than being with my friend. Real freaky! I explained to her that, I, being over the age of consent(U.K), there were things i wanted to be able to do with a girlfriend that she couldn't. She was months away from 16. She said it didn't matter because she was on the pill for some other reason. Thoughts of what my friend would say when he found out crossed my mind and i came up with some other lame excuses why we couldn't do anything. Everything i said, she came up with a reason not to worry about it. Hey! If you were there, you wouldn't have tried to hard either!! And we started kissing and i felt her breasts a bit, but nothing else. I started seeing her on friday evenings. I found her clit and learned how to bring her to a screaming orgasm with oral sex, but she never even tried to touched my cock. I wasn't bothered about sticking my dick in her, i had realised what a mess i had made of it with my last girlfriend. One friday night, 2/3 months later, while she was calming down after a really good session of oral sex and we were kissing she was running her hands over my body, and must have felt brave or something. because she was squeezing my butt and she let her hand slide around my hip and across my "package" and gave it a squeeze. She suddenly stopped kissing me and pulled away from me. Looking me in the eyes with a puzzled look on her face and still feeling my dick and balls through my boxers, she said "what's that?", I'm thinking "Is this a trick question?" O.K, I play along, and say "that's my dick". "No....., ...what?, THAT?" she said. Still looking me straight in the eyes, she started exploring the length and thickness of my cock with her hand. As I had. She was letting out these tiny, little, low moans, and she cupped my balls and jiggled them around to felt the weight. We started kissing again, but she was really pushing herself against me and wrapped one leg around me, to pull me towards her and was rubbing my hardening cock, up and down, along her stomach to her pubic hair and her clit. I calmed things down and asked her if she was o.k. She said wanted to look at my dick and hold it. I said that I was all hers. I whipped my legs up, so she could take off my boxers. She whipped them off, and I brought my legs down on the bed. She let a low "Oooohhh!" slip out, as she saw my cock for the first time. I lay back and let her play. She gently pulled my foreskin up and down with one hand and played with my balls with the other. I asked her why she had reacted the way she did. She didn't answer, just kept playing with my dick. So I asked if she had played with my friend's dick. It was quiet for about a minute and then she said "are you big?" While she played with my dick, I managed to get her to talk. She said my friend had measured his cock in front of her and he was about 5" by 4" and that i looked and felt twice the size! I told her not to be silly, if i had 10", i would be a pornstar! She brought me to orgasm, and i came all over the place. We kissed and she licked my knob a few times and we kissed some more. Pretty soon, I went home. The next friday, we got in to her room. And I see she's got a tape measure on her bed. I turn around and she kisses me long and hard. We slowly lay on the bed and whispers she wants to measure me. This pissed me off, I'm quite a small guy, and have always hated that "sporty bloke(jocks) ego crap". So i just say, nuff pissed, "knock yourself out!". Ignoring my tone, she whips my trousers down, yanks my boxers down enough and pulls the tape measure from under me and measures me.5" by 6". She was all wide-eyed and beautiful, that night. I was told, that tonight she wanted me in her. She sucked me off, and I did my usual devestating job on her pussy and clit, til we were really sweating. Things calmed down a bit, and she grabbed the head board and pulled herself towards it, and put her legs together at 90' degrees to the bed, all i could see of her was her legs, her arms and her ass. keeping her legs locked straight, she parted them til she was almost doing the splits, she looked at me and said "please" I had the hardest erection of my life by now! I climbed on top of her, holding her legs open as wide as possible and let my cock come to rest, with the tip just touching the enterance to her pussy. And started kissing her. The more we got into the kissing the more it teased her clit and pussy I finally slowed my movements and she pushed and wriggled a little towards me, enough to force my cockhead into her painfully tight pussy. And she suddenlly had an earth-shattering orgasm, with the loudest screaming I had heard, she was shaking and gurgling. With all this I pulled away enough for my cock be wrenched out of her, it was as tight coming out as it was going in. A few s later, she remembered were she was and lunged forward at me She pulled me on top of and back in to her, in one go. I sank in about 3", which was enough to find and rip her hyman (I only saw a tiny bit of blood) She screamed in pain and I pulled a way out of her, but she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me back. I just move my cock in gentle circles in her. Between heavy breathes, she told me, she wanted me ALL in her now! I got to the business of gently wiggling and sinking my cock into her, while playing with her clit. After 20 minutes or half an hour, I was getting close to bottom she was like hyper-ventilating and moaning, her face, at times, looked like she was in the most pain she had ever been in and at others, like she was in heaven. while I just wiggled. She started pushing her bottom, into the bed and away from me and back. I got the message and slowly started short deep strokes, then long deep strokes, and then really started to fuck her hard. At times she was frozen and at others she went wild. A couple of slight position changes later, I came like a fountain in her. She absolutly went mad, wrapping her legs around me, digging her nails in to my back and screaming in my ear. We went on, like that. She learned that sucking me off as soon as i had stepped into her room would allow me to last alot longer when we were fucking. We tried positions i had only dreamed about, like standing up with one of her legs over my shoulder or up against a wall or in the kitchen, or in the middle of a park in the height of summer. I loved that girl in more ways than one! Our relationship ended on non-speaking terms. I have seen her but didn't talk to her. Life's funny like that!
- age 19, UK

My first time was with my ex-girlfriend, we'll call her Jane. Jane and I were both 14 at the time and we went to different schools. One Friday night, Jane and I went to a football game at my high school. When we got back to my house, we stayed in the living room and watched TV with my dad. About 5 minutes after dad had gone to bed, Jane and I went into my room. It started with a kiss, which led to making out, which led to me fingering her. So far, this was normal. We had done this many times before and I really wasn't expecting it to go any farther. But then, Jane got on top of me and started rubbing her exposed clit on my erect penis. Before I knew it, we were both naked and I asked her if she was ready. She said yes and got a condom out of my wallet. I put it on and got on top of her and slowly pushed my erect penis into her very tight virgin vagina. She said that it hurt and it felt good at the same time. I pumped very slowly so that I wouldn't hurt her. But, after a while I noticed that she was in a considerable amount of pain. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said yes. So, I pulled out and took off the condom. Then, she gave me the best blowjob that I had ever had. She swallowed all of my cum and then we fell asleep. We ended up having sex a total of five times over that weekend, and each time was better than the last.
- age 15, Kentucky

Mostly, I just wanted to say your first time...big fucking deal...its the first time you get fucked, hurts for the chick, (did for the virgins newayz) this first time I felt so stupid...all I do is pump and cum. Frankly I got sick of the whole thing, I had offically quit having sex. The next night I found myself chilling with my x's best friend. She had few boyfriends but always wanted to fuck me, dunno why. She told me that Christine (my X) had told her what we did behind closed doors. I was shocked and turned on, the fact that she wanted me just cause I was good in the bedroom made me forget about never having sex again. We sucked and fucked for about 30 mins, then she asked me if I had ever fucked a chick in the ass before (which I haddent). She told me to jump in the shower and i began to fuck her in the ass, damn it felt like the tightest and most pleasing hole in the world....we had sex several times after that, she diddnt care about rubbers, she just wanted my cock in her ass, pussy and mouth...hey always give a girl what she wants...(facials and creampies are a exlent way to use up that extra film in your camra >:D...PeAcE
- age 17, Winnipeg, Canada

My first time i had sex was with my soccer coach. We were practicing all alone and then all of a sudden i fell ontop of him. I just felt a feeling to take off all of his clothes and his boxers. I stuck his dick in my pussy and made him go in and out of me. It was so0o0o good. Then he titty fucked me. We did this for about an hour and now we are married.
- age 20, Kate m., Ny (female)

It was about two years ago. I was 15 and my girlfriend at the time was 14. We had been going out for about a month at this stage and had done nearly everything else except sex. One night we were at her house and were just chilling round bored cause her parents and grandparents were over. She went upstairs to her room to brush her hair so i just followed her as any boyfriend would have ;) I grabbed her and started kissing her. i pushed her backwards onto her bed and then leant over her and continued to kiss her. I asked her if she wanted to do it and she agreed. So i put on a condom and slowly put it in her. She was quenching in pain as it was not only my first time but hers. She told me to keep going. I pushed in and out of her each time deeper and deeper. Though she told me not to go to deep as it was hurting her. (i have a 7 1/2 inch). We kept going till we both came at the same time. After that we just lied there gazing into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. Since that time we had sex like 50 times and she gave me deep throat and we became very experienced with each other. we even had a threesome with her best friend. But now we are broken up and she has had a few partners and i have just gone around screwing everyone. That experience has given me a reputation and its great.
- age 16, Sydney Australia

i had sex witha girl in the shower. iwas in the shower then my girl freind come with a condom in her hand and tells me to put it on so i do theshe grabed my dick and rubed it on her pussy then i fucked her thru the pussy. after that i cumed and then i licked her pussy.
- age 18, usa james

I had sex for the first time around 2 years ago. Me and my girlfriend, were basic couples for about 2mths at the time. We messed around before this... we went out to the cinema, and well in intermission, i went out to get some drinks and took my seat. well my girl had went to washroom, and didnt' i followed her. the other movie had started and everyone was seated. the lights were off,except for the ones in the wasroom. i went in wid her, but she didn't want to use the wasroom for normal reasons. She dragged me inside and well it happened. We started kissing, and i took off her top. she took off pants, and started giving me a blow job, without anywarning and it felt good. she had nice tits. so i them , playing wid the nipples and then her pussy.. by this time, everything was off, so i started finger fucking her. I could feel my load building.. and i came in her mouth. But then.. she didnt' stop.. and i eat her out again and again. the movie i was sure was almost half tru. my dick was hard again and dis time, she sat on me. and worked me out.. man it felt good. we were sweating like hell and both out bodies were literally wet, since the small wash room was reallly enclosed. we fucked and fucked. till i came inside her. it was great.. when it was over, i bolted from the washroom and met her outside. We did this like 4 times again and it all felt like the first time. nothing beats the first sex.. Naked TV rocks..
- age 19, NY

My first time was with my best friend, he asked me to put my dick in his ass and I did it!
- age 14, Germany

its friday! after our class, my classmate, kristine ask me to go to her house to finish our dyad project.. we started it and i notice that her family is not there.. while im doing the project thing, she went to her room and changed her uniform into a sexy night dress!! when she came back im so horny looking at her legs, butt and tits! she was so hot!! my cock was got angry! i loved her! minutes later she caught me looking at her often time! same way i caught her looking into me!!i realized she likes me too! i guess shes horny too! then i spoke about sex!! and we talked of it!! minutes later, she grabbed my hair and kissed me tenderly!! while we were kissing im stripping of her dress, the same way she did of mine! i carried her to her room both of us are naked! im so nervous that time!! we lied at her bed, and she started sucking my dick!! after her turn!! i opened her legs wide open.. and i licked her wet pussy!! that was so great!! then i stick my cock deep down her pussy inside-out!! she was screaming and that makes me feel excited!! i kissed her, licked her, her neck, tits, her whole body is a wonderland!! my first orgasms!! i cant control my cum from spurting out so i just let it be!! at that time i dont care if she'll be preggy, all i know and all i want that time is that we are making lust making love! and we are both very happy!! that was a very wonderful night for us!! we were so tired!! i slept w/ her and hug her tight till the sun comes out!! that morning i went home and my mom was so mad at me!! but im happy!! that was the most unforgetable thing in my life!!
- age 15, Philippines / Mr. D^-

My first time happened when my sister had an older, hot,tight, brown haired, large busted, friend spend the night. We were both 16 (my sis was 14). My parents had left that night out of town and said my sis could let Rachel spend the night with her. All throughout that day we were given each other looks and flirting.Around mid-night my door opened and rachel slowly walked into my room. Gently she crawled into bed with me. I woke up when i felt the bed move. She slowly pulled the covers up, pulled off my boxers and began to suck my cock. I held onto her head and began to run my fingers through her soft brown her. She stopped sucking and kissed her way up my chest. She pulled off her night shirt and i helped remove her bra. I bgan fondling and kissing her nice brown breast. She slid her pussy over my hard cock and i began thrusting into her. She moaned with pleasure ( my room was a good distance from my sisters, so she couldn't hear us.) I ejaculated into her and she climaxed. We kept sexualy active throughout that night. She eventualy went back to my sis's room and no one ever suspected a thing. She comes over often now, espcialy when mom and dad go out of town.
- age , al

My first real boyfriend was Randy, who was the captain of our middle school water polo team. As you can imagine he had a real hot body and I loved to watch him practice. It was summer before school started and the team had a morning practice then Randy and I stayed at the pool to swim and sunbathe. He practiced in speedos then put on baggy trunks to swim. I liked him best in the speedos so when we were just lying in the sun I convinced him to strip down. He knew I was looking at him so he liked to show off. I was all excited fantasizing about him and what it would be like to have sex with his tanned, hard body on me. I decided I wanted more. So I invited him to my home, hoping my mom was at work. It was hot but we walked home anyway. I wore my bikini top and shorts and sandals, and Randy had on his baggy shorts, sandals, and just tied his shirt around his waist. His arms and chest were so fine and I loved looking at him without his shirt. When we were walking, several of my friends drove by and hooted and whistled from their cars. I was real proud. We got to my house and it was cool inside. Even better was that mom was at work. We went to my room and laid on my bed and listened to cd's. We started making out and Randy kissed me and was rubbing my back. I was rubbing his chest which felt so good. I was stroking his nipples and they got hard and he said he liked that. Then I let my hand wander down under his shorts. He was surprised at first but before he knew it I was fondeling his bare dick and balls under the speedo. We were still kissing and his eyes were closed, and with my free hand I loosened my top and removed it. Then I pulled closer to Randy and he opened his eyes when he felt my naked breasts pressed up against his bare chest. I knew he was a virgin too so I just smiled and asked him if he wanted to lose his virginity with me. I know that's what every old boy wants to hear, and Randy was no different. He said, "are you sure?" and without saying a word I removed my remaining clothes and laid on my back with my legs spread apart. Randy just had to remove his shorts and speedos and he was nude too. His skin was dark brown all over except for the little white strip that the speedo left. He looked so, so sexy and his dick was stiff and ready to go. I wanted him so badly and almost right away he was inside of me. I was tight, but the many evenings I had laid in bed with my fingers in my pussy dreaming about Randy being in me had stretched me enough to make it comfortable. Randy said "I can't believe I'm doing this." He was breathing heavily and I had my hands on his back. I was feeling real good between my legs where he was pumping in and out of me. It felt so wet down there and my body was starting to tingle all over. Randy's bare sexy body was right above me like I had always dreamed about. By the way, I had started birth control because I knew this was going to happen soon. So I felt real good when I felt Randy squirting his sperm inside of me. His eyes were closed and he was saying "oh yes, this is great!" I knew I was making him happy and he was definitely making me happy. In fact, my body felt better than it ever had during the next minute. We held each other for a minute but then I heard my mom's car pull up. We put on our clothes and ran downstairs and when mom walked in she never suspected a thing. The next morning at practice all I could do was watch Randy in the pool, knowing that I had sex with his young, hot body and that there was a lot more of the same to come. Randy was a great lover then, and he still is now. He's the only boy I've ever had sex with, and I'm going to marry him someday. And I still love watching him in the pool playing water polo.
- age , l.n. (female)

my first itme was when i was at my boyfreinds house and we been think about having sex. we were watching a porno movie and i was strating to get wet and i started rubbing his dick he got on top adn he toook off my clothes and he put 4 into i was moaing from it. i gave him a bj and he licked my wet pussy. then he put it in me and i said do me hard. i came moaning and then we did it dogg sytle he licked my asshole and he firnged that too. i came scream harder faster. we did for about 1 hour i was felly so good i was wishing it wouldnt stop from that day we been doing like veryday
- age 18, neveda (female)

I was 6 years old playing with one of our girl neightboor so I don't know where i get the idea from but I just asked her to play with my "bird" as i told her and than she started to play with it and than kissed it so she start to suck after that after while she use to come me and do that and thats how I start my road to be DEvil heheh :)
- age 23, sweden

We were in cancun, we were both drunk and we ended up at her hotel room, well she felt dirty so she decided to take a shower. she said she would leave the door open. i entered as she was showering, and i got naked and hopped in with her, she gave me a great hand job and we just rubbed each other for five or ten minutes. after the shower, we kissed and hopped up on the counter of the bathroom and we fucked for 10 minutes until i came, it felt so good. we then went to the bed, and she rode me for at leat 15 minutes, i had to try so hard not to come. she rolled over and i thrusted for another 15 minutes and we had great sex for a while. i cant wait to go back to mexico!
- age 16, CANCUN

my first time was at my girlfriends swim party we were all sitting in the water when one of my friends lets call him bryan got out of the water and had a huge boner well after seeing this i got very horny so i went into the bathroom to wank off well just after i had started someone knocked on the door and once i put my pants bak on and opened the door it turned out to be bryan he said he followed me because he saw me checking him out when he got out of the water and said it turned him on so he came in the we locked the door and i took of his bathing suit and started sucking his dick then he flipped me over and started fucking me up the ass we did this forr about 30 minutes back and forth until my girlfriend came look for me and so far that has been the best day of my life
- age 16, Flordia

My first time was last summer i was 17 at the time and i had been with my girlfriend for about 6 1/2 months, up until this time we were porbably not your basic couple we maybe messed around 4 times hear and there but nothing seroius.but one night we were at one of her friends house and there was quite a large supply of alchole,but anyways the night started off with me,my girlfriend and two of her girlfriends,we were really trashed at the time and out of no were sammie my girlfriend said she wanted to make out with meggan i was all for seeing to girls make out,it was making me really hard and very horny after they were done making out she came over and sat on my lap and wispered inot my ear lets go inside, without delay i jumped out of the hottub and ran inside,we went to the basement of her girlfriends house while everyone was upstairs and jumped on the bed don there she then jumped on me and pinded me to the bed ripping oof my shirt and pants, and then i flipped her over so i was on top and slowly sarted taking off her pants and painties and moved my head slowly down towards her pussy,i blew into it and she let out the loudest moan i had ever heard from her and began to eat her out for the first time, she screamed and screamed with all she had and started to cum,then one of my buddys came running downstairs, i was under a blanket and he asked her were i was, when he relized i was going sown on her he went right back up stairs, i then started cumming up slowly kissing ever part of her stomach up to her breasts and slowly started kissing her kneck.then she reached down and started playing with my very erect penis, i let out a deep moan and i knew at this time she was ready,without even thinknig she pushed my dick inside of her, but then quickly pulled it out and said it hurt, i asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said no and i put it back in,i went slow you know b/c its her first time and i wanted to be gentle she screamed and screamed...I knew everyone that was upstairs could here us but we didnt care she started to cry so i started kissing her and moved down to her kneck,she was loving every second of it,she then let out an even louder moan and i could feel my dick lubricated so i knew she had came, i pushed and pushed we were having sex for like an hour... and if your a guy you know how long it takes to have sex when your drunk but minutes after she came i started feeling like i was gunna cum, and i started moaning with her to keep us going at the same speed, then i blew the biggest nut ever. We rolled over and there was a silence fora bit then she let out a hewwwwww, like damn that was awsome, i was very satisfied then i jumped up and smoked a cigg. and went to bed... and that was my first time... ~Brandon
- age 18, Michigan,Brandon

I have always fancied my best friend's mom. She was sooo fit, although she was 40 shehad a great figure and i often used to masturbate about her. Anyway, i was going to pick my friend up for school that morning, when i got in, she was in the kitchen and she said that my friend was getting ready and should only be a few minutes(I found out later that he had spent the night at his girlfriend's house). Then she came into the sitting room and OMG she was dressed in a short see-thru nightdress and really revealing lingerie. She walked over to me and tore off my trousers and boxers, she knelt down and gave me a BJ, she wouldn't stop! I came about five times before she stopped, she then stripped and we ahd sex. It was the best sex that i have ever had. She phoned the school to say that i wasn't going to be in, and we spent the entire day having sex. We often meet up for a quick session, but she doesn't want there to be anything else between us.
- age 18, Texas

the first time i did it was 6 months ago with my aunt's boyfriends daughter, she was 9 but oh so hot. they had gone out and left me to babysit,we were just sittin' there watchin' tv and she said i watched a XXX movie before and i said really, did you see any guys dicks? and she said yeah then i said do you want to see mine? she said sure so i whipped it out and she just stared at it so i said you can touch it if you want and she grabbed it and i intantly got a boner. then i suggested that we both get naked and she was like ok.so we stripped down and she was so small and tight and she didn't even have any hair on her pussy yet.and she said she wanted to try some stuff from the movie and i said ok and she climbed up on me and tryed to put my dick in her pussy slowly but it was too tight so i told her to just sit there for a second and i just thrust it up in her and she screamed and then i asked if i should stop and she said no so we just went at it for a few hours till i came for the 3rd time and shot it all over her.she loved it. then we watched tv for the rest of the night till her dad picked her up.shorly after that night my aunt and her dad broke up and i never saw her again.
- age 16, alabama/doug

My first time was when i was 16. There was this girl i had thought was pretty cute all school year. one night i was at a party drinking with some friends when she called me. we got together and went and fooled around in her car. nothing but though just make out a little petting thats it because i had been drinking. later that week i think we got together one night around 1 or something like that. i left my house and we went and parked and just talked for a little bit. She was kind of tired and not in the mood too much but that all changed. this girl is fine and i was def in the mood. she is short with wavey hair. a fine little arse and a nice pair of breasts. she is not the hottest girl i have gotten with but she is good!! We started making out and stuff and she suggested we go 3into the back seat.(yes) we get in the back and we start making out and i kiss ur neck etc you know the usual thing and i can tell she is getting in the mood. the car is completely fogged up by now and she is sitting on my lap. she starts putting her hand up my shirt in the back hinting to take it off so we stop kissing and i take it off. I am pretty fit too i do sports year round and and in dang good shape.(not to brag) she is putting her hands all over me, my chest stomach and is really getting horny. i stop and reach my hands up her shirt and take it off. we kiss a little and i remove he bra. a nice pair of c's are stting in front of me and they are hot. we keep making out and i rub on her firm breast. i know she is horny now because her nipples were getting hard and she was starting to dry hump me. i place her hand on my bulge. she starts to rub it and then she unbuttons my pants. it was a little cramped in the car so i had some trouble getting them off. she has never done anything but make out before so she doesn't really know what to do. she starts playing with my dick. im not huge or anything just the normal 6" but i know what i am doing (you know the motion of the ocean not the size of the boat haha) i take her hand though and she her she has to grip it and all and she starts up and is pretty good. wwe heep and that for about 15 min and i decide to take it further. i stop her and start rubbing her though her sweat pants. i can tell she is dripping. i slide her pants off and lay her on her back. i just rub her and get her really excited. i play with her clit a little and give her a little lick that made her whole body shake. i finger her and she is pretty tight but she likes it. i start thumbing her (a tip for all you guys, use your thumb and rotate it in a 360 she will love it!) she goes nuts and starts to cum so i go down and start sucking on her clit and doing a little biting. she grabs my hair and shoves my head in and is just moaning like nothing else. her body tightened and she had her second. she says it was my turn and went down on me. she started licking the shaft and head. it felt awesome she then put it in her mouth and started really slowly. she sarted sucking kind of hard and then took the whole thing down to the base. i was in heaven i let her keep this up for probably another 10 min before i told her i was gonna cum. she lifted her head up and let me cum all over. this was the most cum i had ever spurted and it was great. she licked it off my stomach and just started kissing my neck. i was so hot from her that i got hard right away again and she noticed and said GOOD and went down again. this time she knew what she was doing and sucked my head while giving me a hj it felt amazzing. she stopped and licked her finger i didn't notice until she started to circle my arse hole. she licked it again and started to finger it while still giving me head. this was like nothing i can describe. i came and she swallowed it all. she told me she wanted me to do her from behind so i turned her over and put it in her butt. she tensed up but i stopped and let her relax before i started to push in and out again. i started thrusting harder and harder. she was moaning in pleasure. i cummed in her and she said we shouldn't stop. so i turned her over and licked her pussy again to make sure she was all wet. man was she ever. i spread her lips and slowly stuck it in. she said it hurt and i asked if i should stop and she told me no!!! so i kept going in i popped her cherry and her whole body shook in pain. she had a stream of tears coming down her eyes but she said she was loving it. after about 5 min of working it in and getting her ready i started at it. i started pumping in and out she moaned in extasy. we did it that way for a while and then got bored with missionary i tried others. the best by far was i sat down and lowered her on it and held her legs spread and she would hump and i would thrust and it gave me the biggest shoot ever. i put my arms around her and held her there while i went limp in her. we layed there like that and fell asleep together. she woke up first as the sun rose and turned around. she kissed me to wake me up and showed me i was hard again and gave me a final bj before we went home. it was the best night ever. we are now getting married and in deeply in love
- age 23,

I was 16 yrs.old my first time my boyfriend and i had been trying to have sex all summer but i would get scared at the last minute or my whole would be to tight for him to get in so one night we decide to watch a porn and watching it made me so wet i sat on the couch and started playing with my self while he was undresing himself i just kept touching my self with my panties were still on then i let him undress me after i saw he was very hard and naked standing in front of me i thought it was going to be like what they we doing on the tv my guy started eating me it felt so good hearing my moans along with the moans on tv he slid in me and it did hurt at first but i wanted so much it didnt matter i loved him and he had waited so long we had sex all that night i let him cum in me and everything now im 23 anf he is not my boyfriend but he is my husband
- age 23, minneapolis.mn (female)

One day I had been having these nasty, sexual, horny fantasies about having sex with my boyfriend. All day I had just wanted to throw him to the floor and just hump hard on his penus. I tried to calm my thoughts down but all day he had been giving me these looks as if he just wanted to fuck me and he had been doing these sexual things with his tongue, showing me that he wanted to eat me out. So at the end of the day I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. While I was hugging him, I felt his dick touch my pussy, which made me want him more. So I asked him if he wanted to come over my house. At first he was hesitant because he didn't want to have to walk home. But he eventually said "yes". So he caught my bus. My mom wasn't home and wouldn't be home until 10o'clock because she had school. When we got into my house I took him to my bedroom. I told him how I was horny for him all day and how I wanted him to fuck me now. He took off his shirt and pants until he was only in boxers. Then he laid me on my bed and took off my shirt. He went up my bra and started to caress my breasts and I moaned softly. Then I took off my underwear and he took off his boxer's and he started to put it in me. I was scared it might hurt. When it got all the way in I cried a loud moan. He told me that it was ok and that he wouldn't hurt me. We laid on my bed as he pumped in and out of me.It felt soooooooo gooood!!!!! I moaned and yelled for him to never stop,and he didn't until I had the best orgasm ever and I moaned softly for him to stop. He went down to my pussy and started to eat me out. I started crying because it felt ssooo gooood! When I finally couldn't take anymore we put our clothes back on and he kissed my lips softly. He told me he had to go home and explain to his mom why he was late.That was how I lost my virginity.
- age, Georgia (female)

Me and my sister had always been close. Then one day i walked in when she was in the shower. The shower curtain was clear, so i was able to see all of her, but she didnt see me.... i was amazed how long i was in there. i just watched her rub touch herself and masturbate. Then she stuck the shampoo bottle up her pussy. This instantly turned me hard, i just had to jack off. i layed down on the ground and began to beat it rite there, i didnt even care if she saw me. i herd her moan and i beat it faster. comin from nowhere, i let out the biggest moan, and she looked at me. i turned beat red with embarassment, and pretneded like she didnt see me. Then she shouted "Kevin, What the Fuck are you doing?" and i was like "Sorry....but you know..." and she goes "fine ...just come in" So i got in the shower and she bent down and began to suck my cock. I moaned with delite as i cummed all over her mouth. Then she said "Kevin, i know your my bro, but please, fuck me good, im so horny" she grabbed my cock and thrusted it into her ass. She bent over and i started humping her like crazy. Then she turned off the shower, and said " That was wonderful" and i just nodded. Since then we have fucked every day, of course with a condom, but it still has been great. Me and her read these entries everyday and always have a good time after it ;-)..maybe you should ask your sis if u both want to read these together...cuz it will have a "happy ending"
- age, Maryland

My first time with my ex-gf is in my own room. I am using my PC. I was looking for a mp3 file that she wants me to play. Suddenly, I accidentally open an x-rated movie clip! I stopped it immediately but my gf wants to watch it. I didn't want to let her watch it but due to her unending requests! I let her. She got turned on. I started kissing her lips then her breasts. I immediately removed her panties and rammed her with my hard-on! We reached our climates after 10 mins and did it 3 times! It was a wonderful experience knowing that we are both virgins!!!
-age 21, Phil

My first time was with a friend, let's call her Sarah, We were studing in my house, alone we ended studing realy late, so she stayed all night, she was and old friend so there was no problem. At midnigt I woke un and turned on my computer to check this site but she cauht me playng myself, but instead of going she got on her knees and made me a BJ, after a few minutes I spurted in her mouth, she took of all her clothes and e started fuking. It was wonderful, aftrer half an hour she got up, put her clothes on and went to sleep, so did I
- age 14, Mexico

Some frineds came to my house and we were all totally drunk. My brother was been so funny and all of my mates were saying he was fit so i just told them to shut up. After a while though i walked into the toilet only to find my brother fingering my friend. She laughed and moaned which I thought was discusting, with my brother, but as i was about to walk away he pulled me back and locked the door and then jus said close your eyes and you will enjoy it. I layed down and I felt a slight sensation in my pussy and i liked it but then something went in and i screamed quite loud and he kept doing it to me but i got into it and i didnt mind. My friend and i were really drunk so she sat on my face and omg she was soaking wet but i kept licking her and she liked it. I took a couple of jets of spunk up me and then the rest in my mouth. My brother is only a year older than me so I dont care but we dont tell anyone. I have only just gone 13 and i feel slutty and wierd because i can get 4 fingers up me.
- age 13, Leeds, Hannah (female)

Well it was like when i was 14. I was with this girl she was 16 but i dont really care how old she was. She was really pretty and damn it! alot of guys like her. I was a asian kid with long hair and she is a hot rican. I saw her and damn as a guy and as a human wanna get in her. She talk to me and then we went out and like a week later i sneak in her house and was under her bed. She can in her room and we made out and my hand went down her panties. It was all wet and she put her hand where my dick was at. I took off hers and she took of mines. We did it on the bed, 10 mins later under her bed and a little later in her closet. That night we did it again slowly on her bed. The next morning she took me to the bathroom where she took a shower and ask if i wanna. So i did and yes! we did do it in the shower. She went down and gave me a BJ and went down and ate her out. As i was in her room in her closet thinking of a way to leave her sister came in to get something and saw me and i was busted!!!! She ask me how long i was there i told her i was only there that morning and she told me to leave.
- age 18, NJ/Don

It was the greatest thing ever when I was on Summer break during my 7th grade year. I was at my best friend's house with 4 other girls for a sleepover, and we were supposed to sleep on the balcony. When me and my best friend Shayna were watching a TV show in her room before bed, she started tickling my nipples under my blouse, and it felt really good, so i started to lick her all over, and by the time i knew it, i was on top of her wrestling for the best spot to eat her out. Then we heard the voices of 4 other girls coming up the stairs to Shayna's room, but it was too late. the door opened and they came in. At first, i though they were going to scream, but they started to creep up to us while closing and locking the door. So me and Shayna smiled, me in between her legs sucking her tits. Everybody started to tear their clothes off, and all jumped on the huge water bed. There were wet panties and bras with tight shorts everywhere, and we masturbated eachother with them, while rubbing and pressing their tits and cunts, bursting with pleasure everytime I girl laughed and went crazy. I hope to have a sleepover again.
- age 14, Oklahoma (female)

Not so hot. She didn't know it was my first time. I really liked her but she just thought I was okay. Because of this I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety in general. It hurt my performance and I couldn't get off. It sucked. Plus, she just went to sleep right afterwards, even though it was only 9:30 at night, so I was alone for hours afterwards.
- age 22, CA

Well, this story is kind of long.. but here it goes. We were at school...and this boy zach who i had dated months before,but we broke up. We still continues to flirt..alot..hardcore. I would alwayz sneek out of chourus class just to make out with him. Well anyway, we were in P.e and he was like "hey u wanna go over my house today to hang out with me amanda and alexa?" ans i was like "sure" so after school i went over amandas house instead because zachs mom was tripp'n. Later on we called zach and he said he would be right over. 5 minutes later he arrived at the door and it was lightly raining, so when we opened up the door he was kinda wet. alexa went home. we were downstairs in amndas room and zach sat down on the bed and quickly pulled me down on his lap, so we were face to face and i started nibbiling on his hand and he was like why are you doing that and i was like cause u taste sooo good and we began to make ~out. Amanda went downstairs tto give us sum freaky time privacy. he the layed me down on the bed and was laying on top of me and began slyly sneeking his hands down my pants and was soon fingering me. as i began to cum and moan he slid his tongue into my mouth. He soon had all my clothes off and was moving towards my pussy to eat me out. then he said ooo baby baby your pussy taste like a strawberrt sucker im gonna have to eat more. he then started munching on my clit and slid hiz finger in my hole again. i was soon after sucking his dick. he soon became too horny to stand waiting anymore and started fucking me hard. he put my legs over my head and started pumping faster and faster. Zach and me still continue to be friendz with benifits and are trying out orgys!!!
- age 14, Lani / LA (female)

Well it started when I had just got done lifting weights in the weight room. Girls basketball practice was going on in the gym. I walked into the shower room and started taking a shower. Then I heard the locker room door open and the best looking girl in the school walked in, she was a senior and haad just finished practice. She decided it was faster to go through the boys' locker room to the parking lot. She didn't realize there was a hung young freshman taking a shower. She had just broke up with her boyfriend and she hadn't had sex in a while. When her eye caught hold of me she stopped and got al read. She said,"sorry". But she just stood there and didn't move. Then she said,"mind if I take a shower with you I haven't had mine from practice yet." I was like sure go ahead. She through her bag in the corner and stripped down to nothing. I had tried to imagine what she looked like before, but when I saaw her I was blew away. She stepped into the shower and began soaping her tits. She asked me to wash her back for her, so I complied. As I washed her back my Cock brushed up against her ass and she moaned, so I slowly stuck it up her ass. She started to moan even more and it echoed through the room. She told me that she wanted to feel a hard cock in her pussy again, so I laid down and she slid her pussy down My shaft and started to ride up and down, her moans became really intense. Suddenly her body started to shake and she had a huge orgasm. She got off me and sucked me until I came in her mouth. I told her I wanted to cum inside her but she wouldn't let me without a condom. so before we parted she scribbled her number down on a piece of paper and I've had many nights of cumming in her since, We are still fucking on a daily bases and It has gotten better and more intense than that first time.
- age 16, dan

I was just sitting at home watching TV with my little brother's baby-sitter. she had just put my litle brother to bed and she requested we play a game of strip Poker, well as you can imagine I had no objections (This girl was stacked big tits, small ass and just an all around great body not to mention the fact she ). We played the game untill We had no more than our undies. I just had plain Fruit of the loom jockies on, but she had black lace panties on and white a white lace bra on. She got up out of her chair and joined me on the couch, she stuck her hand down my underwear and grabbed my errect penis. she asked me if I'd ever been with A woman and I told her no. she said that would have to change. She leaned over and pressed her lips aganst mine, and then I felt her tounge go down my throat (not only was it my first time it was my first french kiss also). It was so warm and moist. I got the hang of it preaty quick and we kissed for a while and then she took her tounge out of my mouth only for a moment, long enough to say "I want you inside me", and rip my underwear off. She took my left hand and placed it on her breast and told my to ceress her nipple and placed my right hand on her wet vigina. At the time I didn't know much about female anatomy and I thought she had already got off, But when I asked her she just giggled and layed back on out couch "eat me" she said. I was a little nervous I had never done anything like this before. She took off her panties and dropped them on the floor she grabbed my head and shoved it into her snatch and just started licking and sucking. I guess I was dooing something right becouse she was moning extremley loud. she lifted my head out of she wet spot and looked at me with that look that said "fuck me" I Did'nt even hesitate I shoved it as hard and as fast as I could into her. "Faster, Harder" she screamed. then we heard my little brother crying from the far bedroom, but I didn't care I fucked her hard and fast. I was about to blow my load, and I guessed she somehow sensed it becouse she told me "take out you'r cock and blow your load all over me you asshole" Well I did what she said. After that me and my family moved to another state so I only got to see her A couple of times after that and even know I wanted to make love to her again there were always obsticles. I've had many sexual experences since than, and I'm not saying that time was the best, But it was my first and not a day goes by I don't think about it.
- age 19, bondi

Eric and me have a history together. When we first went out we were . He was my first love and heartbreak. Back then we were to inexpirience to do more than just kiss and makeout. Ever since he broke my heart I never spoke to him or wanted to see him until we found each other recently. Two weekends ago he needed a place to stay and couldn't go home because he lives kinda far. So I received a phone call from my best friend saying he needed a place to stay but was to shy to ask me cause he was afraid I'd say no. So I said ok and he ended up showing up at my house at about 4 a.m. after he got off work at the club he works at. This was the first time we were seeing each other in abouts so we were kinda nervous and shy. We both built up enough courage to leave all the timidness behind and we're having a great weekend. The last night he was there we had rented a movie. I could tell from the time we left the video rental place that I had no intention of watching the movie. We got back to my apartment and he layed on the couch getting all comfortable pulling me to lay in front of him so that my back side was to his front. I could help it I was so restless and wanted him to touch me. I would purposly shift my weight so that I would keep bumping and slowly move up and down feeling his dick with my ass. point I had turned around and began to lay on his shoulder as if I were going to sleep. I slowly began to lay wet soft kisses on his neck. Working my way up to neck to his ear to his cheek to his mouth. We made out for a quick minute but then he turned his head to watch the movie instead. This made me sexually frustrated so I left the room to calm myself down. I came back in as the movie finished and started to look for my shoes and sweater so that I could go and drop him off at home. I guess he could see the disappointed look on my face the moment he stood up and the moment I passed by him he grabbed me by my arms and kissed me deeply. His hands fell to my waist and mines held his face as we kept kissing. We moved over to the couch and pushed him down. I stradled him slowly applying pressure so that I could feel him getting hard. I couldn't help but let out a little moan as he kissed my neck and moved his way down to my breast. All of the sudden he stopped everything and said for us to move into my bedroom. So as I got up I noticed my jeans were undone and were sitting open on my hips. They were too tight on my body for them to fall down so I just walked in front of him leading him to my bedroom by his hands. As we got close to the bed I shoved him down so that I was on top straddling him again rubbing myself against him hearing his breathing become heavier. I moved my hands slowly down to his belt and zipper. I guess he was anxious too because he unbuckled his belt and zipper quickly for me. I reached down into his boxer and pulled out his dick using the tips of my fingers to rotate into small circles around the head. I moved down and put my full lips on the tip of his dick letting my tounge pentrate through them now doing the same motion my fingertips had been doing. I licked every part as if it were my unique personal lollipop. By this time I saw him moving around as if he were about to explode so I stopped and made my way back to his lips. He yanked me on him pulling down my jeans, moving aside my underwear with his hand feeling my wetness. I couldn't help but to let out a loud moan and with this he lost all control quickly moving his rock hard dick into me. I began to ride him with a force of excitment and passion. At first moving slowly then matching the pace of his when he would slam his dick all the way in me to where I would be moaning uncontrolably. I felt a surge of energy pass through my body taking over my insides. Sliding up and down as a fast rate until he thrusted his dick as far as it could reach within me as I felt his warm juices flow through my wet pussy lips. I leaned over to kiss him as he played with my hair. Eric and me are still together and the sex just keeps getting better and better...
- age 15, jamie (female)

Sitting in my room, he started teasing me by softly touching my breasts. He gently kissed my lips, moving his tongue in and out very slowly. I could feel my pussy tingle and I could feel his dick throbbing with a hard on. I wanted to thrust his dick in my pussy so bad, but I wanted this to be a night he would never forget! He unbuttoned my shirt and I got up to dim the lights. I turned around and he had taken off his shirt. I walked to the couch and straddled over his huge dick. He took off my bra and started sucking my nipples really hard. I could feel my pussy soaking now and it took everything in me not to fuck him. We both still had our pants on, but I could feel his dick. I rubbed my pussy slow and hard on his cock. I started sucking on his tongue as I humped him harder and harder. His body began to tremble, so I got off of him and got down on my knees. I took his pants off and using my hand began to stroke his huge dick. I could hear a slight moan, so I put his dick between my double D breasts and jacked him off. His moans started to get louder and deeper. I went faster and faster. HARDER AND HARDER! AND RIGHT WHEN HE WAS ABOUT TO CUM - I STOPPED! I gave him a minute to calm down. I layed on the floor and let him watch as I masturbated. I was masturbating so hard that I began to sweat. My whole body shivered and my nipples were so hard. I couldn't stand it anymore!! I got on my hands and knees and told him I wanted to fuck. He got behind me and slowly forced his throbbing cock inside my wet and swollen pussy. It hurt at first, but after his first few thrusts, he asked me if I was ready. I took a deep breath and grabbed on to a blanket. He put his hands on my hips and held on tight. I told him I was ready and before I got the words out of my mouth he shoved his dick inside and FUCKED THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!! He smacked my ass as he thrust his dick in and out, harder and harder. It felt so damn good I moaned and screamed at the top of my lungs. I could feel him cum inside of me, but he kept going. He flipped me over and fucked me missionary style. He put my legs over his shoulders and I could feel all of him go deeper and deeper. I had 3 orgasms. I grabbed his ass and shoved his dick in pussy until it wouldn't go any further. Then it was my turn to fuck him. I got on top of him and grabbed his dick. I put the tip of his dick to my pussy and just rubbed it all around. He dick was swollen and throbbing, even though he had, by this time, cum 3 times inside of me!! I sat on his dick and fucked him harder than he fucked me! We fucked for 3 hours straight. As we began our final thrust, we both were drenched in sweat and cum but we fucked harder and harder until finally I had an orgasm the same time he let all his cum out inside of me. It was like an explosion inside our bodies. There's NOTHING like a first fuck!!!!
- age 19, IN (female)

well i was over at my girlfriends house when her parents went to the grocery store. The only people left at her house was me my girlfriend and her sister, who is 16. Me and my girlfriend went into her room and started watching TV and we started to kiss. She told me she wanted to have sex. She pulled off my pants and stated giving me head when her sister walked in. I quick covered myself up so she wouldn't see me. She said she was actually turned on and walked over to the bed and sat down. My girlfriend continued giving me head and me and her sister started kissing. my girlfriend got up and liad on the bed and pulled down her pants they told me to go over to the chair to watch them. They started kissing and rubbing eachothers tits. I walked over to the bed and put my huge dick inside my girlfriend while she ate out her sister. I started fucking my girlfriend's sister. After about 10 minutes of fucking her i cummed inside her. my girlfriend started giving me head again, later i cummed in her mouth. My girlfriends sister got dressed and left the room while me and my girlfriend sat on the bed naked. After she left the room I put my dick back in my girlfriends wet pussy. I humped her as hard as i could as she had a huge orgasm, i finally cummed inside her. we got dressed and went back downstairs.
- age 14, Florida

she took my pants off and started to eat me out i fucked her so hard her pussy tasted so nice i just loved fucking her and i put on a strap on dildo and we but fuck and it was awesome
age 18, canada (female)

Well my frist time was when i was 17 it was incredible, it was on april, i was in spring break, my boyfriend and i had been talking about having sex but i was not sure if i should, well he picked me up from house one day in the afternoon, he took to his house, and we lay in his bed watching tv and we next to eachother so he start touching unzipping my pants and he started fingering me it felt great, after that we took off our clothes play with eachother and he eat my pussy my frist time to, it was great well,after that he stuck his hard dick in my wet pussy, it hurt a little but it was the best feeling even though i was screaming, it was my best experience of course first, and is been the only guy since, 18 EVE
- age 18, ILL (female)

i was at a party with my best friend and i was so horny that i told my friend to fuck me and we went to his room and we started kissing and then i got so wet that my jeans got drenced and i unzipped his pants and he had no underwear on so his cock just hung out hard as a rock and i told him i was ready for his cock but first i gave him head a then he slid his 9" cock into me and i moaned and then i rode him so hard then he took his cock out and he ate me out and the fucked me harder the next time now we fuck when im at his house
- age 15, (female)

My boyfriend and me want to tell you about our first ANAL experience. We had been curious about anal for a while and after watching a really dirty porno we decided to give it a try. He lubed me up and slid his hard cock into my arse. It was really intense and when he came it felt amazing. It makes you feel really filthy, but thats good!
- age 20, UK (female)

Well, I was torn by these three girls at my school. Jamie was the sexiest German chick I'd ever seen. She had the hottest tan and a face that could just suck your cock off. Anna was the cutest at our school, and I just eyed her legs and arms. She was so small and skinny, man it was aggravating. The last one was Pamela, a half Polish gal with the biggest rack I've ever seen. It would bounce around in the halls, and my hand would itch to squeeze those boobs. Anyway, At the end of my eigth grade year, Jamie was leaving for Germany, and would never be back. I would miss her so much. Before she left, she had a party, and the people invited were me, Anna, and Pamela!! Man I was horny all day. When I got there, I could only feel my dick pressing against my pants. Jamie was wearing this white tank-top that went around the neck and back down. She had the tightest pants I'd ever seen. Pamela had these caprice jeans and a shirt that completely revealed her cleavage. Anna had her mini-skirt down to about her hips, and you could see her panties straight through'em. We went to Jamie's room, and apparently, her parents were gone for a while in Seattle. Lucky me. We started watching the beginnings of a movie. Luckily, there were no windows in her room. I locked the door closed without any of them noticing. I sat next to Jamie on her couch. I waited for 15 minutes. Then I couldn't hold it. I leaped on to Jamie, kissing her and grapping her nipples and cunt. I could feel her liking it, and she pushed me off. She looked at me with her eyes and grabbed my face. She buried it in her crotch, as I slipped her pants off. At that moment, Anna pulled me off, and started making out with me. I ran my hands along her legs and up her ass, squeezing. She obviously liked it, giving off sounds each time I squeezed. I pulled off her skirt easily, and pusehd her down of the floor. I tore off her shirt and started licking under her bra. Man that felt good. All the time, I grabbed her ass as well. Then Pamela jumped on me and started pulling my pants off, she lay on top of me as she peeled my sweaty shirt off, and I could feel those solid nipples against my back. Man that felt good. The I jumped off, falling into the couch. Then all three of them came at me, and I fucked all of them so hard. The whole city could probably hear us having the time of our lives. AFter that we just feeled eachother around, tickling eachother's nipples and cunts and cocks. I'll never forget that day. I moved away shortly after, so I never knew if any of them gave birth.
- age 16, Washington

I had only known Bill for a couple of months, but instantly we felt a connection, and so when the night came, we both knew it and we could both feel it. I was getting ready to go away to school, and so we wanted to spend sometime alone, so we went to a park in town. It is a huge park, about 6 square blocks, and found a special spot where we wouldn't be bothered. We started kissing and gradually his hand was unbuckling my jeans and his hand slid down to my pussy. He teased my clit a little and soon I was very wet. Eventually my jeans came off all the way, and I was laying there in my drenched panties. Then, as he kneeled over me, he slid off my panties and started to eat me out. I thrashed and moaned as he ran his tongue erotically over my clit, and as he lapped at my throbbing wet pussy. Finally, I told him it was his turn, and I took off his pants and underwear and started sucking his beautiful large cock. I took it in my mouth as sucked on it like it was an ice cream cone, carefully licking and enjoying every minute. Then as quickly as our play had started, it was over. We lay in each other's arms, half clothed, just talking. The mood changed, and instead of play, our touches became much more passionate, more intense and more serious. He started kissing my body all over, and slowly he made his way down to my breasts, where my nipples were swollen with excitement. He rubbed his finger around them lightly, and then he placed them in his mouth and began to suckle them, slowly at first until finally he was devouring them. I let him take control of my body as he massaged it and kissed it from head to toe. He asked me if this was the right time, and I nodded to him knowingly. He fumbled for a condomn in his tossed aside pants and put it on his hard throbbing cock. Before he entered me, he layed next to me and told me it was his first time and that he was scared but excited, and that he was glad he waited for the person he loved to make love to for the first time. I told him I much I loved him and cared for him, and told him I too was scared but ready. Slowly, he pushed himself inside of me. I could feel him fill up my wet pussy and at first there was some pain. A few gentle thrusts later the pain was gone, and my mind was overcome with the single thought of our lovemaking. My mind conscious only to the rythmic pattern of my new lover pushing gently in and out. We were kissing and whispering to each other, when I started to feel my very first orgasm. It began slowly, but soon I was moaning and groaning underneath his body. After my first orgasm, our lovemaking became wild and much faster. I came right before he did and I held as he came for the first time inside of me. I remember watching his face filled with excitement. Afterwards we layed in each others arms and talked of the future. Thank God no one ever caught us and ruined our beautiful night. We are still together today, and still the only person I've ever made love to is Bill. Though are lovemaking now is much more experienced and creative, I cherish the memory of our first sweet night together. It is so important your first time is with someone you love and care about. If it is, I can almost guarantee it will be fantastic and your relationship in the future will be even better.

OKay.......this is not really big deal but here it goes. Once I was at my friend's house it was my first time there I knew him well but I did not know he was naughty but anyways umm I was walking into his room and then he was like hey you know I love your chubby body can I play with it all? I was like omg I never knew he liked me or even liked my body. I was kinda of freaked out then like after 5 min of him touching and teasing me I became reallllllly horny and could not control it and I cummed like maybe 4or5 times.and then I finially understood that he really wanted me so I unzipped his pants and then I started stroke it slowly then faster until he could not bear with it it was just a short 5 min until he cummed like 7 good shots on himself and some on me I became so horny that I was like wanting sex soooooo bad and then I told him I wanted to fuck him and he wa like omg are you serious he was like rock hard and then he rubbed my tites and took off all of my clothes off rapidly and he started to put his dick in my pussy he started kissing my neck and he was like omg your pussy I tigh how am I gonna get through and I panicked I though ohh man he won't be able to fuck me because my pussy is too small but lucky he was not the give up style of man and he pumped his cock at the tip of my pussy then finially he made it through I was reilved and then my pusy started to hurt bad. But lucky he was the caring style of guy at the same same and he stopped for a while and calming me down it just made me so horny having his cock twitching and warming my pain in my pussy finially when I got really horny I told him I was ready for the big action and then he was still caring and he pumped his cock very slowly and softly but vvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrryyyyyyyyyy deep inside and it just felt soooooooooo good I came like a thousand of times he came a lot but mostly he forced him self to not cum a lot because he did not want me to get pregent. Sadly when it was over I had to leave but he kissed me on the lip while rubbing my tirtes he wispered you are the best person I have ever had sex with and I was proud and then he grabbed my ass and my boob and said come back soon we will do it again but we will do it harder! He smiled at me and kissed me again it was the day I lost my virgin I don't miss my virgin! Heck it sex is the best thing in the world! :)
- age 14, Califorina (female)

I was with this guy for 3 months one day i was with him at work he was just getting off and i had a surprise for him he said thank you he gave gave me a kiss good bye then later that night i went over to his house his parents were gone and we were sittin in the living room and we were watchin a movie it has all kinds of sexual parts and i was gettin tired so i put my head in his lap i could feel him gettin hard so i got up and then i satarted kissing him on his neck he unzipped his pants and i gave him head for a little while then we went to his room and he slid his cock in to my tight pussy it hurt wor a while but then it got more satisfing and my cherrie poped he cumed alot in my mouth it tasted so good and then we went back in to the living room to watch tv and his parents came home it was so good after that we were very close we are still together i love him so nuch.
- age 14, (female)

I used to be best firends with this girl I had known for years. We had a close relationship but also an unusual one. I went out with her for two years, starting at the age of 14. I was a virgin then, but not for long. On our second year of going out, we got really durnk one night. Things started getting hot n heavy when she suggested that we have sex. She had had sex with a girl before but I was a virgin, but i agreed. She started licking my neck, chest, back, and my clit (which we had done before) when she pulled out a long purple dildo. I was intimidated at first but I soon got used to the idea. She rubbed my crack up and down with the long shaft and I was ready for some action so she slowly worked it into my already drenched vagina. Then, without warning, she shoved the dildo into me and blood started to run down my legs but I didn't care and she licked it up for me. After I was satisfied to the max, I shoved the dildo into my girlfriend, while licking her clit and cheeks until she fell fast asleep. After the encounter, she broke off our entire relationship because she met a guy and they were engaged.(She never even introduced me to the man that was taking her away form me.) This pissed me off but there was nothing I could do about it. A few months after her engagement, I went to a strip club with some of my other friends. There, I met a guy named Lawrence. He seemed nice so I agreed to go out to dinner with him. Soon, we were back at his house and things got hot n heavy. He firmly grabbed me from behind with his large hands and started to undress me. He kissed the back of my neck while slipping his fingers inside of me. Soon, he bent me over and fucked the shit out of me. To this day, I swear, it was some of the best sex I've ever had. The next morning, I woke up to go the bathroom and in the hallway, I say I picture of Lawrence and my ex-girlfriend. When I asked him about it, he sheepishly explained that he was engaged to her and went out to the strip club for some pussy just before the wedding. She had also cheated on him with his best friend and ex- wife. So, the next weekend, the day before their wedding, Lawrence took me to her house where we had sex again. This time, my ex-girlfriend walked in on us. Needless to say, the wedding was called off. Me and Lawrence have been living together ever since and as for my ex-girlfriend, she is now stripper in the same strip club that I met Lawrence at.
- age 20,Pueblo, Colorado (female)

- age 15, UK (female)

It was a hot August day in the summer of 96. My boyfriend and I had been dating for almost 6 months. I was 18, he was under 18. We left his family reunion, saying we were going to the pool. Well we didn't, we snuck off to a place in the weeds where hardly no body goes. We were both hoping this day would happen he brought a blanket for us to lay on. I wore this cute little jean skirt that unbuttoned down the front. He layed out the blanket and we sat down. It just started with us talking, laughing and kissing. Then something just happened with one kiss. He was pulling my shirt over my head, he kept kissing my but it was harder and more passionate then any other kiss. I started kissing on his neck and nibling on his ear. He was playing with my breast, licking and sucking on my nipples. Then all of a sudden he stopped. His cuz and his girlfriend left when we did, and were close to the same spot, but were not where we could see each other. He left to find his cuz, it seems he forgot protection. His cuz gave him one, a little pissed because he interupted them. But they got over it. He came back to me, I started kissing his neck. As I was kissing his neck I undid his belt and started to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He softly said "let me help you", so he did. He was already hard, and showing though his boxers. He started fumbling with the buttons on my skirt. Finally he said forget it, and pulled it up. He took of my panties, and pulled himself out of his boxers. Then he gently pushed his way in my wet, but very tight pussy. He just keep moving in and out, real slow at first then he got harder, and harder. We are both moaning and kissing each other very passionately. Finally (it seemed like an hour, but it was just minutes) we both climax at the same time just before we both climaxed we looked at each other and said at the same time "I LOVE YOU". After it was all finished at we both could finally move and breath normal. He realized we didn't use protection. But we didn't care. We went to his house later, his parents asked us how was the pool. We both smiled and laughed and said it was great. For the next two year, we made love more times than I can't count, several times were outside, but no time was a sweet as that first time. I still think of him everyday and wonder why I left him. But we each make our own decision. No other times I have had sex has been a magical, romantic, or honest as our times together. I am now married with 2 children and still think of him.
-age 25, WV (female)

Me and my boyfriend were at the beach and it was late at night and there was only me and him there.He looked at me and kissed me passionately then we kissed and kissed for about 10 minutes until he started to grab my butt he then took my shirt off and I knew what was going to happen so then I took his pants off and told him to put his dick in my hole and he did and it hurt for the first 5 minutes and then I felt that I was in heaven cuz it really felt good the we fucked and fucked for like an hour and the he started to eat me and that felt so good then I started to lick his dick and I swallowed it and it tasted really good and the next night we did the same thing and it was even better and while his dick was going in and out I started to scream and started to call him names like motherfucker and and he said bitch hore slut and he said that it felt good so that was all for my first sexual experience.
- age 13, Canada (female)

The first time i had sex was with my boyfriend that i had been going with for 4 months. It was about 2 in the morning and i was layin on his lap when all of the sudden he picked me up and started kissing me! Before i knew it he had undressed me and i undressed him. He went from my lips to my nipples and started massaging them. That felt mad good. Then he went down to my pussy and started eating me. Oh mY GOD!! That was the best. Then he started fingering me and he did it for like 10 minutes. then he started eating me again and my cherry popped. then i had an orgasim. Then the worst part was when my mom came in and found us. I told him not to stop and he listened. My mom didn't say one word. She just left. I didn't care anyway. It felt so Good. My first time was Great
- age , Utah (female)

She was the older woman, I was the eager younger one. One evening while out driving, with what was supposed to be a jaunt to the mall, she was driving and puleed off the route to the mall and kept going in a direction I was not familiar with. When we got to an area I suppose she was comfortable with she pulled the car over. It was then my heart started pounding! She parked the car and slid over in the middle of the seat. As she did her skirt slid up just above mid-thigh. She reached for me and pulled me in close and we began to kiss softly and then something I hadn't experienced her warm sweet tongue began to slide in and out of my mouth deeper with each entry. Sge then looked me dead straight in the eye,took my right hand and placed it on her beautiful thighs. I remained still for a few moments, then made a slow but determined journey. I was going where I had never been before. As I got further up into her skirt her skin felt warmer. All of a sudden she pulled her lips from mine and gave me a look like I had never seen before, but for some unknown reason I knew what it meant. i lightly sqeezed the insides of her thighs, then without a sudden movement I stretched out my fingers and I was there! Her coton panties were absolutely soaked. At first I brushed her with my finger tips and her reactions were-to say the least breath taking. She then revealed to me more of her. Her nipples were standing as if she had gone out into freezing temps without a covering. They were about half as long as my fingers. The dark color that surrounded them made me want to taste them, but when I got them in my mouth it was very erotic I could actually lay here nipples onto my tongue. Here sleek and slinder belly had a dark peachfuzz type hair that seemed to point right back where all this had started. Me experimental phase seemed to work for her, we said nothing for nearly an hour. Her body began to sweat as well as did mine and I couldn't take it any more I had to share with her what she was doing to me. In the back of my head I kept thinking I hope my dick is up to the task 'cause this lady looks like she's in for the long haul. I started to unzip my pants when all of a sudden she pushed my hands out of the way and she not only unzipped them but slid over my lap and down in the floor board in front of me, down went my pants and down went the lady! i didn't have time to think about anything, I'm not much on underware so once my pants were gone there was nothing left to the imagination. She measured me this way she strapped one hand at the base and what was left ended up as far in her mouth as she could. Then she did it again, she gave me the look and I knew what was about to happen. As she came up at me she kissed me and went passed me and slithered into the back seat, I wasn't as graceful i couldn't wait to get back there. When I got there she was in place she was sitting with her bum tilted toward me and those thighs were bidding me. I don't think of myself being a large person, my penis measures from base to tip an even seven inches, but as I entered her the sounds that came out of her were enough to make me explode. What got my attention was that it was difficult getting inside her at first and then I saw it....it was her first experience. Shortly after several strokes things began to take off I my young body was now giving her all it could give. She was taking all she wanted, when it happened one last time. She had that same look I'd seen at the beginning. She began to quiver and I couldn't hold it any longer. Just as she yelled out...I to for the first time was experiencing what i refer to as extacy. That was several years ago and what prompted me to write about this is just yesterday afternoon that same lady who is my wife told me, "The fronts seats recline now" and slipped me that familiar look. Maybe I'll be writing a sequal before to long. ;)
- age 37,

Well... I was 14 and head over heels in luv wit a guy named phillip... he was 15 and we had both been invited to a party of a friend who waz very close to us both. Me and phillip had known eachother since the first grade... so we were pretty close. The girl Carley had a beach house party and her parents were gone so thingz wit all the guyz and gurlz was gett'n pretty freaky. Me and phillip were danc'n and flirt'n pretty bad and we just watched as two of our frienz went up the stairs to " get busy". the song suga suga came on and we started to dance and we were getting pretty close. i was wearing nothing but mi bathing suite, a 2 peice and a really short skirt. Me and phillip were dancing and like grinding on eachother he began to pull me close and whisperd in mi ear that he liked me and was waiting for the perfect time to tell me. I looked in hiz eyes and we made~out. Hiz lips were so soft...and i blushed. we began to make~out again but this time he slid hiz hand up the back of mi skirt. I felt really good cause lets just say he waz good with his handz. It felt better and better so i began to grab hiz back. Carley soon came over and said we could use her room cause it looked like we could use it. As we got to the bedroom.. we could he our friendz moaning as the bed squeeked as they banged it out. We both quikly got horny and began to make out. we went in her room and thingz got real heated... i pushed him down on the bed i began giving him a lap dance and could feel hiz dick getting hard. i stripped for him. then he got up and pulled me close to him. i got scared and he told me not to be so i got comfortable real quick. cause phillip iz much more experienced then i am. he then put me up on the wall and began to eat me out. Hiz touge moving up and down like he was eating ice cream. i came... but he want done yet. he then picked me up and layed me on the bed. i pulled down hiz shortz and sucked on hiz dick wich tasted good. He layed me down on the bed while he put on the condom and began slowly putting hiz dick in me whick was 7 in i might add... it kinda hurt so i almost cried and he asked me if i wanted him to stop. i said no. as he kept going it began to feel better and better. we rolled over and i climed on top and began riding...real fast. He said for mi first time i was the best hes had and we have been dating for 10 months now. our sex life iz great!!! lets just say he luvs to eat pussy!!!
- age 14, Miami (female)

I was in a friends party and all my classmates were invited.So i was hoping that my crush will come and have some fun.The party was about to end when i really needed to go to the bathroom and urinate, when i saw her sitting on the toilet and feeling sexy. Which she was!!! She was waiting for me ! She then turned around and showed me her thighs and she gently inserted 1 finger to her pussy and 2 until three. My cock was hard like a rock and she can see it growing. She started walking in front of me and licked my lips and said, shoot it where it hurts!! Damn it was my first time to fuck!!! I kissed her from the forehead down from nobody is allowed but me. I started to undress her, revealing her breasts and pussy lips..She then undress me and licked my nipples while leading my cock down to paradise.. She forgot to tell me that she was still virgin and so she screamed when i forced my hardcock to her vagina. I was pumping hard until blood was coming out of her. My dick was soaked with blood and needed to be rinsed and we stopped for a while. So she can rinse her vagina. She then told me that she was virgin but not anymore..We continued what were doing. I went down to lick her pussy and sip her clit. She moaned hard while im doing that.Then she went down also swallowing my cock and loving my balls. I was about to come and minutes passed and i spurted in her mouth and she swallowed all my sperms and gulped!NO MORE!!! She was still on and want me a doggystyle which i like most! After 5 hours of hardcore actions, we slept and forgot we were still in the bathroom. After that we always do it every friday in her house. Anyway, shes swallowing my dick while i type this letter.... Thanks!!-Sex Lover
- age 1, Iceland

ok, my first time was the best. I was going with this guy for like 2 months and then one day he was at my house. Nobody was there but us. I live in a two story house so we went on the roof. While we were up there we started to kiss. We had gon almoat there a lot but nevr quite there. I t seemed like tonight was te perfect night. My parents were ou of town and my brother..... at a party. As we were kissing we began to get a little more jiggy with it. The next I know I was being undressed by him. so I began to undress him. As he moved from kissing to kissing my neck. I could feel the excitement in my body. He moved down to my nipples, as he pplayed with my nipples with his tounge I realized how much I loved him. He moves down fom my nipples to my naval ring. Then he was fingering me. Then the next thing, he ws eating it. That was actually better than the sex. Then i fully undressed him, and he put on the condom. Then, I could feel it oming. As he entered my tight vagina with his 8 in penis, it hurt but then was like no other feeling in the world. then he tookit slow for a few minutes then got rough. I like it rough though. I could feel the orgasm coming. It was SO GREAT! then he had his orgasm. We went to get some thing to drink. Then on our kitchen table, I decided it was time to learn how to ride. For all the girls, it is better try it. that was great also. Then we crahed got up the next day and fucked some more. We are still together and plan to be for a while. We ry to fuck at least twice a week. I really love him!!!!
-age , (female)

We were both 13 at the time. We had known each other since we weres old. We both went through puberty at pretty much the same time. We had shown each other our goods before and now we were starting to become really curious about sex. By then she looked great in a swimming suit. She had let me fondle her breasts. By then they were pretty big and it got me excited every time. She told me that she wanted to have sex. My heart pounded when I kissed her and my penis erected. I wanted to have sex with her, but she was even more eager than I was. We were both virgins. We just wanted to know what it would be like. So we decided to try it. We went into her garage and took off our swimming suits. We stared at each other's bodies. It was a bit awkward at first because I didn't know where I should put my penis and neither did she. We were kneeling and facing each other and I moved my penis around her crotch until I found the spot. She knew I had found it and just told me to do it. I leaned over her a bit, put my hands around her back and shoulders and pushed in. I felt her hymen tearing as I slid in. It was so tight inside and I pushed as hard and as far in as I could. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it sure felt good. I felt my semen going into her pretty quickly. She didn't have an orgasm until the next time. She said it hurt and there was blood on my penis and her legs and the floor of the garage. We cleaned up in her shower and later that night we did it again and it got better after that. The first time wasn't the best for either of us, but it did get much, much better as time went on. The last time I had sex with her was just before she moved away when she . I missed her and I still remember her as my first. I have met her since then. We were best friends when we were kids and we were each other's first lovers. We have both been with other lovers since then and we are both married to other people now, but we still remember our first time.
-age 36, NY

This story is not going to be like all the other stories, this one is much more romantic, and what lossing your virginity for the first time should be about; love. Me and and my boyfriend had been dating for about 7 months before the topic of sex had even come up. Then, when it finaly did, we both wanted to make it perfect. We planned a sweet romantic evening at my house. We ate dinner, went out by the beach and talked, kissed, and sat next to each other, holding hands while we starred at the stars. It was late, so we went back to my house. We opened the curtains in my room, so that the full moon's light could shine in as we made love. I'm not about to go into any of the details about the actual sex, because to me thats not as important as the moment, the person, and the feelings that exist and were being shared at the moment. Now I can look back on that night, and smile, not because the sex was good (which it was) but because it was special. I shared my loss of virginity with someone I loved (still do. Someone that wasnt just a one night fling, I shared it with my first love. I'm happy to report that we are still together today, every thing is going well and we are looking forward to our anniversary in about a month..
-age 17, hi (female)

I was a late developer and did not experience my first ejaculation until I was 14. I was big into sports and football and that provided me with all my fun until then. My first masturbation experience involved me lying on my belly in bed and gently rubbing my erection against the bed sheets. The first time I came was explosive and my pyjamas and the bed sheets were soaked in hot sperm. But my first experience with a girl did not occur until much later, when I was seventeen. A new family came to live in our street just opposite from our house. There was an older boy and a girl aged 15. She was physically very mature with large 36 CC breasts and a great womanly figure. We first met a couple of days after she moved in when she came out to watch me play football by myself in the street. When I saw her I smiled, went right over and introduced myself. She told me her name was Kathleen and I asked her did she want to play football. She laughed and said she was less than useless at football but could play Curby. This is a game that involves throwing the ball from one side of the street to the other to see if you could hit the curbstones that caused the ball to bounce back and gave you a score and a free throw. We played a number of games and Kathleen was really quite good. We soon had a sweat on and I could see that her breasts swung pendulously each time she threw the ball. I soon had a hard on focusing on her ample cleavage, which did not help my game. We finished up with Kathleen winning more games. We then sat on the wall outside my house and just talked. She explained that she was the youngest in her family and that dad was a widower who could no longer work because of a lung disease. I really felt comfortable talking with her even though she was a couple of years younger than I was. That night I masturbated vigorously while imaging Kathleen's breasts swinging freely. Our friendship grew over the next few weeks although at times Kathleen could be quite shy and embarrassed around me. One particular day a schoolmate was staying over night with her so there were three of us playing in the street. She was very slim and pretty with long blond hair down over her shoulders. But she wasn't my type. Later she teased Kathleen in front of me by saying that Kathleen was still a virgin. Kathleen went bright crimson and immediately I rushed to her defense and said so what, so was I. Her friend stopped teasing and I could see Kathleen smile with her head down. The next night I was taking the family dog for a late-night walk and I asked Kathleen did she want to join me? She said yes rushing back inside only to gather her coat. When we walked I mainly did the talking. Naturally, I led the conversation. I asked her if she had ever been with a boy. She mumbled yes, sort of, but not a steady boyfriend. I asked her to explain. She said she had played games in her friend's house one night at a party when she was drunk and that a boy had got fresh with her but she wouldn't let him go all the way. Again she went bright red just talking about it. I told her I had never been in a steady relationship either and that apart from masturbation was sexually inexperienced. I said this matter-of-factly without looking at her but I was aware she was staring right at me. I continued walking with Kathleen catching me up. She then put her hand in mine. I looked at her smiled and accepted. Just then I decided to take a short cut through the woods. It was quite dark but for a half moon overhead and Kathleen pressed close against me. I could just feel the warmth of her breast brushing occasionally against my arm. Not far into the wood I stopped by a tree. Kathleen turned to see why I had stopped and I just reached out and pulled her against me and gave her a long, wet kiss. Then her tongue quickly shot into my mouth and the feeling from my first French kiss sent a real shock through my body. My cock was real hard. I undid the buttons of her coat, unzipped my parka and pulled her warm body against mine. I could feel her nipples almost rigid through the fabric of her clothes. We kissed passionately some more. Then I pressed my right hand against her shoulder and slowly traced the outline of her body ending on her thigh, which I gave a gentle squeeze. She gave a little moan and raised her left thigh against my waist pulling me closer still with the back of her calf. I placed my hand on her left breast, squeezed and kneaded it and I definitely could feel her nipple stiffen. I pulled the top buttons of her blouse free and cupped her breast then slid my fingers inside to feel her bullet-hard nipple properly. She moaned even louder. I pulled her bra cup aside exposing a very erect nipple that I immediately sucked hard on. Kathleen was moaning loudly by this time and I dropped my hand to feel her inner thigh before pressing my fingers gently against her cunt. She squealed with delight, and responded by thrusting herself vigorously against the palm of my hand. She was hot and as I squeezed the hand down below the waistband of her knickers against the wet lips of her vagina she suddenly gasped, moaned and fainted. She had just experienced her first orgasm and blacked out momentarily. A few moments later she came to resting on the grass. She looked dazed but pretty pleased with herself. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her on the forehead and said, come on -- let's get you home before they send out a search party for us. We walked home hand in hand not exchanging a word. Just occasionally she squeezed my hand and smiled a little. Outside our homes she gave me a gentle kiss, said thanks, that was wonderful and headed inside. I was happy but still horny at the same time. I made my excuses and went to bed early that night. As I undressed for bed I closed my eyes and relived the experience of that night. I was soon pulling vigorously on my cock. My room is at the front of the house looking across to Kathleen's house. Just then I saw Kathleen's face at the window of her landing. I opened the curtains slightly and masturbated in front of her until I came. Then she disappeared into the bathroom a second. Moments later, she re-emerged onto the landing and put the light on. I could see she was naked. She smiled, blew me a kiss, turned and walked away.
-age ,

The november night was inky blue, the air clean and brisk. My boyfriend, Don put his arm around me as we walked. I stopped Don on the street and kissed him on the mouth the way I thought someone in a movie might kiss. Soon we were in the dormitory parking lot, leaning against a stranger's empty car, still kissing cinematically. Then we were in the back seat of the same car, half lying down. Just when the kissing was getting boring, Don put his hand up my skirt. I had never had anyone's hand up my skirt before. His fingers moved tentatively up my legs. His hand wondered around the flesh of my thigh, then moved inward and upward. He then felt me and said "My god, you're wet". "Okay" he mumbled, sliding his two fingers awkwardly up the leg of my panties. When he touched me something flashed in my head. He then kissed me again. I then put his hand on my throat. I told him to squeeze just alittle bit, I want to see how it feels. He then layed on top of me. Don unbuttoned my shirt and cupped his whole hand over my breast. He felt my nipples and told me my nipples are as hard as diamonds. I shouted Diamonds and we both began to shudder, I was extemly embarrassed and shut my eyes tight. Don said "Hey" he kept saying hey only it wasn't as if he expected an anwser. I was breathing like I'd been running. Don then whispered "Wow, you had an orgasm" He was telling me that he never gave a girl an orgasm. We then kissed again. He slid off my panties and unzipped his pants and inserted his cock in the middle of my legs. He broke me and I was in tears cause of the pain. He then told me that everything would be okay. He fucked me for 25 minutes or so and I was moaning and screeming. As he was fucking me, he was about to pull out because he was going to cum but I told him to just leave it in and he shot warm cum into my pussy. I was then tired and we both almost fell asleep naked in someone's car but we got out and he continued to kiss me and walked me home the rest of the way.
- age 15, Miami (female)

My first time was with a guy i really liked he can to my house and i didnt even kno he was commin ova cuz i was talkin to him on the phone n i told him my parents werent home n than e said he had to go n left but wat i didnt kno was that he was walkin to my house. so after a while he just showed up at my house n we were hangin out watchin tv n we started to flirt a lot n both of us got really horny so we started makin out n than we gradually started takin off our clothes so eventually we got really into it n we were all over each otha naked on the couch n he blew like 4 time n we were at it fo like an hour when he had to go... it was the best time of my life.
- age 16, Michigan (female)

my first time was when id just turned 16. i had to go on a camping holiday with my parents as they didnt trust me in the house on my own (like id have a party and wreck the place?!? hehe). it was the end of june, so the weather was just starting to get hot. we went for 2 weeks, the first week me and my older brother met loadsa ppl, but the middle weekend they all left, all except these two girls. jemma and holly were their names. jemma had long, light blonde hair, slim, tight arse, 5ft3 and a huge pair of tits! these looked fake due to her petite build. holly was tall, 5ft10, dark brown wavey hair, small beautifully rounded tits and the most gorgeous pair of buttocks ull ever see. her figure was just like kylie minogues, only taller with more rounded tits. any way ... towards the end of the week we were hanging out from early morning until late at nite and we all got on so well it was like we'd been friends forever. it was hollys b.day on the thursday so we were having a quiet few drinks before we headed off to the nearby towns clubs in mine and my bros tent. then suddenly my bro put his drink down and picked up jemma and walked her into the sleeping compartment and zipped it up behind him. so i followed his lead and went to lay down in the compartment so holly would have no choice but to follow me, or sit there like a lemon. sure enough she followed me in and we both just layed there, in a tent, in North Devon (SW England) just looking at each other. she then told me that she was a virgin and i was gobsmacked, as id fingered this girl numerous occassions and hadnt realised?!? so we just layed there for 5 minutes or so when she just leaned over and kissed me, she then paused and stayed there to make sure that she'd get a proper kiss. so we started kissing, then tongues we being used and before i knew it we were both rolling around attached to each others faces. i was horny as hell and she knew it! she then pulled away and lifted up he top to reveal her marvelous breasts, and then presumed snogging me. a couple of minutes later, after groping and pulling hernipples gently i kissed her neck and worked my way down her chest to her nipples and in turn took each in my mouth, rolling my tongue over them and sucking them softly. she was shaking all over with anticipation but i werent finished. i then pulled my top up and off over my head and she just dived on me (she had a thing for muscles and 6 packs) she went straight for my nipples, bitting and sucking them softly. now this drove me crazy!! she then licked and bit her way down my body, unbuttoning my jeans and flies then pulling them down and off leaving me laying there starkers with the gorgeous horny bird licking around my belly button. she then took hold of my cock, which felt like it was going to explode i was turned on so much! gave it a few wanks then pulled back the skin and darted her great tongue into the eye of my snake, lapping up all my juicy precum. she then took the head in her lovely mouth and started to suck it down and then right up tilli almost fell out of her mouth. this drove me nuts, but kept me on the edge. all the while i was watching this magnificent pair of lips gobble away at my 6.5 inches in the dim light of the lantern that we left with the drinks. she then licked me from my arse hole (which was a new experience - and one that has been experimented with since), around my ball sack then up the underside of my cok, making me almost spunk immediately. she then gave me one last furious suck, that took me right to the edge but not over and came up to kiss me passionatly once more. i then rolled over and rolled on top of her and kissed and licked down her body, undid her jeans and pulled them down and off but left her g-string on. i then burried my face between her legs and licked at her protruding clit that was pocking out through the thin material. i then pulled them 2 one side and gave a little lick on her nub. she then pushed me away, i thought id done something wrong ... but she then yanked her g-string down and off and grabbed my hair and forced me down on her. i had no objections 2 this as i love muff diving, i think oral is the key 2 sex! i then furiuosly lapped away at her love bud. i reached under and poked her arse-hole with my finger which made her jump and squirm, but this gave me perfecr positioning for me 2 stick my tongue right in her hole. when i did this she screamed and squirted her womenly juices over my chin. i left it there for her 2 lick off when i went back up 2 kiss her, which she did rather greedily. she then whicspered in my ear that she wanted me to be her first and that she was ready for me now. so i then kissed her, held her legs up, positioned my self at her entrance and eased it in. she was so wet and i had no trouble stretching her and sliding in. there was a little resistence, but i just held it there and pop her virginity was no more. she gave a little squeel and pulled a face as if id cut her legs off, but after the pop her face changed into someone who was in total ecstacy. i started pumping slowly as i was worried that i was gonna come quick, but she wriggled her legs free from my grasp and wrapped them round me digging them into my arse cheeks. from the b.j before i was so close 2 coming so many times my spunk must have just given up and decided not 2 try and come out. (i dunno if any one else gets that? but i still do now?!?) so with her legs wrapped and pulling me deeper and deeper into her i had no choice and just went with the flow. it felt amazing! better then any wank or any b.j id ever had! she was so wet and her inner muscles were just massaging away with my every stroke. i kept going for over an hour in many positions. my bro and jemma had gone off to the clubs without us. after we had done missionery, her on top, cow girl, on our sides and doggy we finished up in a juicy 69. except i couldnt lick her as she was way to sensitive because shed been rubbing her clit the whole time we'd been going at it and had 7-8 orgasms. so she went to work on my cock, trying to make me cum but with no avail. in the end in had to wank (as this has been perfected over the previous 4 an a half yrs - yes i was only 11 and a half) to make myself come. this only took me thirty seconds and just as i was grynting i was coming she pulled me over so that her face was under my throbbing cock. ive never squirted so much before or after this experince. i totally covered her face and lovely firm tits, which she happily licked up whateva her tongue could reach. i was exhausted, she was fucked from coming that many times. but this story has a heart break to it. the next day i went surfing with my parents down at the local beach all day, and when i came back we got washed and changed from our beach wear and headed for the club. i saw holly there copping off with some other lil cock. so i did the natural thing ... beat the fuck outta him, his brothers and all his friends and get thrown out but the security ... who jumped us on the way home and beat my brother. but we had their jobs for that. i then had to go home and explain what had happened to my girl-friend. but all i want is another nite of passion like that ... nothing has ever come close to that, i think it was more the excitment of the circumstances more then any thing. but that was my first time. we kissed and said good bye the following sunday evening and i havent spoke to her since. sorry about the length, just had to let u know all the details. hope u enjoyed. J xxx
- age 18, UK, Essex

I hadn't any real experience at all with boys before I lost my virginity. In high school I had always been the class nerd, and my eyes were cross-sided. So I got pushed aside by everyone and naturally ended up being very shy. But the summer before college, I finally had surgery to my eyes. I was staying with a great group of girls at the campus residence and I was determined to change my luck. On Thursday nights, there were often beer parties at local pubs and bars. This one was a biggie, everyone was in the mood to party since it was the end of the year. So a bunch a girls went over, including a good friend Mimi. Mimi.s brother Jose walked over to our group, near the bar. He spotted me immediately. We started to talk and he asked if I wanted to dance. I had had a few beers, but I wasn.t drunk, just feeling happy and very good. Once on the dance floor, the dance slowed down, and they started to play slow tunes. So we got real close and started to dance. When I drink, but not too much, I always feel horny. His warm body and his hands sliding up and down my back really aroused me. Soon he started to kiss my neck. Then his lips moved to my mouth and we kissed passionately. I had never really kissed a guy before, (if you don.t count the stupid dares we do as kids). His tongue was rolling around in his mouth with mine and I could feel my body getting warm. I could feel his penis, hard in his pants, pressing against my body and it was turning me on even more. I.ll always remember the song that played when we were French kissing on the dance floor Take My Breath Away by Berlin. I still get shivers today when I hear that song. We went back to the bar, and we took a couple of drinks. He offered to walk me back to the campus residence. We stopped by one of the big trees on campus and started kissing again. I was feeling so horny, I knew I wanted it now. His hands were feeling up my back and he slid them down and was grabbing my ass. My pussy was all wet by then. He smiled at me and I nodded. He knew I wanted it. So we walked back to the bar, hopped in his car and went to his apartment. As soon as we got at his apartment I started undoing his pants. We went to his room, and undressed. He kissed me everywhere, I was getting wetter and wetter, I let out a sharp moan as he licked my clit. The heat and wetness of his tongue on my clit was just amazing. He moved up and we started kissing, He pushed into me while we were kissing. It didn.t even hurt. I started moving my hips to his beat, but then he came really quick. Just then I realized that I had been stupid because we hadn.t used any protection. I felt uncomfortable and asked him to drive me home. No one said a word on the drive back. The next day I went to the clinic and took some morning after abortion pills. I was worried sick until I got my period. I remained friends with Mimi throughout college but never saw Jose again. My advise to all you young shy virgins out there is even if you think you.re not ready now, or think you won.t lose your virginity anytime soon is: get some condoms and keep up them in your purse. You.ll never know when that first guy will come over and take your breath away.
-age 19 s.m. (female)

I was a sophmore, he was a senior and it was the end of the year. We had been going out since Novemeber. I knew he had to leave for college, and even though I knew I would see him every weekend, becuase the colege was so close, I thought that it was about time. I really wanted him, and I knew he wanted it too. He never, ever pressured me, but once I overheard him say to his friend he did not want to graduate a virgin. It sounds so typical, and stupid, but I can see where he was coming from. Well, I had been trying to plan this perfectly all week, and I had the big plan ready for Friday night. I was a little nervous, but very excited. So Firday rolls around, and the morning was so difficult! I was so excited, and I could hardly wait. I was in such a good mood, because I knew what was going to happen. I made sure to look really hot, so he would want me so badly by the evening. Finally at lunch time I got to talk to him. He did not know what my scheme was yet, but he seemed happy that I was so pleasent. I was very touchy with him, while we ate. I don't think he had any clue what he was getting that night. In fact, I don't think he thought he was gonna get any until the end of the summer, or later. I told him I wanted to be alone with him. I just wanted to talk, and hint a little. So, he takes me out to his car, the only private place we could think of. We were sitting there, and I could not contain myself, and I just kissed him...Pretty soon we were half dressed, in the backseat. It was leather, and it felt so nice on my skin. This had happened about a million times before, so it was not big deal. Things kept moving right along, and before I know it we're down to our underwear. I looked at him for a minuete, and thought,"oh, well, you were going to give up tonight, might as well, give it to him now. Besides, you really want him...NOW." So I smiled at him, and began to pull his boxers off. You should have seen the look on his face! It was priceless! That alone was worth it! Now he pulls off my underwear. It was a special pair, cause it was a special day, but not the ones I had bought for that night. He put it in, and it did hurt a bit, but once things got moving it was wonderful. The only thing I was worried about was a teacher walking into the parking lot, and noticing activety in the window. They would not only get us in trouble for cutting class, but they would catch us having sex! Too embarassing too imagine! He kept mentioning how careful we needed to be, so we didn't get anything on the seat. It was his parents car sort of, cause they bought it, but he had total acess. So, they might notice. It was so beautiful. We both came. We came back just in time for the last class, and I cannot imagine what I looked like! He had the cutest little grin on his face, he seemed to be so proud! We did end up with some detention for cutting class, but it was so worth it! That night we did it again several times, but this time, it was the way I had planned. In fact, that day I just went home with him, and we spent the whole night together. The first time was not perfect, but it was what it was, there is no changing it now. I am so glad it was someone I loved. I am still with him, and on ocassion, we go back to the car.
-age 27 NY (female)

her name was Caroline, but to me she was Ms. Gavaghan. she of my best friends mom and was the MILF in our school. every guy i know wanted to fuck her. for having a old son (at the time), she was incredibly young, 2 yrs old. She was about 5'6 and couldn't have weighed much more than 110 lbs, but she had some big tits, size 36dd. they were natural too. she was like a barbie doll. long legs, blonde hair, the tighest ass, and no tan lines at all (i found out). she knew she was hot too, but she dressed prettyy damn slutty. she always wore those tight little baby doll shirts that aqueeze a girls tits together, but she also always bought them too small. her tits were practically spilling out the sides. she didn't let men down when it came to showing her ass of either. she also woere either extremely short skirts/shorts or the tighest pants. i don't really know how to do her justice, besides say that she was the closest thing to most men's perfect woman. all of us just drooled when she walked by and we knew she loved it. well i had been masturbating to Ms. Gavaghan ever since i discovered the art of pleasuring myself and have to admit i still do. however all it took instance to turn my fantasty into an obsession. i went over to my brian's house (my friend) to see if he wanted to hang out. when i knocked no one answered, but i heard loud music coming fro inside. since brian and i had been friends for most of our lives we usually just wondered in and out of each other's house. so i just opened the door and went in. the music was coming from upstairs, so that is where i headed. i was surprised to find it was coming from his mom's room. when i got to the door, i slowly opened it to ask Ms. Gavaghan where brian was. however i was extremely pleased to see Ms. Gavaghan giving head to some guy i didn't know. now i had a girlfriend and had been given blowjobs, but nothing like this. she was a pro, i could tell this guy was having the time of his life. it was too much for me, i pulled my dick out right there and started beating off to the scene.just as i came, i heard footsteps behind me. it was brian i quickly zpped up and ran past him and out the door. i heard him yell after me, but just kept going. in the next 24 hours i must have beat off 25 times thinking about the incident. my cock was always hard from it. the next day at school i avoided brian all day. however after school when we had a basketball game i couldn't. however i managed to not tell him what happened. he kept asking though. anyways we won the game in large part thanks to me. i scored 27 points and had 16 rebounds. after the game i planned on getting dressed real quick and leaving as fast as possible to avoid further questioning from brian. however i found out the whole team was going to some party, so i decided it would be better to fall behind and get there after brian. so i took my time getting showered and changed. in fact when i got out of the shower everyone else was gone except for my coach and girlfriend. this was kind of embarassing by the way since i was still thinking about Ms. Gavaghan and came out of the shower with a huge boner and no towel. anyways my coach just told me good game and left. my girfriend grabbed my cock and said we will take care of that later, but for now i will be waiting with my girlfriends for you by your car. with that she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and left. as i was combing my ahir i heard the door open, i figured it was just one of my teammates. a few minutes later i got quit a surprise though. Ms. Gavaghan was standing behind me looking hot as hell. she said that brian had told her about the day before. i didn't know how to respond, was i wrong did he see me beating off to hi mom? she quickly confirmed he hadn't by telling me not to worry. at first i was relieved, but then i realized she had known. she went on to explain that when she came pout of the bedroom she stepped in my pile of cum. then later when brian told her how i ran out of the house, she put 2 and 2 together. i was quit embarassed and still didn't respond. however Ms. Gavaghan did. She walked over to me and got really close. she then complimented me on my game that night and said she had always wanted to be with an all-star basketball player when she was in highschool. i just nodded my head. she took the opportunity to run her nails across my abs (i had my shirt off) and compliment me on those. however soon he hand moved southward and she grabed my cock. she said "Seems nice too". With that she got down on her knees and unzipped my pants. she pulled my dick out, while i unbuckled my belt to give her better access. right away i knew i was right, she gave head better than i could ever even imagine. she did wonderful things with that very talented tongue. it only yook her a few s to take my seven and a half inch hog al the way down. the things she did with her tongue on the upstroke were undescribable. i came in about a minute and it was the biggest load i had ever shot. she took it all down like a pro though. afrter that i took over control as i removed all her clothes piece by piece. God was her body perfect. I sucked on her tits for awhile until my dick was hard again. she then bent over the bathroom sink and reached around to grab my cock. she guided it toward her honey pot and there was no way i would hold back, i slammed it into her. she was pretty tight, even though she was by no means a virgin. i fucked her for about 5 minutes before i came. she didn't come that time, but she got close. i finshed her off with a little pussy licking. i got her off by fucking her a few days later. after we finished she kissed me and told me to call her. we fucked for the next couple of months, but eventually she got a real boyfriend and our sessiosn became less and less frequent before just stopping. however a few years later when i was home from college for christmas i stopped by brian's house (we are still great friends) and the passion came spilling out again. we hooked up and fucked like mad. in a years time we got married. she still looks unbelievable now at age 40. and still gives amazing head. although alot of my friends think i gave alot up for caroline i knew it was well worth it. after all while i was in college i fucked plenty of women upwards of 75 (i played b-ball and got most of them that way). plus on more than one occassion caroline has brought home a friend. that's another story though.

I had gone on a fishing trip by myself in my boat when i decided to ring my girlfriend. We had been going out for about 3 days at the time. She decided to come and meet me just up the river. Before she left i told her to come without a bra and panties. When she showed up she was only wearing a tank top without bra and a mini skirt without panties. One of my friends was in the boat when i picked her up (he was on the river with another of his friends in a different boat) as she got onto the boat she nearly fell off and my friend tried to help her only she declined. When she was finally on the boat we headed to a more private area and kicked my friend off the boat. My friends drove about 20m down the river and started fishing. As soon as they got more than five metres away we started kissing with tongue and everything. About 2 mins later i started to feel her breasts and her nipples were completely hard. I took her tank top off and started to suck on her nipples. She really loved this and she took of my shirt. I soon got tired of this and started to run my hand up her thighs. Up and up i went until i reached something wet. Mind you by this time i was completely hard and she knew it and started to feel my hard erect cock. I pushed a finger inside of her and found that she was still a virgin. She had a little pain so i took it slow and just went back to feeling her breasts. This is the time when she removed my pants and Started to give me a blowjob. She slowly swirled her tongue around the head of my penis and took the whole length into her mouth, this was really difficult for her and she gaged she soon got used to it and could take the full lenght without any problems. She looked up at me and told me to give it to her and then started sucking again. I gave her my full load and she swallowed all of it and the litle that escaped her lips she licked off her breasts. This is when i decided it was time so i raised her up and started to finger her, she wanted more and more. I started to put 3 fingers in and she was kissing me like crazy. It was at this time that my friends came back with their boat and caught us naked they soon left us in peace. This is when she got ontop of me and started to buck back and forth my penis was coming in contact with her vagina every time she bucked downwards. Suddenly i couldn't handle it anymore so i grabbed her and held her down so i could insert my penis and she just relaxed and let me push it in bit by bit. She didn't have any pain due to our fingering before hand and also our previous encounters with each other. Once it was in she started to buck like crazy. It was the best feeling of my life being inside of a wet warm vagina. I grabbed her breasts and started to suck them and this drove her crazy and I swore she had an orgasm. This drove me over the edge and came right up inside of her. After we layed there and just made out like crazy with my half hard penis still inside of her. After about 5 mins of making out it was hard again and we started at it. We did it 7 times that night. We made love which included foreplay and sex for around 8 hours. In the morning i left her on the bank and she walked the 2kms home again leaving me satisfied. This was the story of my first time and it was a very good first time too. This was definatly not our last time. I love you babe only my new girlfriend has a much tighter pussy and gives better head and she is bi so we have some great 3somes with her friends.
-age 16, MO

well, this is how my story began.. I went to New York to see an old friend of mine (her name is Becca) plan while i was up there was to just hang out and have fun, you know the basic chill,talk,laugh.. ect.Well it had been a few years since i had seen her cousin Mike and i liked what i saw.. tall, dark hair, muscles. and well it had been a couple years since he'd seen me. We talk and stuff kinda flirted..that went on for about 3 days then we started to really talk. We told each other what we thought of one another and it was to my surprize that he noticed that i grew up a lot, i wasnt just one of his little cousins friends anymore. well we talked and talked and hung out and got to know each other better than we knew eachother for the pasts we'd known eachother. one night we were talking and i had writtin him a letter and givin it to him the night before. it talked about how i had decided i wanted him to be my first (wich we had already talked about jokingly) and he decided that he'd like to be.We had to find a place to go.. We thought for about 30 min. then he took my hand and lead me to the back yard.. he kissed me.. I was in heaven. that was my first kiss.. i couldnt beleive it.. he hugged me and took me by the hand again.he took me to the rabbit barn (not a romantic place, but a place i will never forget) he had a blanket in one arm and me by his side in the other. he was fumbaling through his pocket to find his lighter so he could see where to lay the blanket down. he finaly found it. i was about to the point of shock by this time.. it was really gonna happen. he lay it down then sput his lighter away. he pulled me real close to him and said "are you sure you want to do this..?" I was sure.. and him asking me made me even more sure. he kissed me softly then harder and more passionet. he made his way to my breasts.. i loved it.. it felt so good. Then he unfasened my bra.. his big hands were on my tripple D breasts.. my nipples were hard from not only from to cold but from the excitement.. he rubbed my nipples ans pinched them. he leaned his head down and kissed my breasts and in between them and bit them.. mmm i was dripping wet..he unbuttoned my jeans and put his hand between my jeans and my blue silk panties.. he started rubbing my pussy.. a place no one had ever touched.. he rubbed it so gentle.. i couldnt help but let out a little moan he rubbed harder then.. on my god i loved it.. he layed my down on the blanket.he took my shoes and jeans off then slowly, while kissing me took my panties off.. i was so wet and so ready for him to be in me.he had other plans.. he got down on his knees and put his face between my legs.. he kissed it ans then started licking my pussy lips.. he uesd his fingers to spread my lips appart and oh my god.. he started sucking my clit(thats my spot) i couldnt hold it anymore.. i cummed in his mouth.. he licked every drop of it up. he then moved up and asked me one more time if i was ready.. i was deffinatly ready.. he took my hand and placed it on his now hard as a rock cock.. it felt strange at first but then it felt like the best work of art ever. he took a condom out of his pocket and asked me to hold the wrapper (couldnt leave no evidence behind), i took it from him and held it in my hand. he put the condom on and then slowly moved up over me and possioned his cock at my hole.. the moment of truth.. he leaned down and kissed me and then slowly pushed his cock in my tight virgin pussy hole.. it hurt a little.. but not as bad as i thought it would.. then it went a little deeper a sudden pain shot through me and i tensed up.. there goes my innocens,he asked me if i was ok.. and i said yeah.. i wasnt stopping now.. he kept pumping slow untill i told him to go faster.. and oh boy did he ever.. he started moving a little faster in and out of me untill he was pumping so hard i couldnt hold still i wanted to scream from pleasure.. but i knew i couldnt.. he told me to rub my clit while he fucked me so i did ... it made the feeling even better.. he told me he was gonna cum and at that instant i cummed even before he could.he cummed and it was like the best sensation ever was going through my body.. he held me for a few min. and then we realized that my friend was going to be looking for me.. we had forgotten all about the time. we got up and kissed for about another 5 min. and then we had to get dressed. we made our way back out of the rabbit barn and sure enough walking up the road was my friend. we acted like nothing had happened like we had been just sitting in the back yard talking.. she found out about it later.. he was my first love and the one who took my innocense.. it was april 21,2000.turned out that i had to leave the next day to come back to NC. we still talked and are still friends to this day.
-age 21, madison (female)

there was this guy in acouple of my classes. i had him in french math and in english. he was a pretty good writer and great in math and i was good in french so we decided to help each other out. i could feel he was attracted to me. he use to flirt everyday in class and we decided to have tutor sessions at my house. then i had a boyfriend so he knew not to try anything. after awhile he stopped the flirting when he got the point that I DID have a boyfriend. we use to talk about stuff. we traded secrets. i told him that my boyfriend was BAD in bed. and he use to joke about it all. well towards march, me and my boyfriend broke up but i hadnt told him about it. about a month later he asked me whats up with me and my boyfriend and i told him that we broke up a month ago. he was comforting me even though i was over it. something about him made me real attracted to him. he was a good looking guy and real sweet but not til those couple of days did i feel attracted to him and i knew he still liked me. well one afternoon my we were all alone at my house and my parents and brothers went out of town to vegas. he came over and we tutored each other but i wasnt getting it. i was stressing so much over it all. so he said to take a break. then we got into a little conversation. we joked about sex and everything started to get serious. he told me that he wanted me. i thought he was joking around then he kissed me passionately on the lips, but i pulled back. i guess he saw that as a rejection so he said maybe he should go. so he packed all his stuff and was ready to leave. when he walked over to the door i closed it and just stared at him. i guess he thought i was playing too and he told me to get out of the way. and i said no. so he dropped his bag and tried to move me but i pushed him over to the bed. i sat and laid there and pulled him by the shirt toward me and kissed him. he started laying on top of me and got comfy and started kissing back. he took of my shirt and then my sweats and then my bra and then my underwear, as i took of his shirt his shorts then his boxers. then he started getting more passionate on me and started kissing my all over, around my neck and naval and started stuckin on my boob. he moaned like hell it felt real good. i pushed his head on them more til he started kissin down more. he got between my legs and started kissin my clit. he started suckin and lickin it until i screamed for him to stop but he kept going i pushed his head in so his tongue could go deeper and he started blowing and playin around. he went at it again and i cummed. he started kissin up more towards my neck. he then tried to push his dick in but i got all tight on him. he told me to relax and went down and started kissing my cuit and came up. he finally got his dick in and and started stokin back and forth. i opened wider and we started kissing. he stroked harder and harder till i screamed. and he stoked harder and harder. i felt tearz coming down my eyes but it felt so good. i told him harder and harder so harder and harder he stroke till i screamed like hell. so he slowed down more and started kissing me. he stroke more and more until he comed inside of my. he pulled his dick out and laid on top of me with his head to my boobs. i loved it. he didnt leave until about 6 in the morning cus he didnt want his parent 2 know he was at my house all nite. the day after that he came over but we didnt have sex he told me that he wanted me and that he wanted to take things slow. im still with him and loving every minute with him.
-age 17, (female)

ugh, right, try to remember, ok here goes. first of all i was 14 and she was 15 (older girl-i well impressed myself!) but dont see this as kiddy porn, it was the best few hours of my life (till last night when i finally bedded a irl i've been chasing for over 2 years!) i got on with this girl Holiie really well, we were proper tight. she was going out with one of my mates, and she'd come and talk to me everytime she got pissed at him, or anything really. we used to sit in her room for hours just talking about random stuff, have a laugh, and whenever i felt brave enough, i'd make a sexy comment, usually complimenting her (her arse!!) well anyway one time i had a few bevveys before i went round there, we got talking and i asked her y she was with her boyfriend, he made her unhappy because he only really saw her when he wanted to have his way with her. she had no answer, i knew that was my time to go in for the kill. i said to her that she must be pretty experienced then, she told me she could probably teach anywoman somthing. i asked if i could be her dummy so she could use me for demonstrations! she said with pleasure. (SWEET- nearly there!!) i asked if we could give a demonstration to her horny devil teddy bear, she didnt even say anything, just gave me a cheeky little grin, uh wow. (by the way, although this was my first time i knew what to do-roughly-and the reason i didnt make a move first is because this girl is petrifyingly attractive, there is no way anyman of any age would turn her down. perfect tight but not tiny arse, a figure to die for, a set of murrakkas i couldnt fit my hands round, eyes that could burn a hole right through you and a smile that would instantly turn your knees to jelly, all in all, a stunner. -and i had her ha ha!) for about 5 mins we just kissed laying on her bed. she ran her hand from my head down my arm and put my hand on her stomach. i looked at her and said "i wanna hear yes, i want you to be sure, you know i'm crazy for you and that i don't mind being used by you, but i want you to be sure"-there was no hessitation. i took off her topto reveal a blnding set of large C's concealed in a tiny red bra, i undid her tight jeans, and after a little game of tug of war had them off! i saw a red silk thong. (ooops, my boats floating-gonna fly off soon!) i left it on. i started kissing her neck as she began to tell me how she liked it, i got the hang of it pretty quick, i had to keep slowing down to keep her quiet as her mum was in the next room-that was fun!- i had masterred that part, time to move on, i started to move down her neck & onto her chest while she was still holding her breath trying to stay quiet, i could feel her heart racing through my lips, i smiled and continued my downward tour of that heavenly body. i removed her thong (put it in my pocket!!) to reveal a perfect brazillian strip, i layed on my aching hardon and stuck my tounge out. after about 2 seconds she took one almighty gasp, grabbed my hair with both hands and began to wriggle uncontrollably. i put my arm around her leg wich was over my shoulder and over her stomach to try to limit her movement, it helped a bit i spose. i took a quick breather and asked if she had any preferences on how i should do this, she said they'd all just gone straight out the window, i smiled. i remember almost cumming when she said that, the fact that she was enjoyin it so much was more than enoughfor me to have had fun. she told me i had to stop because, she couldn't keep quiet anylonger, no matter how slow i went, it was my turn. i was shitting myself as she went down and undid my flies, she was the first girl to hold my manhood. she said she only gave head once and really didnt want to do it again but felt that it was the least she could do, i wasnt going to say no! she whopped it out and said. "it's not going to fit" i smiled. she tossed me off while sucking on what she could fit in her mouth. i could only stand 2 or 3 mins of it before i had to pull her away, i didnt want the show to end there. i fingered her again until i felt in control again, god i remember her being so wet i was almost being sucked in. i asked if it was alright to progress even though i had no johnnys. she simply grabbed russel (my human sex muscle) and guided me in. i would not have blieved that she had a boyfriend 2 years older than me, it was REAL tight. she squeezed her nails into my shoulders, and by the time i was halfway in i wished i was wearing kevlar, i left it at halfway gave it a little wiggle came almost all the way out, back in half way. it took nearly half an hour before she was redy to take me all. we shagged in missionary, kind of an on the side doggy, doggy, standing up, bending her over an arm chair, but the best to my memory was putting her in the chair (sitting normally, legs spread) i lifted her up enough to sit underneath her, wrapped my legs around the chair, and her legs around me, we came like that, oh my days did we come. that is to say i felt her hole body tense (i couldnt breath!), shake (tremble) and then just completely relax, as i did the "uh, uh....uh......aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" we were sweating like P. I. G.'s pressed firmly against eachother, i didn't want to let go. she thanked me and pryed herself off my still throbbin dick.- SHE THANKED ME - i smiled. i asked for a grade from my teacher- A*+!! i'm a very modist person, but that being my first time n all, well lets just say i have never been scared to do the deed since then. THANK YOU HOLLIE. A well i'm sorry for wasting everyones time, thanks for actually reading about my first time. in the distant future look out for a book called "when i look back" if i ever become important enough to bother writing an autobiography, thats what i'll call it, and just for all you who LOVE to read this type of stuff, i'll probably include a few more of my more intimate episodes. hope you enjoyed my first time, i no i did! Oh can any one get me involved in the porno industry? please help, i'm sex mad and that is one of my life's ambitions, to be in a decent porno. i dont know where to start looking for this kind of work, and yes i did actually ask in a job centre (that was a laugh!) i'm nearly 18 i dont know if i have a massive or tiny penis (i dont often go round comparing!) i'll work any hours, (half decent pay wouldnt be bad-nething'll do though)
- age 17, london.edmonton

The summer before I came to college, I went on a two- week trip to Mexico. My high school group met up with ones from Indiana and Florida. I was hot for a guy from Indiana named Rick. I'm not sure why, he wasn't my type at all. He was cute in that Superman/Clark Kent way, and he never said much. Well, the last night of the trip I got drunk at a disco in Puerto Vallarta. My friend Nikki, who had a thing for a different Indiana guy, was with me and we motivated each other to go try to hook up with them. I did the sluttiest thing ever and walked up to Rick with my room key and said, "If you come with me now, you're going to get laid." He accepted the offer. The minute we got back to the room we started taking our clothes off. I started by sucking him off. He had the biggest dick I've ever seen, long and fat. I got a little scared. He started to finger me and I was dripping pussy juice all over his hand. I laid down on the bed and spread my legs. I figured we would just go straight to fucking, but instead he licked me softly and nibbled my clit. I was grabbing handfuls of his hair and groaning. I wanted him to fuck me so bad. He was getting off on it to. I was basically begging for him to give it to me. Finally he stopped eating me and slipped his dick in. I felt something rip but I wasn't about to stop him. We fucked like animals all over the bed, we did positions I had never done before (hey, I was just out of high school). when it was over we lay there sweating and panting. I realized that huge cock had torn me open and I was starting to get sore. Since it was the last night of the trip, the next morning we said goodbye and went to our separate groups. I had trouble walking for days.
-age 29, St. Louis (female)

well it all started when i went off to tenerife wid me mum and dad we went into the hotel and we had a maid come everyday. well more to the pouint i was masturbating thinkin of my girl but as i was this maid had caught me well she ran to me grabbed my cock and rubbed it hard GOD WAS IT GOOD!!. well i started to eat her out then suddenly she said "lets fuk" so we did and it was the best hour of my life thanxk u maid if u r readin this
-age 16, uk

It was a great day outside and his parents were not home and then I went to stay to keep him company and just as I was about to go to bed he started rubbing my tit. So I decided that maybe I should rub his dick. So I did and then he and I started making out and then he reached down my pants and panties and then he pulled down my pants. Then he started to lick my pussy and and I pulled down his pants and when he was done with me I rubbed a little and then I gave him a blowjob. He then said lets shag and I said sure. He was just fingering at first and then he stuck it in and it hurrt so BAD. I screamed so loud and then the neighbors called to make sure we were okay. Which we were. I hope you liked my story and then everytime his parents leave town I stay with him and we shag. I am now 2 months pregnant with a child that is his.
- age 17, california (female)

I've been kind of a nerd my entire life, and it was hard for me to get a girlfriend. Well finally, when I went to college there was this really big party the first week of school, and everybody there was getting wasted. I only had a couple Buds and then I went upstairs cause i wanted to see some people doing it so i could watch. anyway, I wasn't too sneaky and as I watched through the crack of the door this guy saw me and his girl squealed. I ran into the oppisite room to hide and this girl was in there. She looked pretty good but that might of been the couple of beers. She was laying there passed out from all the booze she had been drinking. There was like ten bacardis on the floor, i swear to god. So I went over and started feeling her underneath her tee-shirt. I knew it was wrong, but then she rolled over an started to wake up. I was about to run away but then she was like "don't go, stay". I think she thought I was her boyfriend, and she started touching my cock through my pants. My dick is kind of small, and she laughed at me but then we did it and it was pretty good. She fell asleep and I left and went back to my dorm. I had better sex later that year but that girl was drunk too.
- age 25, Texas

i was 14 and it all happened in a shower at my friends house.There was no lock on the door but we thought it would be ok. We started shagging n it was great all hot and steamy! just as we thought we would be ok my friend came in! i thought she was going 2 go mad but she started 2 undress herself and joined in! It was great i have never had such an experience since and i am glad it was the first time it happened!x x x x x x x x
- age 14, london (female)

I was at home with my best friend [next door] and there parants had gone out for the weekend. She invited me round for a sleep over at nighi all ihad on was my boxers and all she had on were her panties and bra. We had to sleep in the same bed and as i woke up i had a stiffe and lowese was staring at it.After a little while i asked her if she wanted it and she said yes so i ripped of her clothers and fucked her hardcore. My dick went in her pussy and mouth lods of times it was great we done it all night im surprised the whole street didnt get woken up after i fingerd her.I hoped u enjoyed readind.
- age 14, london

I was 17 at the time and so in love. He was the first guy who didnt preasure me into having sex infact the very first time we tried to have sex I was shaking so much and so scared, he got off me and told me that he rather wait til I was ready. I was a virgin he wasnt. A few days later I had theatre practice it was a saturday our director let us out early too early so I went over to his house his parents were out of town and his brother was with some firends. I walked in to his room and he was laying down wearing his boxers watching tv. the first thing that came out my mouth was "I'm ready" he had no idea what I was talking about until I took off my shorts, they fell to the growned As I walked towards him I took off my shirt. He asked me If i was sure and I replayed " I love you" He looked deep into my eyes and with the most sweetes voice he said he loved me and that no matter what he would always love me. we had the most passionate kiss like never before. he was on top he was kissing my neck he moved slowlly towards my breast and removed my bra he sucked on my tit and slowlly yet rouflly massaged my other tit. he ran his hand down my body and under my panties. his warm hand made me even hotter, I closed my eyes and felt him massage my clit he made me tremble as he fingered me I kept moaning softlly I wasnt much of a screamer I repeated his name several times he slowlly removed my panties he licked my body I felt his dick against my body I told him that I wanted him, Badly and that I couldnt imagine doing this with any one else. he started rubbing my pussy again untill I had and orgasam he said it would hurt less if I was wet well both of us. he pushed his dick in me softly of course I had threaten to kill him if it hurt. he went in softly in and in, in, until he was all the way in it hurt as hell i scrached his back a little I had just cut my nails so it didnt hurt him. he slowlly started going in and out... in and out... faster and faster after a while we changed positions it was my turn to ride him. I started of with the simple kiss then the lick and kisses on his neck that really gets him started. and i slowlly worked my self down his body I had never giving a blow job before when i had his cock I didnt even know what to do so I started massaging it with my hand up and down up and down, I started licking it with my tongue in the same manner up and down I couldnt stick it in my mouth I think I would of gagged so instead I kept massaging it and I started sucking on his balls he seamed to enjoy it as I had his balls in my mouth and started sucking them and slittly biting them very softlly. I worked my self up his body I sat on top of him his dick in my pussy I started riding him as fast as I could he started spanking my ass, I never thought I would say this but I loved the way "HE" spanked me I heard him moaning a bit I kept on going faster and faster until he finally came, fater he came we changed postions again and he continue to pleasure me. It was the best time ever we lasted about four hours I was exahusted and sore as hell I could bearlly walk the next day but I came about 9 or 10 times give or take. We lasted about close to a year together I still love him and hope that one day he would work out his problems and settle down. you see he has a baby with another girl which I came to except. But the girl is forcing him to be with her or he wont be able to see his baby anymore he tried to get custudy but since he wasnt working they didnt give it to him so he had no choice then to go with her she also told him to stop talking to me or she would move away with her baby. What a BITCH! but thats my story and am dam proud of it we were in love and we still are but That BITCH is in our way up if he dosnt fight why should I!!!! Our love will grow for each other with no where to go!!!!we just have to move on and learn to over come it ....
- age 19, TX (female)

when I was 17 me and my bestfriend Dametrius and his girlfriend amy went to this park on the fourth of july and walked around. They started having a big fight and Dametrius just left. Amy and I spent some time looking for him. She told me how she was so mad at him and wanted to get back at him. She asked me to take her home and i did. She then asked me to go in with her and I did. Just before she opened the door she looked at me and took my hand and kissed me. We made out for about 5 min. the she asked me to take her to her room. With my bestfriend so out of my mind we went in her room and she laid me on her bed and and went on top of me and took off her shirt. She wasnt wearing a bra and she took my hand and put it in her panties. I fingerd her for 10 min. Then she pulled down my pants and gave me my first blowjob during this time Dametrius kept on callin her phone saying hes sorry and begging her to pick up. At the time i didnt care. Then she put me on top of her and took my dick and stuck it in her. My god it felt good. We kept fucking for a couple of hours all while Dametrius was calling. The next day I felt so bad and she told him everything. I havnt spoken to him again
- age 19, nevada

it's kinda funny that something can happen to me so quick and so fast. Me and my brother were home alone because of the fact that my mom and dad went to Vegas for the week. I had the house for my self along w/ my brother. He's 18, has Brown hair and is 5'8'' 128lbs. I was watching tv when my brother wanted to watch tv that I was watching. I got mad and went to my room to watch tv in there. Later, it turned 11:00. and I thought my brother was asleep so I decided to go downstairs for awhile. I then saw my brother Masterbating, and I got excited. I was looking at him from the stairs getting wet. (I know alot about sex and things like that.) anyway I had took off my panties and started to play w/ myself. I had one HELL of an Orgasm. I kinda moaned alittle just enough for my brother to catch me peeking at him. He got up and I quickly went back upstairs. He then came into my room and I looked at his eyes. He then told me I shouldn't be peeking at him. Then he touched my hip and starting moving up towards my breast. He felt my hard nipples and starting rubbing them then we kissed. I though this was wield because he was my brother and we weren't country folks ether, but I was loving every minute of it. He then layed me down and moved his hand towards under my skirt. He starting fingering me good and I was in pain since I have never been fingered before and I was a Virgin. He also starting licking me and my organsm was AMAZING!!! He did this for about 12 minutes. I was shaking and scared when he unziped and pulled down his pants. He told me to relax and he tried to stick it in me but since I was young and a virgin. He tried for minutes but couldn't get in. He then told me to help him. I opened my pussy lips and after a minute or so, he finally put it in me. The pain was so intense, and I was bleeding. I was scared but my brother told me it was normal. He then starting pumping in and out and I was sceaming. He then lefted me up against the wall and pounded me. I was jumping in pain but then it just stop, and I was loving it more. We have been doing this for 32 minutes. He told me he was going to cum and he did. It was great, really great. I just can't believe I lost my Virginty to my brother. ever since then, me and my brother have been fucking alot. I love him so much.
- age , (female)

I'm guessing this happened to me about 2-5 months ago. Not that long, not that short. I've always had a decent life, leading it with friends, and family. But there was always one friend who I always had to go to no matter what. Her name was Katie, a slim blond with the body and eyes of an angel. Her eyes were light blue and sparkled at each ray of light and her hair was always shining, and resting calmly on her shoulders. She's about 5'7 give or take a few inches, and as I said, with the most perfect body. I grew up with her, lived next to her and played with her since my diaper days. We grew close, being best friends all throughout childhood. Myself, I'm around 6'0 and weight some 130-160 pounds. Anyway, on with the story. It was a normal Monday, walking around campus and talking to friends when I feel a hand tugging on my arm. I sneak away from the people I was talking to and ask her what she needed. All she did was give me a little mischevious grin and said that she needed a place to stay. And so I asked, "Why? What happened to your bedroom?" She backed herself up with a quick and sharp reply, "My cousins came over to AZ, so they need a place to sleep, and my mother volenteered me to give up my room to them." I puzzled look crawled across my face and I stared at her blankly for a moment. She must have noticed this and then added, "I need a place to stay... And I was going to ask if I could sleep over at your house for a night or two." I scratched my head thinking if we still had room, since my mother's relatives also came to visit and so the guest rooms were all filled up. I gave her a dissapointed head shake and she lowered her head. I looked at her and said my apology but again, she grinned and said, "Why don't I sleep in your room!?" I was shocked with what voice she said those words with, some people turned around to look at us before going on with their own conversations. Having lost the attention of others she went on, in a much softer voice, "Come on, it'll be like old times, back when I stayed over your house when I ran away from home." But then I cut in, "We were little kids back then, Katie. We're a little...Different....Than before... Physically and mentally." She tapped her palm on my forehead and called me silly. (She does it all the time damn it! >_>) And then kept trying to persuade me," Oh come on, I'm not going to rape you or anything...All I need is a place to sleep for a few nights, and besides, I already like someone." I then shrugged and said okay, and walked off to my next class. The day carried on without much thinking about the sleep-over, and only at the end of the day, when Katie nudged me with her elbow did I remember what was going on. We went out with some friends, watched a few movies and such. And then Katie and I went back to my house, since it was already dark. After getting home I explained the situation to my mother and she tried to make room for Katie, but she insisted on staying in my room and sleeping with me. My mother, being so giving, let her have her way. Katie climbed up the stairs humming and skipping down the hallway on the way to my room. I should have gotten suspicious right then and there, but nothing occured to me, I just thought of it as a normal sleep-over. We brushed our teeth and we talked for a bit, watching TV and studying a bit till all the rest of the house went to bed and was fast asleep. I then yawned and she asked me if I needed to go to bed, I just nodded slightly and I trodded off, took my clothes off untill all I had on were my boxers and I noticed she was looking at me and I just pretended to ignore it. I climbed into the King Sized bed and closed my eyes, letting the darkness overtake my sight. But then I sat up and looked at her. "You going to bed anytime soon?" I asked. "Yeah, in a bit, just going to work on a few more things... Think I'm going to take my clothes off now though, a bit hot in here." I just looked at her blankly as she started sliding off her jeans. As she slowly took them down I watched as red panties came vivid to my sight, and I was surprised how nice they looked on her. As she tossed her jeans to the side I stared at her nicely shaven and shiny legs twinkled in the light. I was amazed at how smooth they look. She then reached for the bottom of her shirt and slid it off also, leaving her red bra on. I stared....Without a word... I have never realized how beautiful she really was untill that moment. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and she must have noticed it and said, "You okay there?" I know I blushed, I felt my cheeks burn like a thousand fires. I looked at her eyes, seeing the vast beauty in them for the first time ever, and smiled gently, and giving her a light nod. I then went back to my initial plan, sleeping, closing my eyes and trying to keep Katie out of my head, but her beauty pierced my defenses with ease. I then fell asleep, and I had a dream...About Katie and I..And it made my dick stiff. I suddently had a feeling that it was cold, and then that something was touching my penis. My eyes opened, and I noticed that Katie was the one hovering over my cock. She was looking at my stiff friend like it was gold, touching it now and then, and running her hand along the length. I tilted my head just a bit so I could see her in action and she was too busy to notice that I was awake. I just looked at her and smiled, my penis sticking out of my boxers, 9 inches into the air. She then bent over, about to put her lips on it, and put it into her mouth when I said, "having fun, Katie?" She jumped up, breathing so quickly and was so red that it seemed like she was going to explode. I just chuckled as she stared at me like I was a ghost. She started to stutter, trying to say a sentence she could not form, "I-I-I was just looking at it." And I noticed that she was blushing all over, and I knew she felt terrible. "It's okay to be curious you know, all of us are... I'm curious about you, although I would have never had the guts to do something like this to you." I said. And she then looked at me and smiled, "You....You mean that you actually wonder about me?" A hint of joy was in her voice and I nodded. She said that she was sorry for what she had done and such and I said, "It's okay, I enjoyed it while it lasted." And then she gave me another smile and a mischevious look, "it doesn't have to end you know." I stared at her with curiousity, trying to figure what was going through her mind. I then figured that I needed to break the silence. I reached over and took her hand, and let it back to my still hard cock. She felt around the entire thing, caring for it with great care. I smiled, "you can do as you like with it," I said. Those words were all she needed, and she lowered herself and put her lips on the tip. She ran her mouth down as far as she could, covering about 5/7ths of the entire length, to me it felt like it reached her throat, but she kept trying to push it back further. The warmth of her lips and tongue was just amazing, I cannot explain the way I felt, it was wonderful. After a few minutes she rose, and smiled at me. "You've done this before, haven't you?" I said. "No, never, but I've always imagined myself doing it. And I just like the way it tastes, the way it's shaped. It makes me want it more and more." was the soft reply, her voice gentle and joyous. She then plopped back down to her pillow and turned to me, "your turn." she said. I looked at her with a puzzled expression and I wondered what she was thinking. "I got what I wanted, not you can explore me." I could not believe what I was hearing, but I sat up and glanced down at the laying beauty. She then took off her bra and I slid her panties off, my mouth watered as I looked at her body. She closed her eyes, and said, "You're in complete control of my body now, you can do anything you like with it." Those words were all I needed and I bent over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. The kiss soon turned more passionate and we were soon entangled in each other. But I didn't notice that my cock was pressed right to her stomach, well, I did, but I chose to ignore it and let it rub there, enjoying the warmth of her body. She then reached down and ran her fingers along the sides, and she started pushing it down toward her pussy. I knew what she wanted, but I was not sure if I should give it, but her persistance was so persuasive that I soon found myself aligning myself to her wet hole and nearing it. I touched the entrance with the tip of my cock, and she let out a sigh of satisfaction, and she wrapped her slender legs around my back, showing me that there was no way out. She also started putting pressure on my back, sending me foreward. She let out a quiet moan and she raised her hands up to her breasts to rub them, her nipples already hard, and craving the attention of her delicate fingers. I myself then started pushing my way in, it was so tight and warm... and wet...The feeling is unexplicable. She told me that she was in a bit of pain, so I took it as slow as possible. After I was all the way inside her I began a slow and steady pace, and then moving faster and faster as she moaned and begged for more. We got up to the point where everything in the world seemed a blur, and nothing else but us, and what was going on mattered. We both came at the same time, and collapsed into each others arms and fell asleep there. The next morning I woke up and she was already standing in front of the bed getting dressed. She turned around and gave me a wink and then said, "Shall we continue tonight also?" I nodded at her with a smile on my face, and we both walked out of the room together and talked and laughed. Well, now we're a couple, and I'm hoping that it will last for years to come. We use a condom now, and we're enjoying each other at each chance that comes by. Well, that's the end of my story, I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it, and everyone, remember that your closest friend today could become closer when you least expect it. ;). Bye everyone, and also, Naked.TV, nice job with the site, keep up the excellent work staff.
- age 15, AZ

I first Lost my virginity 1 year ago but this all started 4 years ago when I was 16. My sister and I had just attended a high school out in California and I was one of those girls who didnt who didnt really care about anything. You can say, I was a half punker, half goth girl (But I didnt wear the clothes though). I became popular quickly cause of the fact that I was pretty beautiful to some guys. All the guys who wanted me and tried to get w/ me, I rejected them. I didnt really care about boyfriends, sex, or friends at the time, until I met my sisters boyfriend. He was hot. For the first time in my life I was actually masturbating. Ive never been so wet after seeing him. He is 16 and is 5-8, 128lbs. He has black hair and purple eyes (Theyre contacts). I knew him well because I had him for a couple of classes. I first got to talk to him when it was me and his 3rd period P.E. class. Everyone was playing basketball and I was sitting on the benches. I didnt have any friends to talk to at 3rd period, but I didnt care, I was a loner. After a while he came up to me and asked if I wanted to play basketball w/ him. I said yes! of course. But not all excited like that. when we were playing I totally kicked his ass. (Im surly he let me win cause he didnt make one shot) After the game him and me were talking and we got to each other a lot. I was in love but I couldnt tell him yet. Every time we would talk, I look into his beautiful Purple eyes and listen to every word he would say. Over the years, him and me became close, reliable friends. Any thing he did for me, I would do the same for him. After we graduated High school and turned 20, I was shock that him, my sister and me were moving to Miami to live w/ each other (You know like Threes company only the guy has a girlfriend in this one) I was soo HAPPY! (This is where the real action begins) Him and my sister wanted me to come along w/ them to Disney World to hang out at. I said ok and we were already there. While there, we went on so many rides and stuff, but my biggest thrill was when decided to slit up and I ran into him again. (And my sister was lost) We then went on this rope line, bus ride to go around the whole park to see the views. I dont know why but I felt like telling him how I felt about him and I did. I told him that I really care for him and I love him. he then looked at me w/ his purple eyes w/ a shocking look on his face and then the ride was over. After awhile, my sister and me found each other and we all went back home. During the ride back home, He didnt talk much to my sister or me. When got home we all went into our rooms and just watched tv. It was 12 midnight and I was about to go to sleep, but I was feeling stupid about what happened tonight. I was in tears, but then he came into my room. He saw that I was crying and he wipe the tears off my face, w/ his gentle hands. He asked whats the matter and I told him about tonight at Disney World. I told him that he was the only person that I would love. He then though I had a boyfriend already but I told him that the only person I wanted to be my boyfriend was him. He then asked me if I ever had sex. I then told him that the only person I wanted to loose my virginity to was him. He then looked at me w/ his bright, beautiful purple eyes and said, ooh. I told him that Im sorry for saying stupid things to him and then he put his fingers on my lips and then kissed me. When stopped I looked into his purple eyes and we kissed again. (Kinda like in a romance movie) He then put his hands on my shoulders and he slipped off my black t-shirt and starting massaging my breast. It felt so good, that my fantasy was about to come true. (This was soo Amazing) He the removed my bra and starting sucking on my nipples for about 2 minutes or so. Then he got on his knees and pulled down my jeans and panties and starting eating me out. While have an organism I asked him what about my sister, and he continued to eat me. After awhile I went down to him and we started kissing again. He then told me to turn around sitting. I did and he came up from behind me. He told me to fold my legs so he could finger me. I did and he put his fingers in me and started rubbing my left tit. I had an incredible Organism. He put his finger so deep in me that it hurt. I told him to be gentle there then he laid me on my side and he fingered me from behind. Once he did that, I moaned, and Moaned, and SCREAMED until I came. He then lifted me up and carried me towards the bed to lay me down. He then took off everything until he was totally naked. He then got on top of me and spread my legs open. He then grab his 8 Cannon and stuck it in me. It really hurt, My cherry popped and I officially lost my virginity to him. When he was done putting it in me all the way, he starting pushing it in and out. I then warp my legs around him and enjoyed the pressure. We did this for about an Hour!. I came about 2 times while he was fucking me and he came inside me. We then fell asleep but woke up again. Later he put back on his clothes and went back into my sisters room. I was just shock at everything that had happened. My sister never found out. Im surprised that she didnt hear any of my screams, I guess because she was a hard sleeper. Im glad that I got to tell my fantasy to you guys, I hope you liked it. Thanx Naked.TV
- age 21, Maimi (female)

It happened so quick. it was my brother's birthday and all his freinds came. It lasted for awhile then we all went to sleep. I was in the living room sleep while they were all in my brothers. Then one of his friends must of came outside then he got on top of me. I had woken up when i saw him about to pop my cheery. I told him no not yet but he pushed it in me and i was in tears as he fucked me but I was enjoying it. Now every weekend, he cames over to spend the night and late at night we do it agian.
- age 15, ohio (female)

I had only two seconds the first time I tried insert my pennis into my female's hole. I shot five meter away, from one corner to the other of the room, very delicious
- age 30, China

it was on the 5.nov.2003,that i had sex. i was great,we were like animals.i took off his clothes and he took off mine.then i went over to the bed and lie down with my legs spread open.i needed sex so badly.i said to him "come and sample the pussy it has your name written on it"i want you so much.then he came over to me,i looked at his dick and i grabbed it and said "i need it baby i want you to fuck in my pussy and then my ass.he then forced his long hard dick into my pussy.i started to scream oh i loveit.then he cum inside my pussy.then it was time for my ass.i tought he would take his time,but he just forced it in i screamed so loud because it was very painful,but after i started to like.i told him it cum in my mouth and he did it taste good after that i sex alot.i love his sperms.
- age 17, texas (female)

My first time was with my classmate and we're taking up nursing.I was damn obssesed with this guy that I keep on fantasizing him.His actually in 20's and he don't look his age.most of my friends agree that he is seductive.All I know was,he's just like some idiot guys that pretends to be innocent.What turned me on more was when he showed me his picture with his dick taken. Anyways,I don't assume guys liked me too. But my friends and some of his friends keep on telling me that he liked me too.He invited me to a party at their house,and I was the only classmate he invited me. We got to his house late, it was about 11pm,and visitors started to leave.and they started cleaning up,I was seating in the couch and we were talking stuff like our experiences and we got to a sex topic that got me horny because of the way he looks at me, and I'm sure he was too. I ask him to accompany me to the cr.We headed to his room.I pretended to be urinating in his cr.I heard him turned his component on,and played my fav music which is hardcore.I got out and he was sitting on his carpet,I sat too and we talked,I was like,wanted to kiss him.but he's face started to get nearer my face,and damn! he kissed me! I've been waiting for it to happen.I started to move first,I hold his hand, hug me and his touching me anywhere,now that got me on,he kissed and kissed me down south and he started to undress me,and I take his shirt off,damn he was hot and I licked him,we stood up but was kissing still and got to his bed,I wanted my first time to be perfect.he turned the lights off to make it more romantic.I got naked and he was,I was virgin still but I've known a lot about sex,I spread my legs and he licked it going to my vagina,it was awwwwsoooooome! I moaned that turn him hard, I couldn't take it anymore I asked him to fuck me, so he did,he pumped slow and I wanted it fast and deeper.I was like in heaven,after I cum,I gave him a head and he did as well, we were in this 69 position,and we kissed again,we confessed that we both loved each other since at first.I cum a lot of times and he did as well, It took us about 2 hours and we still wanted more, But I needed to go home. Since then, we are now in this serious relationship, I loved him so much as well as he.And we did it again and again in his room and sometimes in his car. Thanks for reading!!!
- age 16, Philippines (female)

My frist time i experience sex is when i was 15 years old i so mush enjoy it because that girl was a vegin and now i so much like sex.
- age 19, Nigeria in lagos

When i was younger i told every one in school that i wasn't a virgin. Of course i was lying but aparently some people believed me. a girl that i had acctually taken quite a liking to (we'll call her Susan) asked for a strange favor. She wanted me to come over on her birthday and pop her cherry for her at her birthday party. Now i wasnt about to let such a genuine oppertunity slip through my fingers so of course i said yes. She told me to show up at her house at about seven and to bring plenty of comdoms. When i got there and knocked on the door she greeted me wearing nothing but a bra and panties and let me in. Iwas totally unprepared for the surprise i got inside. It was a room of all the girls from school that i could possibly have wanted to fuck. And i was going to. There of them including Susan. There was Jill, Rebecca, Christina, and Rechel.thywere all wearing just bras and panties. Susan had told them about what she asked me to do and the others dacided they wanted to get in on it. We all went to Susans room and they all pounced on me taking off my clothes untill i was standing there naked. They all stood looking at me as if they were judging me. Then Susan said that we should start as she took off her underwear and layed on the bed spreading her legs. It was the most beutifull thing I had ever seen. The rest of the girls pushed me over to her. I reached down and picked up my pants and took out the comdoms. I put one on and layed the rest on the nitght table. I layed on top of her and guided my dick into her pussy. It went in about halfway but then wouldn't go any farther. I grasped her hipps and thrust it in the rest of the way in one hard push. She let out a loud moan and wrapped her legs around my waist. i started thrusting in and out of her going deeper with each thrust. She could hardly keep still, writhing in pleasure underneath my body. She was screaming and moaning louder than ever. We carried on for about 20 minutes then i came more than i had ever come before. I slid out of her and threw the comdom away. She was still lying there on the bed eyes closed with a big smile on her face breathing heavilly. When she finally got up Christina lay down eager to experiance the same pleasure. She was allready naked and so were the rest of the girls. i put on another condom and slid into Christina. There wasn't as much resistance in her pussy as there had been with Susan. I fucked her in qiute the same way and she was in absolute ecctasy. She was sceaming even louder that Susan. When we finished i threw away the condom and put on another one. Then it was Jills turn. I was as excited as she was because i liked her the most, she had the biggest tits. She was lying there on the bed fingering her virgin pussy waiting to be penetrated. I leaned down and guided my dick to her pussy. She was the tightest of all of them, and damn her pussy felt the best in the world. I fucked her cunt slowly at first gradually picking up speed, thrusting deeper and deeper. God itr felt good. I fucked her for about 20 minutes untill I came. As i pulled out of her the muscles of her pussy tightened as if it didnt want me to leave. I pulled out and threw away the condom. after Jill was Rebecca. But Rebecca wanted me to fuck her up her ass. She got on her hands and knees and I came up behind her. I fingered her ass for a while to relax the muscles. When I decided she was loose enough I replaced my fingers with my hard dick. I humped her ass and she seemed to me in pain at first but after a while she started to like it. I looked down and watched as my dick slid in and out of her ass. It felt better then i ever could have imagined. She started screaming and clawind at the bed burrying her face in the pillows. I was so turned on. When i finally came and pulled out I was very tired and glad that there was olny one left to take care of. The last one was Rachel, Christinas little sister. She was young and i was surprised when Susan told me that I was suposed to fuck her too. For an old she had two nice little hand fulls of cleavage. And ass I disscarded with the last comom and replaced it with a new one i watched as she crawled onto the bed flashing her cunt at me. Chistina leaned over and asked her little sister if she was really ready for this. Rachel nodded her head yes with an eager smile on her face. As i walked over to her she lyed down on the bed watching me. As I leaned over her andguided my cock to her pussy she told me to just shove it in reall fast to break her hymen all at once. So I shoved it in real quickly and she let out a little scream of pain. I asked if she was allright and if she wanted to continue. She said she did and I started thrusting into her. As my hips pushed my dick in and out of her pussy she wrapped her arms around me and moaned. She asked me to suck her breasts and i did. She seemed to be enjoying it a lot so i went faster. She was screaming and moaning and clawing at my back as i forced my dick deeper and deeper into her swet warm young pussy. After about 20 minutes i came and she let out the loudest scream of pleasure i had ever heard. When i stopped fucking her she started kissing me. When i pulled out of her she was still drowning me in kisses I guess it was her way of thanking me for the gift i had just given her. Then all of a sudden they all jumped on me and started kissing allover my body. It was the greatest experiance of my life and when ever i saw any of those girls in the hall at school i was sure to pat them on the ass (even Rachel) and they would always give me a little kiss and sometimes slip im a little tounge. So thats it hope u enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed experiancing it.
-age 24, trent

There was this girl, Angie, in my theater arts class. She was really gothic, kind of a freak. We talked all the time and eventually we started talking about sex. She had had plenty of partners, including other girls, but i was still a virgin. The thought of taking my virginity turned her on, and one day, she just came out and said she wanted to have sex.I was nervous but agreed. After school we went to my house and she went right to work. While still in the living room she took her shirt off to reveal a black bra, and as we walked into my room she had taken her pants off to reveal a pair of black panties. I slowly took my clothes off-my shirt, then my pants, and then i was in my boxers, already with an erection. Then she took off her bra and panties and was completely naked. She sat on the bed, took my boxers off, and gave me my first blowjob. I came pretty fast then she laid on her back and i licked her for a while, but she didn't have an orgasm. Finally, i put a condum on and we went ahead and had sex. We started missionary style, ended up doggy style and finished there. For the rest of the afternoon we sat aroubnd and kissed and had sex a couple more times, then almost every day after that.
- age 16, Louisiana

Well, it's like this: I met Simon one day at a friends party and we started talking. He was a really nice guy, about two years older than me. he had short, brown hair, and the bluest eyes i'd ever seen. He was about 5"7, 5"8, and he was soooooooooo hot! When i first laid eyes on him, i caught my breath and my panties went wet just looking at him. Of course, he had no shirt on at the time, and his body was tanned and oh sooooooooo lovely. So we were on the couch talking, and we were facing each other and telling our life stories. i found out that he was single, and i told him i was single and he looked at me as though he was trying to read my mind. I could tell that he really wanted me, coz lets face it, i'm damn hot! shiny, dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, pink lips, and supple breasts. No man could resist me, and SImon was no exception. I was starting to get a little horny, so i moved closer to him. he didn't object and in fact he moved closer to me too. i put my hand on his leg and he put his arm around me, trying to find my bra, but i wasn't wearing one. He looked surprised and he asked me how my breasts stayed up so high without a bra. I told him "i'll show you!!!" We moved up stairs (my friend's parents are loaded and she lives in a three story house ~ Oh yeah!!) to the second floor. We looked in all the room, but they were all filled. So we kept going up to level three. As luck would have it, we found the guest room, with a huge bed, a couch and an ensuite. Perfect. I always wanted my first time to be perfect, and it looked llike i was going to get exactly what i wanted. We moved closer to each other and kissed fiercely. It was such a passionate kiss, that my pussy felt like it was on fire. I'd never kissed a gut so hungrilly before. We made out for about ten minutes, before hetook of my dress. I was wearing a blue-black dress and a g-string underneath it, and that was it!!!!! He slid it off my shoulders and it fell to the floor in a heap. I stepped out of the circle of black, and we moved towards the couch. I sat down, and he put his hand between my legs. My pussy was shaven smooth, and he soon found my sopping wet pussy. He got a hard on straight away, and i could tell he was so anxious to get out of his clothes, so he quikly undressed, and assumed his position, between my legs. Oh it felt soooooooo good!!!!!! e stared by kissing my thighs, and everywhere else but my erect clit. By this time my vagina felt like it was the centre of a volcano about to burst. Finally i couldn't stand it anymore and pleaded with him to take me, and take me now!!!!!!!! So he started the most intense oral i could ever imagine. God he was good!!!!! He was soo good at eating me that i came three times in his face and he didn't even mind, he just kept on going and going and going! I layed down on the couch and he layed on top of me, but then he had an idea, and he told me to suck his cock. I gladly did so! He cum felt so good inside my mouth that i went down on him even harder and faster and he came twice, and his meat quivered each time and my pussy was on fire again, and i couldn't stop myself from masturbating right there and then. We then went into the bathroom, and while we ran a spa, we had another make out session. He's such a great kisser! When the water was ready we climed in and he pressed my up against the side of the spa and put his meat up against my flaming cunt. He got a hard on like lightning, and i guided it to my un-popped cherry. He put it in inch by inch and then he started hammering away. Oh it felt so good!!! It was such a great mixture of pleasure and pain, that i couldn't help but cry out and moan in extacy!!!!!!! I could feel myslef climaxing and i came so many times that i lost count. He orgasmed countless times too. It was clear that even though i was inexperienced, i was giving him the fucking of his life!!! We got out of the spa, and went to the bed. It was really cuchy, and so we just lay there for ages and he fell asleep with me in his arms. Early in the morning he woke me up gently and pointed down at his hard on and i immediately had a wet pussy. We got it on and i came twice to blind blowing orgasms from his 9" manhood. It felt as though it was splitting me in two! This time he fucked me from behind and it was a completely different kind of orgasm. I moaned and cried out for ages, and he did so too. We were so in sync, that we both came at the same time. When we were done, i rolled off of him in utter exhaustion! I fell asleep again, and we only woke up when my friend Danielle came in accidently and told us that we had to get out, because this wasn't the guest room, but her sister's room when she came home from interstate. So we got up, had showers, and we swapped phone numbers. Since that time, we've been boyfriend and girlfriend, and we're getting married next year. I'm 19 now, and he's 21, and we're in love. He's the only guy i've fucked, but he fills my desires with everything needed and i couldn't ever ask for more!
- age 15, Australia (female)

I was 14 and me and 2 girl friends (my god they were hot) and they started striping and then striped me then i started liking 1 while i juped on me then swiched back and forth i liked 1 and 1 jumped on me and this is how it went ... jessica jumped on me, i liked steph, then steph jumped and i liked jessica and back and fourth... there was no condom but nither were pregnate (i did have my wet dream 2 years earler) i did ejaculate but i got lucky andd to this day my life i am still not a father..
- age 19, Canada

as far as i can remember, my fist time wasnt as good as i have thought. it was pretty painful. the reason why it was so painful i dont know but with the time it become more and more better, and now i m able to enjoy it a lot. i love it. i think sex is the best thing that exists on this terrible and boring world. its worth pointing out that is much better to have great sex if you are in a good and long relationsship. ciao sandra
- age 17, in germany (female)

OK, Well I've known Sandra forever even though she is s younger , her's and my parents are best friends. well last year for fun my brother and her brother's decided to play hide and go seek with the lights off in my basement. While are parents were up stairs. Sandra had blonde hair and a little chubby but had big breasts.Sandra and I kept hiding in the same place. For some reason she started to turn me on and i started touching her breasts. I told her it was an accident. Then in one hiding place under a desk with cushions around and we had to lay down to fit and i didn't know where to put my head she said in her lap. While we were hiding me head was right in her crotch. I started to get a boner. Then when we were getting out i rubbed it on her little which felt good but she didn't notice so i thought. Are parents and brothers left us while they went to the store. Then she asked if i would show her how to have sex. i said sure and started kissing her and grabbing her boobs and ass. I rubbed her crotch and she moaned. I told her to take off all her clothes and lay on the floor and spread her legs, while i took off my clothes. She was laying on the floor i started kissing her and then sucking and rubbing her boobs. Then started kissing her all the way to her thigh then kissed her pussy. I started to eat her out and she started shaking squirted a little in my face. Then i slwoly stuck my hard dick in her she was in a little pain . Started to work fast then she was moaning . I came in her then pulled out. i then ran upstiars to my parents room and grabbed some KY because they would be home soon. I told her to suck and lick my dick then when i was hard i told her to lay on her stomach and i lubbed her ass and my dick. I slowly stuck it in becasue she kept tenseing up then going faster she started to moan the she cam twice and i nutted agian. i Flipped her over and we held eachother and kissed got dressed before are parents came back. She didn't get pregnant ut now we use condoms and have sex when ever we see eachother.
-age 17, NY

My parents had just left to go to my fathers dinner, and earlier that day. K.S. and I had gone to go buy condoms. We just bought them because we didn't know if we were going to do it tonight or a year from now or later. Well after they left we were sitting on the computer kissing and stuff. When I brought up the subject about having sex. She is like "Yes" being completely serious, and I was getting very excited at the moment, but I thought she was joking. So I said lets go to my room, and we did. We started making out on my bed and kissing and touching. Then I started to suck her beutiful breasts and I loved them. They aren't big but I love the size. Then I went down and ate her out, and then she gave me a blow job. After that was done, I said are we going to have sex. She said "yes" after she said that. I said "If you want to then get out the condom for me and open it, and ill put it on" She did and we ended up having sex for almost fifteen minutes. It was the best thing that happen in my life. That was between junior and senior summer. Now, we both graduated, and she went off to college about an hour away, and I stayed in my home town. I get to see her twice a week at the most. Sometimes more, but I am so sad I just have to do stuff and write about her to prevent myself from crying. I love her so much and I miss her. Thanks for listening. I hope one day when we get done with school, we will get married if everything goes well.
-age 22, s.c.

it was spring vacation. My boyfriend and his family were moving to ohio. He lived right beside me so we were really close and we had done just about everything but "it". i was really dissapointed, but at the same time i was curious as to who my new neighbours were. a couple days after they moved in, my family and i went to greet them. I rang the door bell and this REALLY HOT GUY answered the door. while our parents exchanged greetings, i offered to have him tour our house. he came over and i showed him around, and popped the question of wether he had a girlfriend. he said no and i was totally stoked. i asked him if he wanted to see our crawlspace because my brother and i had rennovated it into a comfy hangout.he said sure and we headed down there. i turned on the tv and he leaned over and put his tounge in my mouth. he started putting his hand up my shirt and then stopped, he asked me if i was a virgin. i said yes, but i dont want to be anymore. he said ok. he smiled and started to undo my pants and take off my shirt, before i knew it, there i was, completly naked.He licked his finger, than inserted it inside my hot wet pussy. i felt pressure and then pleasure and i moaned. he totally popped a stiffy and he took off his pants, i saw his buldge underneath his boxers and he told me to stroke it. i did more than stroke it, i put it in my mouth and he came and came and came. i was so wet and i moaned for the time. i lied myself down and spread my legs. he bent down and ate me out. o geez it felt good. . his member was so hard and i wanted it in me. it was painful, i tore and bled. after that afternoon, we fucked almost every day.
-age 18, OHIO (female)

Well my first time was about 5 years ago...i think. Anyway i was at a sleepover at my friends house, and it was me, my friend and one of his friends...i knew him a bit but never really talked to him. Anyway we got talking before we went to sleep,and of course the conversation turned sexual. My friend said that he knew of some great porn on this time of night (it was about 1am) so we turned on the tv. We started watching the porn of 2 people fucking in a pool and we all got hard (we were only wearing boxers, laying on the floor on our sleeping bags)and then my friend started talking about getting head from his girlfriend...and then he couldn't take it so he said he was going to the bathroom to jack off. The guy i didnt know to well (lets call him Joe) said why go to the bathroom when we can jack off together right here, and he whipped out his long dick and started wanking it. So my friend said sure and pulled his out. I didn't wanna feel left out so i started jacking off too, and it was the best orgasm i ever had. We all came around the same time, shooting cum up on to our abs and chest. Joe came over and started licking the cum off my abs and then stuck my cock in his mouth. I didnt really object, cause it felt soo good. Anyway he sucked me dry and then i returned the favor. All this time my friend was jacking off next to us. We all decided to turn it up and start fucking. I stuck my cock into my friends ass, and man was it tight. The joe stuck his long cock into my ass and we started pumping away. It felt soooo good. After we came inside eachother we sucked eachother off one more time the fell asleep nude lying next to eachother on his basement floor. I'll never forget it, and after that we had a few more sleepovers...I'm going to jack off to this sory now, it made me incredibly hard just writing it, thanks! Naked.tv rocks!!
- age 18,

It was Prom Night. My girlfriend at the time and I were still wide awake, despite the fact it AM. We had been to several after-Prom parties. I was going to take her home, but she suggested that we find somewhere to mess around. I wasn't opposed to the idea; we hadn't fooled around that night. We had never had sex, though we had come close. I drove us to an area mall, one I knew wouldn't be patroled by security or the cops. I found a dark corner of the parking lot, turned off the car and started making out with her. Somehow I managed to get into the passenger seat and she was straddling me. I unzipped her dress slowly. As always, she wasn't wearing panties and she couldn't have worn a bra with that strapless dress. She took the hint and started peeling off my tuxedo. When we were both naked, she started to give me a blowjob. It was the best one she had ever given me. Before I blew my load, she stopped. I returned the favor and started to suck her tits and eat her out. The was usually as far as we went, but she said, "It's Prom night. We need to go all the way." I agreed, but she managed to put conditions on it. "Fuck me on the hood of your car," she said. It was a warm night, no one was around, so I said yes. She got out and lay on the hood of my car. I put my cock next to her mouth and she readily sucked it again. When I was nice and lubed up, I eased my monster into her hole. I hadn't brought a condom, but she didn't care. I pushed up against her cherry and popped it fast. She screamed in pain. I pushed myself all the way in and held still. I kissed her once and said, "Do you want to?" She said, "I want you." I started to work myself in and out of her. We started talking dirty to each other. Her legs wrapped around my ass and her hands grabbed me hard. She climaxed twice before I had to worry. I said, "I'm going to cum soon." She moaned, "Cum inside me. Fuck me hard. Blast your hot cum up my pussy." Not five s after she said that, I felt my balls flinch and my sperm shot deep inside her. It felt like I was blasting for ten minutes. We quickly got dressed and went to her house. She invited me in. Her parents were heavy sleepers, so we weren't in danger of being caught: We fucked on the couch and then in her bed that night. We fucked a lot after that. But we broke up at the end of the month.
-age 16, salt lake

I was 17 at the time. I wasn't big on doing things most popular kids in high school do. Drugs, or alcohol or go to a lot of parties, I was more calm I guess, enjoyed sports such as baseball and basketball. So, I was on vactation with my dad at this very nice condominium that a wealthy friend of his owned. One morning about 2 or 3 days after arriveing I woke up about 10 a.m. or so, ready to hit the beaches. Having been working out and playing so much baseball the spring before I was in quite good shape, looking good, and feeling good about my appearance. On my way out to the elevator (I was on the 19th floor) A gorgeous girl probably 18 or 19 Blond, Greenish Hazel Eyes, Nice and tan, girl was waiting for an elevator as well, we started talking and what not until reaching the lobby, she kept eyeing me it felt like, but nothing to really approach, not at that point any way. Just before we reached the lobby she commented on my condition and sounded like she wanted to be in better shape, (she had on a short shirt and a short skirt white and green trim) and she was so damn fine, nice and tan with a perfect (not too muscular) but perfect stomache, and I'm pretty sure she knew I thought so, because I didn't reply to her compliment rather, I stared more so at her. She smiled and said bye, and I headed for the beach. About 1 p.m. A thunderstorm started, so I started back for the condo, on my way in, guess who I meet again. Her hair a little wet, And her herself a little sweaty (I think she went jogging) and me myself salty and feeling pretty nasty we caught an elevator together. On the way up she asked what condo I was in and if I owned it or not. I told her about it and that I was in 1901 and she was in 1904. My dad being a hardcore golfer was still at the course and probably wouldn't be back until 4 or so. Me being a dumbass somehow left my key in the room, but it wasn't a big deal I knew i could have the manager in the lobby open it easily enough, but this girl said it would be just fine if I came and waited for my dad in her room, she also probaby knew of the other easy solution. But this was only more motivation for me to go with it. After we stepped into her nice condo, I noticed no one home, I asked If her family was around and she told me she got there a few days before them and that they weren't expected until the day after tomorrow. I asked if I could take a shower, and she showed me the room. I started the shower and started to undress, started the shower, and had just gotten in when she just walks in without knocking, only her bra and panties are on. I know girls aren't usually this agressive (especially when they are sober) but this was cool. She asked if she could join and I tolder her that wasn't a question she had to ask. Smiling she undressed revealing the rest of her hot body and got in with me. By this time my dick was getting pretty hard, we started to shampoo and what not and clean each other and she started to clean my stomache, and reached my pelvic area, bent down and just grabbed my dick, by now throbbing. I dislike when stupid guys have to mark down how big there dick is, so i won't. But i'll say im not small, so she started giving me head which was only my 2nd or 3rd time, but I was still a virgin. She was doing amazing and I was about to cum all over the place, so I stopped her, and bent down to return the favor. Her pussy was nicely shaved, and it smelled amazing. I began eating her out and she just put her hands all over my head and pushed and pulled caressing it each and every way until she came with a loud orgasim that got me even hotter. We got out of the shower, by now my dick as hard as ever and starting to hurt like shit I asked if she wanted to go into her bedroom, she said I thought you'd never ask, so the bedroom we went. She said enough tease, let's fuck, getting a little raw, it was sort of funny. I said ok, and she got out a condom and out of no where she said, your a virgin aren't you. Sort of surprised i replied yes, I am, is that bad? She said no I think it's innocent and attractive, so she puts the condom on me and I start kissing her, gently pushing my dick inside her. Until I was almost completely in, she asked if it was all the way in her, and I told her just about she told me don't be gentle shove it in there, so thats just what I did, she let out a scream of extasy, so i continued. We did it in all differnt positions, behind, on top, below, I probably came about 5 or 6 times. Each time impressively powerful, letting out more cum than I had ever before. She on the other hand, probably came 15 or 16 times, we fucked all day and well into the evening. It was the hottest, and the most fun time I had ever had. After we were done, it was atleast 8 p.m. we took another shower together, just kissing and caressing each other. Before I left, she told me that she was extremely upset at what we had done. For a second my heart hit the floor, but then she said, because I will never have an experience at that level of extasy and passion again. I told her I hoped she would and that I hoped I would too, giving her a last kiss and telling her to settle for no less I left back to my condo to meet my dad for dinner. Me, being calmer than ever, my dad asked how my day was, Trying to hide it I told him it was fine, trying to sound sort of dull. Too bad my dad is a really smart guy, I'm about 100% sure he knew exactly what had happend, and he smiled and we continued to eat our steak which he had made on the deck grill in silence.
- age 18, NC

This all sounds unbelievable but it is really true... i still dont believe it myself!!!!!! Last year i was at home completely alone and i was having a wank over some porn film. Cos no one was in i had got lube and was really getting into it. My dick was so thick and hard! Anyway suddenly the door opened, and it was the cleaner. She had her own key and let herself in. Well there i was sitting on the sfa, completely naked with my hard glistening tool in my hand! I didnt know wot to do, but after an awkward pause that lasted forever, she walked over to me and grabbed my dik and carried on doing it!!!!!! She was an attractive woman for around 30 and i had noted her pert tits b4. So i let her. i was briething heavily cos it was such a shock. She saw this and started kissing mne, ramming her tongue in to my mouth. Well cos id been wanking for about 15 mins now i came and shot it up in the air, some landed in her hair. But i still was rock hard, so she started giving me head... it was lush, id neva had it before. As she was doing it i started to massage her tits, she stopped, took off all her clothes infront of me, rubbed her pussy and her clit for a bit and told me to eat her out!! She then sat on my face and i licked and probed with my tongue and after a while she moaned and came as she rubbed her own tits. It tadted so nice and i carried on liking, she stopped my then got up and quickly sat on my dik. I quikly said but wot bout a condom, but she said she had a coil, so i could carry right on! So i did!!!! I fucked for about 20 minutes, i came again and i thinks she did. It was amazing, she did all the cleaning afterwards ( including sum stains...) then went home and she neva came bak agian!! I hope everyone was turned on by that like i was, GIRLS especially- were you rubbin yoyurselfs??
- age 16, London

well it all happened after i graduated from high school b/c i had heard do many horror stories by the these other girls that had had sex and who had pregnancy scares and everything so i just to myself that i would just wait until i got out of high school to make any decisions about having sex. So then about a month after graduation i signed up at this teen dating site and met a very sweet caring nice hot adorable guy off of there and we hit it off. Extremly hott blond/brown hair 5"9" 5"10" six pack gorgeous blue eyes chisled jaw line.........and ask for me a short curvy stature dark hair eyes and skin considered cute sexy and adorable by ppl. So after a couple of dates we were sitting in my car messing around and everything, kissing rubbing holding hugging then he slipped his hands in my underware and started rubbing my pussy then stuck a finger inside and it felt great.....bu tthen he stuck to fingers in me and it hurt like HELL!.....and that was just fingering.....so finally he laid me on my back and put his head in between my legs and started eating me out that was great also. Finally he crawled on top of me AFTER putting a condom on and tried to push himself in me but it wouldnt go in b/c being a virgin and all i was so tight so he said maybe i should get on top of him so then he sat up and i crawled on top of him and positioned his dick near my hole and needless to say i was frantic scared and nervous and he was trying to calm me down and everything and finally i did.....then he kept trying to push himself up in me and i was still to tight but finally when i wasnt paying to much attention and i seemed relaxed he shoved his hips up really hard and fast up into my pelvis and his dick rammed into my tight pussy needless to say i woke up ppl living across the country..... then he raised up my shirt and started sucking my tits and pulling me up and down onto his HUGE dick. Then finally he put me back on my back and started pumping me nice and slow then hard and heavy i was bouncing all over the seat then finally he pulled out and came in me and we laid there for a minute and his friend came out and saw that all my car windows were fogged up something terrible then we got out of the car we were both sweating likes dogs and stood up against my car and for some reason he seemed so much CUTER to me and we just stood ther for a while and held each other then we kissed and he went home and we're still together..................... i love u honey and im glad i passed up all the other loser that want ed to take my pure virginity gift away from me and im so happy and couldnt have picked a cuter guy to give myself to!
-age 24, helena (female)

This happened last year, when I was a freshman in college. One night, I was in bed, feeling really horny. My roommate was in her bed, sleeping, so quietly, I slipped my hand into my panties and started to rub my clit. It felt so good that I forgot to be quiet and started to moan. I didn't even notice my roommate get out of her own bed and come to stand next to mine. Then she asked me if she could help. I nodded, and she pulled the sheets off of me and then pulled down my panties. She kneeled between my legs and brought her face down to my pussy. Then she began to lick. This was my first time ever having someone lick me there and it felt amazing. As she licked my clit, she pushed some of her fingers inside of me. Pretty soon I was thrusting my pussy up to meet her tongue and moaning loudly, quickly I had an amazing orgasm. Of course, I returned the favor, and we had many other experiences together throughout the rest of the year.
-age 19, az (female)

Well first off i am just going to say thank you Naked.TV after reading stories of many people I decided to tell you about me first time which happened to me 2 days go. I have known this girl from begining of May this year (2003) we have been goodfriends from when we first met, well i got a phone call rom saying the usaul stuff like hi and all that then she said she had wanted something to tell me. I said it was ok and she could trust me so after them words she ammited she wanted to sleep with me, I was very shocked and she said sorry over and over I told her it was fine and i said she was very nice and i would like to sleep with her aswell. Well after that phone call we started being like a couple living apart from each other, then a couple of weeks ago i got a phone call from her saying she was staying in the twon i lived from a day and night and she asked me if i could stay with her. With that i aranged to meet her and find a nice little BnB, then the day final came i meet her from the station we greated with a kiss and held hands all the way to the BnB and we booked in a single room. We unpacked our gear then we started kissing and holding each other it was such a great feeling to hold a girl that you love so close to you is amazing, we decided to go out for dinner. After dinner we headed to the BnB its was about eight in the evening we, heaed up to our room were we kissed for ages again then she pull out a bottle of cheap drink so we had a few glasses then she decided to slowly start taking off her clothes in front of me i was a little nervous but then she came over and kissed me again and told me it was ok due to it being my first time and it being her second time. she had an idea of what she was doing and i had some info on what to do so with that we slowly striped each other of our clothes, then we kisses again then we got into the bed i asked her if she was ok going on top she just winked at me and slowly began to ready herself for my cock. she gentle place my cock in side her tight wet pussy she was a little in pain at first but i start gently, when her breathing became deeper i picked up speed i had never felt this good ever. She placed her hands on my shoudlers and held on tight i felt no pain but as i incressed speed she start to moan quitly i was breathing deeply she leanded down and we kissed, but the kiss was cut short due to she was begining to have her first orgasm she held on to me tighter and she started screaming i looked at her face she had her eyes closed but at one point she opened then and gave me a wounderful look which only could be seen once. I felt her warm cum sliding down my cock it was amazing, i then went on top she she spread her legs open for me then i entered her again. I began pumping away again, i didnt know how long we were going for but she said we had been doing it for about half hour- hour i was amazed i thourgh i would blow my load in like five mins but i hadn't. She grabbed hold of the bed sheets, i started to feel my orgsam drawing nearer she looked up at me and wishper through moans how was i feeling i was only let out a few words which happen to be her name so i think she got the message. She pulled me down and we kissed again but after a few more pump my orgasm hit me but the great thing was she start to orgasm at the same time as i shot my load into her she cummed all over my cock it was so amazing, i then fell into her arms. I was covered in sweat and so was she, as i was recovering she wispered to me that i did fantasic for my first go i was so happy and with taht we cleaned our selfs up and fell asleep in each others arms. Thank you having the time for reading my story and im sorry for it being so long. Everyone rite in and let your stories out also a BIG THANK YOU TO Naked.TV keep up the good work. Laters Rogue
- age 16, England

I had been going with her for 3 months. During that time we went from kissing to her masturbating me and me sucking her tits. I would go into her bedroom in the morning and get into bed with her to wake her up. I would open her pj tops and start to suck on her tits which she loved. She would let me take her pj bottoms off and I would try to mount her, but she always pushed me away .One morning while sucking her nipples, she put her legs over mine to prevent me from mounting her. I continued to suck her left nipple and started to hump up against her closed legs. To my surprise she was slopping wet and the tip of my penis eventually penetrated her hot steaming lips. I could not believe this was happening but continued the slow movement in and out oh her silky smooth pussy just getting the head of my raging hard-on to have its first taste of live pussy. I was in heaven and wanted to try to do it the right way. But my senses told me she would not let time do that so I continued to suck her nipple and let my right hand move to her clit. I softly stroked it while slowly moving in out and her with 2 inches of my cock, including the head, which was soon beginning to send messages to my cum overflowing balls to release its virgin load into the lovely virgin pussy that was doing its job to coax me to unload for a long sought after release. My balls started to move up to position for the release and my whole body was tingling in anticipation. Then it was happening, the flow through my penis started and then exploded into the tunnel of love entrance. The love juice leaked out of her pussy and down my left leg and I thought at long last I had given my cherry but in an most unusual way,to say the least. I continued to suck her nipple and rub her clit. After the spurts finished I was still hard inside her. so I gradually started to go for sweet seconds. The first time took all of 20 seconds and I wanted to have that fantastic feeling once more. This time I increased my movement and then after a few minutes it started again and as I released my load . Her abdominal muscles tightened, her legs stiffened, and she had herfirst ever climax. I remained inside her till she came down and she said what did you do to me? I told her to look and she saw me with my still hard dick penetrating her with about 2 inches. I said I made love to you and she like it so much she gave you a good time. She smiled and said I never knew it was like that. A few days later I busted her cherry the proper way using a condom. 6 months later we were married and she got pregnant on our honeymoon with our first and last child.
- age, Virginia

OK, Well I've known Sandra forever even though she is s younger , her's and my parents are best friends. well last year for fun my brother and her brother's decided to play hide and go seek with the lights off in my basement. While are parents were up stairs. Sandra had blonde hair and a little chubby but had big breasts.Sandra and I kept hiding in the same place. For some reason she started to turn me on and i started touching her breasts. I told her it was an accident. Then in one hiding place under a desk with cushions around and we had to lay down to fit and i didn't know where to put my head she said in her lap. While we were hiding me head was right in her crotch. I started to get a boner. Then when we were getting out i rubbed it on her little which felt good but she didn't notice so i thought. Are parents and brothers left us while they went to the store. Then she asked if i would show her how to have sex. i said sure and started kissing her and grabbing her boobs and ass. I rubbed her crotch and she moaned. I told her to take off all her clothes and lay on the floor and spread her legs, while i took off my clothes. She was laying on the floor i started kissing her and then sucking and rubbing her boobs. Then started kissing her all the way to her thigh then kissed her pussy. I started to eat her out and she started shaking squirted a little in my face. Then i slwoly stuck my hard dick in her she was in a little pain . Started to work fast then she was moaning . I came in her then pulled out. i then ran upstiars to my parents room and grabbed some KY because they would be home soon. I told her to suck and lick my dick then when i was hard i told her to lay on her stomach and i lubbed her ass and my dick. I slowly stuck it in becasue she kept tenseing up then going faster she started to moan the she cam twice and i nutted agian. i Flipped her over and we held eachother and kissed got dressed before are parents came back. She didn't get pregnant ut now we use condoms and have sex when ever we see eachother.
-age 15, LA

I just got back from my first party tonite and it rocked! Me and Liz went to this house that some guys invited us to. We were drinking suthern comfort with Brian and Mark who are two guys we just met in school. I hooked up with Brian and Liz went with Mark. Brian is a sophmore and real cool and we went out in the backyard and there was guesthouse that a grandmother used to live in when she was alive. We locked the door and Brian took me to the bedroom where we made out on the bed. Brian began to take off my clothes and I was ready for it. He licked my nipples and kissed down my belly and undid my shorts and pulled aside my panties and tongued my clit till I was going crazy with excitement. I said I hope you got a rubber and he said of course I do and he stood up and took his clothes off too. He rolled the rubber on his huge dick, the first one I ever saw in person. Brian's got a great body and next thing I knew it was right on top of me and he began to fuck me. He felt so good to me and I wrapped my legs around his, and his chest was rubbing on my breasts and we both orgasmed at about the same time. We were both hot and sweaty and I was a little sore but it was still the best thing ever. We laid together afterword with my head on his chest and him stroking my hair and shoulders. Brian is a cool guy and he is a lot of fun to fuck. He doesn't mind that I'm younger and when we went back to the party he treated me nice and kissed me in front of his friends when I had to leave. Then he called me late tonight and thanked me and wants to go out tomorow. I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with Brian.
-age 16, kenton (female)

My first time was with a man I was (and still am) deeply in love with. He was a virgin, a fact he shyly admitted to me the first time I mentioned sex. I was a virgin, but I was just dying to have sex. My virginity was something I could just feel, all the time, and I was more than eager to get rid of it. I was constantly horny, and spent lots of time reading stories like these, then masturbating to satisfy myself. We'd been fooling around a lot, with him masturbating me and giving me powerful orgasms. His roommate always went back home on the weekends, so we had the whole dorm room all to ourselves for two whole days. We both knew when he picked me up to go over to his dorm that we were going to have sex, yet we didn't plan much beyond that. We left room for things to happen spontaneously. At first he taught me how to play dominoes, and I found out he's a sore loser. As things usually went for us, we ended up fooling around. He picked me up and laid me down on his bed. I was hot with the sheer anticipation of it. I was finally going to lose it! He stroked my clit until I had the best orgasm of my life, kissing my nipples at the same time, which added to the intensity. I rubbed his inner thighs and gently stroked him all over down there, enjoying giving him so much pleasure. He admitted that although he'd had several other girlfriends before me, I was the first to ever even see him naked. I could tell he was nervous, but my moans of pleasure convinced him he was expertly satisfying me. He quickly whipped out a condom and slapped it on. I was all hot and wet, but he still had trouble fitting inside me. At this point in my life I couldn't even get a small tampon in there, and he was huge compared to that. I know he didn't want to hurt me, but I also knew I wanted to lose it, really bad. I knew it would hurt, and I was prepared for it. He kept trying, gently at first, then I told him to just go ahead and shove it in, and not worry about hurting me. He was still reluctant, so I finally yelled, "Push! Just push!" He forced his way on in, finally breaking me. It hurt really bad--for about three s. I bled a little, but then we both knew I probably would. He'd nearly lost his erection from taking so long to get inside me, but once we got going, it felt great. It was the most wonderful sense of relief I'd ever experienced. The deep, extreme exhaustion I had afterwards led to the best night's sleep (in his arms, of course) that I ever got. I finally stopped feeling like a tightwad. I didn't get an orgasm, and I was a little sore the next couple times we did it, but it's still the greatest pleasure for me. We've had sex almost every day since then, we enjoy it so much. Losing it with him is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
-age 20, CA (female)

I joined the Fire Department a few months ago and was working on getting fire fighter I and II certified. I always hung out with the guys on the dept and they were hot, like most fire fighters are. The EMT's are also stationed in our building so there were always a lot of really hot guys around and me being one of the only girls on the dept, I got a lot of attention from them. So after training one night, I was working out in the weight room getting ready for my fire fighter exam. Everyone had gone home after training or gone out drinking. So I was there alone except for the EMT's that are there all night. I was upstairs in the weight room listening to a few punk cd's and working out when I got thirsty. I went downstairs to where the fridge was in our meeting room to get a water and was looking through a few of the training manuals when one of the EMT's walked in. I was wearing a pair of skate shoes, a pair of cargos and a skettie strap tank top. I'd seen him at the station a lot but hadn't really talked to him that much. I didn't even know his name so I looked at his little engraved name tag and saw that it was "seth". He looked me up and down and sat on one of the counters and smiled. I flashed a devilsh grin and he started talking, I'd heard before that he never gave mouth to mouth so I decided to asky him why. He said "If I knew I was getting some toung, I'd do it". With those words he jumped down from his spot on the counter and his lips slowly caressed mine. Every inch of me was tingling as he slipped his tounge in and out of my mouth. My head felt dizzy as he kept working my tounge. And he told me not to worry about passing out because he was a trained emt. I kind of laughed and we went back to kissing. After that he started to work his way down, he pulled off my tank top and started kissing my size 36C breasts and telling me how hot I was. I work out constantly and am pretty hyper so I have zero percent body fat, he worked his way down from my breasts to my tight stomach and then he started unbuttoning my cargo pants. I had on a little pair of undies with monkeys printed on them that said "just hangin", he laughed and pulled my cargo pants off and then worked his thumbs under the sides of my undies, all the while still kissing me. He looked down again as he revealed my shaven pussy and said "damn baby, I'm not just hangin now". While he had been working on me I had been unbuttoning his shirt and taken off his white tshirt. His rock solid abs were a major turn on, not that I needed it at this point. I kept running my hands over his hard chest and kissing his nipples. He went back to frenching me and as he did he slid one of his fingers into my tight pussy. It felt so good that I knew I had to have him. He picked me up and sat me on the fire cheifs desk and climbed on top of me. I spread my legs and he slowly entered me. It hurt a little at first but once he was inside of me the pain was gone. Then he started pumping in and out, slow at first then he was hitting it hard. I arched my back as I orgasmed and he came hard inside of me. He kissed me a few more times then he pulled out and told me to get dressed. We went to his bunk in the EMT house and we went at it again and again. We hit it a total of 13 times. I love emt's because they can go all night. There were two different bunk rooms and he was the that night in his room so we just held each other and he said that he'd been watching me since I joined the dept. I use to hate going to training because it was so boring, but now every time I work out seth's there and we always meet up for some after training fun. If only the chief knew what happened on his desk that night.
-age 19, dayton (female)

WEll it all started when Ben my friend asked me if I wanted to come to this party. It was only like 25 people but I said I'd come, mainly cause he said that some girls were comming. So we rocked up there about 7.00, I was actually late casue I had a flat tire on the way and then we had a friend who also was coming back from overseas who I had to pick up. Anyway when we finnaly arrived we started drinking, i was drinking bicardi and coke and the others spirts and beer as well. The night started to hot up after dancing and some new couples being formed. One of my best friends and his girlfriend went into their car to make out he told me the morning after but we found a condom less than 3 feet from the car! He still says it wasn't him. Well i had been dancing with this girl nammed Abby for a while she was cute about 5,2 blond hair blue eyes and a great body, smallish tits and a nice ass. Well after awhile we started talking and drinking together on a couch and next to us everybody was getting it on, and I mean getiing it on! So Abby and I went outside on the lawn to talk after a while we started talking about sex and she admitted she hadn't had it but had given bj's and stuff like that. The though of that really turned me on and i started tickling her and saying how much of a naughy girl she was! She started laughing and then we kissed a long passionate kiss that lasted for about a minute. We then broke off and started again but this time with roaming hands. She started to feel my body while my hands rested on her nice tits, I immdeatly started rubbing them and she started to break off from my mouth and moan. I then moved her top up untill in was just bellow her chin and rub and lick her tits through her bra. She then reached back behind herself and undid her bra so I could lick her nipples. While doing the top half she had undone her jeans and I was peeling them off with one hand (very hard trust me). When they finally came off my handed dived into her crotch and pulled her black lace panties to the side and started to finger her. She started to moan louder and arch her back, I then moved my mouth towards her crutch. I slid off her panties and then dived my toune stright into her. After about 3 minutes of continual licking she started to buck and scream, I thought that everybody would hear, but luckily no one came to check it out. She then cummed all in my mouth and I tasted her sweet juices, ohhhhh they were so sweet and yummy. By this time my dick wa throbing and covered in pre cum. She undid my pants and started to rub up and down my shaft while she put her mouth on the tip and used her tounge to tease the tip!. Ohhhhhh, did she know how to give good BJ's. After about 5 minutes I was ready to cum, but she didn't want any in her mouth. So I asked her to lie down and i placed my dick between her breasts and rubbed it back and forth after about the 8 pull I cummed all over her chest and on her tits. She loved it and licked it all up. We then both stripped naked and then Abby put a condom on me and we then started humping on the lawn in the missionary position. It was both our first times so we were both a bit clumsy, though lucky enough she guided me in her and then we were away. After about 1 hour of fucking in about 4 different positions we were both bugered. We then went into the house and snuck into the shower to wash ourselves off. In the shower we fucked standing up as well, which is very akward but still great fun. We then went got dressed and went to sleep in a friends bed. We both woke up the next morning and never forgave ourselves for the great experience and we are still going out to this day. ABBY I LOVE YOU!
-age 17,

I had recently turned 16, had my driver's licence, and a decent car. I worked a couple nights a week at the mall, and one of my coworkers was a really hot 18 year old girl. She was polite and friendly, but we never really talked much since we worked in different areas of the store. Through casual conversation, I learned she lived only a block from my house, but we went to different schools. One Friday night, after getting off work at 10 pm, her car would not start. Knowing where I lived, she asked if we could hitch a ride home. At this point, I was happy to give a hot girl a ride home, but I had no thoughts of anything sexual happening. On the way home, she said I could just drive to my house and she would walk from there. She then added the invitation for me to walk her home. When we pulled into my driveway, she noticed we had a pool in the back, and asked if she could take a look. I didn't really know why she wanted to, but I agreed. As we stood on the back patio, we spent about 15 minutes in small talk. I had sat down by that time, and as it was beginning to rain, I asked if she'd like me to walk her home. She responded by saying how thankful she was to me. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. This was very nice, but still, I was not thinking anything more would happen. At this time she stood between my legs, and sat down on my lap. Looking deep into my eyes, she said again, I really want to thank you. At this time, we began kissing fairly passionately, and I could feel my cock growing harder. I think she could feel it too as she began to grind her hot ass into my lap a bit harder. By this time, I completely forgot about the rain. I was enjoying the moment, wondering where it was going. Next, she said to me, I think you deserve more. She took my hand, and placed it on her breast. I squeezed her beautiful tits softly as we continued kissing. She then unbuttoned her shirt and guided my hand underneath, eventually slipping her bra down so I could feel her hard nipples. By this point, I felt like my cock was going to bust through my pants. As I began rocking my hips beneath her, she slid off to the side a bit, then slid her hand down to gently squeeze the bulge in my pants. Very nice, she said. Do you mind if I repay you a little more, she asked. I just said mmmm.... She stood up, and after undoing my pants, she slid them down to my ankles. After that, she reclined the chair we were sitting on, and had me lay back. Standing in front of me, she lifted her skirt up revealing some skimpy white, sexy panties. I just about exploded. I had never done more than any kissing with a girl, and had never seen a live girl in her panties (just pics in magazines). We were both drenched as the rain was really coming down hard. After she stood in front of me for a moment, rubbing her mound, she again straddled me and began rubbing herself against my stiff prick. I could see she was really getting off to as she rocked back and forth on top of me. She again pulled my hands up to squeeze her titties as she ground her self into me until I exploded. My dick had popped out of the top of my shorts, and I ended up with a sticky mess all over me. I was embarrassed at first, but she reached down and rubbed me with her hand a bit longer, then she laid back and began rubbing herself, sliding her finger in her pussy until she got herself off. Watching her do this, and listening to her moan got me stiff again, and I rubbed my own cock until we were both done. The night ended with her again saying thank you, then "you can walk me home now." I did it gladly. At her house, she kissed me on the cheek, then I went back to my house. Our relationship at work didn't really change after that, and a short time later she was off to college. I never had a nother experience with her, but that one was something I will never forget.
-age 27, Nebraska

It all started with her wanting to have sex. I have seen magazines and videos before her and masturbated to get myself off. So we decided to skip a class go home and fuck around. So we walk to my house and to my bedroom. We got naked and I got on top of her. I put it in her and just screwed her harder and harder. I remembered some of the videos I had seen while I was screwing her. Her moans were unstoppable. Things were going through my head. I felt my cock about to cum. Not sure where to cum I pulled out. She then went for my cock with her hand and licked it while she strock me hard and good. My good I just wanted to cock and that when I shot my first load in her mouth. and the rest over her face. From then on we fuck almost everytime we could. And she was a real cum swallower.
- age 16, CA

I had just moved and started in a new school, so I had very few friends. One of the first guys I met in one of my classes seemed pretty nice and he and I hit it off right from the start. His name was Jim and he was only a few months older than I, which made hime 14 when we first met. He had an older sister (16 or 17) and lived with his mom and stepdad. We had classes together and really became good buddies. After a couple of months I invited him to stay all night at my house. I had no brothers or sisters my age and my folks thought it was keen that I had a buddy. I had my own bedroom and had bunk beds. I usually slept on top, but when he came over the first time he said he would like to sleep on top. For the first couple of times nothing really happened. We would talk for awhile and finally went to sleep. One night, it was the 3rd or 4th time he stayed at my house, he was on the top bunk and I was on the bottom and we started talking about girls and sex. He said he gotten as far as getting and giving head, but had never really fucked, unless you considered ass fucking. When he said that I nearly fell out of bed. I told him he full of shit, but he swore he had stuck his dick in the back end. I couldn't imagine such thing, naive as I was. I had never even gotten to see or feel a girl naked, much less ass fuck! Anyway, we talked for awhile and then I thought he finally went to sleep. I was thinking about what it might be like to fuck a girl, front or back, when I heard what sound like the click of his PJ bottoms opening and then a slight vibration and sound just like when I jerked off. Jim, I was certain, was right above me jacking off. Pretty soon all was quiet and I figured he must quit. I was too bashful to say anything and too inexperienced to know much of anything as well. Next morning as we went to school I did mention hearing something funny after he went to sleep. He looked at my kinda strangely but didn't say anything. Instead he asked if I would like to stay over at his house the following weekend. I said sure. It was Saturday and I was going to meet Jim at the movies and then go home with him and stay at his house. We saw a flick -- I forget what it was -- and head back to his house. His Mom and Stepdad were home, but his sister was out somewhere. We watch some TV and then went downstairs. Jim's room was really in the basement but it was nice. It was next to their rec room and there was a bathroom with a shower right across from Jim's bedroom. Although I had been to his house many times, this was the first time I had stayed over. Unlike my bedroom, Jim slept in a large double bed. He told me to go ahead and use the bathroom, for he always showered in the morning. I went in and took off my clothes except for my boxers, which I always sleep, unlike Jim who always wore PJ's when he stayed at my house. I came out of the bathroom with my clothes, walked into Jim's room and threw them in a chair. He was already in bed covered by the sheet & blanket and was reading something. I could tell he wasn't wearing his pajama tops. I told him I only slept in my boxers and hoped he didn't mind. He laughed and said, Hell, he only wore PJ's when he stayed at someone else's house. At home he didn't wear anything and then he laughed again and threw off the cover and sheet to reveal that he had absolutely nothing on! It was really the first time I had seen Jim naked and couldn't help admire his dick, which even soft, seemed much larger than mine. I must have looked a little funny, for he said he hoped I wouldn't mind as he pulled the covers back over his body. I said it was not problem for me and got into bed. He turned out the reading light, but the room was not totally dark. I really felt kind of funny in the same bed with my totally naked friend. In fact, it was more than a funny feeling. My dick seemed to be getting hard. I hoped Jim would not notice and rolled over with my back to him. We talked a little while and finally both of us went to sleep, or so I thought. The next thing I remember was dreaming I was fucking some beautiful woman. I had often jerked off to that dream, but this felt so really. I suddenly realized I was half awake and someone was playing with my rock hard dick. It was Jim, of course, but instead of saying anything I pretended to be asleep. Jim was rubbing my dick and it felt really good! Then I became aware of how close he was -- how close his dick was to my hand. I moved it slowly and touched it for the first time. He was as hard as I was. I could pretend no longer. I rolled over and opened my eyes. Jim smiled and said he wondered how long I would pretent to sleep as he continued to rub my dick. "Why don't you pull those boxers off?" he asked. I did so in a flash. "Do you want to jack off?" I asked. And with that we both began to pump each other's dicks up and down. It was the first time ANYONE had ever done to me what I had been doing almost daily for the past year or so. And it felt so good. But it didn't take long for either of us. Almost at the same instant both of us began to shoot our cum up and out all over everything. Jim then did something that really surprise me. He began licking my cum off my stomach! I couldn't believe it. But as he lick, I noticed my dick did not start going down as it usually does after a cum. As he worked his way down my stomach he fonnd my dick and balls and what he did with his tongue I had never imagined possible. He had me rock hard AGAIN in just a few minutes. And since I had already cum once, I was really enjoying it. Then he shifted around and brought his leg over my body into the 69 position. I couldn't help myfelf. He was suck me and his dick was right over my mouth. I brought him down and followed his lead. I don't know how long we sucked each other's dicks, but we both lasted a good deal longer the 2nd time. Finally I knew I was about to cum and said so. But Jim kept right on sucking, cum and all, and sucked me dry. I shifter over and got on top and began suck his dick in earnest. He said he would tell me when he was about to cum if I didn't want to swallow it. I said, what the hell, you swallowed mine. Turn about it fair play! And swallow I did. For a cum, he gave me all I could handle. We both lay in bed exhausted and drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up first. Jim was next to me as I slowly lifted the sheet. He dick was beautiful and I began rubbing it in his sleep as he had done for me the night before. Soon both he and his dick were awake and we sucked each other off one more time. It was about 9am and Jim said his folks would be at church until noon and they often went out to eat and didn't return home till the middle of the afternoon. His sister would not get up until noon, he said. Then he said I could use the shower first or go upstairs and use the bathtub. I elected to use the tub and grabbed a towel, wrapped it around me and headed for the upstairs bathroom. I filled the tub and got in, was relaxing as one can only relax in a hot tub, when I heard someone at the door. It wasn't locked, and I assumed it Jim and said, "Come in." Well, it wasn't Jim, it was his sister, Sally. She looked at me as I tried to hide myself and said she just had to pee, pulled her panties down and sat down on the john. I tried to look away, but couldn't. She had a T shirt on, but seeing her sitting there was really something! She must have sensed I was embarrassed or bothered, for she said, "Oh don't mind me. I walk in on Jim and he walks in on me all the time. It doesn't bother us!" Now, this bathroom was not very big. I could almost reach out from the tub and touch her as she was sitting on the john -- and vice versa. I tried to use the washcloth to cover myself, but even after Jim's and my activities the night before I felt my dick begin to rise again. I only hoped she would get out of there before she saw it! (Silly me!) Anyway, she finished pissing and stood up and streched WITHOUT pulling her panties back up. What a view! I staring face to face at me first pussy. My dick really began to shoot up. Then she looked down and said, "That really looked inviting. How about I join you?" And before I could say anything, she pulled off her shirt, stepped into the tub, and slowly lowered herself right over my hardened dick. Again, I couldn't believe what was happening. She sat down right on me, sliding my dick into her warm pussy! "UHM" she said. "Not bad." Especially after you and Jim probably had some fun last night, right?" I nodded in amazement. Then I looked over and Jim was standing in the door, still naked and pumping his dick. They both laughed, and then Sally suggested we dry off and all go into her bedroom for a little lesson in sex! For the next two hours Sally and Jim taught me more about fucking and sucking than I had ever imagined. It was a lesson I never forgot and never will. By the time their parents came home we had pretty much finished and cleaned up, so they had no idea what had gone on in their home. I had several more "sleepovers" at Jim's. Sally didn't always join us, but it was so great when she did. Unfortunately, but the end of the school term, they moved away and I never saw either Jim and Sally again. But I will never forget them. And I am forever thankful for what they taught me!
-age 28, la

- age 17, DETROIT

My first sexual intercourse took place in the woods behind a hospital where I volunteered when I was 14-years-old. Another volunteer, also 14, really caught my eye, and I was constantly horny around her. After having general conversation, I led into talking about sex. Eventually, she agreed to have sex with me. At first I was going to take her to an empty patient room, but I was too scared of getting caught. We ended up going into the wooded area behind the hospital where we found a clearing. AFter kissing for a short time, I pulled her pants down and started to finger her. I then took my pants down to my knees and tried to figure out how we were going to do it in the woods. I had seen some porno movies and remembered seeing people do it rear entry. I had her get on her hands and knees and then I started trying to penetrate her from the rear. I was probing for quite a while and eventually had to have her guide me in by saying "left, right, up, down, ect." Finally, I found the hole and penetrated her vagania from the rear. I started thrusting quickly and soon began to swear like crazy (it was about 90 degrees at the time). I orgasmed after about three (3) minutes, and we quickly got dressed and returned to the hospital to clean up. I was nervous for about six (6)weeks, afraid that I had gotten her pregnant. It wasn't all that I had expected it to be.
- age 32, Indiana

It was about the end of summer time and my dad had just dropped us off at the movie theater. We were going to see the movie Armageddan and it was about noon on a Saturday afternoon. We wanted to fuck bad, but had no real place to go so we decided to go to the movies when no body would be there. About 15 mins. in she began rubbing my leg and right there that was the signal for me to go in. She had a tight pair of jeans on and a blue tank top with a matching black bra and panties, it was sweetttttttttttttttttt! This was my first time, but she had a little more expierence, not to say she was a slut, but about 5 times before me. She stood up and took off her pants and panties. So I pulled down my pants and boxers, I tossed on a condom and she sat right down on it. She was bouncing on my dick for about 20 mins. before I was about to cum, I asked her if she'd suck me off, but she said she doesn't like giving blowjobs, so she lifted up her shirt and came on her chest. After I came she that she made me cum so, I had to make her, so I began eating her out and she tasted like freshly picked cherries, like the kind that you buy in the packs right at the beginning of Spring. We fucked one more time about a half hour later for another 20 mins. It was the best fucking day of my life up to that moment. We were together for 3 more weeks when she told me that she was just using me for sex and having the I for intensity, but also integrity and intelligence I figured it was wrong to go out with someone just for sex.
-age ,

I met parker my junior year in high school. i lusted after him, flirting constantly for s until we finally got a chance to hook up. camping in boulder with a couple of friends from high school, we ducked into the tent when it started to rain.our friends had just left to go into the next town for firewood, for a fire later that evening. so we decided to enjoy our time at the camp alone. making out for nearly half an hour, not a word escaped from our lips. merely sighs and wet kissing sounds as we made love with our tounges. deep, probing kiss after kiss. parker's hand had found it's way under my bra and started pinching my nipple. quickly he pulled my shirt over my head and took off my bra. i sat on his lap my legs straddling him as he licked my tits and sucked on my nipples. he had one nipple that he was rolling around between his fingers and the other locked between his lips. i could feel his hard cock trying to break free of his pants. i got off of him and lowered myself to unzip his pants and pull his swollen dick out of his boxers. i stroked it and took the head into my mouth. massaging the head of his penis with my mouth until his cock was straining hard, stretched to it's most full capacity. i gave parker head until he exploded down my throat. when i was done he yanked off my jeans and kissed his way up my legs with starting with small kisses on my toes working all the way up to lick on my inner thighs. he spread my legs apart staring at the huge wet spot i had on my pink panties. he started rubbing the edges of my panties between my legs and slipped them to the side. he slid his finger gently, barely inside my wet slit and then put his finger to my mouth. i tasted my pussy juice and he returned his finger again to probe deeply inside my vagina and thrust it in and out. he pulled off my panties and ran his tounge all over the outside of my pussy, tracing a line around the hair with his tounge. teasing and teasing. finally he gently spread my lips and licked my hole pussy from my hole to my clit. he stopped at my clit and started kissing it. deep and wet. he thrust two fingers in my pussy and worked on my clit with his lips and tounge. he was pounding me with his fingers. sucking and licking and biting and moaning in my pussy. suck after suck, lick after lick i was moaning and screaming. i could feel it building up i was about to explode i screamed for parker to suck me harder and finger me deeper. finally i burst and creamed all over his face. his face was shiny from my cum. parker and i had gotten this far before but we had never explored any further. he started fingering me again and i saw his penis start to engorge i had just cum but was so turned on that i felt melted in with his sex. we kissed with our tounges and held each other tight for what seemed like forever until i found myself lying underneath parker. he reached down to my pussy with his fingers and spread my lips for his cock to pass through. he rested the head of his dick just inside my opening and grabbed my legs underneath my knees to spread them apart. he held my legs up in the air, spread apart as he slowly allowed his entire cock to be swallowed by my pussy. inch by inch we both moaned as his dick filled my tight virgin cunt. after a few minutes of slowly prodding and pushing it began to felt good and he started pumping me in a steady rhythm. i couldn't stop moaning as i felt parker work his cock in and out of my tight hole. he licked his fingers and worked them around my clit and pussy lips turning me on even more. we were fucking at a good speed right now and our passions were building up, i was at the height of my arousal when parker sucked on a single finger and then slid it underneath to my ass hole. he rubbed gently and i couldn't take it any more. i shouted "i'm cumming" and he quickly plunged the finger all the way into my ass. crying in orgasm i arched my back against him and exploded my no longer virgin juices all over his cock. parker was about to drive it home. he started slamming his cock inside my pussy in and out in and out. i could hear and feel his balls slapping my ass with each thrust. suddenly vicki and john returned and pulled off our tent cover from above the tent. they could see through the whole tent. john pulled his shorts down immediatley, so horny from hearing and seeing us fuck, and started to rub his hard cock. he turned vicki on and she pulled her panties down bearing her pussy to the world, she stroked it deep. parker moaned a deep grunt and pounded fast for a few s finally he pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over my stomach. i had never seen so much cum. vicki bent over while john stuck his dick in her pussy and they didn't fuck for more than 30 s until they both came. parker and i still have sex, what a great first time story to tell though!
-age 16, colorado (female)

Well, I dont know what to say, there was this fat b**** named Laura, and she was a slut. And i had gotten head from her a lot, and she wanted me to fuck her but i didnt have a rubber. She said that it was okay and just to pull "it" out. So we started going at it and she said this was boring because it was missionary, so then i laid down on the picnic table outside, and she rode me, and that was about it, so it kinda sucked for the first time but ya know, whatever. JOE MALE
- age 16, Virginia(Not Virgins)

I was once at my brothers house staying there for the weekend cause' we were going to a Bills game the next day,and I was talking to my friends.I heard moanings and groanings upstairs and I thought it was by bros dog so I just stayed downstairs.So I started to get tired and I went upstairs.WHile I was up there I heard the noises again but coming closer,so i walked in my bros room,and he was having sex with his girlfriend (I felt my breasts throbing) and I decided to take my clothes off.I did and it felt ssoo good,his girlfriend was sucking on my breasts and my brother went downstairs to get a drink and she started biting my pussy and breasts and at first it hurt but then I did it to her to and then we started to fall asleep,and when my brother came up,he slept in my room.While his girlfriend and I were sleeping together.I found out the next morning their was a camera in their and he took pictures of us.I loved it and I can't wait to do it again.
- age 16, California (female)

Okay ..I was working with this guy I really liked at McDonald's.His name was Greg. He never really noticed me before but then one day we started talking. He told me that he liked me and he has liked me since we started working together. I was really excited when I found this out, so I told him I liked him, too. We started hanging out and we became really close friends. Over Thanksgiving weekend I invited him to come join my family and I at my Uncle Joe's house for dinner. My family and everyone else there decided to go out for dessert but Greg and I weren't really in the mood for dessert. So my family just went on without us and said.."we'll be home in a few hours." We were just sitting around watching t.v...and we looked at eachother and all of a sudden started kissing. Kissing a lot. We started really making out and he started RUBBING my breasts passionately. He became undressing me and soon he was sucking on my nipples and playing with with my titties. I looked down and say a large BUMP in his pants. I put my hand on it and he began to take his pants off. Then I got down on my knees and started sucking his large hard cock. He started going down on me and I could feel his tongue on my clit. I was extremely horny by now. we were both undressed now and he slipped his cock closer to my pussy. He started going in deeper and sucking my tits at the same time. He started humping me hard. He told me he was about to cum so he took out his cock and came on my hard titties. After that he turned me around and starting getting me up the ass. It actually felt great. We went on for abour 2 hours, in the bedroom, the kitchn counter and finally the shower, since my family was coming home soon. Well we got out of the shower and fucked one last time in the bedroom again. We decided that was enough for that night since my family was comming home shortly. That night I will never forget or regret. We started dating and our anniversary is comming up. Talk about a great first time huh ?!?!
-age 16, Toledo (female)

it was spring vacation. My boyfriend and his family were moving to ohio. He lived right beside me so we were really close and we had done just about everything but "it". i was really dissapointed, but at the same time i was curious as to who my new neighbours were. a couple days after they moved in, my family and i went to greet them. I rang the door bell and this REALLY HOT GUY answered the door. while our parents exchanged greetings, i offered to have him tour our house. he came over and i showed him around, and popped the question of wether he had a girlfriend. he said no and i was totally stoked. i asked him if he wanted to see our crawlspace because my brother and i had rennovated it into a comfy hangout.he said sure and we headed down there. i turned on the tv and he leaned over and put his tounge in my mouth. he started putting his hand up my shirt and then stopped, he asked me if i was a virgin. i said yes, but i dont want to be anymore. he said ok. he smiled and started to undo my pants and take off my shirt, before i knew it, there i was, completly naked.He licked his finger, than inserted it inside my hot wet pussy. i felt pressure and then pleasure and i moaned. he totally popped a stiffy and he took off his pants, i saw his buldge underneath his boxers and he told me to stroke it. i did more than stroke it, i put it in my mouth and he came and came and came. i was so wet and i moaned for the time. i lied myself down and spread my legs. he bent down and ate me out. o geez it felt good. . his member was so hard and i wanted it in me. it was painful, i tore and bled. after that afternoon, we fucked almost every day.
-age 15, (female)

I have always fantasized about fucking girls wearing t'shirt, tight cycling shorts and sport shoes. Even though I met a lot of girls who worn like that, all I did was masturbating myself to cum as I have no opportunity to get to know them, and fuck them hard after that. I always envy their boyfriends, how they will take off their girlfriend's tights and screw their cunt hard. However, luck was on my side. I got to know a girl when I was still studying. She is not pretty, but her hot body really turned me on. She was studying in an all-girl school then. She is still a virgin even though she used to tell me that almost all her classmates have tasted cocks. They even have open-fuckings in the theatre. However, at that time, even though she turned me on, I never thought of fucking her. Then one day, I was having conversation with her on the phone, when as usual, the subject of sex became our topic of conversation. She was telling me what type of guys she liked, and I did the same too. I told her that I like girls wearing tights and sport shoes, and I also told her to believe me that I will screw the girl's hole hard if I have met one. Before the end of the conversation, she invited me to a barbeque with her friends the following Saturday night. Thinking that I have nothing to do, and my parents were thinking of going away for vacation, I agreed to go. When I reached there, I saw a lot of girls, and they were asking me whom am I looking for. I told them that I was invited by this friend of mine, they brought me to the kitchen where she was, helping her friends to prepare for the food. When I saw her, my cock suddenly became hard! She was wearing exactly what would turn me on: t'shirts, tights and her sport shoes! That night I couldn't turn my eyes away from her! I was looking at her all the time, and she noticed that too. For some reasons, I went home earlier that night, even before the barbeque ended. Before I went home, I told her to come to my house after the barbeque. She agreed. I was at home, fantasizing about fucking her brains out if she were to come to my house. My dream became a reality, she arrived at my house at about 1.30 a.m. I was still stroking my cock at that time. I opened the door for her and she came in and sat on the sofa while reading the newspaper. I was sitting on the floor, and therefore I could see the shape on her cunt inside her tights, and that turned me on even more! I couldn't wait anymore, so I pushed her on the floor, kissing her while caressing her breasts and touching her cunt on her tights. I could see that she liked it, and she wanted me to screw her. Or else, she would never wore like that in front of me. I asked her to eat me. She put the whole cock of mine into her mouth. I could tell that she's an expert in sucking cocks, even though she claimed to be a virgin. It really turned me on, and immediately I pushed her to the floor, took off all her clothes, and caressing her nipples, while licking her cunt. She was moaning, and told me that she couldn't stand anymore, and wished that I could fuck her hard. Then I rammed my rock hard cock into her hole, and she was screaming so loud. I continued to fuck her for the next 20 minutes. We cummed together, and she told me that she has to leave. Before she left, I banged her once more, and both of us cum after 10 minutes. We continued to do this, and everytime we have a date, she will wear her tights and her sport shoes. We were fucking for the next three months before she met another guy, while I continue to look for other girls who shared the same interest as me!
-age 17, california

i was hanging out with a buddy of mine, just watchin t.v. and stuff. we were both about 13 at the time. he was black, fairly muscular and handsome. we sorta had the same build but i was a little more muscular and according to him and some others, i have a very nice ass. we got kinda bored and just started talking. the conversation started getting sexual and i could tell we were both getting pretty horny. we started talking about masturbating, whos sac and pubic area was hairier, and whos dick was bigger. i said we should both just take out our dicks to truely see whos was bigger. we both pulled down our pants and just stared at each others cocks for about a minute. mine is longer but his was a lot thicker. then his hand slowly reached over and touched the head of my penis. his hand slid down the shaft, then he rubbed my balls for a tiny bit and then he started stroking my dick. when he was doing this, my heart was beating so fast and i could hardly breathe it was so exciting. we both looked up at each other and then we started to kiss. i then went down and started to suck his dick. he blew his load in my mouth and i didnt really know what to do. he told me to swallow it and i did. that got me incredibly horny. then we both took off our shirts and pulled our pants completely off and we just made out for awhile. then i noticed his dick was hard again(very hard)and he asked me if i wanted to have sex. i said yes very quickly and we went into his bedroom. i bent over and he tried putting his dick into my ass. i was too tight at first but he finally got it in. it really, really hurt at first but after awhile it was incredible. after about 2 mins he blew it all in my ass. just the feeling of him inside me and then cumming, made me cum and it was the best gay sex (only gay sex) ive ever had. we havent talked in a couple of years, but whenever im jerking off, nothing works better than thinking of that day over at his house.
- age 17, North Dakota

Well my first oral experience was a very interesting one. We was having a family reunion, and everyone was downstairs either watching TV here and there, or playing cards outside. My parents had let my girlfriend come over to give me someone to be with and hang out with, and this friday makes 6 months. We both were a little horny, and had been feeling each other up all day. So we used to excuse to watch a movie to come to my room. We started making out and then she said she wanted to give me a blowjob, which would be my first one. So I took out my dick and let her go at it. My did it feel good. She kept sucking on it for awhile and then i came. To my surprise she swallowed it. Then she came up and I said, "its my turn." So I pulled her pants and thong down and I started fingering her. She was giving me a handjob while I was fingering her. I brought her off, and then I sucked on her tits for a little bit. Then we actually snuggled up and watched a movie. See...family reunions can't be THAT bad...
- age 17, Ohio

I was with my boyfriend at my house. My parents let him move in. In the middle of the night he came in my room and we did the usual things we did. Then I asked him if he'd like it if we had sex. It being my first time he was really slow. I wanted it hard and fast. I liked rough sex even though I never had it before. It was painful but now I enjoy sex all the time. I walked around bowlegged for about 2-3 weeks.
- age 18, Maryland (female)

I had been friends with this guy since for 5 years. He had moved away about 2 years ago and I hadn't heard much from him. I learned that he had moved back so one day I decided to get in touch with him. We decided to hang out some time and go to a movie. I had just gotten back from a vacation and we went to hang out. We hung out at Wal-mart (since thats the only thing to do around here) and once it got dark, at the park. On our way home, he started talking about him being really shy. I was like-"what do you mean? He said that he could have kissed me at the park, and didn't. So once we got back to his house, he looked at me and smiled. I just laughed and grabbed his shirt and kissed him. He invited me over the next day to his house. I went over there and just hung out for a few hours. Nothing happened and I was beginning to get pissed. Finnaly, we kissed and began making out. Clothes started to come off and he sits up, looks at me and simple says, "Wanna f--k?" I just laughed. It was so simple and no gimmicks, and it had been SO long. Now this wasn't my first time, but his. He seemed nervous, but we continued, and it was the best I had had at the time. It lasted over an hour, surprising for his first time, and i was exahuasted and sore for days. It was great though. Wasn't good for our friendship, damn, it was good.
- age 18, Rhode Island (female)

I grew up in a house full of sisters and I knew very little about boys, penises, balls or anything like that. One day at the age of 13, I was sunbathing at the lake with my best friend Jen, and we heard some boys up the hill behind us putting down their towels to sunbathe. They were right behind us and we almost got up and moved because they were so close. Now these two boys were really cute but they were several years older than us so we really weren't interested in them. After several hours of swimming and playing around we agreed to go back to our towels and sunbathe a little more before we went home. Shortly after we lay down the boys came back and lay down on their towels too. When I looked back at John (The oldest) I noticed something protruding from the crotch of his cut-offs. After staring at it for several seconds I whispered to Jen to have a look. I had no idea what it was but somehow I knew I wasn't supposed to be looking at it. Jen giggled and whispered back that it was his ball sack, "It's where the baby's come from", she said. I couldn't stop looking at it. It was big and hairy. John just sat there with his legs spread apart talking to his friend Tim and he had no clue that I was staring at his exposed ball - or so I thought! After about a half-hour of sunbathing I turned around to catch one more glimpse of that ball of John's and to my surprise I saw two balls, his penis and his pubic hairs all poking out from the crotch of his shorts. His penis was absolutely beautiful (about 6 inches soft). I whispered to Jen to have a look, she squealed, and we both turned around hoping they didn't notice. After repeatedly peeping back at John's exposed privates we noticed that Tim too had a problem keeping his genitals inside his shorts. It then dawned on us that they wanted us to look. Jen and I sat up and started talking to them as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I kept looking down at their exposed genitals hoping that they wouldn't notice, but they did; they were all smiles. I told John "there's something sticking out of your shorts" and he asked me if I wanted to touch "IT". I then leaned over and grabbed his balls and penis and gave them a good feel. I was genuinely curious about what it felt like. They then invited us to go back to their car to give us more privacy but we suggested a nice secluded area of the park with a lot of trees and bushes. When we got there it became very clear that Jen and Tim were a pair as they started making out and feeling each other all over. John looked at me and asked if I wanted to touch his "cock" again as he invitingly pulled down his shorts. I reached down and began squeezing; tugging, pulling and massaging his cock and balls. How soft and tender the skin felt, it enamored me; I wanted to kiss it. Soon John's dick got really long and hard and pointed straight up in the air. He called it a "boner" and showed me how he plays with it. He grabbed the shaft and began pulling up and down on the skin of his cock. With every stroke the head of his cock seemed to get shinier and purple. I was captivated. The more John stroked his boner, the heavier his breathing became, and he seemed to be losing control of his ability to stand up straight. Suddenly he cried out "Oh God..Yes.Yes" as streams of cum came squirting out of the tip of his cock. I thought it was just pee but later found out it was sperm. Slowly John began to catch his breath and we looked over at Jen & Tim and to my surprise they were both naked and Jen was on her knees giving Tim a blowjob. At the time, I didn't know what Jen was doing but by the look on Tim's face, I knew it must have felt good. John and I started to make out and I eventually ended up with no clothes on. I was so horny. We laid down on our clothes and towels as John ran his hands over my body to familiarize himself with my topography. Soon he discovered all my pleasure points as he masterfully treated me to the best orgasm I ever had. With his finger inside of me I lost control of my body and for a moment I forgot where I was. I don't know why but I began to cry. It was such a wonderful experience. John was my steady boyfriend for about three years (we broke up when he went off to college) and he eventually took my virginity. At the age of 25, I have had many lovers, but no man has been able to please me like John. I have a lot of sexual energy and masturbate nearly every day (I love this website), but I long for the day when a man can treat me to the pleasures I experienced with my first love.
-age 25, (female) California

I was asked to housesit for some friends of mine this summer. They paid me $160 for ten days and they have a really awesome house, so I agreed. They told me that I would have to live at the house for that ten days because they have a lot of pets. Me and my girlfriend have been together for a while now and we both wanted to be virgins when we got married (Well, I think she wanted to a little more than I did but...). We were out on a date and it got a little boring so I suggested that we go back to the house and watch some TV and fool around. By this time we both thoroughly enjoyed all types of foreplay and oral sex and we had even tried to have sex a few times but there was always something preventing us from having it. So on this day, we went back to the house and decided to go swimming since the house was directly on the river. The only problem is that she didn't have a swimsuit. I tried to convince her to go skinny-dipping but it was the middle of the afternoon and the people next door could see. We decided to go up to Wal-Mart and buy a cheap swimsuit that she could use. We got to Wal-Mart and the only swimsuits they had were size 11-12 or larger and needless to say, she was about half that size. So instead we wandered over to the underwear department, and she saw some cute boxer shorts that were green plaid and a bra that matched it and she said that she could swim in that. We got back to the house and she got changed but before we went swimming, I thought it would be nice to stop off at the bedroom and fool around a little since she looked unbearably sexy in the shorts and bra (no panties). We laid down on the bed and in a few s I had almost completely removed the bra and I started sucking on her delicious nipples. I soon had her panting and really getting into it so I decided to get a little daring and try something a little more. While I sucked her nipples, I ran my hand down her body and found her boxer shorts. They were somewhat loose around the legs so I was able to easily feel her most private region by gently pushing the shorts to the side. I began to rhythmically move my hand to the beat of the radio we had put on when we entered the room. This was really getting her worked up and I could hardly contain my own excitement. I began slowly working my way down her body by kissing down her torso, lingering a bit at her belly button and then finally I reached the most wonderful part of her body and I didn't kiss it right away. First I kissed the inner parts of both of her upper thighs, effectively teasing her until she could hardly contain herself. Then, I gently licked up her slit until I reached her waiting clit, which I teasingly sucked as hard as possible making her scream with pleasure. I then moved downward towards her opening, making sure to pay close attention to it by sticking my tongue in as far as possible and then doing an upward licking motion. She began arching her back and running her hands through my hair while babbling something about wanting to go swimming (oh well). I continued to lick her but at the same time I reached up and began to finger her while sucking on her clit. Finally I decided that it was time and I kissed my way up her body, sucked some more on her nipples and finally reached her waiting lips. She kissed me with such ferocity that I was sort of surprised but that is beside the point. I pressed my member against her while kissing her. She was very tight and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to penetrate her because I am rather thick so I reached down and helped myself ease in until I was far enough in that I could do it with out my hand. It was the most amazing feeling of my life. I went very slowly because she kept saying that it hurt really bad but gradually I got faster and faster until I could barely keep from coming and then I had to pull out because we weren't protected and I don't really want her to get pregnant. That would ruin both of our lives. I came all over the bed and my girlfriend laughed at me because she said it looked like a fountain the way the cum squirted straight out of my dick. I know pulling out is not a safe way to have sex but it's a hell of a lot safer than leaving it in. She said she really enjoyed it because she loves me but she cried because it hurt like hell and she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding day. She got over that though because we had sex three more times that day in less that two hours. She really enjoys sex and I'm rather sure we'll have much more of it for the rest of our lives together. If anyone has any comments they can send them to xyren Oh yeah, we did finally go swimming, too. ;)
-age 24, Nebraska

My first time was with an older woman,11 years older to be exact.She had been watching me for awhile and wanted to be my first.I had no idea until it happened but she had planned on it for a long time.Her boyfriend was out of town and she invited me in for a drink.I didnt think anything of it because her niece was over and drinking too.Soon after we all had way to much to drink her niece left us alone and to the best of my knowledge she started talking coy about sex.Being alone for the first time with a woman and her talking sex I decided to put her on the floor and take off her shorts and panties.I was so excited with a hardon that would cut diamonds that I just pulled my shorts down enough to be able to plunge into the moist vagina that was waiting for me on the floor.She was sorta acting passed out but I knew she felt every thrust I gave her.She finally looked up at me while sweat was dripping off my forhead onto her face and said it felt so great it couldnt be my first time.Needless to say I rammed her as fast and as hard as I could but couldnt cum a drop.We continued to do this at least 4 more occasions before I ever came but was it ever worth it.
- age 37, Ky

2 days after my birthday, my best friend had gave me some flowers and told me that he loved me. I thought it was sweet and told him to come over to my house tonight. later that night he climb up my window. it was 11:00 o'clock and my parents were asleep. I closed my door and locked it. Me and him were playing w/ each other and me and him both came. I wanted more so I told him "a good birthday gift would be to fuck me" My boyfriend took off his pants and then i took off my skirt and everything eles. He touched my tits and squeezed. I was moaning. He had told me to get on the floor so i did. He put his cock inside me and I screamed w/ plesure. he began to go back and forth and so on. I came and then I told him that I want it to go inside my lips. (If you know what I mean) So he turned me over and He stuck it inside my pussy lips and I felt a sharp pain in me as he put it in. I told him it hurted but then he told me to relax and kept pushing. It finally went in all the way and he began to fuck me good. I moaned and screemed for more I told him to cum inside me. He did and I came too. We both was tired and we fell asleep while he was still inside of me. We woke up and he sang happy Birthday to me and I was happy to not be a virgin. What a birthday gift.
- age 18, Califorina (female)

My first time i was at a football banquet and all the cheerleaders and other players were ther and i hadbeen liking this one girl all season so i finally went over to her to talk to her. She didnt really want to talk at first and the i told her that i liked her and she said she liked me too. I asked her to go for a walk and she came. We we walking around the gym and she asked the real reason for the walk. I joked and said so i could bang you. she thought i was serious and said good. she took off her uniform and started fingering herself. everyone esle was up in the auditorium. she then asked to suck me off i told her okay yand she did a wonderful job. i told her i was cumming and she asked if it was enough for her face and mouth and i said i hope so. i busted a little in her mouth (which she promptly swallowed) and then a little on her face. she then asked me to bang her. she was tight so i rammed it in as hard as i could and banged her for about 20 mins and then came in her mouth again ( which she also swallowed).
- age 18, NIGERIA

I was in my friend's house(girl) we were talking about something that i don't remember, then she asked me to play the boyfriends and i said yeah why not? She sat in her uncle's bed, then started taking off her jean, then she took off her panty, and then she said: come suck my pussy... then she openned her pussy, and i started sucking her pussy, it was so good, then she sucked my cock and then i went to my house.
- age 16,

MY FiRST TIME I whas 11 years old she was 20. Awsom ha ha!!!. At first I was scard but thin she got nakid man she had som big pupes. I was totaloy ternd on I mean it was my first time I allmost lost it. Then she started to go doun on me. Then I lost my load all in her mouth oups!!! Owell she liked it she sad it tasted good. Thin we had fun I don't reley remember a houl lot but the shivering and shaking man it was the shit. Well that was my first time
- age 19, pacific

i used to think that masterbating was gross and not right for girls to do, until i found this website. once i read about the girls getting off by rubbing their pussy's, i just had to try it for myself. the first time i did it was when i was 15 and my pussy was so fresh and bare. i placed my fingures around my clit and rubbed on it like the other girls said. it began to feel good and made my pussy really wet. after a while of that i began to slide my fingure into my hole and went in and out everytime harder and faster. once i got off i had to do it again and now i masterbate very often and i love to suck cock.
- age 16, texas (female)

Well, it was the usual rave night at my boarding school, where all the upper classmen get to dance drink and party at the local sports gym. I was a frequent visitor, as was most of the guys there, and I happened upon this gorgeous girl how was rather dandy and fine as hell, shit scared as I was, I brought her a Drink and danced a couple of times with her, she had almost natural black hair, deep brown eyes and a body to die for, she was a swimmer, and so had a great body. She was a virgin as I too. We danced a couple of times, and she started grabbing my penis and rubbing up against it with her crotch, I by now was very horney and we agreed on going to my dorms because all of the lads were out getting pissed. We got into the dorm, and she and I quickly embraced, her tongue hot against mine, and I slowly undressed her, her nipples flicking out of her bra as I tugged it down. She had the most perfect breasts, not too big, because I prefer a petit woman, with medium round nipples, a light shade of brown, of which I slowly kissed and gently bit. She moaned softly, so I carried on down, tracing her belly button, and down into her panties, which quickly came off. Her pussy tasted like sweet honey, and I fingered her for a quarter of an hour, until she pushed me back and went down on me, she took my penis and started slowly, moving rhythemically, and tried to deep throat it, only to choke on it a little. I quickly moved on top, and allowed my head to slowly part her lips, enough to give her a taste, and then deepened my probing, till I got to what seemed to be her cherry. I moved down deeper, and felt it pop, which gained me a gasp. I carried on, marvelling in her tightness, until she whimpered slightly, grabbed me aand held me hard, asshe had her first orgasm. I too took my turn and pulled it out in time, covering her belly and face with my cum. After cleaning up, she left with a kiss, and we fucked for a year after, until I left for America. I still see her when I visit, she has more experience now, and she is the best fuck I know. Katie B I love you
-age 22, ian london

My boyfriend know how much I like looking at his body so when I was at his house he teased me by stripping down to his shorts while we were listing to cd's in his room. We were on his bed and I began to touch his chest and legs and soon my head was on his chest and I was stroking up his inner thighs. I could clearly see the effect it was having on him so I put my hand under his shorts and eventually pushed his shorts down. He was touching my body too so I removed my shirt and bra then went down on him and licked the head of penis. He moaned and shook and I looked up at him and asked if he thought we should go further. That's a simple question for a old guy. He reached to the drawer beside his bed and took out a box of condoms. He said he kept them there just in case. By now I was so excited that I stripped off my jeans and pantys then wrapped my arms around my boyfriend and we kissed with my breasts against his chest and my leg over his. Eventually he rolled the condom on and got on top of me and the sex we had was beautiful. His body felt as good in action as it does to look at. Now we're more in love than ever.
-age 15, new jersey(female)

I was a college freshman going to a school about 200 miles from home in the Northwestern part of Michigan. This being my first year, the college did not allow freshman to have a car on campus, so anytime that I wanted to go home for the weekend I either had to find a ride home with another student or hitchhike. This weekend in particular I decided to hitchhike home. I didn.t date much, only had a couple of heavy petting sexual experiences, and I was at a time in my life that I thought of sex most of the time. I was a pretty good looking kid, 6.2., good build, kid next door type. It normally took 3 to 4 hours to get home hitchhiking, but this day was taking forever to get rides. I was standing on this country road in the early afternoon, about 2 hours from home, and I had left campus almost 4 hours ago. This was a lightly traveled road and I had been standing there, hoping for a ride for almost 45 minutes. Finally a dark blue Lincoln slowed to a stop next to me and the lady driver rolled down the window and asked, .Are you a college student? I never pickup hitchhikers, but you seemed to be a nice young man.. I told her, .Yes, I.m on my way home for the weekend from school, and I would really appreciate a ride, Mame.. With that she motioned me to get in the car, so I dropped my bag in the back seat and slid into the seat next to her. I didn.t get a good look at her from the road, but she was a striking middle aged woman either in her late 30s or early 40s I guessed. She had that upper class look about her, beautiful face, blond hair, nicely dressed in a turtleneck sweater and black skirt, and a very nice shape.long legs and probably about a 38D chest. She said her name was Sandra and she was on her way home from a court case that she had to attend to.she was an attorney. We began chatting, exchanging info about ourselves, talking about family, my college, her career, etc. From time to time she would shift in her seat and her black skirt would creep up an inch or so when she moved. It was now half way up her thighs. We touched on some surface personal things about my dating, girlfriends, her marriage etc. She learned that I haven.t dated much, didn.t have a girlfriend. I learned from her that her and her husband have been married for over 20 years, right after highschool, but they have been separated for a few months and that divorce was likely. From time to time she would catch me starring at her legs, she never said anything but I could almost catch a faint smile on her lips. This was an extremely slow moving road that we were on. Not much traffic, but what traffic there was, was slow moving. I told myself, at this rate it would be another 3 to 4 hours before I would get home. I didn.t mind it though, Sandra was a pleasure to talk to and great to look at. She was wearing a very sexy, musky perfume that seemed to have been made just for her. Starring at her legs resulted in my cock getting very hard, and I didn.t try to hid the big bulge in my pants from her view. I thought I caught her a couple of times taking a peek at my erection. She mentioned that she needed to take a rest break and did I mind. I told her, no problem and that I could use a break myself. We then saw a sign pointing to a state park that was down one of the side roads. We agreed that would be a good place to stop. We pulled into the parking area and we were surprised that it looked like we were the only people there. After we both took a rest room break, she suggested that we stretch our legs by taking a walk. We found a gravel path leading a short ways up a hill to a grassy picnic area. It was difficult for Sandra to walk the gravel path in her high heals, so I took her by the hand to support her. A couple of times she almost tripped, and I grabbed her around the waist to prevent her from falling. arm around her waist felt great, her body was firm and warm with just a hint of dampness. I could feel another erection coming on. When we reached the picnic area, Sandra dropped to the grass, took off her heals, and started rubbing her feet. She said she thought she might have a stone bruise and would I look at it. I examined the bottom of her right foot and saw a small bruise forming on the ball. I started massaging her foot, and Sandra leaned back on her arms and said, .Don, that feels wonderful. Can you massage my other foot and then my calves?. I said, .Sure, I.ll try and make your feet and legs feel better.. I moved my massaging action to the other foot, then to her lower legs. Sandra had her back and head on the ground with her knees up and her legs slightly spread. In this position I could almost see everything including her black panties. She was wearing a garter belt and nylons, no pantie hose.very sex. I always loved the feel of nylons on a girl.s leg, its a turn on for me. She whispered to me, .Your hands feel so good massaging my legs, please don.t stop.. I boldly moved my massaging action higher up her legs until I reached the inside of her thighs. By now her skirt had worked itself up all the way to her waist and I could see some wettnes forming in the crotch of her panties. As I continue to rub the inside of her thigh with my right hand I moved my face up to hers. I softly kissed her lips, then her neck, her face, and back to her lips. She pressed her lips hard against mine and worked her tongue into my mouth. As we had our passionate kiss, she grabbed my hand and moved it from her thigh to her crotch.she moaned as I moved my hand inside her panties and started to stroke her slit with my middle finger. Her tongue drove deep inside my mouth when my finger found her clit and began to play with it. I then began to finger fuck her cunt. Her hand found my crotch and she began to squeeze and rub my cock through my pants. I helped her by unzipping my fly and her hand went inside my jockeys and found my hard cock. She moaned .I want to suck your cock, please let me suck it.. With that she moved over in front of me and removed my pants and jockeys. She motioned for me to lay back and began to kiss and lick my chest, my belly, all the way down to my cock. She licked up and down the shaft, massaged my balls with her fingers, then took each ball inside her mouth and gently sucked. She then moved from my balls to my cock and took the head of my cock inside her mouth, sucked and swirled her tongue around the cock head. I said to her .I want to eat you.. Her reply, .not just yet honey.not until I.m finished sucking you.. She proceeded to take my entire cock deep inside her mouth.she would suck hard, then let go until my cock found the back of her throat. As she continued to suck my cock, she was working my anus with her middle finger. She moved her mouth from my cock for a moment in order to lubricate my anus with her saliva and her tongue..her middle finger then slid easily inside. She went back to my cock, this time sucking very hard while she fingered my ass. I could feel my cum building and moaned, .I.m going to explode any now.. With that she went to work on my cock, her mouth going up and down like a piston. I moaned again .Baby, I.m cumming.please suck me dry.. My cum shot out and I could feel her mouth wrapped tightly around my shaft. Two, then three shots of cum exploded. I looked down I saw her swallowing and still sucking.After she couldn't suck any more cum from my cock she squeezed out the last drop of cum by running her fingers tightly up my shaft. We then laid down holding each other, completely exhausted. She whispered in my ear, .You know honey, that.s what I was hoping to do to you when I first saw you standing out there hitch hiking.. After a brief rest, as promised, I ate her. She tasted great, when she climaxed,I tried to lick up every drop of her juices. I then fucked her doggy style, unloading cum deep inside her cunt. Then before we got back on the road she sucked me off again and swallowed another load of my cum. I volunteered to do the driving the rest of the two hours that it would take us to get to my home. While I drove I managed to finger fuck her while her head was in my lap sucking me off. I didn.t have much cum left, but what I had she sucked and swallowed it gladly. After that day we saw each other maybe 15 or 20 times over the next couple of years. On several occasions she would drive up to my college, get a motel room, and we would fuck and suck the entire weekend. Other times I would see her at her place. Due to our age differences, we both knew a long term relationship and marriage was out of the question. I did run into her again several years later at a conference in Los Angles that both of us just happened to be attending. She was in her late 50s at that time, and I in my mid 30s. She was remarried and still very, very attractive. We agreed to have dinner one night and chat about old times. During dinner we both felt the old urges building and we quickly ended dinner and adjourned to my hotel room..we fucked and sucked all night. I haven.t seen her again.
-age 19, Sunnyvale CA

Well here it is! This isn't my first time but it is the first time in the car and definetly the most enjoyable. I started going out with this girl and we were on our date. We went to the movie theatre to see some movie, I don't really remember what was playing :) I didn't catch too much of it. Anyway during the movie there was a lot of rubbing and playing with each other nothing too far after all we were surrounded by people! So anyway, we left the movie theatre and ended up in the Tim Hortons parking lot. Here's where the fun starts. We started out sitting in the front seat playing with each others hands and kissing, nothing too deep but anyway it slowly got further and I noticed a bunch of people looking at us through the window of Tim Hortons, so I moved the car to what I thought was a secluded little wooden area. When we got there we moved to the backseat and picked up from where we started. She rubbed me all over before she took off my shirt which was cool. Then I took off her shirt and lifted up her bra so I could get at the sweetest tits I'd ever seen. They were perfectly formed with the cutest hardest nipples I'd ever seen. I slowly started kissing them first the right one then the left and making little circles around them with my tongue then I started making my way south. She was wearing a cute little short skirt that she lifted up so I could get at her panties. I slowly slid them off and threw them in the front seat. Then I started rubbing her thighs. The inside then the outside and working my way up again. I was really trying to tease her and it worked amazingly I hadn't even touched her pussy and she had already came once! Anyway, I slowly slid my finger against her pussy. God it was so wet! Then I worked my finger inside then another one and finger fucked her. Her moans were the best sound that my ears had ever heard. While I was finger fucking her, I played with her clit a little that really got her off. I kept going like this until she moaned "Give me your cock" well, who was I to say no. She put the condom on me and I pushed it in. We started out just going slow but then I picked up speed and when she was about to cum slowed down so I could build up her orgasm. Well we did that for a while until she had a huge orgasm. I still hadn't cum yet and I asked her to ride me seeing as I had done that for about 45 minutes. By now the windows of my 86 camaro were completely steamed up. You couldn't see in or out. And it was very late, by now probably 2 in the morning. Anyway she rode me like a pro. Her favorite thing to do was take me out and put me in again with the long deep strokes. The look on her face when she did that was just amazing. We continued like that for a while with her riding me. Then she asked if I had cum yet. I hadn't and it was about 2 hours into out little make out session. This blew her mind. And she said that she had cum at least 10 times already. This seemed about right. We then moved onto doggy style but it's really hard to do that one in the back of a Camaro seeing as there is pretty much no room in the back for anything but we made it work for a while. She has the sweetest ass I have ever seen. We moved back to her riding me and back to missionary style it was now about 5 in the morning and the sun was coming up. and we were just totaly sweating. I still hadn't cum but was getting close. She was really impressed and told me never to change. But by now about 4 hours of fucking later, we were both getting very tired. We took a quick break in the back seat but that didn't last very long. I ended up fingering her again and she loved every bit of it. But she wanted to get me off so I took off the condom and she blew me to an amazing orgasm which she drank every last drop of my cum. This was apparently her first time doing that. But she was very good at it. I guess some people have a natural talent for that sort of thing. It was about 6:30 in the morning now and the sun was up. Then a car drove by us really slow that made me very nervous. This was because I later found out that I had parked in someone's laneway the whole night:) Oh well what can you do? We went out for breakfast and I took her home at around 8:30. She got in some trouble and I got in a lot of trouble but we made up some pretty good stories to tell our parents. But now I have to sneak out at night but I'm going to see her again tonight and we'll see what happens. I think I might even love her.
-age 17, Nebraska

My first time fucking someone was about 3 months ago. Me and my girlfriend made out almost everyday but always wanted to go further, so, at a camp we requested to share a room as room mates. Then it happened, it was the first night together, well there were 2 beds but we only used one of them, it was around 1 am(we had been waiting for the counsoulers(SP?) to go to bed(they slept in a different building). So, we started making out when she undid my pants, and saw my dick, she was really suprised at the size but then she started to go toward it, she then gave me a great blowjob. At the end of the blowjob I blew my load all over her mouth and face, also some got on her shirt. I then said "I guess we have to take that dirty shirt off" so I did, to my suprise she wasen't wearing a bra. Then i saw her huge beatiful breasts, and her HUGE hard tits, i started to lick her breasts when she then said "Wait, I think my pants are getting dirty too, better take those off too"!!!! So i did, and she had no panties on either, there we were both naked, so then i went or her pussy, it was very tight and wet, so i ate it out for a long time(she later said she had around 6 orgasims while i was doing it!) then she threw herself on me and told me to fuck her, so of course I did, i started fucking her slowly and then faster and faster and harder and harder until i blew it inside of her. Then she said she had an idea, she stood up and then bent over, shhe then told me to fuck her up her ass! So i did. This time I started hard and fast, she screamed really, really loud, so loud that the people in the next room came in! Right as the door opened i blew deep in her ass and she let out a HUGE scream of joy! The 2 girls that came in from the next 2 rooms were both wearing no bras and one had a thong the other had nothing!!! The saw what we were doing and were friends of ours and then they said they wanted a ride, so i gave it to them, one rode me, the other wanted it up the ass, while i did one girl the other one and my girlfriend were making out! It was a huge orgy! We all did this one other time in the same room and at the same camp last weekend! Everytime just keeps getting better and better!
- age 14, CA

OK girls you know how it is when your making out and your cunt is all wet and takes over your brain? We were in the back seat making out for about the 100th time and this time his pants were all the way off and I was all the way naked. I just wanted to feel Steve's dick in me so I said fuck me and he said really? To his credit he had condoms in the glove compartment and reached into the front and grabbed one. He tore it open and we both laughed as we rushed to roll it on. I licked all over it and leaned back. Steve leaned over me and pushed my kness up to my shoulders. He put his dick up to my cunt and rubbed it against me. It was so intense and I yelled at him to fuck me. He slowly slid it in and then pushed hard. It felt thick but good. He was pumping fast and we were both groaning loud. He tensed up and jerked hard. He came and stayed inside and pumped a little more. He pulled out and we laid there. I rolled the condom off and said hope you have more! We fucked two more times that night and for the first time he ate me out until I came. My pussy was so sore and happy. We have fucked since then but I alwaysmake him were a condom. He wants to cum in me but I dont want to get pregnant so sometimes I suck him off. This is making me want to call him and get in the back seat in honor of our first time! Call me Steve I want your dick NOW
-age 17, NV (female)

During my Christmas vacation of senior year I spent some time staying with my older sister. She had an apartment in Atlanta with a roommate, Charlotte. Both of them were flight attendents (stewardesses in those days). There was always a bed available for me as they were gone on flights. One morning I was watching TV as Charlotte did some dusting. Julie, my sister, was flying. As Char leaned over to dust I got a great view down her cleavage - and she had a lot of cleavage. I was straining my neck for a better angle at that T-shirt when she caught me. I blushed as she laughed and said she didn't mind. Sitting next to me, Char said she took it as a compliment and asked if I had liked what I saw, what I liked in girls, was I a breast man, did my girlfriend have big boobs. When Char asked if I had ever made love to a girl with breasts as big as hers I said no. Then she said " You've never made love to any girl, have you?" Kissing me on the lips, she whispered "I'll show you." I was scared to death as we moved to her bedroom. She was an experienced woman, 23 or 24 years old, a beautiful blonde with a big chest and I was a dorky old virgin. I was shaking as we undressed and got into bed. As we laid kissing Char had to take my hand and place it on her breast. I was too frozen to make that move on my own. I loosened up a little as we kissed and explored each other's bodies. Char was a big woman, maybe 5'9", shoulder length hair, big breasts with very large dark nipples. Maybe it's just that they were my first, but in over 20 years since I have never seen nicer breasts or nipples. Next Charlotte kissed her way down my body and knelt between my legs. After tying her hair back she nuzzled my genitals with her cheek and lips, then lightly kissed the shaft of my penis and my balls. Giving me a wicked smile, Charlotte gently put her lips over the head of my penis. I know she was being as careful as possible not to trip my virginal trigger but it was too much. I gave some kind of warning and Char released my penis but it was too late. Cum flew almost to the ceiling, I think. My erection wilted as I laided there, embarrassed and splattered with semen. I just wanted to slink out of there but Charlotte was reassuring and kind. Cleaning me up, she said we needed a break to relax. The apartment complex had an indoor pool so we went for a swim. Alone in the pool, Char told me she had initiated several guys and they had all been nervous and quick. The excitement she could generate in a virgin was a big turn-on for her and she had enjoyed our abortive session upstairs. Returning to her bedroom I didn't feel much confidence because my penis was limp in my swim trunks. Char pulled down the trunks and dried me, then knelt in front of me. Holding me full length in her mouth, she gently got me hard again. Then Charlotte stripped off her suit and laid back on the bed. A pillow was under her hips and her legs were spread wide as she parted her vaginal lips for me. I touched my cock to the pink target Char was offering and slid it in. As I pushed into her, Char gave a little groan. I'm not that big so it boosted my ego to make her cry out. This was in the days before AIDS so I wasn't wearing a condom. I could feel all that wonderful wet warmth I had imagined for so long. I started to stroke a little back and forth when I guess my nerves returned and my erection disappeared. First premature ejaculation and now impotence. I was having a bad time of it. Thank God for Charlotte's understanding and experience. She calmed me down, got me hard in her mouth and we tried again. This time I laid back and Char got astride me. As she lowered herself onto me Char told me to close my eyes and enjoy the feelings. Then she put a pillow over my face to make sure I didn't watch. I laid there listening to the sounds of pleasure Char gave and the wet sound of my penis sliding in and out. I felt her big breasts slap against my chest when she bowed low toward me, taking a quick break from her vertical motions. I put my hands on the side of her chest, helping her move up and down on me and feeling her breasts sway against my wrists. Then I felt the stirring in my crotch and grabbed her firmly, forcing my penis as deep as possible as I orgasmed. Charlotte fell on top of me, kissing and congradulating me. I've been marrieds now and my favorite sexual position is still my wife on top with a pillow over my face. She thinks it's wierd but I'll never tell her why!
-age 36, al

I was then only 17 years :Time was just past mid-night.And was only months away from the begining of our national A-level examination when this buddy of mine came to my cubical and sat at my bed as we were in the same dormitory and told he had had had a nightmere and that he was afraid of sleeping alone. I did not immediately smell any rat and gladly told him to spend the night in my cubical as my mate had gone home for his half-term since he was was living in the nearby town. I told him to hop onto the upper bed as each cube had a double decker.My best friend went up the bed. But after a short while he came down to be bed with another excuse that he was feeling could alone up there..."so please do you mind if we share your bed?" he asked. Before a could answer my mind raced a bit and started asking my self the inevitable question" What is he upto". And before I could answer the question he was already on my bed. Mark you he had come to my place wrapped with his school bed-sheet. He slept on the side next to the edge and I was next to the wall. But after a short while he offered that we cover ourself with his sheet and quickly followed his request with action and pulled one edge of the sheet and covered by.Remember we were speaking in low tones lest we wake-up the rest of our dorm mates. But I immediately got an answer to my earlier question when his body held my hand and guided it to his cock...the effect was spontenous...my cock begun to harden. And before I could say bingo...he slowly and begingly turned me over and went striaght to by boxer and gently held by cock...then let his fingures do some touring and finally held me where it mattered most...my cock...waooo, it became even stfiffer. In that darkness I could feel My best friend raising hismelf and what followed next was a wet but warm feeling enveloping my cock...it was my best friends mouth he was giving me a B/J...I swear...It felt great and good. After some 20 min. or thereabout of sucking my cock he turned himself and pushed his ass towards me...he guided my cock to his asshole after a moment of pushing there was no penetration. Then he spatted on his hand and smeared around my cock and then guided it again to his asshole my god! the tightness felt good and great...after 10 min. of pumping I cum deep inside my best friends ass...as I pushed him against the wall...that was my first time to have a sexual intercourse and it felt good that it was with my best friend. Male....(Kenya) at our dormitory and had just finished by A-level examinations when this buddy of mine asked me i i
- age 30, kenya

I am 19 and last summer while I was cleaning out our pool I noticed we had new neighbors. A young couple in their 30's had bought the house across the alley from us and the woman had long blonde hair and a nice body. I had watched from my room upstairs as Jenny had mowed the yard one day in only her bikini which allowed me to watch her tits bounce as she walked. Then when she turned and mowed away from me I was hypnotized by her gorgeous ass barely covered by her bikini bottom. Our house had a fence around it and I liked to sit back after a swim and take down my trunks and jack off while sitting in a chair near the pool. At first I was afraid to jack off very long and then as the summer went on I found myself jacking off longer and longer sometimes for 30 minutes before spraying come all over my chest. To my suprise Jenny knocked at our fence door one day as I was cleaning out the pool. She had her bikini on and asked if I cared if she went for a swim. I told her to go ahead and as she got wet her white bikini did not hide her great tits and her perky nipples. I could also see her hairy pussy through the bikini bottoms and I began to wonder if she wore this bikini on purpose. As she got out of the pool she laid back on a chaise recliner we had and asked me if I could help her put some lotion on her because she burned easily. I was really turned on by this point and my cock began to stick straight out through my swimming trunks. Jenny laid on her stomach and I slowly began to rub some lotion on her legs. Her legs were smooth and sexy and I rubbed right up to her ass. Jenny then pulled the fabric up so I could rub some lotion on her ass cheeks. Oh my god. This woman had a hot bodya and I was getting to rub her down. I then moved to her back and she removed her top so that I had a clear access to her back. As I was rubbing lotion on her back I could see the edge of her tits and rubbed some lotion on them as well. Jenny asked me if I liked to masturbate and I told her yes. She asked if I ever masturbated outside and I told her maybe, why did she ask. Jenny told me that over the last two weeks she had watched me masturbate while by the pool from her upstairs bedroom window. I thought she might be mad but she wasn't. She asked me if I ever watched her from my bedroom window and I told her one day I saw her mowing her yard. Jenny told me her husband always mowed the yard but that day she wanted to see if after I saw her mowing in her bikini if I would come down to the pool and jack off. Jenny stated she just barely got in the house and got upstairs that day before she saw me stretched out next to the pool masturbating. She told me after seeing me stroke my cock from a long way away she wanted to know if she could watch me jack off up close. Jenny reached over and began to rub my cock while I finished rubbing the lotion on her back. She then flipped over and I was amazed by her nice firm tits and perky nipples. I started to spread some lotion on her tits and she began to moan as if to come. She then took my hand and put it down the front of her bikini bottoms until I could feel her hairy pussy. I took the hint and began to rub against her clit and then slip two fingers inside her pussy and rub against her wet pussy lips. Jenny clamped down on my hand and I felt her come twice. She then smiled and asked me to jack off for her. I jerked off my trunks and began to stroke my now raging hard on in front of her. Jenny squirted some lotion on her hands and then moved over and sat next to me. She began to rub the warm lotion on my shaft and it felt heavenly. Jenny asked me if I liked to jack off while thinking of her body. I told her yes that her tits and ass always turned me on. Jenny started masssaging my balls with one hand while she stroked my shaft with the other. The lotion was making a slurping noise as she jacked me off and I tried hard not to come to fast. To my suprise Jenny then straddled me in the chair and slowly lowered her wet pussy on top of my throbbing cock. As she leaned back her lucious tits were bouncing right in front of my face and I leaned up to suck her nipples. I immediately felt her come again and she began to ride up and down on my cock even faster. This sexy neighbor who I barely knew was riding my hard cock with abandon and I was loving it. She asked me to reach around and spank her ass and as I did she came again. This time her pussy lips squeezed my cock so hard that I shot my hot load deep inside her warm pussy. Jenny continued to ride my cock and she took my hands and helped me knead her tits as she rode me. I was suprised when my cock stayed hard but then again I had a sexy woman riding me like a horse and I was really turned on. Jenny asked me if I wanted to get on top and I told her sure. Jenny laid on her back and I got on top of her sexy body slipping my cock into her wet pussy. Jenny spread her legs as far as she could and as I continued to bang her she then wrapped her legs around my back. Jenny was still horny and she reached up and bit me on the neck as I was giving her every inch of my rock hard cock. I then picked her up off the chair and I was just holding on to her ass as I was fucking her harder and faster. Our naked sweaty bodies were making squishing noises as we banged together and I shot another load of come into her pussy. I was exhausted and fell down in the chair on top of Jenny. She did not offer to move and I kept my cock in her warm pussy for another five minutes until I lost my hard on and slipped out. Jenny gave me a great french kiss and got up and got dressed. She told me her husband was out of town working alot like he was today and she wanted to see me again. Who was I to tell her no?
-age 19, az

Last year was my freshman year in college. Being a freshman, I didn't know many people, and generally kept to myself unless I saw someone I did know. After about 2 weeks, I saw my friend Shelly. Shelly was a sophomore; she had graduated a year before me. After we talked for a while, she told me that there was going to be a party at her apartment that night, and invited me to go to it. I got the address and time, and agreed to be there. I arrived at Shelly's apartment:00, just as she had instructed, but there weren't many cars around. When I knocked on the door, there was Shelly, wearing nothing but a black lace bra and matching panties. Needless to say, my cock got rock hard at that sight. Shelly is 5'6", with small rounded breasts and a tight ass that just begs to be grabbed. I must have been standing there for 15 s, just gaping at the sight I had imagined all through high school. She told me to come in before the neighbors saw her, so I did. Supidly, I asked where the party was. She said, "The party's starting right now." She led me to the bedroom and told me to close my eyes. I did, and she started unbuttoning my shirt. Then, she untied my shoes and removed them. Finally, she undid my jeans, removed my boxers, and started massaging my dick, already sticky with precum. I was embarrassed when I came all over her hands, but she smiled and asked if I was a virgin. I told her I was, and she said, "Well, that's twice the fun." Then, she took off her bra and panties and told me to lay down on the bed. I did, and she climbed over me and started sucking my now re-hardened cock. Since I had just cum, the fun lasted longer this time, and she swallowed most of it. I got to lick the last bit off of her lips when we kissed. Then, she turned around, and we 69'd for a while, until she came all over my face. Then, she climbed off of the bed and bent over. I fingered her asshole for a while, then rammed in my cock. We got into a rhythm, both of us rocking back and forth. I got my first real orgasm (anal sex beats even the best masturbation). Dizzy, I sat down on the bed, but Shelly wasn't done yet. She pushed me down and turned my feet to I was laying along the length of the bed. Then, she licked and sucked me back to hardness. To my surprise, she then climbed on top of me and started riding away! She orgasmed before I came, and she collapsed on top of me. I wanted to finish the job, so I rolled us over and jammed my dick into her vagina. This got her energy back up, and we commenced another rhythm that would make any drummer jealous. We kept at it for 10 minutes this time, and came together. We spent part of the rest of the night sleeping in each other's arms, but we each woke up many times that night and went at it again. I am now a sophomore, and Shelly and I still go to the same school. We have sex every chance we get - before class, after class, between classes...we've never gotten up enough courage to do it during class (she's kind of noisy), but we did do it in an empty classroom once. Thanks for a great first, and many more, Shelly.
-age 19, PENN

First off, i gotta confess that i am gay, noone knows about it but one friend... We know each other for years and we've always been equal in everything, even our cocks were of equal size(7"). One day as many days before, shortly after i realised that i am gay he spent the night at my place, i thought about being equal and i wondered if gay stuff also turns him on. We did nothing special and after this disappointing night, we went to bed both, he on my bed(i insisted to), me on my couch. Since i got a quite big bed (1,80mx2,40m) i asked him if i may sleep on the bed also because the couch wasnt comfortable(what a bad excuse...). He had nothing against my presence but it was all for first. I urgently wanted to find it out, to know if i can live out my fantasies with him. I hit him on his shoulder, he ht back and like this we ended up hitting each other rather softly and he tried to press me down and i didnt resist him, we were both in boxers and he laid on my to push me down as i felt that his cock was very hard and so was mine, he started putting his hands around me and suddenly touched my cock.Embarassed,he took his hand away very fastly but i held his hand and moved it towards my cock again, very shy, i let it look accidentally. But he did not resist, he touched it and moved his hand into my boxers and started rubbing my cock, i did not know what to do so i just turned around, showing him my pleasure by taking of my boxers and SO DID HE!!! I first played around with his cock, it was a great feeling but then we looked into each others eyes and both blushed. I couldnt stand him looking like me and started licking his tight body and then his dick whike he played around with mine, he felt so warm and wet as i put my dick into his ass and we both felt great, we did like 69 the whole night and i enjoyed... awfully this was our and my last gay experience for 5 months now :( , he does not want to admit what happened and i am not sure if i should, at least it was great!
- age 15, Germany

My girlfriend and i had been dating about a year and care about each other very much. We were still virgins and weren't planning on changing that any time soon, but we enjoyed making each other very happy in other ways. one night we were sitting in my car talking about a few things, when i leaned over and gave her a light kiss, in responce i saw a small smile on her lips before receiving a more passonate kiss in return. she whispered in my ear that she wanted to get into the backseat. the back of my car is very spacious, easy enough to lie down. we kissed for a little while, when she started taking my shirt off, so i returned the favor. this was nothing new, we often necked topless. it felt so good, feeling her warm breasts pushed into my body. i kissed her lips, then her neck, then i moved down to the rest of her body, lightly carressing her breasts with my tounge, and lightly sucking on the nipple. as usual, she loved it. i was about to make my way back up to her lips when she kept pushing my head down. the had unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down to her ankles. she took my hand (which was caressing her breasts) and pushed it into her panties, and i realized she was ready for the next step. i fingered her, lightly at first then more vigorously. she loved it, and dug her fingernails into my back in responce. she unbuttoned my pants and gave me a hand job for the first time in my life, it was great. after i came we lied there together, slightly out of breath but very satisfied. after about a half an hour of snuggling and light kissing, she pulled out a condom and said she wanted more. she didnt have to ask twice. i sucked on her nipple while fingering her for a few minutes to get her in the mood again, then i put on the condom. she spread her legs waiting for me, and i stuck it in gently at first. my pace slightly quickened but settled at what was perfect for her pleasure and mine. as i went in and out i kissed her with more passion that i ever had. we didnt fuck, we made love. i kissed her up and down as i went in and out and she orgasmed at the same time that i did. it lasted about 20 minutes. we just did the regular position, we had no need to jump right into the real kinky stuff like 69 doggie style and around the back. we slept together in each others arms until the sun came up, we watched it together and told each other how much we were in love. it was wonderful.
-age 17, Cal.

i had been seeing this guy for like 2 months and we were pretty heavy on the petting. He'd gone down on me a couple times and i'd given him a few hand-jobs. one day in april he came over to my house after school and my younger brother was over at a friends house. we were making out on my trampoline in the backyard and i grabbed his cock through his pants he asked "out here where everyone can see?" and i thought "fuck it" and started to stroke it. he took off my shirt and slipped a hand under my skirt and started fingering me, i stopped him and whispered "fuck me" he'd never dropped his pants so fast. i got on my hands and knees and he possitioned himself behind me and asked "are you ready?" "oh yah". he slid in easily and started pumping in and out. all i could hear was the sound of his nuts slapping against me and my tits swinging back and forth; all i could see was the ground through my short brown hair. it was so intense. we came at the same time and he fell on top of me as we collapsed onto the trampoline gasping. i saw his prick was still hard so i straddled his legs and felt it poke my asshole. "wanna fuck my ass big boy?" i asked. i didn't even give him a chance to answer, i grabbed his prick and sat on it. it almost blew my mind it felt soooo good. i started to slowly slide up and down. it felt sooo damn good. i played with my nipples and he fingered me till we both came again, and again, and again. We held each other for a while and then he started to kiss my tits and my stomach, i was moaning so loud everybody on the block should have heard me. he ate me out and i screamed as i came for the last time. we quickly grabbed our clothes and ran inside before anyone could see what was going on. we're still seeing eachother, and we still go down on each other at least once a day, we haven't fucked again yet cause we've never been home alone long enough=(
-age 16, (female)

I was down the shore with a friend. We were walking on the beach in our string bikinis and all the life guards were flirting with us. it was really hot so we went back to the house to get some water. bc it was like 90 degrees my friend wanted to stay at the house in the air conditiong. I on the other hand wanted to go back to the beach to the hott life guards. so i went back to the beach and was hanging out with this one guard all after noon. after everyone had gone home it was just me and him. i was so hot that i dove into the ocean and my bikini top fell off exposing my large tits. he, who was also in the water, immediately pretended to look away, even though i knew he wanted to grab and squeeze my boobs. we both wanted it so bad. i went over, neglecting to put my top back on, lifted his strong muscular hands and guided them to my chest. his masculine touch made me tingle all over. While squeezing my breasts he carressed my body and nippled at my neck. Icould feel him getting hard and boy it felt good. we climbed out of the water to the beach, i was still topless. i lied down and he straddled me. his cock was so hard. he gently touched my neck, chest, stomach, and then i felt his hand glide to my cooch. his finger tip gently tickled me and then he slid it into my slit. the sensation i was receiving was incredible. i was longing for him to just fuck me. moments later i felt 2 fingers and then 3 slide into me. i couldnt take it anymore. suddenly i yelled out FUCK ME NOW. i dropped my bottoms and he, still straddling me, gently glided his hard 9 in cock into my tight pussy. there was a slight pain at first, but once he was completely in me, i did not want him to stop. I had never felt anything like this before-- it was amazing. soon we were rythmically grinding, his hips were pressing mine, in and out in and out. he hit my clit in no time and i think he even reached (some how) my g-spot. we both were in heaven, the sensation was insane. soon, i couldnt take it anymore, as he was rocking back in forth, i just came. Moments later, his juices were flying out in every direction. In my pussy, my titties, and my mouth. we lied in eachothers arms after all was done and gazed at the stars. then we were ready for round 2. Every night for the rest of my vacation we met on the beach for a fuck-a-thon. and to this day we are still lovers.
-age 17, florida (female)

For the longest time I had the hots for my best friend's younger brother. He is a swimmer so he has a great body and he is always in the pool when I visit their house. My friend knows how I felt about her bro and set it up so that we would be alone. After we swum for a bit Derek and I were drying off in the sun (he has a great tan too). He really liked the tiny thong I had bought for the occasion. Derek is definitely all male! So while his eyes were on my nearly bare 34 C breasts and shaved crotch, I was gazing at his bare smooth pecs with dark brown nipples, a swimmer's six pack and most important, the large lump under his speedos. That looked like quite a package for a young boy. Oh yes, even his long smooth dark brown thighs, legs and feet looked so nice. I told Derek how hot he looked and how wet I get everytime I see him swimming. Then I got up and sat on his chair and put my hand on his chest. By now I wanted him so bad so I just came right out and said it. My other hand went to the bulge between his legs. Derek's voice is changing and he said in a high voice "oh yes, me too!" I kissed him and said "let's go to your room." When we stood up he put his hand on my ass and rubbed it as we walked. I decided to kick up his urges even hotter by removing my top as we walked. Derek surprised me by stopping there in the hall and kissing my breast so I let him lick each nipple. I knew there wouldn't be much foreplay when we got to his room. We never got there. Derek had his finger on one nipple and his tongue on the other and it felt so good. I pulled down my thong and pulled Derek to the floor with me. "Derek, fuck me now!" I shouted and he quickly pulled his speedo off. When we measured it later we found that Derek has seven and a half inches. To me it looked perfect with a bright pink head that was dripping from its slit and dark veins down its shaft. It was about to give us both incredible pleasure. I spread my legs wide and suddenly Derek's smooth broad chest was right above me and his penis was rubbing against my flooded slit. Quickly it popped right into me and in a now deep voice Derek shouted "oh yeah!" My feet were in the air and I grabbed his sides. On about his thrust I totally got off. I was moaning loudly and had the mother of all orgasms. Later I felt so bad because my fingers had dug into Derek's skin and he had to come up with a good story for his mother. Derek never felt any pain from it because all he felt was the intense pleasure coming from between his legs. When he reached his climax he unloaded gobs of cum inside me and he shot it out with such force that I felt each squirt hit me strongly inside. So there we were, naked and exhausted on the hallway floor, me on my back and Derek's chest on my breasts with his penis still in me, buried up to his balls. We were kissing and I was stroking his back with my hands and rubbing the backs of his legs with my feet. It just felt so perfect. I had just had sex with the boy I had fantasized about for so many months. I'm sure when he woke up that morning he never expected to lose his virginity, but I knew he would and I was so proud of myself. It doesn't bother me that I have a younger boyfriend, because Derek satisfies me soooo well!!!
- age 24, al. (female)

i was a pretty popular kid in school and went out with a lot of girl but i never did any thing with them.So at the end of the school i was really sad cuz i was gonna be a virgan going into the 9th grade.After school let out i came home and slammed my door and sat on my bed.About a minute later my sister walks in and asks"whats wrong big bro "my sister was a pretty girl she was a cheerleader and nice fit body .When she asked me i explained and she got a sad look on her face and told me she was sorry.So I put my hands over my face and laid back really upset and then all the sudden i felt my pants being tugged off and my boxers went with em and at first i was shocked and i just looked at my sis and wondered why she did what she did. She just looked up at me and smiled .I just looked back and raised an eye brow she took my balls in her hand and starts to rub them and i got a full seven inches i was flipping cuz it felt so good.Then she giggled and asked "do you want me to suck you big brother" I just sat there and grined.She smiled back and looking into my eyes she took the whole seven inches in her mouth.Her mouth felt so great and i told her so after she sucked me for about 15 minutes she pulled her shirt off and slide of her cheerleading shorts down to the ground.Suddenly my eyes widened she wasn't wearing any panties! She asked me to take off my shirt and then she started to rub my abs.Then she leaned over and told me that i was not gonna be a virgan any more and then she stradded me just below my penis .I told her that there is a condom on my dresser but she said no that she wanted to feel all of me.She picked her self up and started to slide my penis's head in to her really tight pussy.she screamed really load as i heared somthing pop and i told her i was sorry and then she just looked at me and smiled and told me to pump harder so i can go all the way in.So I did and then all the sudden i felt me penis slide all the way in and i felt my head hit spmthing that felt like nevre ending and then she moaned and came all over my penis.She slide herself off and got up. then she took my hand and took me in to my parents room (luckly they weren't home)then she said she wanted to do it like a dog and she got on all fours on my parents bed.She lookked back at me and arched her ass high into the air.I grined and knelt behind her and rubbed her ass.Shes moaned a little and told me to do it .So i placed my head right at her hole and slide it inslowly but she was to tight so i rubbed her pussy cum on her ass and then she loosed up.I placed my head and the base of her hole and slowly inserted it .I was freackin it felt so good and warm she started to moan as i thrust my dick into her thight asshole.After about 30 minutes of being in her ass i came and shot it all in her ass and then i felt her come agianand she moaned lightly.I slde my self out and she laid down and i laid next to her i was so happy now and she said she was also and we fucked like four more times that night it was great and shes cool with it so that was my first and it was so great!!!!!! LP
- age 15, oklahoma

my first time with a man was only a few months ago. let me tell u about it. we meet on the internet got chatting away we both knew that each other was bisexual. and soon got chatting about sex. (i had never even meet him face to face) we soon got round to the idea of meeting up and having full on sex. we agreed on a time and day when he would come round and pick me up so that we could goto a hotel and get it on :D before i knew it i was sucking away on his rock hard 6 inch cock. it was amazing my first ever cock it felt so good in my mouth. but the main thing i couldnt get my head round was how hard his cock was it was like a brick. i couldnt get enough of his cock and didnt stop sucking it for 10 minutes. till he wanted my cock which he got i was in heaven at this point. wasnt long before i blew my load in his mouth, it was the best orgasm ive ever had. my cock stayed erect i was that horny. i was straight back onto his cock so i could get some of his man juice down my throat. i worked away for another 10minutes before he finally cam in my mouth. and it tasted so good. now that he had blowen his load he got to work on my ass, he started fingering it to make it a little bit wider for his cock to fit in. he then lube up both my ass and his cock. and slammed his dick home right to the hilt, it was a bit sore to start with but soon i got into the rythme. and has to be the best feeling ever. i couldnt get enough of his cock. after about 10minutes of him slamming my ass. he cam right up there. we then collpased into each others arms naked as the day we where born. i have enver been with a man since and it will probably be my last.
- age 19, Scotland

my first time was a few days ago i found out this girl really fancied me at school, man was she hot! so we was sittin in science last lesson i sat next 2 her and she whispered in my ear will u finger me now! i thought wow so without any dought i unzipped her and slipped 1 in 10 miutes l8r she cam all over my finger man it was good. Now to the good part she arranged to meet me after school and said 2 bring 2 i did and she said buy sum condoms i did and we went behind sum bushes and we fucked for ages she came three times!then she demanded that i would eat her out i couldnt refuse all of a sudden her dripping clit was all over my face i started 10 seconds later i felt sumthing on my cock she was tossing me off it was gr8!
- age 13, UK

O.k now first off I wanna say thank u naked.tv I had my very first ogasim while on this site years ago now I'm gonna tell u about the very first time I had sex...with any1! me and my cousin melssia (shes 1 year older than me)would always flirt with each other. so one day me and her were at her house alone her brother was at my house with my brother and her parents were away. So it was just me and her home alone 4 the weekend. we both knew we had feelings 4 eachother but we didnt say anything so anyway it was about 5:00 pm we were both in the basment watching t.v I was in my water shorts and she was in this extreamly tight tank top with awsome clevage(she 36C) and short shorts we were both right beside each other just looking at her made my cock drip I knew I couldnt go on with out fucking her. she got up to go to the bath room right after she left I lied down taking up the whole couch so shed have no choice but to sit on me When she got back just as I expected she lied down right in front of me I knew she could feel my dick hitting her in the ass. I put my hands around her and moved them up to her tits when I relized she had no bra! (she must of took it off when she went to the bath room)then she turned around n stod up I thought she was gonna freak out and leave but in stead she said "I know u've been staring at my boobs all day and I want u to know I just took a pill" then she took off her shirt at first I didnt know wut to do I knew we were both virgins and that both of us have never gone any further than kissing just then she told me she masterbates every night and thinks about me n I told her the same it was amazing then she got down on her knees took out my cock and gave the best blowjob of my life b4 u know it we were in doggy stlye position and I had just entered her she told me it hurt so take it slow so I did it felt so GREAT!! we were both about to cum and she started screaming harder I left my gooey substance inside of her and we got to fuck the entire weekend!! and the best part is we got it all on tape so If I'm not screwing my cousin I masterbateing watching the tape or reading stories on naked.tv now me n my cousin fuck all the time we even sumtimes experiment with more girls or guys (I'm cool with that) n sometimes we get drunk or stoned while doing it well I'm gonna go watch my tape now bye n keep the storys coming
- age 14, Ont Canada

I was a cheerleader. We had a small school, so I was on Varsity. Every week, we would cheer for the football team on Friday. The quarterback, Jeremy Albright, was as hot as they come. He was about 6'4" muscular, and gorgeous. Word around the campfire was that he also had an enormous 9" cock. So, late at nights I would finger myself for hours wishing he was there actually fucking me. I was a virgin at the time, but I watched a lot of pornos, and knew what I was doing pretty well. Well, one night after the game, we all went to his house for a celebration party. His parents were gone for the weekend, so the house was empty, cept for the 12 or 13 some odd high schoolers there. I knew Jeremy would be there, so i wore a halter top (no bra of course), and a short black mini-skirt, with a black thong, and of course black platform shoes. We got there, and he let us in. We walked through the door one at a time, when I walked in, I felt his eyes roll all over me, and I got very excited. There was alcohol, of course, and we all took our turns at getting plastered. I wanted him so bad, i could almost feel him inside me. I sat next to him on the couch, while we drank, and every once and a while, I would lean over on him, or put my arm around him. When he got up for a drink, he asked if I wanted another one. I said sure, and when he came back, he sat down beside me, he reached for my hand and I gave it to him interlocking our fingers together. I started to get really turned on, and I looked down and realized my nipples had gotten hard and were poking through my halter just waiting to come out. He noticed and we both had a little embarresing laugh. He got up and I asked him where he was going, and he said he was going to the bathroom. By that time, the party had slowed down, some had gone home, others to sleep. So, I though that here was my chance. A few moments later, I walked up the stairs to the bathroom door and waited for him to come out. When he came out, he stopped for a moment and I said to him, "You played a great game tonight." He hesitantly said "Thank You." I grabbed his hand and led him to the first bedroom I came to, which happened to be his. By this time, I think he had gotten the idea. We sat down on his bed, and he leaned over and kissed me long and slowly. I returned the kiss as I heavily searched for his tounge with mine. As we made out, he started to rub his hands up and down along my body, first my tits, then along my hips and thighs. I felt wonderful, and felt myself getting really wet and turned on. As we finally detached, I turned around so he could untie my halter strap. He did so very gently, then reachinf around fondeled my hard nipples through the pink shirt. He finally pulled the my shirt off, and slowly laid my on my back, and began to gently kiss my pink nipples. As he laid on top of me, I could feel his dick getting harder and harder. 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-age 15, (female)

my first time with a man was only a few months ago. let me tell u about it. we meet on the internet got chatting away we both knew that each other was bisexual. and soon got chatting about sex. (i had never even meet him face to face) we soon got round to the idea of meeting up and having full on sex. we agreed on a time and day when he would come round and pick me up so that we could goto a hotel and get it on :D before i knew it i was sucking away on his rock hard 6 inch cock. it was amazing my first ever cock it felt so good in my mouth. but the main thing i couldnt get my head round was how hard his cock was it was like a brick. i couldnt get enough of his cock and didnt stop sucking it for 10 minutes. till he wanted my cock which he got i was in heaven at this point. wasnt long before i blew my load in his mouth, it was the best orgasm ive ever had. my cock stayed erect i was that horny. i was straight back onto his cock so i could get some of his man juice down my throat. i worked away for another 10minutes before he finally cam in my mouth. and it tasted so good. now that he had blowen his load he got to work on my ass, he started fingering it to make it a little bit wider for his cock to fit in. he then lube up both my ass and his cock. and slammed his dick home right to the hilt, it was a bit sore to start with but soon i got into the rythme. and has to be the best feeling ever. i couldnt get enough of his cock. after about 10minutes of him slamming my ass. he cam right up there. we then collpased into each others arms naked as the day we where born. i have enver been with a man since and it will probably be my last.
- age 19, Scotland

I was really young. I didn't even know this guy, but he war really cute. My mom and I were flying out to Chicago to visit my grandparents when it happened. I was only a freshman in high school, and I had never had a boyfriend. While we were sitting at the airport, I noticed this guy who seemed to be waiting for the same plane. He was really cute - athletic build, dark hair and skin - he looked kinda Italian. I couldn't stop staring at him. We got on the plane, and I couldn't believe my luck! My mom sat at the window, me in the middle, and he sat on the aisle right next to me. The closer he got the cuter he got. I still kept looking at me, and after a little while, he started to notice that I kept staring. He looked up from his computer a couple of times (he was working on a laptop) and he would see me looking straight at him. I got really embarrassed and I could tell that he saw my face get red because he gave me this coy little smirk. About an hour or so into the flight, he still hadn't talked to me, and I was still staring. My mom had fallen asleep too. He kept looking out the window a couple of times. I don't know what he was looking at, be he sure seemed interested in the clouds. Just then, he sat back and scratched himself in the crotch. Accidentally I yelped at the thought of my hand touching his penis, and with that my nipples got hard. I know I was teen, but I developed quickly and was already a 36 C+. It's kind funny now that I think about it, I hadn't bought a new bra for a while, and the ones that I owned didn't fit, they were too small. I was wearing a tight white t-shirt, and absolutely busting out of my bra. He smiled at me again when he turned and saw my hard nipples - the smile was bigger this time. Just then he quickly reached across me and my mom to put the shade down. He put his right hand down on my seat between my legs. I thought he did it for balance, but while it was down there, he stroked my warm crotch. I had never had a boy touch me there before - it felt wonderful! As he sat back, he let his left arm and hand brush across my breasts - hard enough that I knew it wasn't an accident. My mom woke up right then, and he went back to his work. I was all flushed, and didn't know what to do. We sat there for a while longer and it got dark. My mom pulled out a book, and he was still working on that computer - for a moment. He put the computer away and took out a book too. He sat back and started reading his book. All of a sudden I felt a hand come up under my short skirt and curl under my leg to stroke the inside of my thigh. I jumped, thinking that my mom would see, but he didn't take his hand away, and I sat down on it. He started massaging my ass, pulling my skirt back a little with each squeeze. Eventually he had his fingers reaching up under my underwear and touching my butt. I was so hot! - and my mom was right there! I moved my hips over a little to put his hand straight under my butt. He reached forward a little and touched my pussy with his finger. I gasped! My mom looked at me and I froze, but his hand was still there. She went back to her book, and his finger started to move over my lips. Slowly, he worked my panties aside, and nestled his finger in my throbbing, hot vagina. He teased my lips and my clit, and I started thrusting my hips forward with the rhythm. My mom noticed and said "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" I stopped shifting and jumped up and started heading back toward the bathroom. I got back there and stood in line. A minute or so later, he got up and stood right behind me. He looked at me and smiled, rubbing my thigh with his leg a little. I got into the bathroom and he followed me! I said "What are you doing?" and he just quietly shushed me. He locked the door, and undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He wasn't wearing any underwear! I just stood there, six inches away from his raging penis and my mouth dropped! He smiled and reached out and began massaging my breasts. It felt really good how he did it. I took off my shirt for him, and he could see just how tight my bra was, not even fully covering my nipples. His penis began to bounce, as he undid the snap on my bra, letting my tits spring out at him. He took my hand and put it on his penis! I didn't know what to do, so he helped my grasp it and pump up and down a little. A little liquid came up from and I giggled. I bent over, and licked it off. Then I put the head in my mouth and began to suck! It felt so good having his throbbing penis in my mouth, that I sucked harder. While I was giving my first blow job, he leaned over, and pushed off my skirt and panties, so that I stood there totally naked, bent over his penis. He took my face in his hands and lifted my head, smiled at me again, and then turned me around to face the mirror and sink. I was so excited. I bent over the sink, with my elbows on the counter, and I could feel him put his penis up to my vagina. Then he took it away, and I watched in the mirror as he knealt down and began licking my pussy. He licked my lips and flicked my clit with his tongue to the point that I squeeled with orgasm - my first! He stood up again and I felt his penis touch my pussy again. This time he put it in - slowly at first, cause he could tell it was hurting and stopped for a minute when he got all the way so I could relax. Then he started to pump, slowly at first, and I could feel the full length of his penis. I gasped every time his head flicked my clit. He started going faster, and I watched in the mirror as my tits bounced to the rhythm. I leaned over and let my nipples flick the counter as they rocked back and forth. It felt so good! He got going faster and faster, and it felt better and better, and just as I was beginning to orgasm again, he shot something warm inside of me and I moaned in extacy 15,000 ft.
-age 14, MN (female)

it all happened last year in july on a hot saturday.summer vacation was at its peak and so was the teperature. it was freaking hot! so my parents went out to buy a cooler. thank god! so this left me and my 15 year old sister alone in the house. i was just laying there on the couch minding my own buisness and watching some stupid cartoon about some dude getting his butt stuck in a pipe... and right then my sister coes in through the front door and then slamming it shut. i could have guessed that she either a:was dumped or b: shes on her period. i fallowed her up to her room and right after she slammed it into my face i opened the door again and asked "you ok there ash?" she was laying on her bed holding her face burried in her arms and crying. she didnt give me an answer so i went foreward and sat by her and patted her back and said "whats wrong sis?" sh looked up at me all blurry eyed and said "jake dumped me for another girl!" my sister is quite attractive.she had blue eyes blonde hair and was totally fit. i told her not to worry that she will find someone better then jake. she only smiled and then hugged me. i hugged her back and i got up and started to walk away, right before i coul reach for the handly she grabbed my hand and tugged me back. i was like "hey! whatcha doin there sis?" and she said "im kinda lonely. can you keep me compony for a little while?" before i had a chace to answer she pulled my arm hard and threw me on the bed. i looked at her strangely and was totally lost. she looked at me and gave me a naughty grin. all i did was give a weird face back. she got close to me and put her breasts right in my face and i was very shoked! i didnt push her back or anything, in fact i enjoyed it. istarted getting hard but i tryed not to show it. i was 13 at the tme and was pretty shy...even to my own sister. she took my hands and put one on her ass and my other one up her minnie skirt. once my hand got to the roof i noticed she wasnt wearing any panties! my eyes went wide open and i looked at her suprizingly. she leaned foreward and whispered "you know you want to" and yea..i did want to...=/ she pushed my hand a little harder and my middle finger went inside her pussy only a bit. she then moved her hand which was telling me that the rest was my job. i put in my middle finger slowly and it was very tight! i slowly moved it in andout and then after a while sped up the rhythum. after abut 15 minutes she backed off and took off her clothes and then came over to me and unzipped my shorts. she reached into my boxers and pulled out my hard cock. she looked at it wide eyed as if afraid of its size but she then licked it a few times checking out the taste and the feel. after that she just gulped it right in! she was down to her throat! gently squeezing my balls i came right in her mouth and she swallowed every last bit. she layed down on the bed and i took off my clothes and layed by her. she got on top of my cock and slowly slid down on it. she was deffinatly a vergin. it was tight!!! she did seem like she was in pain for a little while but she seemed to get used to it and started enjoying it.after about 30 minutes we did it doggy style! she kept on screaming for more and more. just yelling "deeper and faster!" i bet the neighbors heard us! she was screaming like nuts! after we were done, we got dressed and started to walk out holding hands. but to our suprize our parents stood right there infront of the door. they were there the whole time!!! they turned their back and walked away laughing... my sis and i just looked at each other and hugged each other tightly. now every time we are sad we know how to make each other feel better! O.o it happens often!!! alright then... thats all.... cyas ppl!have a great time reaing this! (might be more to come)
- age 14, AZ

This year our Spring Break was cut short by 2 days due the the severe winter weather. I am a senior in high school, and I figured, what the heck, I'm not going to school those two days. So I didn't. Wedensday I was hanging out with Jason, my boyfriend, and he asked me what I was doing the next day, if I was going to school. I told him no, and he said I should come out to his house. So the next morning I got up and got ready, and I drove out to his house. It was early, a little past 7am, I rang his doorbell and he came to the door a couple of minutes later, I had obviously woken him up. We sat around for a while, kissing and talking, then we went to his room and we both fell asleep for a little while. When I woke up he was looking at me and we started making out, and touching each other. We had talked about having sex before, but neither of us had felt ready. But this day was different. We got really hot and heaavy feeling eachother up, making out, everything but sex, then I asked him if he wanted to do it. He looked at me and said seriously? Yes. He didn't have any condoms so we drove down to a gas station and bought a pack, then we went back to his house, got back into the groove, and then it happened, it wasn't awkard or weird. It just happened. It didn't hurt, like everyone told me it would, it was good. I came, he came, and it was over, it wasn't weird high school sex in the back of your parents car either. I wasn't how my friends told me it was going to be. It was good. It lasted. It was sweet and gentle. It felt good. Afterward I laid in his bed for a while, he got cleaned up. We watched a movie, and then we did it again, the second time was even better. I wasn't as nervous. I think the reason that it didn't hurt and it wasn't weird is because unlink my friends I trust my boyfriend. I love Jason, and he loves me too. It was just right. Later that night there was a bonfire at our friend Jeremy's house, we went, he didn't brag to the guys that he had gotten some. I didn't tell the girls about it. We just kept it to ourselvs. It was nice.
-age 17, Oregon (female)

I had been dating this guy for about six months and we were pretty serious about each other. Before we started dating, we had been good friends. Anyway, we had just gone to his house after having a quick bite to eat and we were going up to his room to watch some TV. Well, we never quite got around to turning on the TV. When he closed the bedroom door behind him, he told me that it would be dangerous for us to be in his bedroom alone since his parents weren't home. I was feeling pretty horny and I said throatily, "I don't care." We practically attacked each other. He yanked off my shirt and removed my bra with equal roughness. I placed my hands behind his head and pulled it down to my bare breasts. As always, he knew exactly what to do. I moaned when he began sucking my tits. At the same time, I pulled down his pants and slipped my hand under his briefs. I felt him harden. Mischievously, I squeezed him, pinched the tip of his dick, played with it. He groaned, "You are evil." By this time we were both really hot for each other. We stripped off the remaining clothes and rubbed our naked bodies against each other frantically. He made me sit on the edge of his bed. As I waited breathlessly, he put his mouth between my legs and lightly blew on my bush. He was teasing me, paying me back for playing with his dick. When he saw that I was cumming, he started licking my pussy. He ate me out. Then he pressed his lips to mine so I could taste myself on him. "Your turn," he told me. So we traded places and I sucked his dick, taking it in my mouth. He came in my mouth. The feeling was unforgettable. Then we were both on the bed and our hands were everywhere. He wanted me on top, so I straddled him a little hesitantly. He handed me a condom and had me put it on. Then I rode him hard until we climaxed. We screwed each other again and again that night, trying out different positions each time. (We did it on his desk, in his closet, doggystyle, etc. We even did dry-humped.) When we started, it o'clock in the afternoon. We were in his room for hours, fucking and sometimes just rubbing each other. It was an unforgettable day. We're still together and sex is a consistent part of our relationship. We fuck at least once a week, and we're pretty kinky a lot of the time. Damn, he's good!
-age 16, Cal (female)

The drinking law in New Zealand is 18, so it was like a few weeks after my 18 birthday i went to a bar and like it was in my home town so i sort of new a few people their, I got quite drunk when i bumped into a old friend of mine from college. We were talking when her friend came over, she like was leaning on me rubbing my leg. As i never had this happen to me b4 i felt quite strange. She smiled at me while me and her friend were talking. Well any way her friend soon left and she invited me to come out side with her. As i was young and drunk i said yes . We walked out behind the bar wen she grabed me and started kissing me. We kissed for a while then she walked me to this shopping complex which was just around the cornor. We got their and kissed some more , then she said i want you inside of me. I though yes bout time i got a root but explained i had never done this b4. She said thats ok have you got a condom. I pulled one out of my wallet and she told me to lay on the concrete which was behind this bank in the shopping complex.The bank had a camera at its door where we were - i hope it did not record us, well any way she started playing with me at first and then she just sat on me. As i went in she groaned as to say she liked it. Well we did it for like 10 minutes, i was so nervous i was shaking all over and then she said bite me so i started to bite her neck. She liked getting her neck bit and weird stuff like that. Well any way i did not please her casue she got off me soon after that and said right lets go back inside , i had not even cum yet. So i pulled the condom off and pulled my pants up , we had another kiss and went back insdide. I left the bar soon after that and went home. I have seen her since then and i try to hide casue she is going out with a mate of mine and i dont wont my mate to know that i was with her. Wellington Boy N.Z
- age 21, New Zealand

I was at the mall with my girlfriend and we went behind a dumpster first i slid my hand down her pants and started to rub on her pussy and i slowly sliped my fingers in her pussy. I fingered her for about 10 minutes untill she get really horny. I laid down and pulled out my throbbing cock and sliped my cock in to her pussy(she was wearing a skirt)and started to fuck her slowly and went faster and harder untill i eventually cummed. IT WAS GREAT
- age 16, tenneessee

THe time i lost my virginity is a time i would never forget. It was the best you could ever get. 'Twas the day before my birthday, when I had my birthday party and all my friends were ther but only a few could stay late. So to make time go by quicker we played a little game of spin the bottle. I was the first to spin and i had to spend seven minutes in heaven. Luckily it was the girl that everyone had admired and liked. So we went into the room and started kissing when the 7 minutes were up her best friend (and mine now) came to get us out, but instead she joined us. She then grabbed my hard dick and started playin with it. So i laid her on the bed and ate her out while the other was sucking my dick. I thought since her pants were off why not try to f***? Well i did but she was sooooo tight i couldnt fit. she was embarressed but why not try again? I finally thrusted my dick in her tight pussy and started fucking her. 20 minutes later i came and then the other girl got on for a ride. They were the best i ever had.
- age 15, michigan

About my first lesbian encounter: She's a friend of mine and she's always been open on how she has had sex with men and women. Even at the same time. Well, she started jokenly saying that she go lick me good and every so often we would party together and have some drinks. Well on one occasion I went to her house and we drank a bit and started flirting, it almost came naturally to me. She was walking in her bra in front of me, was about to take a shower and I asked if I could see her nipples, of course I started sucking on them. She was excited. I then asked if I could taste her pussy and so she ran to the shower, I didnt think I would really happen. But when she came out in her towel, I said to myself, this is it! She spread her legs for me while laying in bed, I started tasting her, sucking her clit, slipped my fingers in her pussy and she was just turned on, I was already wet and wished I had a man behind me bending me over. Her pussy had a soft scent of soap and pussy scent. I lick her pussy now all the time. And masterbate just thinking of the occassions. I cant wait to taste a new woman. And hopefully feel her pussy on mine. Sincerely, Excited - 29
- age 29, CT (female)

my first time was during a basketball game. we went up on the mezanine and went in the little storage room. i stripped her and we went at it on one of the mats. it was the most exiting sex i've ever had.
- age 16, KS

me and my best freind cindi both wanted to write about it here so here goes. we picked 2 guys we knew would do it (duh, like that was hard!) ryan and jake - their both hot, mite as well do it with good looking guys. we got on the pill first before we invited them over, so this was well planned. they came over and we had beers and we put on a porn tape. the guys both thought that was cool and me and cindi both had on liteweight tops with no bras and short shorts. i'm built good up top and cindi has killer legs and ass. i was with ryan and he looks like aaron carter with long blond hair and jake has spiked brown hair and was with cindi. both guys had on tank tops and shorts and are well built cause their playing freshman football this coming year. the porn tape cuples and i said me and cindi wanted to do that. the guys said cool and i have this huge king size bed so we went to my room. we stripped first then they couldnt wait to get their cloths off. fuck, they looked even better naked and i jus wanted ryan's big hard dick. jakes' wasnt bad either. there was plenty of room on the bed and jake was a virgin but ryan wasn't so he started on me first wile jake and cindi watched. he sucked my tits and fingered my pussy till i got super wet then he put his dick in me. i thought it mite hurt and i grabbed his sides but once he was all the way in me it was just what i wanted to be doing. ryan was so good and looked so hot above me and he made me cum and he did too. we left a huge wet spot and by then cindi and jake were into it to so we watched and ryan played with my tits and i rubbed his chest and dick while our friends were having fun. jake wasnt experienced like ryan so he came a lot faster. then we switched partners. jake was a lot better the time but i really got off watching ryan fuck cindi. i guess i fell in love with ryan that day while cindi was very happy with jake. now i see ryan all the time and while sometimes the 4 of us still get together, usually me and ryan are alone and we cant get enough of each other!! that boy has an endless supply of cum and he loves putting it in me.
-age 16, California (california)

it was my housemaid that i first made love with.it was five yrs ago.myfolk were inchurch&my mum ask the housemaid to bring me to church but unfortunately after i took my bath,1i mether in my room naked.what she said was that she want me which i can not resist.that was my first experience.
- age 22, texas

My first ever masturbation session was absolutley amazing, this is weird, but i was at my grandmothers...i think i was like 10 and i just got a hardon, for no reason, and the end of my cock was tingling, so i went upstairs to the bathroom, and started rubbing the head. This felt good, but i moved down to my shaft and started stroking it, and that felt a SHIT load better, so i kept doing that and it felt sooooo good, and just as i came to orgasm my legs went completley stiff, then wobbly, then stiff again...weirdest thing, i had to sit down on the toliet to finish me off as i thought i would fall over! as i was only like 10 i didnt cum, untill like 2 minutes after (it just dribbled out) and that experience i will never forget, i masturbate at least once a day now and NONE of them even compare to my first one!
- age 15, UK

my first time of masterpation was when i was looking at naked.tv. i thought that an electric toothbrush would do me well so i grabbed it and went into my bedroom. i turned it on and started rubbing my clit with it it was the best feeling ever i had about 3 orgasims in thetime of 7 minutes i was doing it. i do it all the time now and get several orgasims every single time. mabye all u gals should try it for maxinum pleasure. i just wanna say 'what would we do without electric toothbrushes'
- age 14, Australia (female)

Well first of all let me start by saying i'm gay. I love it and i think its great. Anyway my first time was with a guy. It went like this: It was a hot day in late June and i was sleeping over at his house. It was about 11pm i think and it was soooo hot out. We were both sitting there in muscle shirts and boxers as we played ps2. We got tired of playing around 11.30 and we decided to stop. We just got talking and sex came up as the topic. He asked me if i sleep in the nude? and i said only sometimes, when its really hot out. I returned the question and he said yes all the time. We started asking eachother more questions, like do you masterbate? and stuff like that. Anyway we both got a little horny and we were sitting there on the couch in boxers and muscle shirts and i poped the question 'how big are you?' he looked at me...then down at my crotch (i was semi-hard) and he said 6 3/4. He returned the question and i answered truthfully 7 inches. He had a full hard on, it was noticable. He stood up and went over to his sleeping bag, he dick was really hard and i think he wanted me to see. He said 'man its so hot out tonight' and he peeled off his muscle shirt revealing his really nice body, that i had never seen before. He clearly worked out alot. Anyway i turned on the tv and we started watching tv and we didnt say much for about an hour. It was 1am by now and i started up the topic of sex again by asking him 'have you ever had a gay fantasy'. He replied no, and returned the question. I said 'well kinda' and he said 'tell me about it' So i told him tht my dream was to see his dick tonight, and that i really wanted to feel his body. He got out of his sleeping bag at that point walked over and sat in my lap, facing me. He ran his soft hands up inside my shirt and took it off me. He started rubbing my sweaty body and i starting pulling him closer. We started kissing and i pulled down his boxers. He did the same with me and we moved to the floor. He cock was so nice and juicy as i started jacking him off. He came all over and i licked it off his great abs. It tasted really good. He returned the favor and then we took it a step further. I entered him with my rock hard 7inches and started fucking him in the ass. It felt sooooo good and he started to moan which turned me on. I came inside him and he started fucking me. We continued on and then we took a bath together. It was so great. Afterwards we fell asleep nude holding eachother. He both said we were gay when we woke up and the we wanted to do it again. We still get together today and have amazing fuck fests like that night.
- age 15,

This was when I was about 19yrs and had just finished my sixth form education. I had to come to stay with my uncle and his wife b,cos my father had just died. After a year, my uncle's wife brought in this girl (about 14 yrs) to come and live with us as a house help. A month after this girl came to live with us, she started "crosing my ways" in the house. Initially, I was getting angry with her but I started noticing her sensual stares after a while, and begun getting aroused any time she gets near to me. One afternoon when we were alone in the house, she rushed to my room with just a towel around her waist, screaming that some ant had entered her ear while she was bathing. Whiles I was trying to help get the ant from her ears, she pushed me and we both fell on my bed, with the towel falling off, leaving her nude. It was not too difficult for her getting me out of the boxer shorts I was then wearing. She pushed my rock-hard rod into wet pussy and started riding me. It was so strange and exciting experience for me. I cum in her within 2min. she was supprise to know I was a virgin at that age, and I am sure she was proud to be the first person to have "broken my virginity". She seemed very experieced b'cos she was able to get me going again within a few minutes with a bj. We pushed and pumped for the rest of the afternoon, with a small break to get something to eat. It was so enjoyable to me that after that day, the least opportunity I get, I want to enter her, sometimes in the toilet, bath room, any where that we can get alone for even 5 min, I entered her. We even had it one day in the poultry house. That will be another story. This girl eventually had to leave the house because my auntie somehow suspected that we were up to something. I have not seen her since. I hope we will meet one day. Nana, Accra - Ghana
- age 35, Accra

I will never forget the first time i had sex... It happened last summer when i was 17, it was a really hot day when i had agreed to help our new neighbour move in to her new house next door (i was doing it as a favour for my mom as she was a friend of hers). Let me tell u now how hot this new neighbour was (and still is), i knocked on her door and when she opened it my my dick became semi hard by just looking at her. Her name is Ashley Shes 38, She has long Black Hair, green eyes, and the most beautiful body! wow. Anyway she invited me in to help her settle in to the house, after about an hour or so we moved some of her stuff into her bedroom. (I couldn't take my eyes off her she was wearing one of those tight low cut tops and a really short skirt) anyway we got to talking and i asked her why she was single, she told me she had been divorced for 2 years and hadn't had sex since the divorce. I told why would anyway want to be with another woman if they had her. She smiled and put her had on my leg and stared to rub it when she noticed the buldge in my pants. I felt my heart got faster when she moved her had onto the buldge and start to feel it. She then looked at me and we kissed, (i know i might sound like a girl when i say this but it was the best kiss i had ever had in my life), anyway She said turned to me and said i was big for a guy my age and she undid my pants and took out my rock hard dick. Oh my god i was in love with this woman, she sucked my dick like a pro, really using her tongue to tease this head of my dick and looking up at me while she was doing so. After about 5-6 mins of her sucking my dick i told her i was going to cum but she carried of so i cummed into her mouth, she swallowed it all and she told me she needed to be fucked. So i undressed her and started to suck on perfect firm breasts as she moned i slowly moved down and took of the smallest thong i had ever seen, i then stared to eat her out for about 30mins she started to shake all over and she cummed as well (she was moning that loud i thought someone would her us). I then lay down on the bed and she jumped on top of my and grabbed my rock hard dick and she stuck it in to her tight pussy, she looks so sexy when she is moning with pleasure. We then fucked for about 20 mins, she dominated and took control and went on top in the cowgirl postition we both came at the same time i came inside of her, it was the best orgasm i had ever had i dont think i had ever cummed that much. After about a 5 minute rest she said sghe wanted me again so she pulled out a viagra pill out of one of the boxes. So i took it and OH Yeah we fucked for and couple of hours after that. She is the best fuck ever. We still get together 4 times a week and just have long sessions like that, obviously we keep it a secret from everyone. We have sex in the back of her car, in the fields near by and wherever we can, but maybe i will tell that story next time i submit a confession ;) Theres nothing like having an older woman show you the ropes in the art of sex thanks ashley xxxx
- age 18, florida

This may sound extraordinary but my first time occurred on a packed London Underground Tube. As usual the evening rush hour saw the train packed like sardines with suffering commuters. On this occassion I had rather a long journey from Liverpool Street to Ealing Broadway on the central line. I had been waiting for 15 minutes so by the time the train arrived there was no way I was not going to get on it - however cramped. Anyway the train pulled up and I pushed my way on near the end of a carriage so that I was facing the end of the carriage and at first did not take too much notice of who I was pushed against. The smell of perfume and freshly washed blonde hair however soon awakened my interest. The first thing I noticed through peeking down over her shoulder was the enormous cleavage tapering down to a tiny little waist . I could see the edge of her black bra and her enormous breasts gently bouncing to the rythm of the train. To say I had a rock hard boner at this sight is something of an understatement. Of course since I was pressed up against this girl it must have made a good impression on her. To my amazement I felt her delicate fingers stroking the front of my trousers and it was all I could manage to stop coming there and then. After a few minutes of this I leant forward and murmured some choice words in her ear. I felt the hand pull my zipper down and then work its way through my y-front underpants gripping my pecker as if life depended on it and rubbing the palm of her hand over the helmet, slowly jerking me off. Well at this point I needed no further encouragement. She was wearing a short dress concealed with a long overcoat so I surreptitiously lifted it up rubbing my boner up against her pert little bottom and eventually guided my cock against her crack by easing her panties to one side. As it slid slowly all the way in keeping my silence was awesomely difficult. The gentle rocking rythm of the train with me pressed hard up against her was all the movement we needed. I somehow managed to ease my hands around to her front so that I could put my hands up her straining top and feel the full weight of those fantastic breasts bobbing up and down with the rocking of the train, my pecker was up her to the hilt with my balls gently swinging against her taut bottom. My hands slid between the cups of her bra so that I could rub her large erect nipples as with one last push I came inside her. Her muffled sighs of satisfaction were just audible as I pulled my dick out and hastily fastened up my zipper. We were lucky the doors of the train had not had to open on this side of the train and she turned and gave me a peck on the cheek as she eventually got off at her stop. I have been on many crowded trains since but it has never been so enjoyable as that glorious trip.
-age, London Underground

Hello there, my first time was when I was in the 6th grade. I had a girlfriend and she was HOT HOT HOT! When we went to the movie theater to whacth a movie there was a sex seen and i wuz getting hard and she could see it. Then all of a sudden we started kissing and i just took off her shirt and started rubbing her nice and soft breatsts, and fingering her while she undid my pants and gave me a hand job. I cummed almost in the first minute and i was a little embarrassed. I slid my dick into her cunt and started pumping. We had to stop very early cuz people were noticing. When i took her home we went to her room and did it again! I loved it and we have to have sex in a diffrent place cuz the movie theater is no place for sex! We are still 2gether and keep the connfessions coming up you guyz are slacking!!
- age 15, USA, Texas

I love jacking off and i still remember my first time. I was over at a friends house and it was me him, and a bunch of other guys like 4?...we were having a small guy party i guess. Anyway we got talking about sex and jacking off and everything and we all started to get horny. One of the guys was telling us about the time he fucked his girlfriend and he was like 'oh i cant stand it' and he went off to the bathroom to jack off. He came out a few minutes later and suggested we play truth or dare. So when it came around to me i picked truth. they asked me if i had ever jacked off before and i had to say no because it was last year..and i never had. They were suprised and someone suggested we play strip dare. It was a game he came up with on the spot...everyone picks dare and the person who gets picked has to take off a piece of clothing voted on my the group. So we got started and after about 10 min. we were all in our boxers, all with hardons and we could all tell. The first person who had to take their boxers off was tim, one of my friends. he took them off without hesitation and he cock stood there infront of us very very hard and oozing pre-cum. Next was my turn i ws a little hesitant but i did it. My cock was around 5.5 inches...not too big but by the time we were done there were smaller cocks in the room. So all 4-5 of us were sitting or standing there nude infront of eachother...ad then someone suggested to show me how to jack off...so everyone started to and after studying it for a while i started to aswell. I didnt cum but i had a great feeling. Now i jack off all the time and all 5 of us still get together to have jacking partys.
- age 14, Europe

i was 15 when it happened.I had a mate who had a very sexy sister.she was 19. i was at his house and we was drunk and his siter came home from the pub with her friend.my mate went to the toilett and didnt come bakc for like a hour. Suddenly his sister friend sat on my lap and started feeling my crotch. i got a instant hard on and started 2 stroke her. i then looked up and my mates sister colina was naked infront on me. she lay on the sofa and told me to fuck her. and seeing i am a gentleman the ladies always get what they want. i started shagging her so fucking hard.she started to moan after a few minutes. after about 5 minutes of shagging i was to a climax and i thought i was going to shoot my load,it was embarassing but i kept n going. we ddi it hard for about 20 mintues as her friend emma jst laid there masturbating over us. it was so horny. then so told me to get my fat cock out of colina and fuck her. so i did.after around 5 mintues i cummed. then colina and emma started kissing each other. I watched them for about 5 minutes and then joined in. They both then started to suck my cock and it was great. As they were doing that my mate came in. He sed he had been listening from outside the door. He then suddenly jumped on his sister and they started to shag. It was suprising but arousing. I then put me cock into emma and we shagged.i decided to go to my mates mom bedrrom because it was wierd with him in the room boning his sister. we did it for around 15 mins and the was jst bouncing up and down my cock screaming. i shot my load again and then i got some food and went home.Me and my mate havnt spoke since but i still sneak to emmas house and she comes to mine and we do it 3 times a week. Ive even had a few threesomes with emma and collina aswell. My girlfrined hasnt found out about it all but she wouldnt midn as she sed im the best sex shes ever had from AJ
- age 15, birmingham england

It happened when i was 13, with my best friend (guy). We hung out almost everyday after school and we were really good friends. One day i went to his house and we were on his computer looking at some porn (we usually did but it never went anywhere) so anyway he pulled up some gay porn and told me he was gay and he has fantasies about us. At first i was like gross! but then i warmed up to it after we started looking at more cock. I was really hard, harder then i'd ever been and i could see he was too, we werent trying to hide it. Then he took off his shirt and looked over at me. He got up and sat with his legs open on my lap and started rubbing my abs and then moved up to my face and we started making out. Then we started with tongue and it was soo great. He ran his hands up my shirt and took it off me then i slipped his shorts off. He unzipped my pants and my cock poped out, he slipped them off with the boxers and my cock stood there very hard. I had never show myself nude to another person before so it was a little weird. Then i slipped his boxers off and i stared at his cock. He layed on top of my and our cocks were together we kept making out, i was grabing his ass and he was feeling up my abs. He then moved from my mouth down to my cock, he started sucking and it was the greatest feeling ever. I had the biggest orgasm of my life and he swallowed it all. I then sucked him off and he cummed a bucket load. He told me to come with him so i followed. We went upstairs, his cock was soo nice and hard, so was mine. We went out on his deck and he started up his hot tub. He got in and told me to follow. We started making out again and feeling eachother up, and then we hear the doorbell ring. He put on a towel and walked to the front door. It was my other good friend and he came out to the hottub too cause he noticed my best friend had a huge boner, he stripped down revealing his amazing body with a sixpack and his huge cock. I was jealous of his body. I started makinig out with him while me best friend jacked off. I gave my other friend a hand job then he returned the favor. We decided after about an hour or making out and jacking off infront of that we wanted to go further and we started ass fucking. I was fucking my best friend and my other friend was getting me up the ass. Then we took turns fucking eachother. After about another hour we decided to take a break and just sat around talking. We all got hard again and went at it again. Now everyday after school we get together and have a fuck fest, i never get tired of it and sometimes more of my friends come around too. We all admit were gay and we love it.
- age 21, France

Well it was around the end of the school year in yr 8. ^MThere was a big party on at my best friends house that we had organised. Atleast 80 ppl were there.^MBefore the party i had only had oral sex and wanted to go further, around 11:00 every body at the party started getting drunk, I had liked this girl from yr7 my whole high school life she was so hot!!!!! mad tities nice ass and was a horny lil bitch.^MI was talking to my friends when she came over and started talking to me, after about 30mins we were fully getting into it i was fingering her. Soon we found a room and had sex it felt so good she was almost screaming.^MAfter about 45mins of fucking (i couldnt believe i hadnt cumed) she started going down on me this was defenently going to make me go. (but no nothing) then i went down on her (just thought i would add that)^M^MThen we saw the door open it was my older sisters friend she was about 16 and i had loved her the first time she came to my house with my sister i had only ever gottin with her when she once slept a my house. She asked what we were doing because me and the other chick i was fuking were lookin suspicious she knew she asked if she could join in we both answered yes. I couldnt believe it i was having a 3some my life long dream had come true 2 hot chicks suking me dik at the same time.^MI eventually cumed after watching the 2 eat each other out.^MIt was the best experience of my life.^M2 days later i met up with the girl i had sex with (not 16 yr old) we went out and are still together after 3months.
- age 15, Australia

I don't know how it happened but it happened so fast. At my school, I was failing my heath class. My teacher was really hot, she looked like a 19 year old teen and would always wear a skirt. I so wanted to Fuck her sooo bad. She was failed me because I would never do my work and if I got a fail in her class, I would have to repeat the 10th grade. I told her I need to past, so I decided to help her out after class everyday to earn credits. It was Friday and I had a C in the class for helping her out. She was beautiful, she had a red shirt with a black, short skirt on. I had ask her if she had any kids. She said that she wasn't married and she didn't have a boyfriend yet. I asked her is she looking for one, and she said yeah. I told her I didn't have a girlfriend, and I said to her that I liked her and she looked really hot. she smiled after that and said I think you're cute too. Then she said that She was going to teach us about sex tomorrow and I was going to be the first person she would teach. I then asked her has she evered fucked anybody before, and she said no. then She came up to me and said to turn off the lights. I did. She took off her panties from her skirt and said cum in me. We begin Kissing and I unzipped my pants and gave it to her good. I poped her cheery and see was sceaming in pain. It was hard to believe that see was not a virgin. after an hour of sex, she told me to do it again tomorrow and she might give me an A. So I did what she wanted me to do. I'm really happy right now. I love my teach.
- age 16,

I had a close pal last yr and he is sooo cute. I had a crush on him but he didn't know. I kept dropping hints but he ended up thinkin' I had a crush on his other friend, so 1 day, he brought the guy over to ma house. It turns out his friend had a huge crush on me. Well, we were out by the swimming pool(I'm the only one who had a swimmng pool in ma area)and in his swimmin trunks,I saw him bare chested for the first time,Mawuli had such a great body, so did his pal. Anyway, Mawuli decided to give Kwaku and I some privacy. By then, I was sooo horny that as soon as he left, I planted a great,big kiss on Kwaku's lips and I saw his cock risin'. God!!! It turned me on even further, so I grabbed his hand and placed it on ma breasts and he started fondling them, it felt sooo good. All this time, I pretended it was Mawuli. I pulled his cock out and gave him a b/j. Considering I had not done it b4, I'd say he enjoyed it. Truth to tell, so did I. Next thing I know, ma bikini is totally off and Kwaku started kissing me. Mawuli came back and also started undressing...I looked down and saw his dick, god, it was big. He just joined us on the floor and enterred me. It was painful for a few minutes cuz I was a virgin, then he broke ma hymen and it started feeling sooo good!!! I came just when he came and I had ma first real climax on his dick. When we finshed, we were sooo spent and Kwaku left for his home cause he lived in another neighbourhood. I plucked up courage and told Mawuli that I had a crush on him and not Kwaku...and he told me that he also had a crush on me but b'cos of the hints I was dropping, he thought I liked Kwaku. He kissed me and it was the best kiss I had ever had. Thanx to ma courage, now I don't have close friend; I have a b/f who is ready for anthing I am!!!!!!!!!;-)Anyway, I really lve ur site, I come here everynite plus anytime Mawlui is unavailable.
- age 15, Accra, Ghana. (female)

My first time happened ladt Friday at my step brother's 17th B-Day party. Me and his buddies all were sleeping down in the basemant and were watching one of my step-father's porno videos. All of a sudden I see my brother getting a boner and thn he took off his blanket and started to jerk off. I have only jerked off a couple of times before and I didn't cum much before. But after a minute or two everyone was jerking off and so naturally I started to. When my step bother came it went all over! Then about a hour later when everybody left e talked for a while. Then he told me that he was gay. So he told me that he would pay me $70.00 a week if I fuck him and give him a blowjob once a week. I agreed so now once a week (or sometimes more if I give him two for the price of one). One time when I was givong him a blowjob I asked him if he would return the favor and this week would ve free of no cost. He agreed and OH MY GOD! I came all over him and he licked my dick dry! It was great! And that was my first time. Now I am gay thanks to him and we fuck many times! I am going to masterbate to this story and fuck my step bother again!
- age 16, New York

my 1st time was wid my little bros friend. He came round with my brother and i just got out d shower and didnt no he was there. Any way he saw me in the nude so i said ur turn. He did!. He was 13 and had a 5 inch cock and mine was bout 6. We had great oral sex and then agreed to arse fucking. No girl has eva pleasured mre like this
- age 14, england

It happen at Summercamp. It was the 2nd week and I had to go pess. it was at night time, I had no idea what time it was. I came across two beautiful girls, they asked if I wanted to come with them. I said alright and joined them. this one girl was really hot and the second girl WOOO. anyway we were walking and talking to each other about sex and stuff. I asked if anybody has ever had sex before, and they both said no. after they said no one of them said that they want to someday. My mind was in a daydream land because all I saw was both of them naked. They asked if I wanted to fuck them. I said something strange after that I can't remember but anyway, they both took me somewhere so nobody would find us. The really hot one wanted to go first so I started kissing her and taking her clothes off. I got on my knees and unzipped her pants, pulled down her panties and started eating her. She moaned and then she droped down to me and started kissing me. I then layed her down and took off everything of hers and took off my pants and stuck my cock into her tight pussy. she said it hurt and she liked it. I stopped after 13 minutes or so and it was the other girl's turn. She had already started playing with her self and was also totally naked, she was already Ready for me. She told me to lick her first then stick it in. so i did. She was amazing. I made her moan and scream. Then she told me to lay down and then she got on top of me and grabed my cock and put in her wet puss. I had the most incredable 23 minutes in my life. She took my cock out and she told her friend to join us and they both were taking turns sucking my cock. The really hot one wanted some more, she started fucking her again. Her moaning and screaming made me horny that I cummed in her pussy. we then stoped and got back druss up. a day later they both gave me their phone numbers, so I can call them to see them again. After we left I kept wounding if I got that really hot girl pregnet. so when I got home I called her and she told me no. whew. Chaos Z
- age 16, Seattle

i was in the same class with them and they always fancy me. i i was invited by one lady to go to her mom fridge for an ice cream. i did it and when we went inside. she said she is hot so took off her dress. it left with only her pant and bra. i was looking at her and guessing what will follow. she took off the bra and asked me whether i can suck her breast or not. i told her i could but because of the place we were, i cant do that. she said her mom is in school and will not come early. i went forward to kiss her and she liked it very much. she asked whether she can suck my penis, i was feeling shy cos that was my first time of letting a lady touch it. i reluctantly gave in and she gave me a deadly blowjob and i loved it very much. i took her pant off and kissed in and i moved in for the kill. that was her first time and i had a lot of work to do. i touched and and suck until she was begging me to enter early. she was so hot and i loved it. i fucked until i heard someone knocking the door and calling my name. i was embarrased and run to a hide. heer friend came in and was begging me to enter her too but i had no feeling for her. we arre still there and i love her very much.
-age 23, champion owp,Ghana, sunyani

well it all happened last week, lucky me. I was at my house getting ready for a party when i was really horny in the shower...so i started to jack off and i had one of the biggest orgasms ever. After i got out and got dressed and all i was still super horny. So i went down the street to my girlfriends house (we wee going to meet there anyway) and i knocked on the door and she came to the door in just a towel, she had just gotton out of the shower. She said come in and i followed her up to her room. she said sit down so i sat on her bed. She had top get dressed so she made me turn around. I thought i heard her say ok so i turned around and she didnt have anything on, she was standing there infront of her closet nude looking for an outfit. She turned around and saw me looking. She was a little mad at first but then she let it slide. She said well you've seen me naked now u strip and let me see you. So i started to strip and she was getting really horny i could tell. My dick was rock hard, the hardest its ever been and she started to moan and i saw her reach down to her pussy and start rubbing it, it was already wet. This made me incredably horny and i started to strip faster...once i was nude standing in front of her, my cock rock hard she said i want you to jack off for me. I wasnt about to stop her so i went and layed beside her on the bed and started jacking off...in about a min. i had one of the biggest orgams ever of my life and i cummed a bucket load. I was a little embarassed about how fast i came but hey i had my hot girlfriend laying nude beside me. She had the body of a goddess. So anyway after i came she licked my cum off my dick and stomach, she stuck it in her mouth cause she could see i was losing my boner. She gave me my first ever bj, and it was the greatest feeling ever. I came then i ate her out. She said it was the best she's ever had (shes a year older then me and shes done it before) after oral sex for about 30 min. i rammed my still rock hard cock into her. she didnt mind and i started pumping, faster and w started moaning then we both came in about 5 min. we fucked for about 2 more hours then we took a bath together where we fucked again. I came 3-4 times fucking i think. We never made it to the party but my friends understood. We're still together today and i've fucked her 3 time since last week. its the greatest thing ever. I'm gunna go jack off now to this story...man what a perfect day that was...
-age 14, Canada

It all happened at school. I was with my girlfriend and she told me to cut all my classes today(How could I say no to her). We went into the girl's locker room. It was a ghost town in there,no body was in it(kinda hard to believe huh?)I was thinking of what to say to her, but I didn't want to sound stupid or anything like that so I ask her if she wanted to kiss. She said she wasn't in the mood for kissing then she took off her shirt (showing only her bra)and I'm too hot right now. I had one of the biggest boners in the world after that. I'm sure she noticed it when I was trying hide it. I then started to walk to the girls bathroom. I tried to calm my thing down but then My girlfrind came in. I tried to hide it but see saw it already. She told me not to hide it. She came to me and was playing with my thing, then she got on her knees and starting sucking on it. I then cum in her mouth, but she kept sucking on it, I then told her I could'nt stop cumming. She told me to lay down, then she took off my pants and boxers and I don't know what happened but I just started to take off her pants and her panties too. then She sat on my thing and started bounching, It felt really awsome. then I turned her around and I started to fuck her fast. She started making sound that really turned me on. I was about to cum but we heard somthing, so we quickly got up and started to dress up. I went out the gym since it was the girl's gym. It turned out that the noise was just my girlfriend's P.E. teacher's cat. But I still got in trouble because her teacher saw me come out the gym. I was sent to detention but it didn't matter, I had just had sex with my girlfriend for the first time. after all that, Me and my girl went home to spend more time togetter, Alone.
- age 16, NoHo, Kazama

we were at a party and being a soccer player girls loved us soccer players...but the mom of one of the girls was so hot looking w here low cut dress.. dick was getting very hard...so I went outside to cool off.As i stood there she came outside and asked me if everything was ok...I told here that she was turning me on.She smiled and took my hands and said I will show u a great place.."the waterfalls" We walked holding hands.hugging each other and kissing each other softly on the lips..and my dick was rising.She was so mature and sooo beautiful..We arrived at the waterfalls and she suggested we get naked and go under the waterfalls...I undressed her slowly kissing her soft mouth and nibbling on her earlobes as she undressed me and i lost all my will..i was almost in heaven...her breasts were so soft as I caressed themplaced my mouth on them and sucked those nice warm breasts..her nipples were so hard I pulled on them w my mouth and ran my lips over them as she grabed my cock and said oh my god u young man..a big cock u have...as she placed it into her mouth and her mouth and lips felt so fine..as I caressed her hips and softly licked my way slowly around her pussy and pulled on her clit w my lips...she sucked harder on my cock and that got my tongur to enter her wet vagina deeper and faster it felt so good and sooo warm .. mouth was full of her wet cum and tasted so fine....as she said boy please fuck me hard and make me cum.So as I stuck my cock slowly into her wet pussy she screamed w exitment as the water from the waterfalls was penetrating our skin..I shoved my cock into her deep and squezzed her hips as she moved back and forth w me ..we were in a rhythm...the faster we went the moans got louder...oh what a feeling...I cummed all over her breast and she said adam..i want you again...I made her cum 5 times that night as we went back softly caresing each other and softly kissing each other.... After that 1st. expierience we saw each other 3-4 times a week for 2 yrs..she was so fine..and taught me the road to love... Thanks cheyanne.....u are so sweet and such a women....
- age 19, Brasil

My first experience was when I was 12, I had asked my friend to spend time with me at the libary, he said yes and we went there. It was six o'clock and the Libary was about to close, but my friend told me to come to the bathroom with him. I went and I asked what are we doing in here, and he said that he wanted to stay here somemore, I said alright, but later we came out and nobody was in the place. I was walking around and I sat on a table and started to read this book. Then I felt my friend's hand touching my leg. I started to put my hand on his' and then he went into my skirt, and pulled off my panties, then I unziped his pants and pulled down his boxers and he stuck his huge cock into my wet pussy. I was in pain when he put it in so I told him to go slowly. He did and he got on the table with me, layed me down and started fucking good. After he was done he got up and picked me up and started making me bounce up and down on his cock, It felt SOOOOO GOOOD. After that night, me and my friend became bf and gf, and we would alwways fuck when my parents aren't home.
- age 16, CA (female)

My first time experience goes like this.. It was a year back.It was my GF's B'day so we had been to a party at a nearby hotel with all our other friends. It was near around 9 pm when the party came to an end. Since by then it was too late for her to walk home, she wanted me to drop her at her house. Since it was a rainy season i took her to her home. On our way, my car broke down. It was raining heavily outside so we decided not to get out and repair the car but since it was late i got down to see what was the trouble. But, unfourtunately i poked my fingers into the hot engine so i shouted. Hearing my scream she came out to see what happened. Since it was raining heavily she too got wet! Now i could see her boobs totally. It was just like some mangoes inside her t-shirt. she had a very good boobs, she noticed that i was watching THAT but she didnt refuse. She understood what i wanted, it seems that she needed the same. So we again decided to get back in the car. I made her to sit in the driver seat and i pushed the car towards a bush so that we could hide comfortably. It was her turn first, she all of a sudden places her arm around my neck and started kissing me on my lips. With the other hand she squeezed my penis from outside my pants. Then she unzipped me and took it out. She put it inside her mouth and started sucking. i felt aroused and i kept my hands over her boobs and started massaging it. I then removed her t-shirt and then her bottom. She was damn sexy in this posture. i then removed her panties. Wow! she had well shaved pussies. i then took out my penis from her mouth . I put my left my finger inside her vagins and started fingering, she screamed. At the same time i started sucking her boobs too. I could feel the worldly taste in her nipples. And then i put my penis inside her vagina and then started my ACTION. It lasted for 30 mins and after that i called for a mechanic thru my cell and got my car repaired. It was around 11:15 when i dropped her at home.
- age 22, Tamilnadu

It was about 3 years ago, i was at my girlfriends house with her best girl friend. My GF started to make out with her friend. I started to get aroused, as i watched. it was like they had done it before with each other. After that they both put me on the couch and my GF pulled my pant down and sucked my dick while her friend un-dreassed my GF. soon after theat we where all naked and i went over to my GF and started fucking her while she ate her friends pussy. WE fucked for 1 hour or so and was about to cum. so i pulled my cock out and stck it between the girls mouth and cummed so much it went everywhere the girls ate it all and licked my dick clean. IT was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
- age 19, New Jersey

My first time jacking off was over at a friends house. We were all down in his basement watching some tv...it was late at night and we were having a sleep over for his 15th birthday. So anyway we started flipping channels and this porn show came on...it was one of the channels that shows porn late nights. So i started getting kinda horny and i could see they did too, we all had boners it was obvious. My friend whos birthday it was opened up his sleeping bag and started jacking off, he was nude and it made me so horny. His dick was kinda big and he had an amazing body. So i started to to the same i pulled off my boxers and got outta my sleeping bag and started jacking off. Then my other friend started to aswell, a little more hesitant. He had a huge cock with a great sixpack to match. We all came around the same time and then i went over to my friend who's b-day it was and put his cock in my mouth and gave him a bj. He returned the favor then i did the other guy there. We decided to take it to the next level and have a 3-way fuck. I got behind one of then and started getting him up the ass, man it felt good. Then the other guy got behind me and started to fuck me, it was an amazing feeling. The person i was fucking started jacking off and again we all came around the same time. We did different 2 ways for about an hour i think, we were all hot and sweaty and we must of cum 5 times each in an hour and 1/2. We too a break just laying next to eachother nude and let ourselfs recoupe and get boners again. Once we all had boners we went at it again. We were up all night and we finally fell asleep, nude and when him parents came down in the merning and saw us nude lying next to eachother, they werent too happy lol. But yea that experience made me gay and i love it. We get together once and awhile and fuck, sometimes in the hotub at my place, its great. I think its ok to be gay too, no girl can please you like a guy can. It was the best experience of my life!.
- age 16, Utah

Well my first time was when I was with my boy friend after school. It was about a month ago. He always walks me home. Then we passed a couple of high school lovers kissing. Now I am so horny and so was he. But I didn't know he was at the time and he didn't know I was either. I stoped to look at the lovers and he saw me. So he started to go a different road home. The road he was taking was empty and I was following him and all of the sudden I ran into him. He was looking not at my face but at my breasts because they were very big for my age. He came close to me and started to take off my pants. He layed me down on in the middle of the road and took off my thong. The he took of his pants and his boxers off. He slowly stuck his cock in my ass. He started to fuck me very slowly and then he started to fuck faster and harder. He wanted to fuck my ass for the longest time (almost an hour). Then I started to give him head and a b.j. We were fucking for about 3 hours after school. We always fuck after school and on the weekends. Soemtimes we fuck before and after school. We sometimes skip class to fuck.
- age 14, Portland Oregon (female)

when i was only 14 my pubic hair growing, i used to see this. One day while doing this, my cousin who was at our home after O level exam and at 17 saw this. I WAS shamed but she came to me and said,what r u doing? Nothing, i told. but she took off my pant & said yahhhh' , so nice and big, She started to play with that and it was erected, i was horny, she took off her cloths , i was amazing, first timme seeing nice boobs, she play with my cock , put into her mouth and finally into vagina. Very soon i fucked her, really a thing i wanted again and again. SALAUDDIN
- age 22, bangladesh

It was easter,my mummy and daddy took on a vaction and left me all alone with my aunty.She was 29.very cute and sexy and when ever she visits us men in the area grow wild .i was by then 17 One evening she took me out to watch movie and lo and behold it was a porn movie .i felt soo embarass but she told me not to worry for am now a man.After the movie we walked hand in hand to her car and before i could say jark she grabed my head on her big breast and kissed me soo hard and wild after we didnt talk again still got home.at about 9pm she call me to her room to fix a bulb.i knew it was something fishy but i went my on my anuty was naked lieing in bed with breast well erect andd stand firm. i couldnt help it but jumped on her we made love had brutal sex.this continue till me parentss came home Anuty went back to her home bbut i go the for sex every weekend.
- age 19, ghana

Id always fancied my best friends sister (shes 22) and last year my desire was fulfilled. Id been at my friends house for aboiut an hour when he suddenly remembered he had to get something for dinner that night and so he told me to go and play on the computer in his room while he went and got it. I went upstairs and as i was about to go into his room his sister came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel. she had all her clothes in her hands and asked me to open her bedroom door which i did. as i walked away my hand brushed against her bare thigh in the split in the towel. she smiled and said "wanna do it again". i didn't need asking twice and started stroking her leg. i grabbed her aroung the waist and pressed her up against the wall, kissing. she took my arm and hauled me into her bedroom. she lay down and took off her towel and said "why don't you do what you've wanted too do for the lastv 3 years and fuck me. i was astonished but still took off my shirt and trousers - but left my boxer shorts on. i lay on top of her and started kssing her, first on the lips and then moving down until i was sucking her tits. she then brought er feet up and pulled my boxers down with them (god knows how she did it) i stuck my cock in her pussy and started pumping it, slowly at first but getting fater, she was grasping m ass and i was clasping her tits. pretty soon we hit an orgasm and she screamed in delight. siddenly mu friend walked in, grasping his cock, he'd heard the noise and guessed what was going on. he got his sister to turn roung and started rubbing lubricant up her ass. she knelt on the edge of the bed and i started fucking her up the ass while my friend licked out her pussy. my firend then stuck his cock in his sister's mouth while i fucked her again, slapping her ass at the same time. we caried on for nearly an hour, moving around so that sometimes i fucked m friend up the ass whilst his sister gave him head. now we fuck every time their parents are out, but i'll never forget that visit a year ago
- age 16, UK

my first sexual experience happened at work. this buff new girl came over to me with a bleeding finger. she asked me where the first aid room was. i brought her up there, then got her a plaster and put it on for her. as i was doing this, i noticed her looking at me. we started kissing and taking each others shirts of. i then removed her bra and fondled her petite breasts. she opened her bag and pulled out a rubber. she then pulled my trousers down and revealled my boner which had been killing me in my pants. she gave me the best head ever. she then put the condom over my member. i turned her round pushed her over the bed, hiked up her skirt, she had no panties on. i then entered her from behind, probing her hairy muff. we carried on for about 15 mins then she jerked me off and i finished by emptying my load over her puffy nipples and chest.
- age 17, United Kingdom

well my first time was with a girl met in a party. we danced and i gave her my number. she calle dme and said she likes me. and after a month i went to see her at her college and i kissed her for first time. and i start getting boner. then we went to motel and as soon we entered i grabbed her in my arms and start kissing. and we lay on bed. she was on top. she got soooooooo horny she started humping from top. and i put my hand in her pant and grabbed her butts in my hand an squeezed them. oh maaaaaan she got nice ass. my dick was like trying to rip off my pant and go into her pussy. then i touched her pussy, she was wet and ready to get fucked. so i took her clothes and mine too. and started kissing her boobs. then i went down and ate her. then she gave my bj. it felt soooooooooo goooood. then i put her on bed and i put my dick on her pussy it was so wet and hot. and i pushed my dick into her. she was soooooo tight. it was her first time too. as soon as i entered my dick into her hot and wet pussy i started fucking hard. maaaaaaaan it felt so gooooooooood. she started making noises and moan loudly. and i kept on ramming my dick into her pussy. we did it for like 20 min and i cum into her pussy. we fucked in different positions. but she liked it in missionery most. so i fucked her pussy hard and kept filling her with my cum load.we did it for like 6 times in whole day. no whenever we meet we do it many times and whole day.maaaaan it feels so nice to eat and fuck a brand new pussy.
- age 22, indiana

The first time i had it is something i aint gonna forget in a hurry. Twas with our maid. I was 14 she was 16. I was just recovering from an illness and my dad won't allow me go to school that day. Truth was i was strong enough to go to school. So when they were all gone i was lieing on the bed in my room relaxing and the maid going through her chores.i dozed off and b4 i knew it she was in my room. She smiled at me as i looked at her. She wasn't a beauty queen but she had this ass that turns me on. Soon she sat on my bed and we were gisting then gradually i was having a hard on under the sheets, she noticed and b4 i could say go she held it then turned and smiled at me. i was average dick then, say 5 inches. she soon tugged it out and was sucking for all she was worth. i soon came. she wasn't bothered. she sucked me again and i had another hard on. then she climbed on me and inserted me into her and was riding me real heard she gave me a good good fuck. I came 20 minutes later. Needless to say i soon found xcuses to dodge school and we fucked regularly.
- age 26,

One day I was over my boy firend's house and he went to take a shower. He is so hot and muscular. I was so horny that I got undressed and laid totally naked on his bed. Then I heard the water stop and my heart was pounding. He walked in in just his black briefs and black crew socks, showing a little ankle (this gets me so hot). He also just shaved his head totally bald, which also gets me wet. He was shocked to see me and said "What are you doing? My parents are home!" I could see that he was getting a boner and told him to come sit next to me. He did. I slowly peeled off his socks and slowly sucked on each toe and licked his feet. I slid my tongue slowly up his leg to his crotch and licked his briefs. Then I peeled his briefs off and smelled them. God, I love his scent. Then I took all of his hard cock in my mouth. Then I licked his hairy balls and put his entire ball sack in my mouth. Then I grabbed his ass and sucked on his nipples. I reached for his bald head and said "It's time. Eat and fuck my virgin pussy." He first sucked and fucked my tits then rubbed his bald head on my pussy. He licked my pussy and put two fingers up there. He then let his hot dick head rest on my pussy lips before slowly pushing it in inch by inch. When about 4 inches were in I could feel my cherry pop. Then a 6 1/2" was in and he moved in and out faster and faster. We both came quick, I came first. Then he said "I'm cumming!" and I told him to cum on my tits, but he couldn't make it and ended up cumming in my pussy. Just as our sweaty bodies collapsed next to each other, his dad burst in and started to say "The football game's on." Then he realized what we just did and said "That's my son." and walked out. Luckily, I didn't get pregnant and now he always wears a condom.
- age 16, Pennsylvania (female)

Well my first experience happened when i was 13 i think...i was over at a friends house (guy) and we were working out and stuff (he had a home gym and we usually worked out together) It was unusually hot that day, i believe it was mid july. We got all hot and decided to take a shower. I went upstairs and he went downstairs. I was showering for about 4 minutes when i heard the door open. I could see a shadow through the shower curtain. I peaked around the corner and i saw my friend standing there in only a towel all wet from the shower. I was suprised, i said yes? and he took off his towel and he got in the shower. At first i was like what the hell are you doing?!?! and i jumped out of the shower. After about 3 minutes of just standing there nud infront of eachother, we both had boners...i losened up a little and i got back in the shower. His cock was pretty big... mines slightly larger. He started to jack off and i did the same. He got down on his knees and started to suck my cock. Between him sucking and the running water on me it was the best experience ever. After that i sucked him off and we decided to get out of the shower and go to his bedroom. We dryed off and went to his bedroom, he put a tape in his vcr and pushed play. It was some gay porno movie, but it turned me on. He layed down beside me and started to jack off yet again, i did the same. We had about 3 orgasm's each and then we decided to go to the next step. I layed face down on the bed and he stuck his cock in my ass and we fucked for the longest time ever. He came inside me then i did him. We went on for the rest of the afternoon. Now everytime that i go over we always work out nude and then after we have sex and its great cause were all sweaty, thats a turn on for me.
- age 19, England

my first time was with my cousin. we were playing a game called 'daddy and mummy' and she was very ready to do anything i proposed. so i suggested that we sleep and she consented. we 'slept' in each other's arms and in a short while i started moving my hands all over her boobs and i noticed she was responding. so i just got up and we started smooching till we got around to tha main thing. it was her first time as well so she was hesitant at first. but after some time she opened up and not only did we do it. she also gave me my first head. i could never forget it even if i tried!
- age 20, africa

Well it was on a trip out of the province..one of those school organized things. We were on the road for about 12 hours with only 2 stops. That night when we arrived at the hotel it turned out that me and my bf were the 2 rooms next to eachother. There were 4 too a room, i was in with 3 of my friends and him 2 of his. That night it was past lights out, like 1 in the morn i think, we were all still awake and i wanted to see if my bf was still awake. I opened the ajoining door between rooms (it was amazing we had a passageway) and i saw him lying in the bed closest to the door i just came through. His eyes were open and he saw me standing there. He got out of bed (he was only wearing his boxers, and he had a huge boner again!) and i grabbed his dick, now being able to see how long and the actual outline of it. Hwe knew what i wanted and he followed me into my room. i pulled down his boxers when we got in my room and i started to jack him off, man he was huge his cock was big and juicy. He came in about 1 min, which was embarassing for him but i understood he was super horny. Then i pulled off my pj's and let his rub my tits, he played with them for a while then moved down to my hard pussy. He started to lick it and did he kno how to eat a girl out lol it was the most amazing thing ever! Then we were both naked on my bed just laying there making out, and all of a sudden he thrusted his huge cock into me, without a condom or nuthing! but it was ok cause i was on the pill, and we didnt really have any condoms with us. His cock inside of me was the most amazing thing ever! we fucked for about an hour before we decided to stop so we could go to sleep. He went back too his room but before i fell asleep all i could hear him jacking off, it was the greatest night of my life! we fuck often now and its better then what we did, cause we had to keep it low since we were on a school trip and all. well thats my experience...hope u enjoyed, i'm going to read it over again and finger myself...bye! ;)
- age 16, BC, Canada (female)

On spring break down in AZ my brother and I met up with these 2 hot girls at a park, they invited up to go back to there house and swim. my brother and i changed in the pool house and talked about how sweet it would be to fuck them. we could both see each other getting hard at the thought. Before we even got in the water they came over and started to make out, it was like they had done it before,it was awsome. we went back in the pool house and they told us to take off our swits, we did so fast, my brother being a year younger was a little smaller, he still was pretty big and hard as hell. they striped for us showing there perfect nipples, they were compleatly hairless. they came over and started to suck us, they were so frick awsome. they kept doin it till we both cummed all over, they swallowed most of it too!!! They got us hard agian and sat on us. i held out for about 20 mins where my bro only went to about 10. after that me him went back to the house and jacked off about 3 times each, the next day we met up with them and did it agian!!! I cant wait till next year
- age 14, Minnesota

My boyfriend and I went to his house after school. We didn't really plan on having sex. We just kinda hung out in his basement for hours making out and stuff. We didn't do much at first because his friends and siblings kept coming downstairs and being annoying and shit. The whole time we were both so horny we couldn't keep our hands off each other. He took his dick out for me to see it for the first time. It was amazing... REALLY thick! I couldn't believe it. So I played with him for a long time until we finally decided we were gonna go for it. We took our clothes off right there but we had to do it quickly because his parents were upstairs and you never know when they might come down just to "check up" on us. So when we were both ready, he took out a condom and put it on. It looked so good I just wanted to shove it in me really deep without the condom, but couldn't. We both laid down on the floor as he started pushing it in me. It was so HUGE that I couldn't take it. So it took him a while to get in. Once he was in everything was great. He fucked me so hard for like 10 minutes... it was awesome! The whole time we had to be careful that his parents don't come down and see us on the floor fucking. Thankfully no one came down... we got to fuck really good without interruptions. After he was done he went upstairs to get something to eat. I was just kinda laying there still couldn't believe that it was happening. Sex became like my favorite pastime that night. After he came back I took out his fat dick and gave him head. Since his cock is so huge I couldn't really do it well but I gave it a shot anyway. After he was done I swallowed everything... ..That also became one of my fave things to do. I love to swallow! I try and do it to him as much as I can. After that first time experiance, we had sex multiple times in weird places like the movie theater and his parents' bedroom :)!
- age 17, Florida (female)

Welll, me and my bestest friend were at this gigg. I HAD A BIT 2 MUCH 2 DRINK AND felt myself wetting as i watched her danze: my nipps went sooooooooo hard hard and i thought evero1 could see. SOo i went up t 2 her and said do you wanna go outside for some air. Wedid and as soon as we was out i sqeezed her ass , it was so niceand pert and made me even wetter!! Well she turned around and said WOT R U DOIN?? well i said i want u and i want to lick u so she indid her top 2 sho her braless tits. I'd only seen mine before and porn tits so it was amazin. They soon went as hard as mine and i started sukin them just like i wanted her to do me. Well she said not here so we wnet into the field next to uz. I layed her down, ripped of her knickers and started dramaticalllly fingering her wet pussy. As i woz, she lifted my skirt and rubbed around my pussy and circled my hard clit. I was moaning so loud!!!! So i got into 69 and we started. Wooooooooooooooo it woz amazin , we both came (my first time)loads and then did it again. She said i was the best sheed had and sheed had alot!! We met up every friday from then on for our own gig.,TEE-HEE!
- age 15, England (female)

M first time i was at a football banquet and all the cheerleaders and other players were ther and i hadbeen liking this one girl all season so i finally went over to her to talk to her. She didnt really want to talk at first and the i told her that i liked her and she said she liked me too. I asked her to go for a walk and she came. We we walking around the gym and she asked the real reason for the walk. I joked and said so i could bang you. she thought i was serious and said good. she took off her uniform and started fingering herself. everyone esle was up in the auditorium. she then asked to suck me off i told her okay yand she did a wonderful job. i told her i was cumming and she asked if it was enough for her face and mouth and i said i hope so. i busted a little in her mouth (which she promptly swallowed) and then a little on her face. she then asked me to bang her. she was tight so i rammed it in as hard as i could and banged her for about 20 mins and then came in her mouth again ( which she also swallowed).
- age 16, georgia

My first time was at a friends party. me, my boyfriend and 2 otha friends just like ditched everyone in the woods. i guess they were playing truth or dare and we just walked off, later they went inside and the 4 of us were left alone. my 2 otha friends knew we were planing on fucking so they went away so we cood get the chance. When they first left it was kinda akward. but i new we'd prly neva get anotha chance like this and i knew he was wicked horny so i unzipped his pants and rubbed his dick wicked hard. then i sucked him almost dry. then he told me he was gunna put on the condom. he knew i wanted to fuck him so i took off my shirt and he unzipped my pants. i started kissing him and before i new it his dick was up my pussy. we fucked long and hard for about 20 min. it was the best experience ever
- age 13, MA (female)

I was 18 at the time just leave training centre and got a part time job, i did not work on wednesday on thursday but i would go around and help my friend,s home an help him fix computers or any other appliance (been an electrican) that is where i met suzette, she was like wow great ass and boops i like her but there was a probelm she was 24 and have a bf so i did not say anything then one day she told me that she has a plug at her house that not working so i went there the wednesday to fix it i was sitting on the floor and had just finish when i look and saw that she was sitting in the couch reading a book her legs were apart i could her pink panty wow was she fat or what i got so hard i could did not want to lose that site she must have suspect something because i saw her hand between her legs shaking when i look up at her she smile and said like what you see before i answer she said let me see what you got i got up and she saw the impression and was like wow pulling down my pants rubbing my penis and simling i reach for her tits they were soft and nice before long we were naked and all over each other i slowly enter as she was the teacher and i was the student i did not not last for more than about 20minutes been my first time she told that i need to last longer next time we both took a shower then start again this time doing every postion posible it was greeeeeeaaaaaat i lasted for one hour wow she told me after that she came six times and of course thursday was to be another lesson. we continue having sex every wednesday on thursday for six months until she got pregnant for her bf but she introduces me to her sister who was more than willing. but thats for another time.
- age 25, JAMAICA

It was something like this... I was always attracted to a boy of my class. I was in my second year of undergraduation and we had to do a project at the end of the term. Both of us had no partners and we chose each other. We used to stay back after the classes to discuss our project in the classroom. That day i was soooo horny that i asked him to stay for some more time till we got the project wrapped up. he agreed and we were discussng the project when i suddenly kissed him. he did not expect this and was shocked. he shook me off but i could see he got an erection. i began to rub his cock till he got horny as well and started to unzip his pants. he did not resist this time. i gave him a bj and sucked till he was almost dry. then i took my top off and let him feel my tits. he was aroused and went on to remove my pyjamas as well. we fucked for about an hour that seemed ages!!! we had to pack off then as the people would soon be there to close the rooms. we fucked almost once a month after that and are good sex partners since then.
- age 19, (Coimbatore) India (female)

My first time was about a month ago when i had a party at home. All my friends an a bunch of other people came and we had a excellent party lasting to about midnight. My parents were not home, they was in Denmark. Finally, all my friends had left except Tina. She was the most beautiful girl in whole Scandinavia, i swear. I, along with thousands of other guys had been in love with her and i believe ALL of them had jacked off just thinking of her dozens of times. You almost cum when you see her. She has loong, blonde hair and a PERFECT tight ass. Her breasts is formed perfectly. You probably think I'm just making it up, but I PROMISE this is TRUE! She looks like a film star with her extremely beautiful face. Well, lets get back to the party. Ok, everybody had left, except her. She told me that she was picked up by her father when the party was over. But her father was late and he called her and said that he was coming to get her at 01.00 at night. ,,Well" i said. I was shivering all over my body. I got on the bathroom and slapped my face. Stay calm, i told myself. When i came out, she was walking up the stairs to my room. I could't keep my eyes off her ass. a-are we going up? i asked. "Yes, i wanna see your room" se said with her gentle voice. I followed her and we got into my room. She was in love with me too. I got SMS's from her constantly about she thinks im cute. I'm not an unpopular boy and i am pretty strong. She sat down in my bed and suddenly, she started looking at me in a mysterious way.. My head were spinning around and I could feel my pants getting bigger. She saw that, and got up and layed her cheeck on my shoulder. The smell of her got me REALLY horny.. Then, she moaned out a little "mm" and moved her hand slowly towards my pants. She gently stroke my cock and she felt that it was really hard. In fact, i almost cummed! She dropped my cock and went over to the bed and started undressing. Oh, my god.. what have I tumbled into?! She kept a thin, white t-shirt and her g-string on. She told me to sit down in my bed. I was actually shivering! I sat down and she started to unzip my pants. She pulled my pants all off including my boxers! This was a weird feeling. I had never showed myself NAKED infront of a girl before! She pulled her g-string off. Jesus christ.... She spat on her fingers and smeared the spit over her pussy. This was the first time i had ever seen a mature pussy in real. She bent over with her hands on the bed and smiled at me. I gazed and was right behind my cumming point. "come on, lets try it.." Se said gently. Without knowing what i was doing, i stood up, went over to her, got a firm grip around her ass and trusted my cock gently into her. A cold and weird feeling flushed down my spine and it was an undescribalbe good feeling. Soft walls were squeezing my dick inside her and after a few deep in/outs,I pulled almost out and cummed a large load on her wet pussy lips. My face was all red and i we were sweating like maniacs and I moaned out OOOOH!! I smeared my cum all over her pussy as she moaned. She turned around and sat down on my bed. I stuck my sticky cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked it a long time. This was the best feeling i have ever felt and you could not imagine how great this felt! She layed down in my bed and we talked softly and laughed to each other. Oh man, how I love this girl... We was kissing and stroking each other when she suddenly felt to sleep. I took a deep breath and stared at the ceiling.
- age 14, Norway

I know this is supposed to be the experience of your first fuck but i'm a virgin but i had some fun with a few friends last week and i hope u all enjoy it as much as i did. It all started at a party at a friends house last year, there was this girl i'd liked for ages and we had this deal that if i showed her my cock then she'd show me her tits. So we'd both been drinking and i brought up the deal so we went outside and i was already semi hard at this point so i dropped my boxers and my cock fell out. She couldn't believe how big it was. So from then on at every oppertunity we had me and all my friends got naked when we were drunk. Then last week when i was at another party in a friends house and all the boys except me were asleep and all the girls were awake there were four girls and me. I was drunk and horny as hell so i decided to get naked and the girls did the same. The a girl i'd been friends with for years asked me if i'd jerk off in front of them. i kindly obliged cos i was so horny but i said i'd only do it if they gave me a hand. So next thing i'm lying bach in this chair with four girls fondling my rock hard dick all of them saying ti was the biggest the've ever seen. The i said why didn't they suck me off. So they all took a turn sucking me off. i stopped after about 20 mins cos i had to shoot and they watched me as i jerked my self to cumming. For the rest of that party i kept having to go to the toilet and jerk off cos i was soooo horny. Well that's my experience, i loved it, i'm gonna go re read it and jerk off.
- age 16, Scotland

my first time was when I was a freshmen. When it came to having game with the girls all my friends had some. I wasn't much of a ladies man, but one friday night one of my friends had a party. I had a few shots and tried to talk to some of the girls. After a few tries I came across my friend's sister who was in eight grade. We went to her bedroom to talk. we started to make out and I slowly worked my way down her pants. We stared to undress and I put her legs in the air. We were going at it for about 10 minutes when she told me to blow my load in her mouth. After about 10 minutes of oral sex I finaly blew my load in her mouth. I left home right afterwards, but we stil see each other all the time.
- age 15, California

hey there, well le'me tell u my first time. it was with one of my cousins. one day i went to hers' for some work that idont remember, but then stayed on there. we were wathchin tv. only hers mother was at home . after some time she went outfor somethin and we were alone. as we were watchin tv both lying on the floor, she started rubbinh my stubble below my chin with her palm. i started to feel horny, so was she. i dont know when it all started and i found myslef on her kissing her soft lips. "ohhhhhhhhh i feel horny only by telling u." then i ook her shirt out ad revealed her niples. likking them was so fun i was feelin in heaven. then i went on to her pussy . her juices were so gooooooood. then she gave me my best ever bj. then i took out her trousers. she was not wearin anythin under. an i started fuckin her, first softlt when her moanning started i rammed harder and harder. she moanned so loudly that i had to block her mouth else we would have been caught. well most important and the bvest thing we both cummed together. "CLIMAX FIVE TIMES" wooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.
- age 20, ind

ok, i was at my best friends (a guy) and i went down stairs to get a drink however i walked it on his lil bro masturbating. i was 15 at the time and his bro was 13! it made me really wet and so i kept watching without him noticing. soon i was sooooo horny that i had to masturbate my self. now me trick is to put my pussy under a hard flow of water or to ride a pillow, so i told my best friend i wanted a bath i then took a bath in his lil bros bathroom wihle he was jaking off. i told him i wouldnt tell ne1. soon it was too much i hoped out of the bath and made him sqweez my tits. i then said do u want sumthing better than jacking off and i gave him head suking his cum, it tasted good. he then ate me out and i was sooooooooo horny that i looked down at his erected dick!it was huge i sat him on the toilet and then sat on his lap letting his erected pinus slide in to me! we made soooo much noise that my best friend came down and i ended up doing it with him to. sex is sooooooo good keep the orgasmims cuming, o and try my way of masturbateing!!
- age 16, Miami (female)

now here it goes. my first experience was when i was 14. i was in my classroom when i suddenly saw a girl sitting behind me scratching her pussy. i was quite horny and could not resist and touched her pussy. she smiled at me and passed a chit to me to meet her after the class. in the next period i went to another place to sit and while picking up my pencil i saw a girls pantie and scratched it.she wispered me to meet her too after the class. i was confused to go to whom so i stopped both in the class. they said that they did it purposly because they had seen my cock while changing and wanted to have romance with me. i agreed and slowly undressed them. they were really sexy. we 3 had sex for almost 3hrs and we do it every weekend. hmmmmmmm i like doing it
- age 16, pakistan

Okay here goes... this is wut happened... i was out with my gurl on a date. After we finished our date for that night i took her home and she said that no one is home so i said may i come in? She said sure. After she took out a movie, it is based on sex. I was sittin really close to my girl. While we were watch my cock erect. It was hard! I felt horny so i put my hand on my girlz pussy. I masturbated her. She got horny aswell. So she slowly undressed me and i slowly undressed her. First we were making out first, den after she went down to my cock and gave me a bj. OMG! it felt fantastic. I let out some juice and she swallowed all of it. When she was done giving me the best bj, I liked her pussy, she let out some juice and i swallowed it. Then i went to her tits, whoa! r her tits amazing or wut?!.. I sucked her tits(her nipples were really hard). After I got impatient because i wanted to slide my cock inside of her. This was her first time so i slide my cock in her vagina, and i went slowly, she bleded a lil. After 5min of going slow i went faster and faster inside of her... in and out, in and out. Boy did it feel good!... after like wut? 2-3 hr. of sex, we had to get cleaned up. So she went to the shower so i decided to join her, while the water is running, I slid my cock inside of her again... we had sex in the shower. It was getting late, I got dressed and kissed her goodbye. Me and my girl still have sex all the time. We do it like 3 or 4 times a week. Peace out.
- age 16, Perfere to be (un)disclosed

I was 16 at the time, it was most definitely the best time I ever had sexually. But anyways, I was at my cousin's house during a party. A girl was there, and I never really knew how old she was. I knew she was younger than me, she was probably around 14 or 15. We talked for what seemed like at least an hour on the couch while we were all drinking. We both were piss drunk, and eventually the conversation led to sex. We talked about our preferences and eventually we wound up in a back room. We both undressed. She was a pretty big freak and she bent over the bed and asked for it up the pooper. I obliged of course and it almost scares me how much she liked having it up her back end. After that I think she got on top of me and we went at that for awhile. We tried a lot of different positions, I remember that much for sure. At one point, she laid on top of me and put her sexy ass on my stomach and I porked her from behind. She seemed to like that the most. After that we went with missionary and I fucked her pretty damn hard. She was screaming or yelling loud enough that there were people outside the door. The next thing I remember was coming out the door and my cousin was standing there. I thought he was going to get mad at me or something, so I said "it isn't what you think man". He laughed at me and told me that I sounded like I was confessing to my girlfriend (I didn't have one then). My cousin has always been cool like that. I know I would have reacted differently to him fucking some chick on my parent's bed at a party. That was my first time and probably the best time. My only regrets are that I was drunk. Since then, I have been dating my cousin's friend. We had a pretty weird start but so far everything is going great.
- age 18, Indiana, USA

my parents went away to canada for the weekend so they trusted me to stay home alone i was 14 at the time. my gf was not a virgin but i was. so i invited her over saturday nite. we were in my room talking and then she asked me if i was a virgin. i said yes, then it was amazing she asked me if i would like to loose my virginity. and of course i said yes. she came over 2 me and started to undo my zipper she took out my cock and stated suking on it. i had the biggest bonner ever. she then stept back turned on some music and started to give me a strip show it was great. when she was butt naked she sat on the floor and started to rub her wet pussy with her right hand and rub her breast with her left hand. she then started to moan and asked me to stick it up her ass as hard as i could. her pussy was so tight and she was monaing and screaming harder harder. she then flipped over and told me to give it to her annal it was so great her asshole was burning red. after bout 2 hours of that she pushed me on the bed and started giving me head and then switch to hand job and then head again. i still had a huge bonner. and then the doorbell rang. i ran downstairs and opend it. it was my best friend and his gurl. he said wow you got a bonner there budy. my best friend and his gurl were not virgins. his gurl walked over to the couch and took of her minnie skrit and started rubbin her wet pussy and moaning. she told me to come over here and stick it in her. so of course i did i fucked her harder then my gf. my gf came running down the stairs and so me fuking this gurl she told my friend to fuck her hard so he did. after bout tow hours of me and my friend fucking these gurls up the wall we went in my kitchen and opend my dads beer cuboard(wich i stole the key too) we heared moaning coming from the living room we walked in and saw my gf fingering my friends gf and my friends gf rubbing my gf's breats me and my friend got a major bonner at the same time so we sat on the couch and started jacking off. my gurl got an idea she told me to lie down on the floor and then she came and sat on my hard cock she told the other gurl to sit on my face well i fuck my gurl and suck the other gurls pussy and the other gurl had 2 rub my gurls brest and then my friend to come over and suck my gurls pussy. it was so amazing we kept in this position for bout half hour and then we made up a new one. we fucked the whole nite and then sunday nite too. it was the best first time i hope u enjoyed it i'm gonna read it over and jack off cause now i'm super horny!
- age 19, nyc

Two years ago my mom went to a semiar and left me and my brother home alone. I was in my room reliving myself while watching my frieds ametur porn video when my brother walked in looking for god knows what. I think h just came in because he heard my moans. I moved myself to let him see me violently rubbing my clit. he came over and replaced my hand with his. Soon he was on top of me sucking my nipples which is my favorite thing ever and I was dry humping him. I orgasmed and took of my brothers pants. He entered me with his cock and god was I in pain. But then is started to feel better and I flipped over and took control. Through the moans, scratches, and orgasms me and my brother feel asleep naked while he was still inside me in my bed. My mother WAS NOT happy when she got home..
- age 16, minnesota (female)

I had sex with a 21 years old girl. She is really horny! She had big tits, sexy body, and the best of all, her pussy! She is my best friend's sister. This is wut happened. I went to my best friendz house one day and when my best friend had to go out for his mom to get something, i stayed at his house. So then, his sister asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, so I said sure. I fucked her Bad. Of course she had birth control pills and i had condom. So ya thats it. L8er
- age 15, Perfere to be (un)disclosed

We had finished our last exam in the junior class. And the results had been declared. The class has had 100% passes. This was in 1989. The school authorities then decided to organise a small party for us to celebrate. Indeed this was the first time the school had scored a 100% pass in any exam. Most of the older boys had their G/fs and so had made plans with them. I was a bit younger and didn't have anything or anybody to plan anything with. As the party progressed a friend offered my some drink and for the first time i tasted alcohol. The sensation was quite strange to me so I sat in a corner somewhere and started dosing off. Just then I heard a hand touching me. It was cold and a chill run down my spine. I was starttled. I rose in an effort to run with fright, but here was this mate of mine standing just close to me. She was indeed very beautiful and I had always admired her but had not had the courage to voice out my feelings. She held my hands and decided to walk me home. Of course she thought I was too drunk to control myself. As we walked along I took advantage and leaned very closse to her for support. She did not protest. When we got to my room I clinched on to her and started carresing her on the back and buttocks. I told her I felt so great being so close to her. To my suprise she immediately held me tighter and kissed me hard on the lips. She told me she had observed I had been interested in her all this while but she had planned it for this occasion. I didn't have any experience so she romanced me from the top till she got to my pants. I also touched her breast and buttocks and sqeezed them. She then completely undressed me and started sucking on my dick! I felt like jumping to skies. The feeling was indescribeable. I came too quickly and discharged into her mouth. After that she made me fuck her and the feeling was too good. We fucked several times that night since my parents were absent on a funeral we had a great night. Even though the first time was just a mutual agreement we have become great lovers to date.
- age 24, Ghana

It was on Christmas day of 1998. I went to see a girlfriend of mine at her aunt's house, she was in the bathroom so I had to wait for her in the parlour. After waiting for a while, she went to her room and in a few minutes, she called me into her room. When i got into her room, she was well dressed, I sat on her bed and we talked about many things, then she put up a "play fight" It got to a point where she was getting her lips too close to my face and I felt quite uncomfortable but then before i knew it, she kissed me. Whoa! it was all the boost i needed because I had never done it before and from the movie scenes it just looked wonderful. I then started taking off her blouse while kissing her, she was also taking my clothes off and it was getting to crazy. When we where naked it was just beautiful. She (the girl was light skinned and she was well shaven so I could she her pussy in the light.My penis was now tense and erect. I then started fiddling with her breasts, sucking hard at her nipples,while she was masturbating me. After a while I slid down to her pussy and sucked the hell out of her. She was now foaming, we couldn't hold on any longer. It was her first time also and when I hit her with the dick she was like "oh my God what such pleasure" After the rhythmic movements, I felt the trickle of sperm coming down,and since it was our first time and she was scared of getting pregnant, she had advised me to hit the back which I did. At the end, it was the most marvelous christmas I ever had.
- age 20, Equatorial Guinea

I was 16 at the time. My G/F was 15. She was already sexually experienced from her previous b/f. We were layin on her bed watchin a movie. A scary part came on and she reached over and gabbed onto me. I looked at her and she had this give it to me look in her eyes. She undid my pants and pulled them off. I was half erected at the time. She grabbed it and started to stroke it until I was rock hard. We both ripped our clothes off til we were butt naked. She rolled over on her back and I got on top. She grabbed my member and slowly slid it in. Wow, she was pretty tight for being as big of a nypho as she claimed to be. For me being a virgin it only lasted for about 5 minutes but it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. After that we did it about 3 times a week. Today I no longer see her cause she was sent away.
- age 19, Iowa

I was embarrest because i did not know what to do and i thought my bits were small but when i started i couldn't stop and i gave my girlfreind very good oral plesure
- age 15, uk/ manchester

I was 16 i was at my best friends house (guy) and he had his g/f over. We all started partying and got drunk. Then we all went outside to the hottub. We didnt have swimming suits so we all went nude. Then i started makeing out with the other girl. I started to rub her pussy and i sucked on her tits. Then Jim popped a boner and he joined in and i ate his dick so much i swear it was dry. Then we all fucked for about 3 1/2 hours. OOOOOOOOOO it was great. Now me him and her are all b/f and g/f.
- age 19, California (female)

The first time I ever had sex was when I was 14 years old. My girlfriend came over when my parents weren't home, at around 7:00 pm on a winter Friday. We started watching a movie, and we were taking a bit of drugs (marijuana). I started kissing softly on the side of her neck. I then took her shirt off, and started caressing her very nice breasts. I could tell she was getting horny by the sounds she was making, and the hardness of her nipples. I then took her pants off very slowly, and started feeling on her vagina. Then, I took my pants off, and she got up, and started jacking me off. She, then grabbed my dick, and put it inside her vagina. I could tell she wasn't a virgin, because she looked like she knew what she was doing. I started humping slowly, and then got faster in a few seconds. I thought I could handle it, but cummed pretty fast (in somewhere around a minute). I felt so embarrassed, because this girl liked ounger guys, but I probably made her change her ways, because of what I did. In another addition, she was 16 at the time. Anyways, we had sex one more time in the next week (she probably liked it a little more, because it lasted quite longer than the first time). Then, after that night we were talking, and we figured out that we should date other people, and we broke up. I hope she found the right man, because I am married, and love my wife, Mary.
- age 21, Wisconsin

My first time was when I was 15. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and that night I was going to a school basketball game with one of my buddies X-girlfriends. After the game me and her went up to some land that nobody owns with some old houses. We lit a fire and sat around drinking some alcohol we had gotten earlier. She got wasted and I was tipsy. She walked into one of the old houses and i followed. As i walked in she quickly grabbed me and started making out with me. We made our way over to the couch and started dry humping, Then she immediatley unzipped my pants and started sucking my 6' cock violently. Through all the slurping she looked up and asked me if I wanted to fuck. I of course said yes so we took of our clothes and fucked for hours. It was so good and she was a freak. Every position, we did it!
- age 18, VA, USA

it was 2 years ago & me and my Gf where n my hot tubb. we started to make out and the she reached down and rubb my dick. i was so hard. then she too off my shorts and suck my dick. when she ws done she took of her topp and i started to suck her tits. After that i started to finger her and later ate her out. Soon later i put my dick in her and started to fuck her i felt weird at frist but then she started moaning and i got in to it. When i felt liek i was gonna cum soon i took my cock otu and she gave me a havd job un-till i cummed. WHOA! that was an experience i will never forget!!
- age 15, Ohio

It all happened a few years ago, i think i was 15? anyway i live on the outskirts of albany and i had lived next to this totaly hot guy for about 4 months now. I never really talked to him, we went to the same school but i never really became friends with him. Anyway one day after school i looked out my window while i was on my computer and a looked into his window (our houses are pretty close and our windows are right by each other, just like in the movies...weird huh) anyway i looking into his window and he was walking around in the nude on the phone!!! and let me tell you all the rumors about this guy were true, he had the biggest cock i had ever seen!, he had an amazing six-pack too and a great bod all together, it was the hottest thing i had ever seen! I started to get wet and i continued watching. Once he hung up the phone he looked over at me! i was so embarassed i ducked, but he already saw me, he just smiled and layed down on his bed and started jacking off! he was putting on a show for me!, it was the greatest thing ever, i was sooo wet and i couldnt resist, i pulled down my pants and started rubbing my wet pussy, i came in a few minutes and it was the greatest orgasm ever! then he came shortly after. After he stopped he picked upthe phone again and dialed...i didnt pay much attention but then my phone rang! i picked up and said hello, it was him! he said "i hoped you enjoyed that, you want to come over?" it was soo excited! this super hot guy asked me over, and he was nude! of course i said yes!! anyway i went outside and rang his doorbell, he answered with nuthing more then a towel on, and he still had the biggest boner ever. Once he closed the door he took the towel off and walked upstairs, i took my shoes off and followed after him. We went into his bedroom and he layed on the bed, he told me to join him so i did. We started making out, and he started feeling me up and started to take off my shirt, then he continued onto the bra, pants, and thong until i was completely naked, and we were still making out, now with tougue. i stopped for a minute then moved down to his dick, i started sucking on it, man it was good. i had only ever given a guy a hand job before, so this was my first time on a bj. anyway after he came in my mouth, i swallowed his warm juices and he started eating me out, we continued on until we had enough, then he stuck his huge cock into me!, man it hurt (being my first time and all) i swear his cock was 10 inches! We fucked for about 2 hours i think untill he said i had to leave cause his parents were coming home. to this day we still fuck every chance we get, and when were not fucking we masturbate while watching each other through the window. We are now dating and i hope to marry him in the future! well thats my story, it was an amazing day and i still finger myself thinking about it, oh and matt if your reading this (i'm sure you are lol) i love you! see you tomorrow ;)
- age 17, NY (female)

My first expierience happened in 7th grade. I was 12 at the time, and was already masturbating. It happened after school, at a girls vs. boys basketball game at our school. After the game was over it was just me and another guy in the shower room. We both had girlfiends and we had told them before the game to stay in the showers after everyone left. After we were sure everyone left, we put towels around our waist and walked out into the gym and into the girl change room, there was no one around it was perfect. We walked into the girls change room, and we heard the showers running. We opened the door into the locker room and we say our 2 girlfriends naked in the shower. It was amazing! my girl has the greatest ass and tits you've ever seen!. We took off our towels and walked into the shower. My fiend had a huge boner and imediatly he went to his girl and she started sucking it, it was like they had done it before!. Me and my girl took it a bit slower, we started making out and my dick got as hard as ever, i started sucking on her tits (her nipples were very hard) then i moved down slowly to the pussy and started to suck the warm beautiful juices of my girls pussy. I glanced over to my friend and his girl, they were already fucking against the shower wall!. After she came in my mouth she gave me my first ever bj, it was sooo great, i blew my load in her mouth and she gulped it down! After that i couldnt resist, i still had a bonner bigger then ever, so i thrusted it into her cunt, many she was tight! it was her first time and she bled a bit, she was so tight i cummed in like 15 min. We both fucked for about 2 hours i think it was, we had to shut off the showers because we didnt want anyone to hear them. We went on for what seemed like hours of endless sex, good sex i might add. After about 3 hours of sex, we decided we had to leave, me and my friend went back to the showers to clean off, then get changed. We got changed and showered and walked out again into the gym, all the light were off and no one was there. Our gf's still werent out, so we decided to check on them. When we walked into the locker room we heard moaning, we walked around the corner and there were our 2 gf's eating eachother out!!!, it was the most amazing thing i ever saw!! then both cummed an then realised we were standing there, i was soo hard i couldnt resist i started jacking off again, and we went at it for another hour, finally we left the school, it was about 5 hours of sex, we still come to my place and have sex all the time in a huge 4 some...its so amazing, NAKED.TV ROX!! i'm out hope you enjoyed my story! peace.
-age 17, Colorado

It was a couple of weeks ago and i was sittin on the couch with my best friend and he was really cool and me and him were known to always flirt with each other and one thing lead to another and he had me over a table fucking from the back and i was a virgin and it hurt for a while but it was all good i wont lie his dick was just fine not big like the other stories u hear and i liked it alot
- age 13, Michigan (female)

I went on an outdoor pursuits camp for one week and the instructor was soo fine and he kept lookin at me. In the disco on the lst night he was eyeing me up so i walked over there and started dancing. After a while we went outside n talked. We went for a walk and when we got far away we lay down and started making out. I slowly slid my hand down his boxers and teased it until it was erect. he then slid my head down and slipped his meat out and he was nothing special in length but damn was it fat. I started sucking n after a while it hurt my jaw so i made it up by rubbing my breasts on him and jerking him off. As he was about to cum i took him deep in my mouth and moaned as i felt his hot cum slide down my throat. After that we walked back. We got back to my room and my friend wasnt there. So we made out again and it started to get rough he was grinding me against the wall. He locked the door and took his clothes off then came over (by now i was so horny and i like it rough). he took my into the on-suite bathroom and fucked me so hard while biting my nipples. After 15 mins we finished and he took a shower. Cause he was soooooo good i went in the shower and started to lather him up i lubed his cock up and tossed him off from behind. I then got on my knees and took his lubed up cock and rammed it down my throat and started gagging on it and cum dripped all over me and i licked it all up. I then woke up the next mornin and he had gone and i had to go home :'( but god did i get some adventre xxxx
- age 19, UK, female (female)

I live next door to a young boy and he does my garden for me for real cheap. One day he came round and i had no money so showed him my breasts but he wanted more so i stripped totally naked for him and gave him a lapdance. After he jerked off and came all over my carpet !!!!! Ive moved house now and live next to a nice old couple
- age 27, Chester (female)

well the first time for me was so amazing it was in college and my roommate and myself had been dumped so we decided to just chill and watch some movies. the movies were boring so we decided to listen to music and have a few drinks. well we started to dance around and get goofy from the drinks so i decided to throw in a tape that i watch and throw myself into wild orgasams. my friend hadnt noticed until she heard the moaning of the two girls on the tape she was kinda freaked out at first but loosned up alittle as i started to rub her shoulders. the two girls were really going at it when i threw a big kiss on my "girlfriend" she didnt pull away so i knew she was liking it. i started to rub her breasts and she was mine. her pussy tasted so good and for not ever sucking pussy she had me cumming in buckets. weve grown up now but every chance we get we go "dancing".
-age 25, kansas (female)

i still remember while i was 17 years old. that is the first time i know about masturbation. it was my friend tokd me. his name is john. he told me that if i use vibrator to press and rub on my clit, it would be better. tell me my experience. one day i was alone in my home. my parents were out. then , i go to online to search for new clip in naked tv. WOW!!! damn... i like when a huge dick was pressing hardly into the girl's cunt. o...i imagine that i was that girl. i then pulled off my clothes.. lastly my underwear.. mmm i was watching the clip while my hands started to move around my body. my left hand touched my breast slowly and hardly. while other one slide into my pussy... ahhhhhhh!!! yessss.... i keep on doing it again and again. then i started to press my clit with the vibrator.... until i reach the highest organism... ooo.. yess.. then a few minutes, white jelly juice came out of my pussy... then i go and touch it with my finger and llick myself. mmmm ... it's taste salty bitter. ooo... how i wish there is one mighty man can cum for me when looking at my confession.
- age 21, malaysia (female)

don mega, my mom was out to the market on he 23 of february last year when i was 15.the compound house was silent.i had finished my b.e.c.e. n was waiting for the results.there was a girl in the house too called mavis who was also waiting for the results of the external results. as the house was empty by then,i called the girl to come n lets watch a porn tape.she first pretended she was not interested but after several atempt i got her into my siting room.we watched it till we all got wet.as she sat near me i started to move my hands on her tights.she was by then in a black mini skirt.the screen was on the doggie move now.i moved my palm further n got into her panties.started masturbating her gently.she got wet n released some fluid.i got more interested n got my self below her.as my right hand on her left breast,my left hand in her panties masturbating n massaging her clit. at the same time.my lips was now on hers now,now a french one.she started to scream.i gently raised her mini skirt n down her panties.she had gotten a shave.wow, a frsh pussy.i got my shorts down n then my dick inside her wet pussy.half my dick in,she screamed louder,i paused,then the whole stiff dick in in her pussy.she relaxed,i stared to dig n dig untill she started to scream.we took all the moves as we watch the tape.after she said she liked it very much.she went out.she was just a friend n nothing else..
- age 16, ghana

i was 16 and just survived a terrible accident and admitted to one of the bigest hospitals in ibadan,i had terrible pains all over me but one day one of the student nurse told me she knew what could heal my wounds fast,later that night she came along with one of her friends and told me the two of them were going to heal my wounds,at first i didn't understand but when they pulled off their clothes the pain reduced a great deal,gently they mounted on my fully erected d--k one at a time while one was f--king the other will be busy running her hands on my wounds,the experience really healed it was a good experience of group sex of which i loved to do best today cos it heals faster.
- age 32, nigeria

Ok well it happened last year in grade 8. I started masturbatingin grade 7, and by now i did it almost everyday. I asked my girlfriend about it (too see if she did it) we were both very open about sex, she said yes. She then asked if i wanted to jack off in front of her, since i'm very open about my body and my sexuality i said yes. We went back to my apt. after school and we went to my room and i layed on the bed. She went to my computer and pulled up some porn for me. I started undressing and got naked, then started to stroke my cock. I could tell she liked it, about half way through she couldnt resist it and she started to give me a bj. It felt soooo good, then she unzipped her pants and started rubbing her very wet pussy. After i blew my load in her mouth (she swallowed it all) i started to eat her out, after about 2 min. she started moaning and spewed all over my face it was so warm and great. We were both nude by now on my bed, i have ate her out and fingered her like 3 times, and she had given me a hand job and bj. After about what seemed like 2 hours of great oral sex i suddenly thrust my cock into her very wet and very tight pussy (i couldnt resist it) it was soo tight but it felt so good, and she didnt resist. We had sex for about another hour then we stopped for a while, we decided to take a shower together to clean up, i still had a boner and in the shower i couldnt resist, i again shoved my cock into her slightly less tight pussy, we had sex with the water running on us for a long time, i had 3 orgasms i think in the shower. It was 6 by the time we were finished (we get off school at 2.30) and i knew my parents would be home, she got dressed and left and i cleaned up. We still get together all the time to have sex, its so amazing, i'm so horny now i'm goin to jack off thinking about that time, sorry for the length i just had to describe.
- age 14, Canada

I remember I was 14, very popular throughout all of my elementary school years, very good with the best looking girls in middle school, and once in highschool, everything went out of control. As much as people thought i was experienced in every way...I wasnt, tell you the truth, keeping that image was tireing, i wanted a piece of flesh...I've been with my girlfriend for almost a year by that time, and we were great together, its been hard getting her to be freely with me, i would try everything, making the first move, getting showers infront of her, etc. But she was a hard head. Shes always gone to her sister for everything, even to talk about her pleasures with me, one night her sister tells her that shes ready for what i had to offer her. I knew this was true, and had been trying to tell her that for the longest time. She likes to plan, and being her, she planned on a friday.. i took her up, went over her house, and everyone was gone. Started with a few deep kisses, took off her shirt with the same rep., up from underneath, right over her head, fancied with them for a few minutes, then went to her pants, she was a little forceful with pulling my hand back up, but i told her if she stopped pulling back shell thank herself.. so she did, her pants came half way off, incase of someone walked in we could dress quickly, so half way they were, she gave me a bangin BJ , the best yet, and i let her have it.. i went to pull back, and with the look of innocence she looked up at me and pulled me back towards her, as i fingered her continuously, i blew my load in her mouth, as she guzzled every lick she could get. I pulled out one of the 2 condoms i had, and put it on, her eyes widened with every moan she yelped, after 5 minutes of going easy, she was a freak, faster and harder she screamed, as i gave her what she asked for the more she screamed, the more sperm i would bust. Everything was going good until a car door shuts, we look at eachother with wide eyes, and i pull myself out of her (very) wet pussy, rip the condom off and put it in a piece of paper and crumble it, throw it away, on my way back to the couch, i begin to zipper up my pants in the quickest way i would imagine, the door opens, and her 22 year old sister sees me and my johnson fully erected, i was embarrassed, but excited, her sister always had me going home and jerking off to her face as i remembered it that day, well she walked up the stairs as i continued to pull up my pants, and she says no, in confusion, i say "huh?" and she looks at her sister and says, "mind if i give it a try?" It took my girlfriend a little bit of thinking, but she agreed with one condition, she could join in with us, the 3 of us agreed, and with amazement, i had them both on the floor. I had them both on their knees, jerking off infront of their faces as they finagled eachother and waited for the word of my busting. I moaned, and they knew it was time, they clinched eachothers pussy, and i blew another load into both faces at the same time, i took her sister on first this time, fucking her so hard, harder than my own girlfriend, (mind u her sister already has a child)as i drilled her, she scratched my back so bad, but the joy of knowing this was someone elses girlfriend, a MILF, and a 3 some, it was great, i didnt complain. I watched my girlfriends face as she tossed her hair back with her head, while her sister ravished at her freshly broken puss. We stopped for a second, i turned her sister over, and nailed her from behind for 10 minutes, after exhaustion from almost 2 and a 1/2 hours of 3 some excitement, i swithced once more with her sisters head under my nut sack, as i fucked my girlfriend from behind, the MILF sister would lick every drop she could catch that fell, after i couldnt go anymore, we stopped, and clothed up, all with an exhaustion look on our face. The next day i was over the house again, my girlfriends parents went out to lunch, and my girlfriend was in the shower upstairs, i had to use he bathroom (not for #1 or #2 reasons) for the old ejaculation shooting contest, see if i could break a new record of the previous, lol) anyway, it was just the two of us, so i thought, and i was all alone,i went to the downstairs bathroom and beagn stroking myself slowly, when her sister walks in on me, i didnt lock the door because i thought i was safe already, she glances and begins to walk out, when she turns around and says, can i? Withouth hesitation i pull her hand over as she followed with excitement, she stripped, and sat on my dick as she moved slowly up and down, after while, we began to move faster and faster, one condition..--> NO CONDOM, but it was okay because she got her period the next day. Anyway, my girl comes to find me because she didnt know where i was, when she walks in on us screwing again, she was a little mad, but she got over it quickly when she came up next. Once again the 3 some occurred, and with not a drop more of sperm to spare, i fucked my girlfriend wtihout a condom, she was scared at first, but she grew fairly fond of it, and we do it without a condom everytime she has her period, it may seem sick, but those of experience with a girl on her period, know its very warm and welcoming...SOrry so long, but im so horny writing this, im going to re-read and jerk myself off when my girlfriend comes over.
- age 15, phillipines

- age 17, GEORGIA (female)

I was at the pictures and my lass came on to me and took my belt of and I started rubbing her pussy. She started tossing me off and then gave me my first blow job.She then lifted up her skirt and started riding me.
- age 19, england

It all happend on my 17 birthday last month. I had organized a huge party for about 30 people. It was a good party and most of the people went far past midnigth home except a female friend.She is a good friend of mine because we go way back back to we were on kindergarden. We talked about stuff and I asked her of she was virgin. She said she wasn't and she returned the question. I had to be truthful and said that I was a virgin. She asked when my folks returned and ,lucky me, they were not to be arrived late the next afternoon. So we started talking about what kind of kisses we liked. So I sugested to try it on each other. We kissed for mabye ten minutes and I began to toch her tits. Man were they soft. I played with them and after some time we took our clothes off. She said that I had not to worry about anything and she began to ride me. It was a fantastic feeling to see her breasts go up and down on the same ritme as we fucked. The warm sensation on my dick was very pleasent. So it did not take to long to come.After we were done we smoked a cigaret and we fell a sleep and after that time we are no longer friends but lovers.
- age 17, Holland

i was at this really wild party and i had this huge crush on this guy named anthony and he was so hot. well he came up to me and started talkin to me and i got really nervous but then i started to relax when he asked me to go up stairs so we could "talk." when we got to the the bedroom we started makin out and he was such a great kisser and then he started takin of my shirt and then bra and felt like it was ment to be. well luckily i had been takin birth control and he had some condoms(handy). it hurt really bad and i felt like crying. i guess he had done it b4 becuz he was really good. after awhile it got better and it stopped hurting! and to this day we are still goin out! i love u anthony!!!!!!!!!
- age 15, idaho (female)

Well, a friend i were gonna go to the rec, and my bf too, we had to stop by my house first b4 we went. My bf had never seen my house b4 so i had to give him the grand tour! lol, anyway, i showed him the house then my room. When we were in there he was looking around on my shelf while i was picking stuff up off the floor and he found my box of condoms. While i had my back turned he opend them up, and was like "whats this"? and i was like "what do u think it is"? then we got into the convo about sex and stuff, and he got a total boner!! It was soo obvious and he was trying to hide it. I was acting like i didnt notice, then out of no where we started to kiss, I jumped up in his arms and we kissed! (he is a really good kisser)Then he layed me down on my bed, and we started to undress eachother. Slowly and delicatly he took off my shirt, (in between kisses)Then he stuck his cock into my really wet pussy. He put it in slowly, for it was our first time, and it kinda hurt but it started to get better. He started to speed up, and i started to moan. Then we heard my friend coming up the stairs so we quickly stopped and got half way dressed then i threw a blanket over him, and she was all like "riiiiite, i dont trust u two alone anymore", and walked out. We still laugh about it today, and tease eachother about it.
- age 14, USA (female)

i was lookin for a piece of art for my mum right so i go to this place some sort of warehouse and theres this fuck sexy as chic that works there and so she does her job and shows me around right, then she askes me to her office to go over the paper work for the peice i picked and she closes and locks the door behind me. then she starts undressing herself then calls me over and tells me to do it with my teeth so i do. she jumps onto her desk and starts undoing my pants and tells me to stick it in her. by this time shes fully naked and ive just got my shirt on and i started fucking here on her desk and her tits where fuckin perfect they started wobbling around and shit, next thing she startes screaming her box off and im like trying to get her to shut up but she just wont and her boss walks in with the keys in her hand and i shit myself grab my clothes and get goin, but she doesnt let my past the door. this time she closes it,and locks it and whispers to me dont worry these are the only keys and grabs my hand and sticks it up her dress which is like fucken spandex or sumthin the the two chics start makin out and im like oh that you lordso the boss lays on the desk and tells me to fuck her the she calls the other chic over and tells her to sit on her face, i was so hard and they where both moaning, i was in heaven.then when we finished which wasnt for ages i just walked out real casual like and all the guys where lookin at me.
- age 17, aus

I was 15. My girlfriend was over and she was leaving to go on vacation the next day. We knew we wanted to have sex but were very scared, partly because my parents were upstairs. We decided to do it and it was amazing, I was so turned on. She said it only hurt her for a little bit and then felt really good. I thought it allways hurt girls a lot the first time. We are so in love and we do it all the time now, but I will never forget the first time.
- age 17, USA

It was feastive period I was 14 and I went out with my friends to a party. After the party it was late and the door was shot against me. I have to follow one of my friend home. She had an emmidiate elder brother who have been disturbing me even before then. I know this was an opportunity for him and I was also ready for it. That night everyone went asleep he and I didn't was still busy playing Ludo game. When everywhere was silient he started by touching my breast, I told him to stop but in within me he should continue. He continue twinsting my nipple, I pull off my clothes so to be easy for him. He so romaced me that I became moved and wet in within a shorter period.I pulled his trouser. I discover his rod was already standing and waiting for action. At first I got scared, he urge me not to worry that he is going to be easy with me. He spears the rod on my wet thin and started moving up and down. I screamed but not louder so that no one will here of it. Though painful, I really enjoyed it. Since then it's a normal and almost everyday thin. Rossy
- age 16, Nigeria (female)

The first time i had sex was about two years ago with our house maid.Firstly, i used to spy her when having her bath.One particular day,i was in d bathroom when she came,she said she wants to take her bath with me.I then decided to throw her away but she instited.In the process she faced me and slotted my dick in her wet pussy, i fucked her so hard,ooooh,it was the sweetest thing i did ever,she enjoyed it very much that anytime i want to take my bath she is always there to fuck.we did it almost 3 times a day but since she left i, was all alone...no pussy to fuck again.....
- age 17, Nigeria

I was 12 years old and I met a 15 year old girl at a paty. we got talking and we realised we had comon interests. This further fuelled the fire of desire already burning inside both of us and before you could say Bingo!, We started talking about sex and the latest sexual positions in town. it was then we both realised we both were horny and we quietly walked out of the party unnoticed to the parking lot. We started kissing in her car after sending her chauffer miles away, She gave me a spectacular blow job and I ended up cumming in her mouth. She gave me a handjob and within seconds my penis grew to it full size and very hard. We made out in the back seat of her car and we ended up climaxing simultaneously. We have been dating since then. It was a very memorable first time.
- age 21, Nigeria

I was at my bestfriends house(he is a boy), we were in his bedroom and it was about 10:00 and his bro's had gone to bed, we were working on some music. i got tired and fell asleep on the bed when i woke up it must have been really late cause he was lying there right beside me. he wasn't sleeping though, he started to kiss me and feel my body. he was rubbing my tits and kissing my neck and it was really turning me on. he took off my pants and i took of my shirt. and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to do this for a long time and then we made love. it was passionate! it was great! come on people! we need more story's you people are slacking!
- age 18, USA (female)

this teacher of mine was gonna give me bad mark for school and i needed a really good mark in order to pass. I stayed after class to talk to him about it! i was begging and i said " if there is anything i could do i'll do it" so he closed and locked the door and turned off the lights. walked back over to me and took out his cock. he started playing with my tits, and rubbing my pussy, then he lifted me up on his desk, lifted my skirt and started eating me out! it felt so good, i had no idea it would be so great. then he told me that that was what he wanted me to do to him. so he sat in his chair and i got on my knees and sucked him off. he got so hard and so big. and then he cummed in my mouth, i felt it run down my throat. Then he fucked me so hard and so fast! i didn't know he could move that fast! anyways, whenever i want a good mark, now i know waht to do! he doesn't have to ask me anymore!
- age 18, Canada (female)

I live in South Beach and my next door neighbour has a really sexy daughter my age. One day on the weekend, i was sitting beside the pool feeling very horny and wanted to see what Roxy (the girl next door was up to). So i walked outside and noticing her cars wernt there. So i walked behind her house to take a peek if she was there. And there she was, tanning naked beside the pool rubbing her wet pussy. She then caught me looking, and asked if i wanted to help her. When i got over, we started making out, while she reached into my shorts and began to give me a hand job. Being my first time, i had a boner really hard. I then started rubbing her clit as it was already hard. I slid my finger into her tight shaved pussy. She started to to pull my swim suit down and started sucking me off. After a few minutes of that, she ran inside and grabed a condom. She slid in over my cock and started ridding me slowly. She'd then pick up seed, and slow down. IT WAS GREAT. After about an hour of fucking, i pulled my cock out and off came the condom and i blew my load all over her face and in the mouth. Just as she was sucking the last bit of cum out of my dick, her parents arrived! We were both caught and grounded. We have been neighbours for about a year now and every time we are alone, we always fuck. We've been going out ever since.
- age 15, Miami

My first time was when I was 15 with a neighbour of ours she was a 24 yr single mother she had a little girl,one day she asked me over to help her get some groceries when I got back I walked in on her fingering herself and watching a porn on the TV of a guy f**king a broad.She just stood up and took away the bag of groceries and gave me a passionate kiss the next thing I took off her tshirt I was sucking on her boobs she was moaning and was fondling my dick,she then took my dick and gave a wonderful bj,after I cum in her mouth she guided my dick to her wet pussy and we fucked like crazy for what seemed like hours.After that we usually get together for a fuckfest though am dating a girl and she is also dating someone now we usually get together sometime when nobody is around cause we still live in the same neighbourhood.
- age 20, NJ

it was when i was 15 when a girl came to spend some holidays in my house from the first day she came she kept eyeing me i was so shamed because i still behaving like a small boy and she was older than me , on the d day she came to my room and ask for iron i told her that it is in the other room but she insisted that she must search my room so i stay she tend pretent that she had macth a nail on the floor so we i went to rescue her she just kiss me and told me to cooperate i agree first she did all the fucking but after the first round i was to the task , we both enjoyed it but she has travled away to bahamas so we can not get it gone again
- age 17, nigeria

It was on my 5th day at a new school for i moved house and i meat this lad and he had a sister her name was abbie. well as you do you start to talk and it started with a kiss and i took off her bra and started to suck her tits and than she sucked my nob her mum was in but we didnt care and i fucked her she started to scearm her mum was coming up the stairs for the loo we stoped for a min than stared agian then we finshed.
- age 15, nottingham,East midlands

My first time was when Me I went to my boyfriends appartment...I was sitting on the sofa and he started to rubb my pussy...and i like so we went to his bedroom and on the floor we had hard core sex.....It was amazing to be the first time...I felt like flying on the sky...since that time we do it every day....And now more than ever because we are married....
- age 21, NJ,USA (female)

Well i was over to my cousins b-day.....i was 14 at the time and it seemed like just another one of those days where u just go around screaming like a lil kid and then blow out candles on a cake...i got like really fed up with the party so i just wanted some time alone. i ent to the bathroom and just sat there on the toilet seat punching the wall lightly. then all of a sudden my cousins next door neighbor came in. i really have to say she was a hot one. blonde hair nice tits and a sweet ass. she was 12 at the time. she just looked at me and let out a litte scream.o.O and im all like "dont u knock?!" and all she said is "were playing hide and seek if i knocked they would know im here."i kinda got pissed at that moment cuz she invaded my privacy. im protective of that stuff so i said "get out i want some time alone!" she just walked over and put her soft finger on my lips and said shhhhh. i shut up right there and then and watched what was gonna happen next. she winked at me and got a naughty grin on her face.i had a thousond thoughts in my head and didnt actually know what was going to happen. "i dont want to lose the game. can i just hide out here with you? please?" i let out a little sigh and said fine. she walked a little closer and gave me a soft and tender kiss. i was kinda shoked at the moment since i knew her pretty well and there she was kissing me. at that moment i guess i got a little horny and she noticed it as she reached her hand down and put her left hand in y pants and then in my boxers trying to find the traped cock.(makes ya wonder if shes already done it dont it?! XD) after she found it and her fingers were going all around checking out th lenght and the width and her eyes went wide open and she kissed me again.while we were kissing she started unzipping my pants and slowly slipping then off with my boxers leaving my 8 inch dick standing erect pointing at her. she let out a quiet giggle and got on her knees and started licking the top and going to the bottom not missing the spot. after like 5 minutes she took the whole thing in her mouth and was sucking it hard! after another 10 or so minutes i blew a full load into her mouth! she didnt even want to lose a drop!she swallowed like a pro! O.O after my dick shrunk a bit she sat me down on the toilet seat and took my shirt off and took her own clothes off leaving us both toally naked. at that moment i knew what she wanted so i went on ahead and gone along with it. she sat down in my lap just infront of my no rising cock and she rubbed it with her fingers, at the same moment i was fingering her and sucking and lickng her nice nipples.when she noticed my cock cant go up anymore she just got up right over it and slid on it. she let out a loud moan! after she calmed down she started moving up and down faster and faster, after a little while.....ok ok after 2 and a half hours she finally said she had enough and i said "what was that for?" and all she did is smile and say "hey i think i won the game!" we both got our cothes on and we walked out holding hands. EVERYONE at the party had their attention at the door and we just walked right by them not even saring a single glance with our parents. i guess she got in trouble ll my parents saidwas "u gonna see her again?" o.O yea my folks are that wierd.....and scary....here we are one year later and we still do it every chance we get. cept that were a little more careful where we do it! >.< now we do it in wal mart!!!!XD kidding lol.....too public lmao......anyhoo she loved every minute of it and so did i.....sorry the story was so long i just had a lot to say. those of u who read this story.......uhhhhhh......those of u who read this story enjoy it and spread it around! im gonna be famous!!!!! o.O well so long and take care!!! NAKED.TV IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD cyas
- age 15, AZ

it was on my birthday my 14th birthday i was at my girlfriend house n her parents were out so we had the place 2 our self n my girl hu is pretty fit and has got hugh tits whispers in my ear and says do u wanna try sumthin new so i say yes we started 2 kiss n then i started 2 suck on her now rock hard nipples she worked her way down slowly n started 2 give me hed then all ov a sudden were fuckin like wild rabbits so we move in2 the kitchen and i say bend over and hold on 2 the taps so she duz n i start 2 munch on her clit then afterwards i started 2 give her a wild version ov doggy-style over the kitchen sink i swear we were like porn stars that day and now since then we fuck evry chance we even if her parents r there they no were fuckin eachother bcuz theyve sed plenty ov times 2 keep the noise down!!
- age 15, east midlands,nottingham

my first time was only a couple months ago when i went to Ny to visit my family and friends. there i remember i got really bored and i went to chill wit some of my friends. there was 4 of us and we watched a movie. i was sitting next to my guy friend and i could feel his hand moving near mine. after the movie my other 2 friends had to leave, so it was only my guy friend and i. we went back to his crib. he said he was gonna take a shower so he left and i just watched some tv. when he came back he only had a towel on. his body was very fit and very sexy. he sat down next to me and it was really hard not to touch his body. then all of the suddden he kissed me and we started to make out. i started feeling up on his body and moved down to his dick while he was playing wit my tits. i took off my clothes leaving only my thong on. then he took me to his bedroom and there he told me to lie down and he started to eat me out. oh! how it felt so good, feeling of his tongue licking my pussy and sucking on it. then he went on top of me and slowly put his dick in me. it was my first time, so it was a little painful, but it was alright cuz he went gentle. after awhile i got used to it and it started to feel mad good. we fucked for about 2 hours. i had so many orgasms and im sure he did too. from then on we fucked every chance we can get until i had to leave. that was the best visiting i ever had.
- age 16, CA (female)

my first sexual encounter happenned when i was 12,i was playing with one of my childhood friends in an abandoned vehicle outside my house,then sudden i thrusted one of my fingers into her cunt she didn't object, so i continued until she was holding me tightly to herself.i felt her shivering and mourning, i became arouse to an exceeding limit. my cock was fully erect to breaking point. so i mounted her, she screamed softly and we were enjoying every stuff as tiros not knowing that the vehicle was shaking uncontrollably and this attracted the neighbours around. when the show was over, i rose up my head and to my amazement. papas & mamas were all looking at us. i felt bad/guilt at that moment but that has made me who i am today, a "sex machine".
- age 22yrs, NIGERIA

hi i am a 19 year old male who works for the mp village. I first met my love at camp fun, i knew it was meant to be when i first layed eyes on her. It was water day and she had this really hot red bikini on she looked soooooo hot. I was a counselor and i went up to her and started to talk to her. i asked her out on a date and we went out to a movie. I really dont like her anymore but we still fuck all the time shes now 15 and im 19 but it really doesnt matter. my personal favorite is when i tap her up the ass. she gets off reall good and so do i. I dont like my friends because they dont approve of my relationship with her but i want to marry her. I wipped eggs off of her dads car and blamed my friends for it i wont go anywhere with my friends because i only want to be with her but im still in denial about us going out. My life long aspirations are to marry her and become the mayor of my town. oh yeah she sucks me off every night no questions asked call me for love anonymous
- age 19, melrose park

aight, this is kinda funny, but my first time was when i was 14, i had been dating this girl that has had sex before, but i didn't really care because i was young, dumb, and full of cum, but anyways. we were at my highschool that i go to, and it was in the evening. she was there for play practice for a play that she was in. there was a good bit of free time that she had, so her and i walked over to this graveyard that was really close to the school. we walked into the grave yard kinda deep. we started making out, and doing other things, and she told me she was really horny and she wanted to have sex, so we layed down on this grave (don't aske me why, i was horny so i didn't care). she didn't take her pants off all the way because it was mid december and pretty chilly. so she was on top, and she put it in for me, and we started to get it on, and i was about to cum after a few minutes. so i told her to stop so i could put a condom on. so we did it for a little longer, i never did cum, i don't know why, but it was aight for the first time. the graveyard thing was kinda weird though. this was when i was a freshman in highschool, i'm a senior now, and have been over this girl for a long time, she is now married and has a kid, and lives a hard life i'm sure. she turned into a real hoe after i got done with her.
- age 17, West Virginia

Well my first time was when I was 10 and I was going out with a 15 year old and we went to the movies and it was very dark and there was no one in there. So like in the middle of the movie he had already fingered me and I was so horney and he was very hard. So he asked me to fuck him and I said yes. So he took out a red cherry flavored condem and we went to the floor infront of the theater. I put the condem on with my mouth. It was a mouth full like 10 inches! then he removed all of my clothes and ramed his dick into me hard. I screamed and luckily no one heard. Man it was so good I cummed so hard and so did he. We are still dateing!! We fuck all the time now but the first time was the scariest and funiest. We almost got caught but when someone walked in we just slid under the seats!
- age 13, flordia (female)

My first time was at a party. I went into her parents bedroom and she was there crying (and obviosly drunk) and she was sayin how she was ugly and no one liked her (but believe me shes fit and has got the nicest looking ass) so i was tellin her shes not n stuff then she sed prove it and it went into one of those movie scenes u know the ones where u look at each other then kiss but she didnt stop and when i open my eyes (no peeking of course) she was ontop of me with just a thong on. She acted calmly went over to the door locked it went in her undies draw got a condom out put it on me and we had passionate slow sex. I know shes the one for me cos ive only been goin out with her for 6months and i can talk to her about anythin shes perfect and she thinks so too. We havent had penetration sexx since. I love my baby and naked.tv we watch some of the oral clips and she carries them on :D
- age 16, UK

When i was about 13 was when i started to masterbate ofen because when i did it before i never came. Now i spurt every time becasue i get a little help from my next door neighbour. I am 14 but she says i have a man size dick. She is married and i guess she is bored in her sex life. Often she ivites me round and we talk about sex. Once she invited me round when i was really horny and she noticed i was staring at her breasts her mouth. I got really hard. She started to pull off her G-string and rub herself when she moaned i couldn't resist. I went over and slipped out my cock and she smiled at me. i slided it into her wet puss and her face lit up. She moaned and asked for more and faster. I Started really pumping her as i felt my cum coming up when i spurted in her she was screaming in extacy as i filled her with wet cum. She invited me aroung every day since then
- age 14, California

the fir st time i had sex i was 17 with my friends girlfriend we were at the beach 2gether i was quite shy so she did all the talkin next thing i saw her hand on my cock i shivered couldn't talk she brought it out gave me a lick i felt like i was in paradise she told me to give her a lick i did it was kool we had sex on the beach she did all the fuckin i really enjoyed.
- age 19, nigeria

Hi, I'm a seventeen year old senior that loves to suck dick. I mean I actually enjoy sucking cock and swallowing cum. I never spit. I basically suck off anyone who wants a quick bj. I have never done anything else with a guy, cuz i'm not attractive. But for some reason, guys never refuse a bj from me?? weird?? but anyways, the closest i came to fucking is the first time i got fingered, it was in a town about two hundred miles from chicago, by some kid i didn't even really know. He started to rub my pussy over my pants, it felt sooo good. He said he would have sex with me and i wanted to soo bad, but i realized that i havn't shaved my pussy in a month because i would never of thought that i would be having sex.
- age 17, Chicago, Illinois (female)

My first experience happened about 5 yrs ago when i was 17 or so. I was at a party and i was one of the only ones not drinking cause i had driven that evening. the guy who i wanted so bad also there. he was plastered. so he was all over me. and i was thanking god he was wasted otherwise he would have never noticed me. (sad i know, but u gotta do what u gotta do) so he started to go down my pants and i didn't stop him. he finally led me into the side room and i went down on him. his cock was sooo huge i almost couldn't handle it. i took it all the way down and he didn't warn me before he cummed so it shot straight down my throat and i swalled the whole load (which was a crap load)he wanted to go all the way and i had never done so before so i was scared but said yes reminding him that he was drunk and he might regret the decision later and he said no i'm sure. so he took off all oh my clothes and all of his clothes. i was lying down and he was on top of me (he obviously knew whathe was doing) he slowly went in and it hurt soooo bad but he kept going and i got used to it. after a min or so it started to feel good and we started having hard core sex. he was ramming it in and out of my wet pussy. it felt so good. he was repeatedly hitting my clit and i couldn't stand it anymore i cam! shortly after he let it all go inside me. it felt soo amazing i recomend it to anyone. he remembered the whole thing and we are still dating and have an extremely healthly sex life.
- age 22, Illinois (female)

just after my 16 birthday a m8 of mine was havin thi shouse party n just about every1 was invitd. it was a gr8 party, loadsa women, loadsa naughty shit upstairs, drugs (only class C) and a boomin stereo. neway ... there were these 2 girls there who r complete exhibitinoists (soz about the spelling) and were messin about infront of the lads by kissing nd touching each other, it was a fuckin horny sight!! newayz ... the nite drew on and t about 2am ppl startd leaving and by 3am there were only afew ppl there (the 1s that had passd out). so me and my m8 were sittin there and pestering these 2 girls 4 a lesbo show n they said "not here" so, problem solved, we went upstairs 2 my m8s parents bedroom (conveniently they werent in?!?). i donmt know who has seen American Pie 2 but these girls said that we should go, thenthey will, only difference with them and the film is that me and my m8 had 2 snog which was sick, but them 2 went the whole fuckin way!!! it was amazin!!!!! they just teased us and we werent allowed 2 touch, i had a permanent hard-on 4 nearly 2 days coz i was permently thinkin about it. im not gonna give u 2 many details coz that would spoil it, just imagine 2 clubbin, highly sexxed, fit as fuck chicks munching away on each other! but after about half an hr they let us join in and we fucked till 10 that mornin! well i did coz my m8 was abit plastered so i just carried on with 1 bouncing on my dick and another bouncng on my face. it was the most fulfilling and awesome nite of my life!!! i would recomend it 2 any1 who is offerd! and the best bit is that a week after this they invitd me 2 join in with them on a 3some ... and of course I DID!!! that was awesome 2, but not enough teasing as it made it alot more worth while and frustrating. but its all good. god bless the Essex Girls and biggup the Essex Boys. JJ
- age 17, Essex. UK

I was very young,I will say 7 or 8.I had a next door nieghbor that was my friend he was a little older than me.I would go over to his house,go into his bedroom an he would start jacking off in front of me.I never thought nothing of it,but as I remember he had a hell of a large cock.And his load was very large. I would try to duplicate what he did in my bathroom. I would stroke my wiener and then just stop and leave. I would do this time and time again,just because I was trying to do what my friend was doing for me everyday.One day I asked my friend if I could try it while I was watching him jackoff. He said go ahead.so I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked it.I felt it start bucking in my hand and a lot of sperm shot out of it right in front of my eyes.That same day I was in my bathroom and I was doing that to my cock. I must have been doing it for quite some time.My sister was knocking on the door wanting to use the bathrom but I continued stroking.All of the sudden I felt this sudden feeling that almost made me tumble over and my little wiener was standing straight up and dancing up and down.I was cumming for the first time in my life!!! It scared the hell out of me. I grabbed it and tried to stop it but it just kept pounding and leaping.No sperm at all just throbbing. Ill never forget that time,and I can't remember the second time,But I must have liked it because I remember doing it every time I would turn around after that.I started jacking off beside my buddy next door he would always cum before me.I couldent get over the load that guy had.And of course I would raise my pelvis and he would watch my little cock dance and jerk. I can't remember when the sperm came into play,a lot later on.I remember when I moved down to the coast to live with my dad and my two sisters. Thats a complete other story,but I can tell you this much,My sisters grown accustomed to the fact that they could watch me any time they wanted while I shot my load for them. I got to go back to the home page so I can press the "I just shot"button.
- age 34, oregon

my first time jackin was when i was about 7....i would sit on the round ball of my bed post and simulate sex. i never realy got wet or came but it felt so good. when i was a little older about 12 i was expiermenting with a massager and i put it on my clit and after about 30 seconds i have this amazing feeling that shook my whole body and i was all wet...as i'm doing right now. what can i say i miss my boyfriend. we just had sex yesterday in a bowling alley parking lot. we were in the back of his suv. the back windows were tinted in so besides the windows being fogged up and the bouncing of the suv nobody knew. he loves to eat me out and yesterday i was soooo wet. he just got down there when i was near orgasim and took me all the way.....as a thank you i sucked him off for about a half hour....it was great...he tastes so good. then things got a little wild...i got on top of him and told him i wanted his dick in me and slid down on it. you could hear my wetness on his dick. then we went fast and hard for about 2 hours.....nobody knew......he came inside me....i love the feeling when your pussy is pumped full of hot cum.....yum...that was the best sex we have had in a while...
- age 16, Illinios (female)

It started off when i waz in the last year at school,there waz this girl who liked me in the year below who waz quite fit herself.anyway i didnt take much notice off her untill i waz been teased by her and my mates were pestering me by saying 'go with her' so i finally did.we had been seeing eaxh other 4 about a month and she kept sayin 2 me 'can u sleep my house 2nite' but i kept sayin i carnt cuz me mum an dad wudnt no where i wud be.a couple of day later at nite when we were 2gether we were makin out where no 1 wud c us and she wuz sittin on top of me and i waz playin with her tits and i waz goin hard and i knew she cud feel it cuz she started to rub her arseon me dick as if we were shaging through our cloths, so i said 2 her u can take them off if u like, but she said i got a better idea and grabed my hand and started to walk.my god she took me 2 her house, i waz pretty nervous but excited at the same time.she took me in and she checked her house no 1 waz in (i think she knew that no 1 waz in). i waz on the couch and she just cum bak in the room and jumped on me kissin me and i waz gain playin with her tits. she took off my top on then she striped down 2 her thong my eyes lit up she waz small fit, then she waz takin off my jeans and she saw my dick buldging through my boxers,she took them off and waz slowly suckin me off then she started to speed up untill i cummed in her mouth my god she swallowed (i think she dun this before) then she took her thong off and opened her legs so i just licked her pussy she waz makin sounds that turned me on, then she got a condom out her girly kinda a bag ang she sliped it over my dick then she sat on me and started to ride me hile i waz suckin her tits then i waz doin her from behind, i liked all of this. by now i have done many ways anal is quite gud cuz i dont have to wear a condom. i wish i waz still with her. sorry if it is a bit long i always get carried away u no what im sayin!
- age 16, UK

i was at my friends party and didnt no any1 there so i went upstairs and i went in her brothers room and he was fit ladys, he wasnt in there and i just looked round, i then sat on his bed and cos it was a party i had a really short skirt on and a thong. Be4 i knew it i was masturbating over her brother and i was about to cum and he walked in and i just stopped and got really scared he walked out and just laughed and then a few mins later he just walked in calm as u like grabbed my legs and fucked me forcefully and i love that. I love rough sex and like to imagine im bein kidnapped and he fuked me sooo gud i came loads he fucked me in everyhole and i loved it .. I go round there sometimes and we giggle about it but god i wish he wud gimme a good stuffin again cos his cock is huge and full of fresh seamen
- age 16, Uk (female)

i was at my mates watchin a film and it got us really horny we called round these 2 local slutty type girls and took them into 2 bedrooms , so i was makin out and gettin pleasure from this girl and she gets up and so i follow her she takes me to her my mates room and goes in and starts goin with the girl and me and my mate almost spunked on the spot. we had a really goodf session and the girls did loads and it was my first time and what i time it was. I ocassionally call heather round to masturbate and do oral and we do full sex if we are both really horny
- age 18, usa

wen i was bout 11 i was lookin at a pic i had found with to really fuckin fit pussy on it. i d never dun this b4 but i played wit my self. it took bout half an hour and it shocked the hell out of me. i cummed alll ova the plae i remember it well. i did it all ova again the nxt day an have ever since. i was so excited i askd my friend chris ova to watch we sucked each ova an and wanked each ova off every where we cud it felt so good then i found girls and fuck me i neva regreted it
- age 16, cambridge

i was at an extreme sports festival when i was a bit stonened i me this Girl she also was a bit stone i sat next to her and she turned to me a was pulling her i said do u want to come back to my tent she didnt refuse we went in and started kissing and then she went down on me unzipped my pants and i pulled down my boxers she started to give me a blowjob on my 7,1/2 inches i just checked. wells any way she got going then her jaw was hurting so we had stop. i was just about spurt as well ohwell mabey next time . i tried to return the favour but she was on her period, just my luck
- age 15, uk

one day i went to see my best friend (female) and when we where studiying for are exams she put down her books and took mine out of my hand and started kissing be on the lips before working her way down to my skirt she ripped it off and stuck her tongue right up my slit of my hot wett dripping cunt so after all that sex i go around to her house every week for a good session
- age 19, Canada (female)

One time i was at my friends house (female) we where upstairs but as we went into her room she locked the door behind us and i sat on her bed and she layed next to me putting her hand on my cunt and she rubbed my up and down so i kissed her and she played with my clit so now we are sex buddies.
- age 18, USA (female)

hi there.. my ferst experience was about 11yrs when i have a small dick roughly 4 inches.(asians usually have smaller dick,tits,etc etc and i dunno y) i played wif myself in the bathroom when i juz watched a porn movie wif my bro-in-law and i played myself real hard,rubbing my dick as i cant grip it whole due to its small size i rub my dick on the wall of the bathroom until i got till funny but nice feeling.... i suddenly spurted out white liquid... i've read in books tt it was semen... im so happy and frm then onwards im an avid master.... now i had a gf and we both were open minded.. i went to her house one day and she said to wait as she changed her clothes.my it was damn long so i decided to check out on her.i opened the door not realising tt it was not locked. there my gf stood topless.. wat a nice sight even though her tits were small.she had an xpression of both shy and lusty.she saw the buldge in my pants and grin.. i was literally shaking as it was my ferst time and i had a small dick fearing she wud laugh. but she went down to open my pants and she said.. not bad at least it can be used 4 playing.... and started sucking on it real hard. i was moaning as it was real heaven to have tt feeling.then she stopped and pulled down her g-string and revealed her nice tight pussy cleanly shaved.we went on the bed and i sucked her real hard.. wif noisy slurps... we went into 69 bogie and start sucking the juices out of ourselves. then i fucked her pussy for 5 hours..... now i still had my 4 inch cock(10 cm) and im satisfied wif it.... i always mast and ejaculate when at naked.tv it rulz!
- age 15, singapore

one time i was at my couins house and his little 13 year old sisters friend came into his room when i was changing she looked at my dick im like i showed u mine you show me yours so she pulled her pants down and showed me her pussy it was so smooth i wanted t ofinger her so i did then i layed down and she jerked me off so i pulled her onto the bed and slowly slid my dick into her she was soooo tight but i fucked her forever now we are fuck friends i got a gf she has a bf but we get together to relive our fun time
- age 15, Canada

It was about 3 weeks ago, I met a girl (a friend of mine for about a year)at the local Gas Station. When she got in my truck I was wondering what she wanted because she said we had to talk. Well while she was talking about herself not having sex for 8 months, I parked in a secluded place. She was rattling off about something or another and I reached over and kissed her. She ran her tongue around the inside of my mouth and I sucked on her small but nice tits. I asked her how far she wanted to go and she said "I dont care" so i slid her pants down to her ankles then began to finger her, i rubbed her clit and she played with my 7.5 inch cock. I tried to fit 2 fingers in her very wet love tunnel, but was having a hard time.....I knew I was getting a good first time. I pulled my pants down and finished getting hers off and she laid down in my seat (head agianst passenger door, left leg over back of seat and right foot proped up on the steering column). I ran my cock up and down her slit and got it lubed up and ready to go....so I slid in her slowly I got about a quarter of my cock in and it started getting tight. I worked that much in and out a few times then I gave her a deep kiss and thrust deep into her tight hole. While we did it she moaned and groaned and screamed "more more" so by the time I came I was ramming my dick in and out of her about 20 times every 5 seconds. I think this was a good first time. and I hope we do it agian. Oh yeah, Mom if your reading this.....she's not pregnant nor will be!
- age 17, Arkansas

I realy don't know how to express it as it was fun. I was 15 when a neighbourhood lady I was eyeing at last yielded. I tried penetrating but man the pussy was too tight as this was her first time and also she was saying that it was painful. We relaxed abit did some foreplay. I rubbed my dick on her pussy and voila it was becoming juicy. She started enjoying and when I felt that the pussy had become juicy I pushed alittle inside the pussy and there we were in our own paradise. Up to this day she remembers that day & I too do cos all were naive but we found it interesting.
- age 24, kenya

my first time was in syria,,i was in damascus with my cousin,so we desided to go get some pussy!we talked about the price and we got in each with the slut he've choosen,i was very warried at the begining but i got calm after a wile,i was about 13 but looked older,took off my pants and she sau my cock and said we're gonna have some fun tonight aren't we,,i got on top of her and she was very large,,i mean extra large,,i wasn't feeling any thing,,i tryed to stick my cock in her ass and it was kinda hard so she got on me and stick it her self,,it really was good,,the she sucked it and i came on her huge tits!!the bad thing is that i was the first to come out of that door that night,,but it was good!
- age 21, romania

my first time was six when i went to lesson my female teacher found me irreistable so after the lesson she said i should wait while others went home, she took me into their bedroom, took off her cloths and told me to suck the j***c in her pussy which i did at first i found it aweful so after some days she now introdused one of my lesson mate into the game after some few weeks her junior sister and brother cought us making out, she had no experience in sex so she said she will tall her mum the next day i got to lesson all eyes was on me i was the talk of the day but the mum did'nt say anything. Ladi
- age 18, nigeria

my first time was when i was 15, i had done everything with a girl but have sex, but that would soon change i was at Miami U (oxford) at a college sororaty party an there was all kinds of hot older girls, anway i was in one of the dorms rollin balls, an drinkin sum beer an this collge girl sat down next to me and we started talking and everything and before i knew it we was making out and she had her hands down pants which then i got real horny, so i went down on her an i was eatin her out right in the middle of the party but i didnt care and then next thing i kno she was sliding a condom over my dick an we started having sex right then an there we had sex for about 30minutes till i came, that is a night i will never forget an to this day we are fuck buddies
- age 17, ohio

My first time was at age 13. I was at my friend's (male) house watching some homemade movies of his parent's honeymoon. He started jacking off and then spewed all over the tv screen. he went in to take a shower and i was about to clean it off when his mom walked in. she wasn't even 30 yet but she looked 18. She saw the movie and at first looked at me in a wierd sort of way. I couldn't control it anymore. Her long blonde hair was draped over her white T-shirt and her nipples were so hard, i just had to touch them. She didn't seem to mind so i took her over to the bed and pulled off her shirt. At first I just stared at her valuptuous breasts. I started sucking on one and groping the other, slowing pinching her nipple while she watched with a smiley on her face. Then she asked me if I had ever had my cock sucked. I started to answer, but i couldn't speak. Before I could reply she said, let me show you, and started to take off my pants. I was already hard as a rock and even though i was really mature for my age, she could fit my whole cock in her mouth. She started just sucking the head but thn let it slide down her throat and started squeezing my ass and pulling me back and forth. After no time at all i let out a full load into her mouth. She drank it all, tossed me my clothes and told me to finish the movie. When my friend came out of the shower, I acted like nothing happened and to this day he still doesn't know.
- age 17, Indiana

I have masterbated since I was a small child, perhaps 5 or 6 years old. I remember I would achieve an orgasm, but without ejaculation. I loved it! I would lie in bed on my stomach, and use both hands to hold and stimulate my little cock. When I turned 12, I went through a period in my life where I got religion and tried to live as pure a life as possible, including no masterbation. This went on for 2 years. I knew something was happening around me because all my friends, who were mostly my age of 12 or 13 years old,were getting horny. Guys I grew up with could only think of having sex, organizing "make out" parties and screwing every skirt they could catch. The pressure was enormous, because I was trying to live a celibate life. One night, while study history in bed, I started to get hard. The temptation was enormous, you have to remember I had not masterbated in almost 2 years. I had gone to parties and made out with girls, but nothing more than feeling her up. Anyway, in bed that night I started to stroke my now grown up 8 inch cock. The pleasure was enormous, as my cock grew harder and harder. I kept stroking, remembering how great this used to feel. Finally, suddenly something new happened - I discharged! I'll be honest, at first it freaked me out, because I wasn't quite sure what was happening. A quick biology review at the library, and some candid conversation with my closest friends, soon had me relieved. This was the start of many orgasms to come (literally)!
- age 37, Maryland

i was soooo shocked when my favourtie babysitter took my piece into her mouth and swalloed the lot! .... i was 13 at the time and had only recently become intrested in girls, i had started to masturbate at every chance i had! around 3 weeks after my first ejaculation, my mother had asked a friend to babysit me and my younger brother. i didnt like the idea but when i saw who was gonna look after me i couldnt wait! 2 mounths went by, every saturday night my mum would go out and holly would cum round looking as sexy as ever! i had urged her to buy some alchohol that night because my baby brother wasnt there, she agreed and bought enough to get us wasted. after laughing for hours, she lay down on the couch where i was sitting, put her head on my lap and started talking about sex. i was obviously very excited, i could tell because a massive lump appeard in my jeans! she noticed suddenly what had happened because she went quiet, then turned around slowly ... looking into my eyes, then at my lump! she smiled and winked at me saying "i wont tell if u dont". she unzipped my jeans in a hurry then took one glance at my cock, before taking the whole thing in her mouth. i thought i was dreaming, then suddenly my mum called my mobile to check on me. i answered saying i was fine and all, while holly was sucking my knob! i put the phone down only to see her rolling a condom down my dick with her mouth!!! i felt like the luckiest boy in the world! she leaped on my lap and grabbed my cock before guiding it inside her. she was really warm inside, it felt like heaven. then she started shouting and riding me faster and faster, screming 'cum cum cum!'. then she suddenly stopped, got off and started sucking again, it was a shock as it all happened so fast. i could feel my cum building, she looked up and gave me the horniest wink! i splattered her face entirly with cum, she didnt seem to mind, she started swallowing every last drop! it was the best night of my life, now when ever i see her we give each other oral, taking it in turns. just a few weeks ago i went to her house for my birthday, we had an orgy with some of her friends, all female, dressed in school uniforms with pig tails (i told holly that was my fantasy)! when youre 16 and you've got a bunch of girls lining up to taste you're warm cum, you know you've conqured the world!
- age 16, london

I was 15, and staying the nite at my best friends house. After he had went to sleep, i went into the living room where his sister was sitting on the couch talking on the phone. she told me to sit down and then we started making out. I was feeling on her tits, and then started fingering her. she pulled out my dick and put it inside her. i fucked her for about half an hour, and she loved it. I have never told my friend about it because i dont think he would be very happy, but it was awesome.
- age 17, Indiana

it was in 2nd yr highschool. i was in my PE class(swimming). i, together with my classmates, wears a bathing suit because it is required. then at that time im feeling horny. so when i went to the shower i saw my boy classmate then i told him that im so horny...while inside the shower, i give him a bj...he liked it so much... then he fucked me! it was great!my pussy get red cause it's my first time.. i didn't imagine he's good in sex!!!we stayed there for an hour so that our classmates can't notice us...we really enjoy it!!! :)after class, he asked me to go with him in his house then we continue fucking there... he squeze my boobs, lick my pussy....mmmmmmmmm......great....now, he's my bestfriend and we always laugh when we remember those stuff!
- age 18, philippines (female)

my first time was when i jacked off,i was 11 i had a little pubic hair but my muscles had already started to grow,mayb thats y girls liked my so much, i had the shower head on my penis (it was one of those ones that u can change the strength on) after half an hour of the shower on me, my body went tense, i felt very strange and loads of white stuff covering me, i know it was cum cause of all the stuff u learn at school and u hear ya mates talkin as well.
- age 15,

the first time i had any sexual experience was with my housemaid when i was 13,one evening when every one was awake i went to aproach her when she was sleeping and i began to fondle her breats then she woke up and startd caressing my penis and she did this until i eventally came all over her it was the first orgasm i ever had in my whole life,after coming all over her i felt so tired immediately that i went to sleep
- age 28, nigeria

my first time was with my friend who is a boy. we were stayin over at mine and we were watching porn and we both had erections. I was 13 and he was 12. We both began to masterbate and then did it 2 eachother. Mine was about 5.5 inches at the time and his bout 4. we sucked eachother 69 for hours until we had enough and then began penetration. im not gay but it was the best sex ive had
- age 16, london

My first experience happened when I was a junior in high school, when I was 17. I had been going with my girlfriend all summer after my sophomore year. Debbie was a year younger, but actually a little more experienced in making out. We were both virgins, which surprised me because I knew she had dated a guy around 20 for awhile. Each summer day we would wait for the sun to go down, and the moon to rise so we could get away together. At first, we spent most of the time kissing, touching, feeling. She loved to kiss me, while stroking my 8" piece. She said she didn't know if she could fit me, but man, she immediately took to sucking me off every chance she could. Long summer nights were so much fun, especially because not a lot of clothes are needed anyway! Debbie had average looks, but a real nice body. Nice round tits, tight ass and great legs. One day, while we were still virgins, we took a shower together. I enjoyed making out and washing her great body. In the early fall, after we started school, we were messing around one night and we both wanted our sexual relationship to go further, so fucking was just a natural progression. We were both naked in her bed, and I entered her vagina. She moaned and offered no resistance. My organ easily slipped in and out, it was a great feeling. We were kissing each other (in between her moans) and touching each other. I remember her hands going up and down my back, from my neck to my ass. I would move from her great tits to her face, kissing and licking her, as I powered in and out. That night it was all missionary stuff, straight sex. It only took about five minutes to come. After that first time, we continued to see each other and screw as often as we could; she started using the pill. By the spring, our mutual attraction started to fade. Debbie got real possessive, wanting to get married right out of high school. She got real upset when she found out I had been with another girl (it was only a school dance, and I only got to first base. The funny thing is, here was another chick who enjoyed grabbing my cock) Anyway, I'm thinking marriage - there's no way. Too many chicks/too much fun to be had first, and I didn't want to start a marriage with the idea of cheating on her. By summer, we were both seeing other people. I discovered how easy it was to get laid, and Debbie was engaged to a junior college guy by the end of the summer. We split on a good note, still friends.
- age 37, Maryland

I was at a party completly steamin and i remember talkin to some girl and then out of the blue i put my hands all over her and kissed her (this is wierd cos im kinda shy round girls) . She didnt hold back and we made out for 10 mins then she took me to her friends room and gave me an erotic lap dance which ended in her suckin me off sooooo good we tried most oral positons and then she finally pulled a condom out her mates draw put it on me and rode me. She was sooo good. but i did something i would not have done unless pissed and i shoved my fingers up her ass, she moaned and climaxed sooo quick . I woke up the next mornin with a massive hangover a boner and a fit girl asleep with her hand on my cock (NOW THATS A GOOD NIGHTS REST)
- age 17, Wales, UK

My first time was at 15. I was in a local high school hangout, call the L.T. Corral. I was playing pool with a bunch of my friends. One girl was with us. She was standing there watching the game. We stopped to get some drinks. She stayed and I stayed. I started to talk to her. I said whats up. She ignored me. I tried again. It was then when I noticed that she was sticking her hand down her pants. She started to moan. I picked her up and ran through the doorway to the alley and then to my car. She pulled down my boxers. Then locked the doors. I got an erection. She started blowing me! She went up and down, stroking her mouth on my long wet dick. We switched and then started to 69. Her pussy was so wet, it was litterally like drinking a big glass of water. Then I sat up and she sat up and slid her clit on my shlong. We started to rub together. She started moaning, so I pushed harder. I reached my orghasim and it was wonderful, the only bad thing was i got her pregnat. I know i must be a prick, but i have to say i loved it.
- age 19, Chicago

i was at my boyfreind's and he said me to lay on his bed and close my eyes. Suddenly i felt a huge object being thrust into my pussy, i could not believe it, we fucked for hours, and we only stopped because we were calling our freinds to cum have an orgy
- age 29, UK (female)

i ws at my school then,when my bestfriend(girl)ask me to buy something.ididnt noticed that we are approaching theie house.she let me came in and she changed her clothes in her bedroom.when she came out,i first saw her naked body.i was so aroused that i didnt resist it.she undressed my pants and gave me head.it was awful.we had a geat time with each other for a couple of hours.after that,we meet aech other weekly and have fun at their house.
- age 17, philippines

one night i was jacking off and my sister came in and caught me and i got a condom out my dads drawer and i started fucking her real hard and she gave me a head and i eat her outand we done anal oral and lots of other stuff and we do it every 3 weeks when my parents go out.
- age 14, London

I was in the shower of my boyfriends house, i took along time because it was cold in LA and the shower was so nice, my boyfriend was 20 then and i was 16. He opened the door because it had no locks and surprised me by grabbing me from behind. He started to kiss me and i jakced him. The next thing we did was lie on the floor. His penis was the biggest i had seen and it really hurt when we had sex. I was bleeding but the pain soon left because he was very good! It lasted for a long time and then my best friend (male) mike came in the house (he lived next door) and was yelling for us then he heard noises from upstairs, by the time he found us we had put his clothes back on even though he still had a boner, and i rapped myself in a towel. Now im married to this guy Paul (my boyfriend) and we have sex almost 2 times a week! He is very good
- age 22, CA (female)

i had never had head before and i was in a pub and i met this girl who was very hot and she came over to me and just started to kiss me, so i was enjoying it and then she started to stroke my penis, witch by this time i had a semmi. she wishpered to me come out side and ill make it even harder, i was nervus but i went out side by a bush with her and she ripped down my trousers and started to give me head, it was amazing, after about 5 minutes i just couldn't help myself and i cum down her throut as i was just about to look behind me i said "that was ama...." but before could finish the sentence because there was a police man standing there laughing at me. i was so embarrest and the cop just laughed and walked away saying "if that wasnt so funny i would of nicked you"
- age 18, birmingham,uk

It was my first time when i was 19.there was a friend of mine from past 3yrs,we were really nice friends.once i went to his house and there was no-one at home except him,he told me sit and i was not at all scared of him because of our very good friendship.i asked him where his parents are...? he said they have gone out of station.We chatted a little n were talking..laughing n joking and when we start feeling hungry we both went to the kichen made a lunch...^Mthen he came near by me n tried to kiss me first i stopped him but he again tried n he kissed me n then he smooched me so softly n passionately n I didn't even stopped him for anything...then he asked me to share his bed n we went towards his room n there I had everything with him it was so painfull but enjoyable and very ROMANTIC sex...!It was my first experience which i can never ever forget..we are still friends....!^M
- age 20, India (female)

my first time was with my best friend we were just messin, sayin who had the biggest penis, then he got it out and he told me to suck it, he was 15,i was 12 and i did, it was great then he fucked me all night, it was amazain, better than any girl(male)
- age 15, USA

I went over my friends house to study. (she's a girl). She told me that there was no one at home. Anyway we sat down and started reading. Suddenly my friend (girl) unzipps my pants. I liked how it felt. Than i ripped her shirt and took off her bra. It felt nice. She told me she wanted me to fuck her. Suddenly me and her were naked. And then i let her stroke my dick. She like it, me and her had a orgasm. From that day me and her are a couple. And we enjoy doing this.Her Boobs were so huge she enjoyed me rubbing it for her.
- age 14, NJ

It was a great experience u cant believe!We were all sitting down at the beach in summer 2002.There were really hot german and danish girls makng holidays here and a lot of beer.Can u imagine what happened?First off we started to get drunk - after a while one of the chicks took her clothes off and runs agains the sea. I was about following her to observe first but she had obviously seen me OH MY GOD what did i do, i took my all clothes off too and ran into the water.I remember, it was warm and there were no waves. As we realized that we're alone and all naked , we begun to swim together. Then i dived down under her and kissed her beautiful body, she didnt block.I felt my cock rise and rise as never before and she mustve felt it and pulled me close to her.There we were.I began rubbing her carefully and she touched my dick and started rubbing it, too.Then i did it, i did not fear her blocking: I moved in her carefully and we both just sighed relaxed.It was a funny experience to figure moving up and down on water but once learned i won't forget it for the rest of my life.I'm truthful, we both didnt come i think but this was my first real experience. few days after, we got into her tent and there, trust me, there we both came and we're still writing letters.
- age 14, France

my first experience was in my office where i had a boss who was handsome ,married and he used to come and sit with me always and we used to ge alone in my room and one day he started holding my hand and i was just looking at him and he got up andcame closer to me and started kissing me and noone were there at that time and immediatly he took away his clothes and started rubbing himself towards my body and i grew hot and he removed my dress and started sucking my breasts and we lay down the floor and he licked and sucked my clit and started biting it ad i took his cock and kissed it and we had intercourseand his cock was really big and it took time for getting inside my vagina for the first time and i started bleeding and he came out 3 times that day and we had that many times later and now he is in south africa ,i miss him a lot and he keeps calling me every week,oh boss i love you so much,
- age 27, india (female)

I was at this party, and there was a ton of beer and pot. We were all a little tipsy, and i got up and decided to give a friend of mine a lap dance. I finished and ended up grinding ontop of him. We were makin out and grinding on the couch with everyone around us. His hands were rubbin me, and finally ended down in my pants.. he fingered me for a while, untill i cumed and moaned. I then unzipped his jeans and began to jack him off and blow his dick. His dick was huge. i could barely get it down in my motuh. His hands were rubbin my tits as i swalloed his dick, and rubbed him up and down. One thing led to another, and we were fucking on the floor in front of eveyone at the party. My friend joined in, and we took turns riding his dick and eating eachtoher out. Im not a lez, but when it comes to sexual things, im a bit bi. He fucked us both in the ass, and we tried 69. That nite was amazing, but im now somewhat known to go for if ur horny
- age 13, Connecticut (female)

well i can't remember my first sexual experience all i can say is i just found myself masturbating & i still do enjoy it even when i tried to stop i found myself wanting it the more even now that i'm writing this experience.but one experience i had of late was with a girl about 20 years old.she's is a nusre come to think of it i very much wanted to have sex with a nurse cos' of the believe that they could be better in bed.how i met her,she is a sister to my sister's boyfriend.on this particular day she came to my house to treat my twin brother,she is really beautiful & so i was swept off my feet when i saw her, after treating my brother i was the one who saw her off but i had to make sure i saw her to her house.from there we got talking only for her to tell me we should meet 2 days later, which i did.man was i lucky after wathcing a film we just sat taliking & i told her i wanted to take my leave which she objected to & told me it would be the last time i would talk to her if i leave.but after few minutes i got kind of horny and placed a kissed on her lips she which very much invited. i placed her right hand into my already hard penis & slid my left hand into her pussy while my lips were still on hers we gave a passionate kiss that sent us crazy b/4 we knew it she had had an organsm though i didn't get to come b/4 she pulled me away but i did enjoy the fact that i gave a food organsm.we have been waiting 4 the day we would be 2gether alone 2 explore ourselves.
- age 24, Nigeria

It was my first time for a girl to be over at my house. She was a oddly attracted girl. She had the most beatiful breasts i have ever seen! We desided to go 4wheeler riding on a trail i made along time ago. So we was riding down this trail and all of a sudded i felt her hand go down my shorts. I got so acctited i stopped the 4wheeler and turned around and gave her a big kiss. By now she asked if i had ever fingered a girl before. I told her no. She asked if i wanted to fingure her. I said yes. so she then started to strip down. I couldn't believe it my g/f was actually striping infront of me. So therre she was totally naked infront of me laying on my 4wheeler. So then i started kising her and she practually begged me to finger her so i did i stuck 1 finger into her wet vagina then she beged me for 2. so i fingured her with 2 fingers. She fianlly cummed so then she put on her clothes and then we left the trail and went to pick up my best friend we had droped off at her friends house. Me and her did alot of stuff together after that but then i finally broke up with her and found my present lover angela. We do stuff like that and i think that i would have wanted angela to be the girl i fingered for the first time. But u dont always get what u wish for
- age 13, Mississipi

My first time was when i met this hot girl in history class her name is Cathy we are still together and we fuck eachother as often as possable! The first time she came to my 15th B-Day party and we played "Sex Truth or Dare" where who ever dares has to get a blow job in front of every one! So I said dare ;) and Cathy gave me the
- age 15, NY

My First Time was a few months ago. i went over to my (guy) friends house. i'v known him since i was like...2. we were sitting on the couch watching a movie and then i noticed that he was lookin at me so i turned to him and we moved closer and started to kiss. his hand slowley moved up from my waist to my tits. he started to unsnap my bra and he took off my shirt. then i grabed his belt and ripped it off and took off his pants. his already hard dick was stickin out of his boxers so i started to jerk him off and give him a blow job. soon he coulnd stand it anymore so he grabbed me and ripped off my jeans and underwear and i very slowley started to sit on his 7" cock! i rode him slow until we both started to yell then he spurted and his mom walked into the garage and so we quickly got dresed and went back to atchin the movie. how close was that to being caught!
- age 14, MA (female)

it happened about a year ago. I was at school late, it was like 4:00 and most of the students were gone, but i had volleyball practice. after i was in the shower in the change room, when my Pe teacher came in. He is a man, and so i wondered what he was doing! he must have heard that i was in the shower because he came to the curtain and looked in! i didn't mind because he is pretty young to be a teacher. i asked if i could do something for him, and he unzipped his pants. i told him to take everything off and join me. so he did before i knew it, i was on my knee's sucking my teachers huge cock. it was the biggest i had ever seen. it went so deep, i almost gagged but i liked it. then i took it out and stood up and we started to kiss, and i was rubbing his cock. he had me against the wall and was grinding me! then he couldn't take it any longer and he picked me up and sat me down onto his cock. So he was standing and my legs were wrapped around him and we were against the wall. i started bouncing and he was ramming me against the wall of the shower, over and over again. it hurt because he was sooo big, but hey, i was gonna a get an "A" that year.then he put me down, and turned around and bent over, and asked for it in my ass. he gave it to me soo good that day! since then we've done that a number of times! sometimes i suck him off even during a class. In secret of course!
- age 18, canada (female)

This happened when I was 17.I went over to one of my friends house and she had one of her friends spending the week with her from out of town and we got pretty close.We all hung out til 12 that night.When it was time for me to leave her friend followed me out to my car.She was a pretty big girl but I like them that way.Anyway I am sitting in the drivers seat and she is leaning in my window and we are making out when she reached in the window and started stroking my penis through my pants.She opened the door and knelt down beside me.She reached over and unzipped my pants and pulled my penis out and took it into her mouth and began giving me the best head ever,cars where passing by us(I was parked in the road in front of her friends house).Finally I couldn't take it anymore and filled her mouth with my cum.
- age 19, Georgia

my very first time was in lagos,in 1993. i was in high school,class3 to be precise. the name of my girlfriend then was susan, a very beautiful girl with the whole qualities. i mean nature was in her side; she was fair, very tall, she has these sexy eyes and a wet lips always ready to be kissed.not to forget her boobs; well shaped and round which always captivate the whole of my emotions her power house is also there. i invited her to my place after school one afternoon, I, actually asked her for sex, which she did not refuse me.I first took my hands to her boobs; I squeezed it which she really felt.no space to round off.
- age 25, nigeria

One day, my girlfriend and i decided to masterbate together, as I started to jack off, she walked over to me, grabbed my cock and started sucking on it, it felt really good, she sucked so good and she let me cum in her mouth.After that I fucked her pussy, boy i ripped her up, then my sis walks in the room and stares at us, boy was i scared. Then she took off her clothes and I fucked her too( she is older than me). She was tighter than my girlfriend!
- age 14, Hawaii

I was 14 and had just moved into town, I live out on the outskirts of town. There was no one really out there, most of my friends lived in town. I first met my neighbors and figured they had no kids my age because it was quite the first 2 weeks there, but i soon realized it was the hang out for many fine looking guys. I slowly became friends with some of them who would later introduce me to others. I had kissed many guys but never really been fucked. I'm almosted sure i had kissed all the guys there. One day right before a big party Chris and i were making out in his parents bedroom and one thing led to another and soon we were undressed and on the bed. We started to fuck as he slowly pulled his 12 inch penis out of my virgin pussy when his little brother and two of Chris's friends walked in. The next thing i knew was my once before virgin body had a 12 inch cock in my pussy a 10 inch cock in my ass his brother sucking my double D tits and his best friend was getting a blow job. We get together, the five of us now any time one of us is horny.
- age 16, Cali (female)

I am a window cleaner and one time i was cleaning a house and i noticed this well hot chick in the house.long blonde hair oooooh a real hot bird.when i was cleanin her house i seen that she was walkin about with a housecoat on and she was showing some cleveage,next she winked at me!!! i went to collect the money and she answered the door,she said ' how would u like paid'? i was like.. 'well..em..' i didnt know wot to say so i said 'whats the options' and she sed come in and find out. so i went in her house and she sed 'shall i show u my bedroom'? i was really nervous,bcoz she was really fit lookin.she started to kiss me an she pressed herself against my dick and she said 'av u ever went all the way' ? i sed yeah and she sed lets go then.we had really great sex she was really amazing.first it was slow and gentle then she started to up the pace and was going fast and furious.she sat on my cock and bounced on it an her big tits were bouncing too.it was an amazing experience.
- age 16, UK

This happened a year ago. I moved to the western part of my country, in a small, but very nice town. When school began, I began to know better and better my schoolmates. They were very friendly with me; we went out in the week-end evenings and had some fun in Cafes, Fast-Foods and Discos. But, after a couple of week-end spent with my new friends I realised that I was the only girl in the group alone, I mean having no boyfriend. I was worried. In my class, there were some cute boys, but all of them had their girlfriends. But, lucky me, one day, I so an older boy checking on me. I havent seen him before, he learned at the same school as I did, but he was an year older.
The next day he came to me, in the school yard, very confident, and invited me to have a pizza at a fast food that night. And so we met each other. His name was Rocco.
He was so hot. He , not very tall, but not very short, either. He had large shoulders, and his face was so cute. His skin was smooth, his hair was pure black. His hands, his fingers, were very beautiful, and, after a few dates with him, when I was touching myself, at night, in my bed, I imagined that his fingers were touching my clit and my breasts.
The first kiss-experience with Rocco passed, and things were going very fine between the two of us. In six month we decided to have sex. We have never tried anything sexual together, except kissing. We had to wait a few weeks until one of us was parents-free. On a Friday night his parents were out of town. So we were both at his house. The condoms were on his bed, and we were both naked in front of each other. I thought he was going to fuck me in a few moments, but he asked me if I wanted to see how boys masturbate. This was an incredible experience for me. Rocco put a towel on the floor, and asked me to touch his cock. I put my hands on his cock, and I started to rub it. When his mushroom tip started to move back and his gland was half-out, he leaned on the towel, on is tummy, and started moving. My boyfriend was masturbating in front of me, rubbing his penis between his tummy and the towel. As I soo him on the floor, totally naked, with his large wide shoulders and ass moving up and down faster and faster, I got wetter and wetter, even without touching myself. When he finished, there was a white spot on the towel and his cock and tummy were wet and sticky. Then, it was my turn to show him how girls masturbate. But he said that he already knew that. He put a blanket on the floor, and so I realised that I was going to be fucked by the cutest boy in school on the floor! I laid on the blanket, Rocco spread my legs apart and he began to touch my private wet spot. His fingers rubbed my clit, then parted my pussy-lips. Then, I so his middle finger entering my hole. He fucked me with his finger for a while, until I began to moan. I took his hand in my hand and I began to suck his fingers. I have never sucked my fingers after I masturbated, so I had an incredible pleasure tasting my juices on my boyfriends hand!
After that, the moment came! He got on top of me, I spread my legs as much as I could, and I felt his hard and thick cock against my pussy lips. He broke my hymen, I moaned, and all my body shook when his penis was almost all inside me. I have never had something as big as his cock in my vagina. He whispered in my ear: Jesus Christ, you are so tight! He fucked me slow for about four minutes, and then, he got his penis out of me. Then, he put his hands under my ass (between my ass and the blanket on the floor)and told me that then when he will be full inside me to wrap my legs around his body by pressing them onto his ass. Then he entered me. I put my heels on his ass, as he had told me. When he began to move, the feeling was incredible! My breasts were pressed by his chest, his hands rubbed my ass and, I was so close to him that his tummy rubbed my clit! I have never done this when I had masturbated: touching my clit and insert something in my hole. I had my first vaginal-orgasm. My hands were on his shoulders, caressing his smooth-brown skin, and my legs were pressing his nice-firm ass. We fucked for about more ten minutes and we both had an orgasm (mine !) the same time. Then we laid on the blanket, both of us very sweaty and sticky. I put my had on his chest and rest for about half an hour. Then we fucked again.
Im a very lucky girl! Im 15 now, and my sex life is very active. I experienced with Rocco all kinds of positions. He is 16, and very handsome.
We are happy together, especially when we think that there may be boys and girls at out age that are still virgins and only masturbating!
Me and Rocco thing that the teen-age is the most beautiful part of life and its worth living it at maximum. This means, of course, having more and more teen-sex!
- age 15, (female)

My first time was about a year ago. My girlfriend had invited me to a camping trip over night with her family. So, I couldnt resist atleast a little make-out action;). But i was way wrong about what would happen. So, when we got their, I had to set-up my own tent and stuff. Their parents wouldnt let me sleep in the same tent with her so I had to bring my own. After i finished settin up my stuff, we took a walk to go exploring. There was this little beach at the end of our campground place so we went down there. There was no one around so we sat down on the beach. We got to talkin and I started to get so horny cuz she was sayin dirty stuff to me. So we started to make out and I just went insane. My hand started to reach up her shirt. Her body was so warm. I unclipped her bra and started playin with her tits. She was a perfect size. Big but not too big. Then we heard someone coming so we had to stop:(. Later that night, when i was asleep, i heard the zipper to my tent becoming undone. I looked over and there she was lookin at me. She grabbed my hand and led me down back to the beach. Everyone else was asleep and I was still horny. So we started to make out and her hand started strokin my cock. Not to brag or anything but even she said I was a goo 7 1/2 inches. Anyway, she started strokin and unzipped my pants. She laid me down and started suckin on it. I started playin with her tits. She stopped, took off her thong, and kissed her way back up to my face and got on top of me. It seemed like hours the way she did it. I hardly knew what to do cuz it was my first time but she acted like a pro so I went along with it. Then, her friend (female) came down to the beach cuz she heard my girlfreind screaming. She saw us and laughed. I asked if she wanted in on some of this action and she said sure. I must be the luckiest guy on earth cuz these 2 chicks were f*cking hott!!:) They took turns suckin my cock and riding me while the other one sat on my face and i gave them 69! It was the best night of my life! My girlfreind mustve orgasmed 5 times, me 3, and the other chick 3! It was a good night:);)Me and my girlfreind still go out and f*ck whenever we get the chance. And sometimes her friend joins in when we want a little fun;)
- age 14, Maine

It was the very last day of school. Me and my girlfriend sneaked out of school and went to a friends shed that has carpet and a couch in it. We first started my kissing and slowly caressed eachother. When we started to get hot and heavy we both took off our shirts and i caressed her lucious breasts for what seemed like hours. Then I slipped my hand down her pants and she didn't hold back so we both took off our pants and i slipped first the head in then pushed all the rest in we slowly started then sped up and climaxed at the same time. It was great I am glad that if we ever do break up we still have that special moment that we shared.
- age 13, ND

i had just finished high school and had gone to sydney for a break. i was staying with my brother who was in the navy. he shared a house with 4 other guys he worked with and out the back there was a bungalo where two others lived. i liked michael from the moment i saw him. he 5 and a diver in the australian navy - absolute sex on leggs. i didn't realise at first that he had a girlfriend. when i found out it didn't matter - this was before we had done anything together and i guess i was to young to realise that its not right cheat or how it would feel to be the person he was cheating on. anyway i think my brother thought it was a bit of joke that i had a crush on one of his friends b/c usually he is quite protective of me and it would never have crossed his mind that one of his grown up friends was interested in his sister! i don't think it occured to him that i was growing up! so anyway one night i went to the bungalow to see michael and return a cd. we just got talking at the door and he invited me. we talked for hours then when i got up to go he said i didn't have to and he got up and put his arms around me and started to kiss me - resistance was useless i was his! i knew i didn't love him but i think i had reached a point where i wanted to have sex and i felt ready and he just happened to get me at my weakest moment. we went into his bedroom and moved onto his very small and inappropiate single bed before i knew it i clothes had been removed and his hands felt fantastic on my body. i had been with boys before but i hadn't had sex - we started to 69 it was just awesome. he was clearly more experienced than me. i moved on top of him and started grinding my pussy into him - his hard on felt enourmous - he wasn't porn star big but he was just right. he went to get a comdon and things started to heat up somemore when i told him it was going to be my first time. michael freaked out a bit and stopped right there and then. i couldn't believe it. i was gagging for it - from what i could feel pressing in between my leggs he was too! he said he didn't realise and he said we shouldn't do it and how it should be with someone special blah blah blah - i was quite disapointed and told him i wanted to do it with him regardless. so i moved down between his leggs and started giving him head sucking and licking, sucking on his balls until he realised it was going to happen no matter what! it didn't hurt like people say it just felt a bit uncomfortable - it was better everytime. after it he was lovely. we never became a couple or anything like that - we did sleep together a bit after that though. my brother never found out which is good b/c he would have killed michael! since then i have had a fetish for sailors : ) i do credit michael for teaching me how to make a man happy - he was a brilliant lover.
- age 19, Australia (female) EOF


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