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Let us all hear your erotic experiences and anything that you would like to tell us about your deepest, darkest secret sexual self. This CONFESSIONAL is the place for your dreamy, sweaty, sticky and hot confessions that you have always wanted to tell ...ready?

C'mon, tell us  e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g  now!

General Guidelines:
  • BE HONEST. We're looking for TRUE LIFE Experiences, not Fake Stuffs. It will be more fun to write true things that actually happened to you, and more fun to read also. Trust us on this one. Okay?
  • Be detailed though brief. Be Creative.
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  • Negative remarks toward race, sex, religion and political/social groups are unacceptable.
  • Use your True AGE and Location/NAME.
  • Submittals are Approved Periodically. If it doesn't show up right away it will appear online eventually.
  • Naked.TV reserves the right to accept or decline any and all confessions added at the sole discretion of staff and editors of Naked.TV.
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  • Above all else, HAVE FUN writing your True Life Confession. Thank You Very Much!

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